Subject: Ace And Axe by Cutter09 gay adult/youth Cutter09 Ace and Axe Summary An uninvited guest is welcomed to stay a while Publ. May 2017 Finished 4,500 words (9 pages) Characters Ace (13yo) and Axe (adult) Category & Story codes Consensual Man-boy story Mt � cons mast oral anal � violence (very little) (Explanation) Disclaimer If you are under the legal age of majority in your area or have objections to this type of expression, please stop reading now. If you don’t like reading erotic stories about boys, why are you here in the first place? This story is the complete and total product of the author’s imagination and a work of fantasy, thus it is completely fictitious, i.e. it never happened and it doesn’t mean to condone or endorse any of the acts that take place in it. The author certainly wouldn’t want the things in this story happening to his character(s) to happen to anyone in real life. It is just a story, ok? After my stint in the military, I decided to take some time off from society. Call it personal recharging time. My grandfather’s cabin (now mine) in the Pacific Northwest was a perfect place for getting away and becoming whole again. It was very secluded, and abundant with natural splendor. In my youth, my grandfather and I spent countless time there, living off the land and communing with nature. The cabin itself, though rustic, had many modern conveniences. Two generators provided more than enough power. Well water was abundant, and though I didn’t have a phone, I did have short wave radio. I would have to make several two mile treks up and down the mountain, to bring all my supplies up from my jeep, but I didn’t mind. As I approached the cabin on my first trip, I had a feeling something was out of place. I circled around, not really seeing anything, I worked my way to the front. On the snow covered rough wood porch, I noticed footprints. I crept up to the window, and peered in. I still didn’t see anything, but I proceeded with caution. Over the years I have seen evidence of hikers and such using my place as a way station of sorts. I don’t bother installing locks because they would just get torn off. As long as they don’t do any damage, I’m okay with it. As I entered, I noticed empty cans of beans and soup on the table. So, I crept in. The bedroom is separated from the main room by a wall, with no real door way. It’s open floor to ceiling on one end. And behind that wall, I heard rustling. Peering around the edge of the wall, I see a lump on the bed my grandfather built with his own two hands. In fact most of the furniture was built by my grandfather, from trees he fell when he built the cabin. The lump moved under the blanket it was using for warmth. I grabbed a log from the holder next to the fireplace, and started toward the intruder. Raising the log above my head, I reached out and grabbed the blanket. I jerked it away and brought the log down toward where I expected the intruder’s head to be. I have seen foreign enemies faced with certain death that didn’t compare to the fear on that kid’s face. “SHIT !” he said, covering his face with his arms. Fortunately I didn’t allow the log to complete it’s skull bound mission. “What the fuck kid? What are you doing in my cabin?” Still cowering behind his arms he cried, “Trying not to die.” “Well, breaking into someone’s house is a piss poor start to that. Put your arms down, and get up. I ain’t gonna hurt you.” He stood slowly, and I saw it was just a teen. No more than fourteen, I would guess. “What’re you doin’ here?” I asked. “I… uh… I got lost.” “Bull shit. Try again,” I bellowed. “Okay, I ran away.” “Why?” “Same reason. Trying not to die,” he answered honestly. “Who’s looking for you? Why’d they want to kill you?” “Foster family. They don’t really want to kill me, they like beating me too much to kill me quick.” Oh lord, what fresh hell is this? “How long you been here?” “Just a few days.” He stood, shivering, his arms now wrapped around him. “Why didn’t you build a fire? You could freeze to death up here.” I was afraid the smoke would draw attention to where I was.” “Kid, you’re ten miles from anywhere. I doubt they are looking for you here.” I built a fire, and started the generator. Once things started to warm up, I told the kid, “Come with me. You can help carry some supplies back.” We managed to get the rest of the supplies and my rifle, in two trips. I was glad I hadn’t brought the rifle on my initial trip, or I might have shot the kid instead of grabbing that log. “What’s your name kid?” I asked while working our way back to the cabin. “Ethan, but most people call me Ace.” “Well, Ace. You have two choices. I have enough supplies to last one person a month. With two of us it will be a couple of weeks. By then the weather is going to turn bad. Once it gets bad, I’m afraid you’re stuck here until I decide to go back into town. You can head out tomorrow, or you can wait till we run out of supplies.” “I don’t want to leave. I promise not to be any trouble.” “It’s not enough to not be any trouble. You have to pull your own weight too. Living off the land ain’t easy.” “I’ll help. I promise. Can I stay?” Ace pleaded. “Like I said. Once the weather turns, your stuck here. Making it out on foot is nearly impossible.” “What’s your name?” Ace asked. “Back in basic camp, they called me Axe. It kinda stuck, so that’s what people call me.” “That’s a funny name,” Ace replied. I didn’t tell him they called me that because someone said my dick was the size of an axe handle. It’s a bit of an exaggeration, but not much. “How old are you Ace?” I asked back at the cabin. “Fifteen,” he replied unconvincingly. I looked at him through narrow eyes. “Ace, I can smell bullshit a mile away. Want to try again before I kick your ass out?” “Thirteen, but I will do anything you tell me. I…” “Rule number one. Stop lying to me. Now go get some wood from out back and bring it in to dry.” I made a stew for dinner. It would be enough to last a couple of days. “You’re a good cook,” Ace said as we sat in front of the fire. “Thanks. Get used to stew. I make it a lot because it’s hearty, and sticks to your ribs. But you may not always recognize the meat in it,” I laughed. He looked at me oddly. After a quiet kocaeli escort minute he asked, “That was beef. Right?” I shrugged as I got up. I had a bottle hidden in a little cubby hole near the roof line. I poured a glass, and put it back. “What’s that?” Ace asked. “Bourbon.” “Can I have some?” “You’re a little young,” I answered. Ace looked dejected. “Oh, what the hell. You ain’t going to be driving, and you ain’t my kid.” I poured him a small glass and handed it to him. He sipped a little, and coughed a lot. After a few more sips, Ace said “I feel warm.” “It’s the bourbon. It’s a man’s drink. It’ll put hair on you.” “I got hair,” Ace said proudly. “Sure kid. Whatever you say.” “I do!” he hollered. Then leaned back on the sofa, pulling the front of his pants and underwear down far enough to expose his pubis and part of his dick. “See,” he said, holding his pants with one thumb and pulling at the few hairs at the base of his dick with the other hand. I leaned toward him to get a better look. “So you have. Probably have names for all four of them too. Don’t you.” He seemed put off at my remark and released his hold on his pants. Sitting up he took a gulp of bourbon. The image of his pale young dick, and few hairs itched at my brain. I didn’t see it all, but what I saw somehow appealed to me. Ace slumped back on the sofa. After a minute he said “Seventeen.” “What?’ “It’s seventeen, not four,” he answered indignantly. “Oh. Excuse me. That’s far too many to name.” Ace burst out laughing. Damn kid was drunk already. I poured some more for myself, and added a little more to his glass too. Before long, Ace was out. I picked up his legs, and placed them on the sofa. He didn’t budge as I removed his shoes and socks. I stood looking at him. He seemed so angelic. Then the devil jumped on my shoulder and whispered in my ear. I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them off. He still didn’t move. I wondered what the angel was hiding in his undies. I could see the faint outline of his soft dick hidden behind the white material. I reached down and cupped my hand over his package. I felt it’s warmth, and squeezed it slightly. I slid my fingers under the waistband and lifted it away from his body. His dick flopped down covering most of his seventeen hairs. Of its own volition, my hand reached out and took hold of his dick between my thumb and two fingers. Even if a boy is unconscious, his dick has its own mind. Ace’s responded to my manipulations instantly becoming a five inch iron bar. I couldn’t stop myself. I grasped it in my hand and stroked it. I’ve never stroked a kid’s dick. Not wanting to wake him, I stroked slowly. I soon noticed a bit of dampness forming at the slit of his circumcised cock. I pumped him a little faster, and before long his hips responded too. Then suddenly, he fired a shot of cum in his belly button. Followed closely by a second, which landed on his flat belly. I considered leaving it there. I considered wiping it off. I decided not to waste it, and tasted it instead. My first taste of boy cum, led me to lick it all up. *** “Wake up Ace,” I said, as I admired this handsome boy the next morning. His morning wood, quite evident in his white briefs, drew most of my attention. He slowly pulled himself up to a sitting position. “I feel like shit. Wait… I don’t remember undressing.” “You probably don’t remember a lot about what happened last night.” “What happened that I don’t remember?” “Before or after you showed me your dick?” “I didn’t show you my dick… Did I?” “Yep. Was it seventeen hairs, I think you said.” His face paled. “Shit, I showed you my dick.” “It’s okay, Ace. If we’re going to stay together, you’ll probably see my dick too.” I watched his erection lead him to the toilet. When he came out, his erection was gone, but he still had a nice bulge in his underwear. “Do you drink coffee?” I asked as I put on a pot. “Sometimes when I’m cold,” Ace answered as he stepped up to me. He didn’t seem too concerned about being almost nude. I guess he figured ‘ What the heck I’ve already showed my dick’. “Last night, did… well, did I do anything else?” “Like what?” I asked. “Anything? Did you? I mean, did you show me your dick too.” “Wouldn’t you like to know?” I laughed, giving him a hard time. “Yes. I would. I found… you know, stuff on my belly.” Shit. I missed some. Not that I mind him finding it. I just hate that I didn’t get it all. I kinda liked it. “So you think I shot my load on you or what? You’re old enough to cum aren’t you?” “Yes. Well, a little.” “If you didn’t jerk off, you probably just had a wet dream.” “I did have a dream. You were stro… Never mind.” He must remember me stroking his dick. I really wouldn’t have done it if I thought he would know. I don’t want him to think I’m some kind of pervert. Though, I admit I liked doing it. Damn! I am a pervert. I did like it. In fact I wouldn’t mind doing it again. I wonder if he will drink tonight. I showed Ace to the stream just a little away from the cabin. We fished for a while, just long enough to catch lunch. Then I showed him how to clean and gut the fish, and how to fry it. I had made us some hot tea to warm us, and Ace said, “It’s not as good as that bourbon last night.” Of course I took the opportunity to add a little bourbon to his tea. By the end of lunch, Ace was feeling no pain. “I can’t believe I showed you my dick last night.” “Well, you were quite proud of your seventeen hairs,” I laughed. “Do you have a lot of hair?” he asked. “I wouldn’t say a lot, but more than you.” The conversation and remembering last night was beginning to have an effect in my pants. I could feel myself thickening. After another quiet minute, Ace asked, “Can I see?” I stood and undid my jeans. I guess I could have lowered just the top of my boxers, instead I dropped them to join my jeans at my knees. I really like seeing the expression on someone’s face when they get a look at what I’m packing. “Holy Shit! Man you have a big dick.” I wasn’t completely hard, but getting there. It hung thick, looking every bit like my nickname suggested. I had seen that expression before. Usually on a girls face though. The curiosity and need, evident on Ace’s face. “You darıca escort can touch it if you want,” I allowed. Ace’s hand tentatively reached out for, and grasped my cock. “Jesus. My fingers don’t even go around it.” He stroked it until it was solid, never taking his eyes off it. “Stand up,” I told him. Ace stood. “Show me those seventeen hairs.” Ace was out of his jeans in an instant. His dick stood up against his belly begging for attention. He shuttered as I took it into my hand. After only a minute of stroking, Ace sat down and drew me toward him by my cock. His lips stretched over the head and he accepted a couple of inches into his mouth. The size was too much for him so he bobbed back and forth on what he could take. Then he started stroking the shaft as he sucked on the first few inches. I soon rewarded him with a load of man cream down his throat. When I withdrew from his mouth, I looked down. He had stroked out his own load, which was now running down his gripping fingers. With my cock in one hand and his in the other, he sat admiring my manhood. “That wasn’t your first time sucking dick, was it?” I asked. He shook his head no. I didn’t press the issue. I assumed he would tell me when he was ready. We hadn’t really straightened out the cabin much, so we spent the afternoon getting it livable. As night fell, I reminded him that bad weather was coming, and if he wanted to leave, it should probably be soon. “I still want to stay if it’s alright with you.” “It’s okay with me. I just think that you might consider leaving tomorrow if you’re going to. If you stay here, you will have to help getting food and such. Pull your own weight. It’s no picnic living out the winter in this area.” “I’ll do whatever you want,” he said. “Careful kid. I might take you up on that.” He smiled, knowing what I was referring to. We had the remainder of the stew for dinner, and afterward I asked Ace if he would like a little bourbon. “No. If you decide to take advantage of me, I want to remember it.” “I’m not sure who took advantage of who earlier, but whatever you say.” I made a list of supplies we would need. I would make another trip into town before the weather turns. With two of us using things like the water heater for baths and power in general, I would need extra fuel for the generators. If I was alone, I could make do. With Ace there, I have other considerations. More food and of course, more liquor too. “Tomorrow we will make a run into town. If you want to stay there, I will understand. I won’t be returning for about a month though, so make up your mind. We’ll leave early, cause we’ll have to make several trips up and down this mountain carrying fuel and supplies.” “I’m okay with that,” Ace replied, “You can bathe first,” I said, and showed him how to start the water heater. It takes about an hour, and I would have to wait for it to reheat again after he finished. He came out in just his underwear. I made mental note to get him some more while in town. Though I think I would prefer he didn’t wear any. The cabin is well insulated, and the fireplace provides more than enough heat to keep it warm. So, when I finished bathing, I followed his lead and just wore my boxers. Ace laughed as I sat down. “When you walk, it looks like you have a squirrel rummaging around in there.” “I do. And he’s looking for a place to put his nut.” “I think I can help him with that,” Ace said, reaching into my lap. His expert mouth worked me better than any woman has. He was able to handle a little more of me too. He was soon on his knees between my legs, servicing my cock. It was easy to tell, this kid had a lot of experience. “Oh god. You’re good at that,” I complimented. “Thanks. I aim to please,” Ace replied taking his heavenly mouth off my cock for a moment. “Oh, you do. You definitely do.” “So, will this count toward earning my keep?” Ace asked looking into my eyes. “It certainly doesn’t hurt,” I stammered as he returned to the task at hand. I was soon adding my load to the stew in his belly. He continued to nurse my cock lovingly until it softened. When he stood, I saw the tent in his underwear. I took his young dick into my hand and played with it. Hardly a minute passed, before he groaned and unloaded. The next morning we headed down. Five minutes into the hike, Ace asked, “When the weather gets bad, will we need skis to get around?” I stopped dead in my tracks. “Shit. Thanks for the reminder kid.” “What? Did I say something wrong.” Ace called to me as I turned back toward the cabin. “My grandfather had a sled we used to haul supplies up here,” I told him pointing to the storage area under the cabin. “It will save us a shitload of carrying up and down this mountain.” Sure enough the sled was there. We took it with us down to my Jeep. All through town, Ace nervously glanced around. At the grocery store, his eyes darted back and forth looking for familiar faces. “Was the foster home in this town?” I asked. “No. But I’m still worried he will find me.” Because it would be easy to haul back to the cabin, we were able to get more, including some ‘extras’ like cookies. When we had loaded the sled, there was still a lot left to take up to the cabin. “What about the rest of it?” Ace asked. “We need to come down every few days and start the Jeep so the battery doesn’t go dead. We’ll get the rest then.” I made fried chicken that night. We got enough meat to last a while. Hunting isn’t a problem, but I thought Ace might appreciate having some things he might recognize. “You haven’t ask me about why I ran away, or why I was in foster care,” Ace said after dinner. “I figured if you want me to know, you’ll tell me.” “You’re not the least bit curious?” he asked. “You haven’t asked why I’m staying in my grandfather’s cabin at the worst time of the year. Aren’t you curious?” “I have wondered. But it’s none of my business. You’ve been nice to me,” Ace pointed out. “That’s only because you haven’t pissed me off yet.” We sat quietly, lost in our own thoughts for a while. The wind outside picked up enough to hear it. “Sounds like a northern coming in,” I pointed out to Ace. “Is that bad?” “Maybe, maybe not.” I made my way to bed a little later, gölcük escort and left Ace on the sofa in front of the fire. I prefer sleeping nude, less to get tangled up in, so I slipped off my boxers and crawled into bed. I don’t know when, but sometime later I hear Ace whisper, “Axe? You awake?” I mumbled and turned to face him. “The fire went out. Can I sleep with you?” he whispered. He must have stepped on my boxers on the floor, because he looked down, then slid his briefs to his ankles and off. I could see a smile cross his face as he lifted the blanket and confirmed I was nude, before sliding in beside me. His chilled body slid back into me, his butt making contact with my cock. The sudden shock of cold did nothing to prevent the effect his butt had on my cock. It rose to it’s full glory almost instantly. “Mmm,” Ace murmured, snuggling more into my body. “Do you…” I started “Shh. Go to sleep.” Knowing his butt was there, made it very difficult to sleep, but I finally managed to drop off. I was awoken early the next morning by a hand rubbing my cock. A very slick hand. Ace was applying lube to me. Then he backed his butt into me, guiding my iron hard cock to his sphincter. After a bit of a struggle, I popped into him, and he let out a groan. I wrapped my arms around him, and whispered, “Are you sure this is what you want?” “Yes. Just go slow, you’re pretty big.” Just like the blow job, it was obvious this was not Ace’s first time with a dick in his ass. I slowly worked my way in until he had taken about half. I have to say, it was wonderful. His butt loved my cock, and vice versa. It gripped me, yet allowed movement. A warm tight glove, just made for my cock. “Oh Jesus, Axe. Fuck me. That’s what I need.” I picked up the pace a bit, sawing in and out of the teen ass. My hand found his hard cock and stroked it as I pleasured his butt. Ace shot a load quickly, then drew his knees up some so I could have unimpeded access to his delightful butt. “God that’s so good… I love your cock. More please, give me more.” Who am I to deny a boy what he wants. I gave him a couple more inches quickly, causing him to moan even louder. Each thrust seemed to send him to heaven. I felt my own orgasm approaching, just as Ace said “Shit! You’re making me cum again.” His gripping shute pulled me over the edge, and I gave him a huge helping of man cream, delivered directly to his colon. Ace made his way to the toilet. I wrapped a blanket around me and went to relight the fire. As I warmed myself by the flames, Ace darted in. I wrapped the blanket around both of us, as he shivered against me. “Why didn’t you just throw another log on the fire last night?” I asked. “I wouldn’t have an excuse to sleep with you,” he said with a grin. “That wasn’t your first time for that either, was it?” “No. But it was the best time for me.” I smiled at the compliment, then asked, “Where did you get the lube?” “I slipped it in at the store when you weren’t looking.” “Look Ace, I was gonna let you stay even without doing those things.” “I know. But doing those things will sure make my stay more enjoyable for both of us.” With that, Ace raised up on his toes and kissed me. I have never been kissed by a guy before. His lips were as soft as any woman’s, and I found, even more sensual. His fingers curled around my cock as we kissed, and it rose at his touch. “My belly feels empty. Care to fill it with this?” Ace asked, and he pushed me down on the sofa. He straddled my lap, and perched himself on the end of my cock. As he leaned in for another kiss, he lowered his ass, taking a couple of inches quickly. “God, I can’t believe how big you are.” Ace rose and fell over my lap, taking more on each stroke. “I was only joking when I said to put it in my belly, but I can feel you there.” I realized he had taken most of my cock. Noticeably more than I had given him earlier. I stood, and Ace wrapped his legs around me. I carried him to the bed, and lay us down. Leaning down, I kissed him, and fed the rest of my cock deep inside his shute. “OH FUCK!” he screamed. I didn’t let up. I pounded him senseless. Finally breaking the kiss, I asked, “Is that what you wanted?” “Mmm. Yes,” he whispered hoarsely. “Fuck me.” I did. The weather did turn bad. Real bad. Luckily my grandfather was a good builder. The cabin withstood the heavy storm easily. By the next day, we were buried in snow. Ace was a lot of help, both outside the cabin and in. We hunted and fished and he was a great companion. Inside the cabin, we were naked more than dressed. If we weren’t cooking or eating, we were fucking and sucking. I eventually found out about his experiences with his foster family. He had been with them a little over a year before he ran away. It was a man and his wife and two older sons. The woman was a drunk. The father drank too, but not as much as she did. The day after he was placed there, the father held Ace down as the two sons fucked him. Then the father took a turn. That set the pace for the entire time he was there. Sometimes the boys invited friends over to fuck him too. Then the dad made extra money by whoring him out. If Ace refused, he got beaten. Winter faded away into spring. I had given the situation a lot of thought. I contacted some people I knew, who contacted people they knew, and had some forged documents made. Then I got in touch with some of my military buddies. A group of guys that had ice water in their veins, and our countries enemies crapped their pants at the sight of them. We converged on the small farmhouse in full night gear. The occupants were caught off guard as we burst through the doors. Papa abuser was none too happy when I shove my axe handle cock up his ass without lube. The two junior abusers also put up complaints as two of my black buddies did the same for them. Momma abuser just watched and laughed and drank. Over the next two days and nights, the eight of us spent many hours pounding their asses, reminding them of the abuse poor Ace had to take from them. It was pretty rewarding too, when the wife wanted me to fuck her. I didn’t. And none of my men would touch the skank either. As a departing gesture, I used my rifle butt on Papa’s gonads. Just to be sure he didn’t father any more abusers. The two son’s were given a warning also. Minor cuts to their nuts should convince them not to do that shit anymore. I took a position at the Pentagon. My son, now known as Axle, and I live in Virginia. The End � Cutter09

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