Adam, Jason, and I chpt. 4


I awoke slightly detached from the group of bodies, I slinked off the bed and pulled Adam without waking him, I carried him wedding style back to his room and lay him down onto the bed to rest for more. I went back to Geoffrey’s room to carry out my devious plan, I found the rope that Geoffrey had stashed in his closet to tie us up with, thankfully both Jason and Geoffrey are both heavy sleepers as they both had not stirred and I had tied them up just as they did to us. I wanted to spend some quality time with Adam, I mean sex is great and all but I wanted a relationship, and I wanted to get to know Adam better. I checked up on Adam and found him still sound asleep, I went down stairs to find the note that Geoffrey had read earlier.
Dear Jason, Geoffrey, Adam, and Matthew,
I have gone to run errands, that long list of chores have really piled up, I’ve gone to complete them I trust you four can manage to cook yourselves dinner be back at 11:00!
Love, Mom

That was perfect I thought, I would cook Adam dinner as we got to know each other. I was now glad for the cooking lessons that my mom drilled into my head night after night. I couldn’t find much in their pantry, so I decided to cook something simple, spaghetti. I wish I had something to make it a tad more romantic but I worked with what I had. It turned out much better than I thought, their fancy dining room was already set up before hand ready for use by anyone, the table was adorned with a flowing red cover completed with candles, I dimmed the lights and placed the spaghetti on the table, I knew Adam would be hungry cause at school I had learned quite quickly that he’s a bottomless pit of eating. I went up stairs, to wake my sleeping beauty. I found him snuggled up in the bed, I slowly shook him awake.
Matthew: Hey sleeping beauty
He groaned at me
Adam: I’m hungry feed me… Hahahaha
He was still groggy and not very awake.
I made him get up and dress in something, then led him downstairs. He saw the set up.
Adam: Oh my god! Matthew what is all this!
Matthew: It’s for you…
I said as I drew him close to me and embraced him.
Adam: I love you sooooo much…
He gave me a peck on the cheek as he sat down, I soon followed.
Matthew: Adam, I did all this so we could get to know each other better.
Adam: Ahhh, you’re so sweet! So how do you wanna do that though?
Matthew: Well let’s just talk during dinner, this is all for you, because I don’t want a have just sex constantly as good as that is with you, I really want to be with you Adam.
Adam: Well, let’s get started then… When did you realize you were gay?
Matthew: Um… it’s kind of embarrassing…
Adam: C’mon you can tell me…
Matthew: When I first saw you…
Adam: Ahhh, that’s so sweet!
He slurped up some spaghetti, and we continued on.
Matthew: When did you realize you were gay?
Adam: Well, I found out that Geoffrey was bi a couple years ago when he was a freshman, and he kind of pulled Jason into it all, Ankara escort and eventually I found you.
Matthew: Thanks for saving yourself for me Adam…
Adam: Well, when I first saw you, I knew I had became gay… I knew I wanted you… I… I just had to have you… I didn’t know you were gay though, that’s why I tackled you in the beginning and when I felt that you were hard from wrestling well that answered all my questions and well here we are Mr. Swimmer.
He said all of this in a wide grin happy to be with me as I was with him.
Adam: Now it’s your turn…
Matthew: Well, I always talked with girls well, cause that’s how I grew up, but when I saw you… None of them mattered, I watched you from afar for so long, and I didn’t know that you were gay, you didn’t talk to many people so I couldn’t ask any of them if you were gay… So I just watched and watched and hoped that you liked me. Well I guess I was right huh?
Adam: That’s great we both wanted the other too be gay but we were too shy to confess to one another that we liked each other.
Matthew: Yea, now that I think about it, it is kind of funny.
Adam: Hey, now that I think about it. How come I woke up in my bed, and how come Geoffrey and Jason haven’t bothered us yet?
Matthew: Well, I tied them up.
Adam: Hah! That’s bitter sweet for them now isn’t it?
Matthew: Yea, that’s why I did it, and so I could talk to you… Back to the getting to know you better part now… Tell me about yourself Adam.
Adam: Well, I’m kind of nerdy if you haven’t already figured it out, I’m really smart like yourself but I let the academics affect my lifestyle, I’m in tennis, Uh, my favorite color is green? Uh, I like music ranging from classic rock to heavy metal, um, I don’t know I can’t think of anything right now.
Matthew: Well, it doesn’t matter right? We’ll get to know each other better over time right?
Adam: Yea, probably.
Matthew: I have another question.
Adam: What?
Matthew: Do you want to be gay in public?
Adam: Well, it would kill all your fan girls on the inside so yea I do want to be with you in public.
Matthew: Fan girls?
Adam: Yea, you don’t notice the troupe of girls that follow you around in the halls all day long and flirt with you?
Matthew: No actually I never noticed them.
Adam: Well it should be fun tomorrow, you don’t need to go to your house for anything right?

Matthew: Actually yea, I need to get my stuff, and some clothes cause I’ll be here the rest of the week right?

Adam: Yea, your family doesn’t get home till Saturday is what I think my mom said, when she gets back I’ll tell her we need to get to your house so we can pick up some of your stuff.

Adam had finished his spaghetti by now.

Matthew: You finished? Or would you like me to cook you some more, mr. Bottomless pit of eating?

Adam: No, Mr. unaware of all of the flirty girls that follow me around, I’m done.

We proceeded to wash and dry all the dishes and put everything away we snuggled Ankara escort bayan together on the couch watching random televisions show waiting for his mother to get home.
Sometime during the show Adam nodded off and started to snuggle up against me, I was instantly hard and in a very uncomfortable position. I saw lights in the driveway and started to shake Adam awake.

Matthew: Adam! Wake up! C’mon!

I guess he was having a good dream because he started to grind his hips against me. His mom was opening the door, I pushed Adam off the couch to awaken him.
Adam: Hey! I was having a good dream…

Adam’s Mother: Hey honey I’m home!

Adam: Oh, my bad…

He whispered to me as he got up to hug his mom.

Adam: Hey mom, we need to go to Kyle’s house so we can grab his stuff for school tomorrow is that ok?

Adam’s mother: Sure, Just let me put the things I bought into the house then we’ll go ok?

Adam: Sure, I’ll go grab our shoes.

Matthew: I’ll go tell Jason and Geoffrey, that we’re leaving.

I waltzed up the staircase, in happiness, the day was going great for me. I walked into Geoffrey’s room, I saw them struggling against their restraints.

Geoffrey: I cannot believe you fucking did this!

Jason: Let me go!

I found the knife Geoffrey used to cut our restraints and cut Jason’s. I pulled out a ten dollar bill.

Matthew: Take this, I want you to keep Geoffrey ‘company’.

Jason: I think I can manage that.

He found the silver vibrator on the floor and walked over to Geoffrey; he motioned for me to leave and set to work with a determined face. I closed the door behind me as I dropped down the staircase.
Adam: Hey, Matthew I got your shoes right here.

He looked around to not find his mother, and he snuck in a quick kiss before handing me my shoes. We tossed on our shoes and got into the car awaiting his mother. We started making out in the car, I had my eye on the door looking for his mother. She came out onto the driveway, I broke the kiss.

Adam: Damn, she’s quick.

Matthew: Sadly she is.

Adam’s mother: Ok, so what do you need at your house Matthew?

Matthew: Well, I haven’t even started my homework, so I’ll probably be up late doing that. And I need my instrument for tomorrow.

Adam’s mother: Ok, that’s fine.

She drove us down to my house as I got out, I motioned for Adam to stay in the car. I opened the door to my house and sped upstairs, I ran into my room and grabbed a bag out of my closet pulling an assortment of wardrobe to wear at school, and clothes that I thought Adam would like to see me in. I shoved my hand into my underwear drawer and just like every kid out there, I had a good stash of porn items. I pulled out a dildo and lube, I didn’t own any condoms, but I didn’t think I would need them, both Adam and I are virgins. I shoved all this and clothes into the bag and rushed back downstairs, grabbed my backpack Escort Ankara for school, my instrument and headed back to their car.

The drive back was uneventful, sadly due to the fact that his mother was in the car. As soon as we made up to Adam’s room he slammed me against the wall making me drop all my things so he could ravage my mouth, after a couple of minutes of tongue I had to stop him because I knew what would happen if I continued and I had to finish stuff for school.

Matthew: I need to do homework Adam, sorry but you’re going to need to calm down. Why don’t you do yours?

Adam: I did it before you came over, because I was hoping that you were gay, I didn’t want any distractions.

Matthew: Oh, well let me do this, just entertain yourself.

I sat down leaning against his bed and opened my books, I finished my geometry and biology, and I only got halfway through English before Adam got bored. He was on his bed so he flipped himself over and leaned over the bed to where I was, he started to rub my shoulders. Needless to say I was distracted by this simple gesture. My hand started to shake, he brought his head down to my neck and breathed on my neck, sending shudders down my body.
Matthew: Adam, please.

Adam: Adam please what?

He bit down marking his territory, it was pleasurable. His hands crept down my shirt and started to rub my chest all over and whenever his hands teased my nipples I would drop the pencil.
Matthew: Adam, stop I need to finish this please…
He slinked down onto the floor and brought his head over on top of my books. He brought his left hand over, and pushed it through the entrance to my pants (you know how there’s always room at the bottom) and grabbed my already hardened erection, I gasped in pleasure.
Adam: It looks like someone doesn’t want me to stop.
He said all this in a grin. I threw all my books to the side and pounced on to Adam landing directly over him, he was trapped, and I was going to punish him. I brought my head over to his neck and bit down, mimicking his movements as I brought my hand into his shirt and tweaked one of his nipples as he writhed under me in pleasure. I reached over and grabbed the dildo and lube out of my bag, I lubed up the dildo and slowly pushed it in his entrance. He reared up in pleasure and I locked our lips demanding entrance for both holes in his body. The dildo at this point was all the way in and I was using my hands and running them over his body sending pleasure waves throughout his body.
Adam: Oh my god Matthew…
I moved my head down his body in a wet slick, and brought my head down over his cock. I licked around the head making him moan in ecstasy, I used one of my hands to pump his dick and the other to move the dildo in and out of his ass.
Adam: Matthew! I’m going to…!
He didn’t finish his sentence, as he climaxed and came into my mouth, I had finally got to taste my lover and he tasted amazing, sweet which was a change for me. I pulled out the dildo, and leaned again next to the bed.
I allowed Adam to snuggle up next to me as I got the books once again to finish my very large pile of homework.

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