Across The Pond


Author’s note: the following story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author wishes to express his gratitude to rozezwild for her editing to make this a better story.


I couldn’t believe my luck. I lay there on the queen-sized bed, propped on one hand, looking at the sweet thing laying beside me. She was a beauty with a young, lithe body, long blonde hair that was now swirled around her shoulders, and soft sensitive skin now covered with a fine patina of perspiration.

I was running my finger tips over her body, reveling in her youth. I had just rolled off her after spending over 90 minutes in all sorts of contortions, sometimes with my mouth plastered to some part of her body: her generous boobs, her sleek tummy, her puffy pussy, her globular ass or her long lush legs; often with my cock inside her soft mouth or her hot pussy. Six times she had stiffened her body, arched with her cunt pressed hard against whatever part of me was attending to it at the time, and screamed her delight as an orgasm rippled through her being.

Now she was holding my flaccid cock in one hand and looking at me with a contented gaze as she told me how good it had been. I just smiled and shook my head, unable to believe my good fortune. Here I lay, tracing little nonsensical geometric designs on her body which had not yet reached its nineteenth birthday. With a 46 year age difference, I realized I could have been not just her father but her grandfather. And yet she had freely given herself to me, not outraged by the age difference, not offended by my less-than-toned body, nor insulted by the words that seemed to have drawn her to me.

Our first encounter had happened by such chance that I had often thought I could have missed it entirely. I was a frequent browser on an erotic literature site on the internet and one day was looking curiously through some of the threads that I normally did not view. One caught my eye and I opened it up to read about a guy who was asking other men to seduce his wife. I read a bit but was just about to lose interest in it when I read a comment by a user named “Imahottie.”

Imahottie said that the guy needed her dad. She said that he was good at seducing women plus he often helped his wife get drunk and watched her get seduced by other men. The only thing was that the guy who originated the thread was from the U.S. while Imahottie (and her mum and dad) were from the U.K.

I posted a note to the thread asking Imahottie if her mum enjoyed the screwing or if she was too drunk to know what was going on. She responded that her mum moaned and groaned and seemed to experience frequent orgasms so she guessed that she was enjoying it.

I asked if her dad just watched or if he took the opportunity to indulge in some strange pussy while his wife was getting fucked. Imahottie replied that dad liked to watch some of it and then he would go find his own piece of pussy, seducing one of the many women who lived nearby or frequented a local pub.

I asked her if she had any problems with her parents’ sexual habits. She wrote back and said that she didn’t have any problem with it. After all it was their lives and they were entitled to their fun and why should she have any problems with it?

I checked her user profile and noticed that she was just a little over 3 months past her 19th birthday. Yes, she seemed very experienced sexually. At one point, she posted a response to another user that said, “there are no limits. I’ve been with older men and younger ones too as well as women and girls.” In another post, she said that she particularly liked being with older men because they taught her so much.

I sent her a PM (private message) and said:

“Okay, okay, I know what you said about older men but … well, you just might balk at SOME disparity in ages. But that doesn’t keep me from wanting to ask…

Do you like to receive oral?

I really love giving oral. Eating pussy is one of my favorite pastimes. I never get enough of it. On more than one occasion, my partner begged me to stop because she had just gotten too sensitive but at least I was lucky enough that she had enjoyed a couple of orgasms at least, and one dear sweet woman had flooded my face nine times (maybe that’s not many; I don’t really know but she DID seem rather grateful afterwards).

I also enjoy a variation of it where I tongue-wash the lady’s anal valley and then tongue-fuck her anus. Do you like that? I hope it doesn’t turn you off. I know some ladies DON’T like it, usually on general principals rather than because it doesn’t feel good but I enjoy it, especially if it makes my partner feel good … and it usually does.

I know I’ve never been the world’s greatest lover nor had the longest cock by any means. It took me many years to learn that, more often than not, length of time was more important than length of cock (although I’m sure ladies appreciate escort a big one) or speed, so I became a very slow lover. It is wonderful to experience an orgasm, but it can be great to feel the pleasure of “getting there” over a longer time and there are just too many delights in the female body to enjoy them all with a slam-bam-thank-you-ma’am approach.

Do you like to have your toes sucked? That can be very erotic and I love to do it, especially if my cock is in the lady’s pussy at the same time. A tongue or finger tip along the middle of the sole of the foot … or right under the base of the toes … can generally be a good feeling for the lady too.

You sound like you are already a very experienced young lady but I would love to have the opportunity to broaden your horizons a bit, if I could, or if not, to simply sample your delights. I am equally sure, from reading your posts, that you would be just as delightful to meet even if we only got to talk (though you would probably find it less intriguing than I would).

If you care to respond, you can PM me using the name older_texican or if you’d like, you can email me at


Imahottie responded with:

“there are no limits, i want to try it all, (done most of it already), and with as wide a variety of people as possible, and that includes other girls and women as well as boys and men.”

I replied with:

“Yeah, I kind of guessed that. It makes me a little sad, though, because I doubt there is anything in my repertoire that you would find interesting, and that is my loss! You sound like a very fun young woman and there is no doubt that I would find you exciting and sexy and desirable and beautiful and … all sorts of other fun things.

Wish I could have found a woman like you in my younger days. I sure would have loved to spend time with you trying to find new ways to tease you and new ways to please you and … well, shit, you know! Anything to get in your pants!

Okay, okay! I’ll just follow your posts and think about “what might have been.” And maybe I’ll bug you from time to time wherever you post.

BTW, any chance of getting any pics of you? Are you going to (or have you) post any? Any chance of getting a personal copy?

Hugs & kisses,

Her response came back with:

“i’ll sort something out and email it love, nothing kinky or nude, but the real me like.”

I was getting really antsy and hot about this imaginary young woman. I replied:

“Thank you. I would appreciate that (although I wouldn’t mind kinky or nude either … lol)

Another question about the thread: you and your parents obviously have a very open family relationship, since you are fully aware of mom and dad’s sexual events. Have things ever gotten to where you and dad got together? You seem to take everything in stride and seem to enjoy older men as well as younger so I can’t see you being all that surprised if he were to invite you to spread your legs for him from time to time.

Given some of the situations you’ve described, I would be more surprised if you and he never fucked. And frankly, that seems super-hot to me.


In just a few minutes, I got her reply:

“i’ll tell you all about us in an email lover, this isn’t private enough, i don’t trust them in charge not to be able to nose in here, hell they programmed the place. you got it spot on though, dad and me are at it and have been longer than i’ll admit here.”

She eventually sent me a picture of herself, fully dressed, and I knew immediately that I was “in love” with her. Well, okay, maybe I was just “in lust” with her but it felt like love. She told me that, following family tradition, her dad had taken her cherry with her approval as soon as she had turned a legal age and she had been doing it with him fairly frequently since then, although she still found plenty of time to try a number of other lovers.

After exchanging a few more short PMs, our communications reverted back to whatever we each posted in various threads on the website. I filed everything to do with Imahottie into a mental file marked as “would have been nice but …” and moved on. Being on a fixed retirement income, I didn’t have the kind of money it would take to pick up and flit across the pond just to see a little girl I really didn’t know.

But then the unexpected happened. A spinster aunt died. So far as I knew she had a ltitle income but was just getting along about like the rest of us … not too bad off but nothing fancy. But when her estate was probated, it turned out that she had a little nest egg put away and, since my sister and I were her only living descendants, she left it to us to be divided equally. After all was said and done, we both got a nice “little” check. It wouldn’t make us rich but it sure did help. It was less than 6 figures but not by a lot.

Suddenly I had some “disposable” income. I paid off the few bills that I had outstanding and izmit escort bayan thought about what I wanted to do. It wasn’t a sudden idea, more like a subtle acorn of an idea that took root and began to grow: I could get my passport renewed and take a little trip to Europe or at least to the U.K. I could see some sights I had never had the opportunity to see. And maybe … just maybe … I could actually get to meet Imahottie.

I sent her a PM asking if she was still around and if she would be interested in meeting with me if I made it over for a “holiday.” She didn’t respond for a couple of days and then she sent me a note:

Dear Ted, it was great to hear from you. I was delighted to learn that you might be coming over for a visit. Let me tell you that I will be so delighted to see you. If it would work out, I would like to be your guide when you are here.. let me show you around. And if you are still interested, I would love for you to give me some lessons in some of those things you told me you like to do. As soon as you know for sure when you will be here, let me know so I can make sure to keep those dates clear. Luv, I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to meeting you in person and getting to know you better.

Sloppy kisses,


It wasn’t until I began to firm up plans for my trip that I learned that her real name was Ima Blair (no relation to a certain politician). She had enrolled in a university in London although it was many miles from where her parents lived in another suburb of the city. She had suggested that I make reservations at a very nice hotel not too far from the university. She said that she would have plenty of time to show me around and she could even miss a few classes if she decided to.

The fateful day finally came when I caught my flight from Dulles in D.C. to Heathrow outside of London. The flight arrived shortly after 10 A.M. It took me an hour to deplane and collect my luggage and another hour to await the hotel shuttle and make the trip. Thankfully I wasn’t driving; I’d have killed myself in the first mile driving on the wrong side of the road.

The hotel was very majestic … and old. I was impressed. Yet in spite of its age, it was very up-to-date inside, with all the modern conveniences although decorated with what must have been centuries-old antiques. I unpacked my clothes and settled in, taking pleasure in being in a new city, a new country for the first time.

The strange ring of the phone woke me from a jet-lag-induced nap. Ima was calling from the lobby and in just a few minutes, I opened the door to greet the gorgeous, sexy creature. The few pictures she had sent me did not do her justice … she was even better looking in person. After a quick kiss, she breezed into my room as if she belonged there.

I was amused by the breathless young woman who talked a mile-a-minute. She obviously never met strangers … she got to know everyone in such a short time, it was like she had known them all her life. But she really surprised me when, after being in the room for less than a half-hour, she began to shuck her clothes, never asking about it, not requiring that I ask her to, she just matter-of-factly came out of them.

When I stared at her beautiful body, she sat next to me on the bed, rubbed her hand over my expanding crotch, and said, “Luv, we got together because of sex, right? I figured there’s not any reason for us to be shy or to waste any time. Let’s fuck. I want you to show me how you would lick me like an ice cream cone, just like you described on the computer, huh?”

A couple of times when we were chatting, I had told her that my favorite activity was to lick and kiss a lady from head to toe, taking my good old easy time to finish the job. So I shucked my clothes and got between her legs but then sat back and stretched my legs out beside her. Lifting her legs onto mine, I began administering to the soles of her feet, then each toe one at a time, swapping back and forth between legs. Gradually I worked my way up her ankles, calves, knees, and thighs before approaching her pussy.

By the time 90 minutes had passed, Ima had cum seven times and was begging me to fuck her, saying that I could finish the job another time. I started out in her saddle so I could kiss her sweet lips while I pumped her pussy but then later turned her over and stroked her from behind while my fingers worked around the top of her slit. When I finally spewed my white-hot cum into her twat, she had cum three more times. Sometimes it is good to be an old man!

We didn’t leave the hotel for nearly three full days, except to get two meals. The rest of the time we used room service and just screwed our heads off with breaks when we … usually me …. couldn’t go any more. I might have taught her a few new tricks but not much if anything. She was so supple and limber that she twisted and turned her body into contortions I had never dreamed izmit sınırsız escort of before but, if she could do it and I could still get my cock into her, we fucked that way. And loved it.

Finally on the evening of that third day, I called a halt, saying that I was going to have to take a break for a few hours or my cock would get sensitive and I wouldn’t be able to do anything for days while it recovered. Ima agreed that it would be best to take a little time off.

So we showered and went out and for the first time I got to see some of the attractions of the city of London. I love seeing new places and looking back on history and London was both to me. Although Ima viewed the sights with a younger person’s indifference, nonetheless she was familiar with the sights and sounds of the city and gave me a good tour.

We stopped in a nice little pub for some typically British fare and a pint to wash it down. It wasn’t exactly what I was used to eating or drinking either but was quite palatable at least. By the time we left, it was getting dark and we hailed one of the horse and buggy liveries that seemed to be everywhere in the downtown area. For an hour we rode snuggled together with a riding blanket that might have been a big bear skin over us as we watched the city lights and listened to the sound of Big Ben. The sight of the Royal Palace, resplendent with its red-garbed guards, was magnificent.

Eventually we caught a regular cab back to the hotel. I got out, ready to get some much-needed rest, while Ima took the cab back to her apartment at the university. She promised to meet me at 11 the following morning, after she attended her two morning classes.

The next morning Ima knocked on the door a few minutes after 11. When I let her in, she tugged me toward the bedroom, saying, “I’ve got a lot of sites to show you today but I’m real horny. Let’s fuck first and then go out, okay, Luv?”

The quickie turned into nearly two hours of delightful sex during which I ate enough pussy that I forgot all about any need for lunch. In the meantime she sucked my cock and balls until I shot one load down her throat, then she got me hard again and pushed me over so she could ride me for a while. I was worried that I couldn’t keep up with her and had swallowed a quarter of a little blue pill just to insure that I could stay hard long enough to satisfy her. It sufficed, fortunately, and she seemed quite happy with the outcome.

We spent the afternoon sight-seeing and strolling through a wonderful shady park. I thought she might be embarrassed to be seen with such an older man but she appeared to be very comfortable with me, in spite of the difference in our ages.

I began to ask her about her parents, since I had never been able to get her story out of my mind. She said that, over the years, her mum had gotten to love the sex so much that the guys really didn’t have to get her all that drunk any more to get into her knickers but she did like to drink and still usually drank enough that she was feeling good long before the guys fucked her.

She said what usually happened was her dad would have a group of six or seven guys over, usually friends or co-workers or men he met at a pub. They would sit around talking and drinking, maybe playing cards, and her mum would join them. When her dad felt the time was right, he’d signal for one of the guys to help him and he’d strip her clothes off. Then the men would take turns fucking her on the sofa and her dad usually took the last spot. Anyone who wanted to could have sloppy seconds after everyone had their first shot at her.

Ima had started coming down from her room and sitting on the stairs and watching the happenings below. Her dad had spotted her one night and came up to sit beside her. He asked if she liked watching her mum get it and she told him that it excited her. He told her that she could watch each time the guys came over if she wanted to. Then after her 18th birthday as they were watching, his hand slid up her leg under her nightgown and he fingered her pussy. She said that it felt great and she couldn’t believe how fantastic it was when he made her cum.

A few nights later, five guys had screwed mum into oblivion and dad took his usual final turn. When he finished, some of the guys wanted another shot so dad came up the stairs to sit with Ima and watch while they again plowed her sloppy, slurpy pussy. Ima had been giving a lot of thought to what she had been watching and, when she dressed for bed, she left her panties off.

While the two of them watched the action below, Ima reached between her dad’s legs and fondled his flaccid cock, which didn’t remain that way long. Although she had never touched one before, she was intrigued by the shape of the mushroom head, the veins … especially the big one on the bottom that kept throbbing when she wrapped her fingers around the shaft. Dad groaned with pleasure and leaned back to give her easier access.

Ima explored his balls, checking the contour and watching his face as her little fingers moved. She felt the juices flowing between her legs, slick and plentiful. She turned to her dad and whispered, “I want to find out what it’s like inside. ‘K, dad?”

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