Addicted To Semen


Addicted To SemenAddicted To Semenby Mimi XMy heart was pounding as I approached the room. I still wasn’t sure why I decided to do this. I knew that there could be some danger. But the allure was stronger…The ad said some guys were looking for a woman who loves cum, and there’d be no forced or unwilling sex – just cum.I was intrigued, so here I am at the hotel – and I knock on the door.A well-kept man in his mid-40’s answered the door and invited me in. He didn’t ask my name, and I didn’t ask his. I saw a narrow massage table set up with a sheet over it.”I want you to know what we want to do, and I want you to be OK with it. Me and some guys here for a convention want to do something we’ve talked about for a long time. We want to rub our cocks on your naked body and shoot our cum on you. Are you OK with that?”I like that he didn’t mince words and laid it all out up front. Believe it or not, that helped put me at ease.”You know, I think I am,” I said.”OK”, he started, “there’s one more thing.” My stomach dropped a bit, waiting for the ‘one more thing’.”I want to rub you down with the cum on you.”He stopped and waited.I thought a moment, and he said nothing else. He didn’t pressure me for a decision, and that also helped ease my worry.”OK” was all I said.”Great. I’ll go tell the other guys while you get undressed and get under the sheet. You can start by laying face down.”I was glad he said I could cover up. I stripped and got on the table. There were two sheets so I slipped between them and waited. I heard the door open in a few minutes, and no one said anything. I heard belts and zippers, and I knew they were stripping. But I didn’t know how many there were.I heard a now-familiar voice.”I’m going to take the sheet off now.” As he pulled it away I heard some murmurs, and a few words: “Damn!” “Wow!” “Fantastic!”In a strange way, I was glad they liked my ass.Then I felt the first tentative touch.The first cock stroked across my ass. It was soft as the head rolled over my ass, but I could feel the hardness too. Then I felt a cock on the other side of my ass, and a cock landed in each of my hands. Then, to my surprise, I felt two cocks start to rub my feet.As the cocks rubbed my hands, I curled my fingers and played with the two cock heads. I heard them sigh, so I guess they didn’t mind. Meanwhile, I felt the cocks on my ass cheeks, and they were leaking some precum. I could feel the wet lines on my ass as they rubbed.Then the door opened and quickly closed. I heard more men strip. The cocks on my ass moved down to my legs, running right in the crease between my ass and legs. It’s almost like they were fucking that fold, and it felt surprisingly good. The two new cocks took their place at the top of my ass and the small of my back. So, there I was, with 8 cocks being rubbed all over my body.Then, once again, I heard the door open and close quickly. More sounds of men stripping. I felt two new cocks rubbing on my shoulders, neck, hair and cheeks. So I now had ten cocks being rubbed on my body. And I was starting to get turned on by all these cocks.The two in my hands were solid now as I stroked them. I made tunnels with my fingers, and the guys started to fuck my hands. Meanwhile, I could feel the new cocks stroking my hair. I wondered if they were getting any precum in my hair….I could hear a couple of the men starting to grunt, and knew I’d feel the first cumshot soon. One was the guy fucking my left hand, and it sounded like the other was by the right side of my ass. And still, all ten cocks kept rubbing on my body.That’s something I never thought I’d get: a 10-dick massage!I was really starting to like it, and I wanted to feel them all cum.Just then, the guy fucking my left hand gave a few quick, long strokes and I felt his hot cum shoot in my hand and onto my hip. I squeezed his cock tight as he fucked, making him force his cock through my fingers. I could feel every pulse of his cum, and I could smell it too.I heard a second guy grunting, and felt cum start shooting onto my left foot. I curled my toes to rub the underside of his cock as he came, feeling some of his sticky spunk slide between my toes.Then I felt cum splash on the right side of türbanlı erzurum escort my ass and the right side of my head at the same time, and those blasts of cum were quickly followed by one on the left side of my ass. I felt the cock in my right hand twitch and I squeezed as he blasted his cum into my palm and onto my right hip.The guys who came were still rubbing their softening and cum-slick cocks on my body, spreading their cum around. Just then, I felt a shot on the left side of my lower back, and the left side of my face. The cum on my face got in my hair, and I felt it start to drip. It felt strange when it oozed behind my left ear. I’d never felt that before.Two guys hadn’t cum yet, but I thought they were probably close. After just a moment I felt cum shooting onto my right foot, followed a half minute later by the last shot of cum on the right side at the top of my ass. Now I had ten soft or softening cocks still rubbing cum on my body. Then they stopped and withdrew.The familiar voice whispered in my ear, “I’m going to rub it all over your body. Your whole back side will be covered in cum.”He started at my feet, and I felt his hands rub the sticky cum onto my soles and calves. Then he switched to my left side and rubbed the cum at the base of my ass down my thigh. His hand dipped between my thighs and I felt his fingers brush my pussy.He went to the right and rubbed the cum all over that thigh. His hands were sticky and slick as they caressed my legs and ass. Just then, he pulled my ass cheeks apart and started rubbing cum from his hands onto my asshole. I jumped at the first contact and he paused a few seconds, but I didn’t say anything so he continued.His fingers were pulling at the ring of my ass as he stroked across it; dipping in a little but not penetrating. He kept going up; my lower back, upper back and shoulders, and even the back of my neck and sides of my face all got a cum massage.When he finished, he leaned over and whispered,”Now it’s time for your front. Turn over.”Surprisingly, I did this without question. I felt my back and legs, sticky with cum, adhere to the sheet under me. I saw the rest of the men had gone. He d****d a towel across my face, and then opened the door. I heard a number of men come in, and I wondered if it was ten more. I heard them stripping, but couldn’t tell how many there may be.The first laid his dick on my right breast. I felt cocks on my left hip, left breast, right hip, right and left thighs, and right and left feet. Then I felt two cocks meet right over my mouth. They all started rubbing.The two on my lips were rubbing against each other as they stroked my lips. To my surprise I felt a hand grab both dicks and fingers rub my lips as the cocks stroke against each other. I stuck out my tongue and felt the underside of both cocks as they moved across my lips.My lips parted and I sucked in the head of one cock. The other kept rubbing my lips and the other cock while fingers probed the cock head where it met my lips. I sucked like I was drinking from a straw, and tasted a little precum. His cock twitched as I sucked.Meanwhile, I could feel cocks rubbing on my nipples, my hips, my thighs, and my feet. I felt the cocks on my feet shift and slip between my first two toes. Now they were fucking my feet in the crack between my first two toes. I wiggled them as they stroked, and I could feel their cocks twitch as I gripped their cocks between my toes.The guy I was sucking popped his cock out of my mouth, grabbed the other guy’s cock, and placed it on my lips. I sucked that one in, and the other cock kept rubbing against my lips and the cock in my mouth. I wondered if I could get both in…So I opened my mouth with the cock in it, and stuck out my tongue. The other guy got the idea and laid his cock against my tongue. I drew my tongue in, and his cock followed down to my lips. I opened wide, and the edge of his cock slide in next to the other. Then they realized what I was doing, and I felt them work together and slide both their dick heads into my mouth at the same time.I flicked my tongue on the underside of both dicks and the guys both moaned. The türbanlı erzurum escort guys cocks were rubbing together and rubbing on my mouth. I felt one cock start twitching, and I wondered if he was close to cumming – and if he’d cum on the other guy’s cock.Before either came, I felt the cock rubbing my right tit start rubbing hard and fast, and heard the guy groan as his hot cum splashed on my nipple and tit. He pumped his cock as he came, and slapped my tit with it as he finished.Then I felt it. The twitching cock in my mouth leaked a tiny spurt, then blasted his cum across my mouth and onto my cheek – and the other cock. I could see the guy who just came reach out and rub the hard cock as he rubbed his cum into it. The other guy started thrusting across my lips, and into this guy’s hand. It was hot, seeing a guy handle another guy’s cock so close.Soon he too shot his cum across my lips and face while the other guy held his cock. Then the guy holding the cock rubbed it across my face and lips while it began to go soft. He kept rubbing it until both their cum was spread all around and mixed together.After that I became aware again of the cocks thrusting in my toes, rubbing on my hips and thighs, and on my left tit. It seemed one of the guys fucking my toes was about to shoot, and I wondered who else was getting close. I was really into it now; I wanted to feel the hot spunk on my body.Just the thought of all that cum had my pussy soaked.I felt the guys at my hips move, and then felt their cocks in my waiting hands. I closed my hands around their cocks, and they started to thrust. They fucked my hands like they were pussies, and I could feel they were hot to cum. They both felt close; both cocks were twitching. I wondered if they’d cum at close to the same time. All I know is that I wanted to feel their cum on my body. I wanted to feel it’s slippery stickiness as they rubbed it into my skin.I was so intent on the cocks in my hands that I was surprised to feel hot cum spurting onto my left foot and shin. I clenched my toes, milking all the cum out of his cock. I kept stroking and milking his cock as it went soft. I rolled his cock in circle with my foot, and he kept pushing forward. I guess he liked what I was doing.Somehow I kept jerking the two twitching cocks in my hands while I was rubbing the soft cock with my foot. I don’t know why I kept going, but I hoped something really hot would happen, and he seemed to like it.I suddenly noticed my right hand, then left, get slippery with cum as the thrusting slowed down. I kept stroking their cocks, feeling the slippery cum all over their cocks. I could hear the squishing sounds as they slowly pumped my hands.Meanwhile, my foot was still circling this poor guy’s cock, but he didn’t seem to want me to stop. He was gasping, and I heard, “Oh God!” and felt a hot spray coming from his cock and soaking my foot. I thought he might have cum again, but then I realized: he pissed all over my foot! Damn, I wanted to grab my pussy and clit and cum hard!The other guys seemed a bit shocked, and stopped thrusting. But then, seeing how turned on I was must have gotten them going again because they started rubbing and stroking at a feverish pace.There were four guys still ready to cum. One on my left tit, my right foot, and both thighs. The guy on my right thigh moved up to my belly, and started rubbing his cock there. He was stroking hard and fast, and I could feel that he was about to cum.Right then, I felt hot cum shoot on my right foot, and the guy’s hands were rubbing his cock and my foot, both covered in his cum. I started to rub my foot on his cock, but he stepped back out of reach. Guess that last one was too much for him…Then I felt cum splashing on my belly, followed almost immediately by cum pouring onto my left tit. They kept stroking as they came, draining their balls completely. There was one guy left, and he was breathing hard. Won’t be too long. I wiggled my finger at him, and he kept stroking as he walked closer.I pointed to my lips, and he got the message.He laid his cock across my lips. I snaked my tongue out and licked the underside of türbanlı escort erzurum his cock as he stroked. On one stroke I opened my mouth and the head popped in. I sucked hard and flicked the head with my tongue. Precum poured out, and I drank it down.He didn’t last much longer. I felt the first tiny spurt and popped his cock out of my mouth. Cum blasted out his cock onto my face, covering my cheeks, and even getting a bit on one eye and my hair. Now I was covered, front and back, in cum – from 20 cumshots.The guys all dressed without a word and left. Then the guy I first met stepped over. I didn’t even notice that he had been sitting on the bed, watching all the action without taking part. He was naked, and his cock stood at full mast.He said, “Now I’m going to rub all that cum into your soft, sweet body.” I nodded.He started with my face, and rubbed the newest cumshot all over my cheeks, forehead, nose, and neck. Then he moved down to my breasts, and massaged them, spreading out the cum on both tits and massaging them deeply, but softly. His hands caressing my nipples felt good – really good.My pussy was already wet, and getting wetter.His hands left my breasts, and moved to my belly. He softly stroked my belly, working the cum into my skin. He seemed to linger there; he seemed entranced by my soft skin. Then he moved down my right thigh, to the shin, then the foot. He stopped and massaged my foot for a moment, and that felt good too.He came up the inside of my right thigh, and his fingertips lightly brushed my pussy lips – but didn’t linger. I found myself wanting more of his touch.He then massaged my left thigh, then shin and foot. Once again he went up the inside of my left thigh and brushed my pussy lips. His hand came to rest right on my pussy mound, and he looked at me as if to ask if it was OK to touch me further. I nodded, then reached out and grabbed hold of his rock-hard cock. I started to jerk his cock.He was uncut, so it was really smooth, sliding the foreskin up and over his cockhead. Then I felt his hand move, His fingers dipped down and covered my pussy lips. He made small circles over them, and I could feel them part. His hand was wet from my juices, and I could hear squishing sounds coming from my wet pussy.I was really turned on and wanted to cum – but I still kept jerking his cock as his fingers worked magic on my pussy lips. He was pinching and pulling them – then he parted them and inserted one finger. I sighed, and broke my rhythm just a moment. Then he slid in another finger – and a third.With three fingers in my pussy, he put the base of his palm on my mound right over my clit and started to rock his fingers out of my pussy while rubbing my clit with his palm.God that felt good… and I knew I was on the way to a huge climax.He worked my pussy as I worked his cock. I rocked my hips with each stroke, my need getting more urgent. I still stroked his hard cock, and I could feel it throbbing and flexing – he needed to cum too. I pulled back his foreskin and rubbed my thumb in circles on his cockhead and across the tip. He groaned, and hearing that turned me on more.My pussy was on fire, and the pleasure was really intense. Then, I rode the pleasure up to the peak and came, hard. My pussy spasmed around his fingers and my clit was hard as a pebble under his palm. I lost my stroke on his cock for just a moment as my climax left me gasping for breath. I was breathing hard, and I suddenly felt his hard cock twitching in my hand.I started to jack him in earnest, stroking his cock hard and fast. I knew he was about to cum, so I quickly sat up and put my mound right under his cock. I heard him groan, and his cum fired out of his cock. Spurt after spurt covered my mound and belly in his cum.I slid my free hand to my belly and mound, while the other still slowly stroked his cock. He reached down between us, and started to rub my mound and pussy, rubbing his cum into my skin. Then, to my surprised, he knelt down and licked his cum off my mound and pussy. He lapped up all his cum, kissed my pussy once, and stood up. “Thank you” was all he said.I got off the table and got dressed. My clothes felt different since I was pulling them on over all that cum. When I was dressed, I looked at him and smiled, then turned to leave. He took my hand and pressed something into it.”This is to compensate you for your time.””Thank you,” I replied, and left. As I walked down the hall, I was really curious and checked my hand. It was cash – $500.Hmm, I thought…I hope they come back and place another ad.

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