Accounting Fun


Accounting FunHey Guys, here’s a new story for you all. I’ve been keeping busy with work and studies so I haven’t had much time to play or meetup with anyone unfortunately. However, i know you all enjoy my stories, so I’ve made on up here for all of you to enjoy. As I’m writing this I’ve got some smoking hot chocolate cooling down and i’ve got three mini marshmallows stuffed up in my pussy, warming them up to eat :)I arrived home yesterday from work around 3:30PM when I was changing out of my work clothes. I slipped off my navy blue jacket and skirt revealing my black frilly panties, my white shirt and underneath it, my black bra. It was a tiring yet productive day at work. I was getting ready to take a shower as my thoughts were flooded with eroticism as I began to think about this cute couple that were enthralled with one another on the Subway. They had gotten on the subway heading east from Woodbine station. They sat directly opposite me on the subway as I watched them snuggle and passionately kiss one another. The woman seemed to be a bit more reserved but thoroughly enjoying herself while her boyfriend was clearly in heat and needed more of her as he caressed her thigh. The home phone rang bringing me back to reality, it was someone downstairs looking to come up. “Hello?”…I answered. “Good Evening, Guildview Pharmacy Delivery” came the reply from a male voice. I forgot my grandmother had ordered her medicine but she was visiting another family member at the time. So I let him up with the buzzer as I got my robe in canlı bahis my room to wrap around me to pick up the medicine. As he came up I opened the door and received the medicine. The delivery guy looked to be about in his 30’s, mid-white, sandy blonde hair and was a head taller than me. He wore brown khaki pants, black walking shoes, a white t-shirt and open rain coat. As I was signing for delivery of the medicine, the left side of my robe fell open showing my bra. The delivery guy gave a bit of a excited little move forward to get a closer look. Handing him over the pen and clipboard with my signature i looked up into his blue glistening eyes as he was smiling down at me. “Would you like to come in quick for a glass of water?” I asked while twirling my hair and giving a little nudge at my bra.. Excitedly but without a word he gave an eager nod with a half open mouthed grin. I grabbed him by his coat and pulled him slamming the door behind us. I led him to my bedroom and shoved him on my single bed. He fell onto my floral printed comforter with a thud backwards as I stripped my robe and yanked my panties off. Coming to realization to what was going to happen he stuttered and tried to come to his senses. “Hang on, I’m in a committed relationship and I can’t have sex with you!” he said with a strain in his voice. I was super horny and frustrated from the lack of fun. “Fine then, no sex but let me play with it!” I said roughly as I was hoping for some cock deep in my cunt. I jumped onto him and undid his pants while bahis siteleri he laid back with is neck raised to see what I was doing. I whipped out his growing cock, within an instant his pole went from semi hard to raging north pole. He was about 7 inches, his length was white with super blue veins and a red head. Completely clean, no hair in sight, his balls were on the small side as the right testicle was visibly larger than the other. My pie was dripping wet and when it’s super wet I don’t just cream clear liquid, my cream can get creamy white. Considering no penetrative sex was available I became creative. I remembered I saw a nuru massage video on xhamster where a woman was massaging a man with slimy, thick oil for fun. So I decided to massage his cock. Straddling him, I placed my hands on his hairy chest and played with his pink nipples. Shifting my body, my beaver came into contact with his ram. Adjusting our positions I applied slight pressure pushing down on him while lubing his salami with my cream. using the strength in my legs, I began to slide my cunny along his shaft. He began to breath heavily as his hands roved over my thighs and wherever else he clumsily could reach. IN no time his entire cock was coated in my slime. My pot was on fire as I increased my sliding and thrusting movements. I could feel my clit rub against his heated head. If there was anyone in the next room at the time they would be able to tell our equipment was well lubed because of all the squishy and soft sounds our love box and güvenilir bahis stick made. In a matter of minutes his eyes began to roll to the back of his head. “You are gonna fucking cum for me you little cheating bastard!” I grunted at him. I reached down and slapped his face. Our juices were flowing freely as I felt my entire crotch and thighs dripping wet and sticky. “open your mouth you bastard!” I shouted at him. Wanting his release he willingly obeyed without a word. As he did so looking me dead in the eye. I placed my left hand on his stomach for balance while I reached down with my right and swabbed some of our juices into my mouth. With a moan and the close of my eyes I tasted our sweetness. Then I leaned forward and spat it all into his mouth. At this instant there was no point of return. He took it in his mouth and swallowed it as I felt him reach his threshold of ecstasy. He began to buck and tighten up. “Ahh” I thought to myself, “i’ve got myself some cum” with a pleasing thought. “Unghhhh fuck!!!!” He yelped out. His balls tightened, he grabbed my hips and kept jerking upward uncontrollably as spurt after spurt of his gunky, white, semen shot out onto his stomach face and my pussy lips. I hate to stop halfway as a mans begin to orgasm so i kept going. He whimpered from all the overwhelming feelings that rushed into his little head as I drained him. “Ohh ohh, stop,, please!” he whimpered as it became too much for him to take. happy with myself that I made him cum, I leaned forward and licked his left cheek where some of his cum shot out and then kissed him on the lips. The End. I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I have. I have just popped out one of the slimy coated marshmallows into my mouth. Stay horny and friendly my peoples.

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