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Subject: Man Cam (Adeleguy (2) This is an fictional story of sex with men from an internet chat site. This is completely fictional as most of the men live far far away. Some are straight, some gay and many bisexual. But all are hot, hot , hot. Enjoy… +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Man Cam (Adeleguy (2) …… Well I did get out to my huge Aussie hunk. it took several months and saving money to get a cheap flight and time off for a week so I could fly down there and spend a few days down there with the hunk. I chatted with my big hunk of yum for all those months. I wanted to keep him interested in me. I would watch his show every night it was on. Gazed as his huge hairy form. Watch as he pulled on his big thick 7 inch meat and cum with him each time the big hunk did. How I wanted to be there each and every time. I wanted to lick that creamy goo off his hairy chest and belly. It was such a waste that no one was there to taste him. Well after the many, many months of waiting to get out to my hunky Australian, I was on a plane and a days time later. (flying and Time change) I was in Australia. I had never been there and never imaged I would get there. But my big Adele hunk was the one to help me make the plunge at adventure. When I flew into Australia , I was in awe of it instantly. Melbourne was nice and I wanted to view the city. But I knew I had a bursa escort very long drive to Adelaide where my hot hunk was. several; hundred miles at that. So I grabbed my car rental and started to drive. I would have flown to the closer airport to him. But the flights were so expensive. Melbourne alone nearly broke the bank. So I headed out with my GPS system in the car to get to his city. I sent him a text message once I was on my way. “Melbourne” he said “That is a long drive man” “I’ll see you in a couple days. LOL” It was far too. I took the M8 highway to Ballart, Then the A8 the rest of the way. Luckily this part of Australia was not desolate desert like you always see in movies and such. I firstly had to get used to driving on the wrong side of the road. That was interesting to say the least. When I finally got to Adelaide I was tired, hungry and had to pee really bad. I sent him another message to let him know I was near. He sent me a message back telling me where we could meet for a bite to eat. It was after 7 pm by the time I drove into town and down the road to the eatery he had mentioned in his message. When I got there it was right near the bay. It was a beautiful sight to see. Then when I parked, I walked to the restaurant and there he was outside. He was more delicious in person. He looked up and saw me and smiled a bit. Then he waved me over. “Been waiting long” I asked bursa escort bayan him “Nope. I just got a brew and decided to take in the view” he answered “You look great” I said back to him “Better than chat. Bigger to” And he was bigger in person. His big chest and arms filling up the shirt he wore nicely. His top 3 buttons opened to reveal his chest fur. I licked my lips at the sight. I wanted to dive between the open area of his shirt and into that furry forest beneath. “Sit down buddy” he said Then the waiter came by and asked what I wanted. “I’ll have what he is having” I said I figured a nice beer to take the day off my back. The long flights and the long drive to where he lived. I was utterly beat. But looking at my big hunky bear made the trip all the worth while. I kept looking at the fur peeping out from his opened shirt. How I longed to reach in and feel it with my hand. I licked my lips as I sat there gawking at my Adelaide hunk. “That was a long day (days) ” I said “It seems I was on a plane forever” “Well you are here now man” He replied to me “So relax and just hang out” We drank another beer each, then he suggested walking down the road to beach. “We have a nice beach here” He said “I’m sure you will love it man” He stood up and I took in his massive frame better. He had on some shorts that showed off his furry calves. I then watched his ass as he walked escort bursa in front of me. It was big and full in those lucky shorts. His broad back fitting nicely in his shirt. We headed down to the boulevard near the beach. There were hotels and stores. It reminded me kind of like Miami beach in a way. We walked down and checked out the shops near the beach. I liked what I saw, but was far more interested in him. I wanted to touch him so badly, but dared not to. Especially not out in a public place. After a while I just wanted to relax. I was so tired from my trip. “Can we get somewhere were I can sit” I asked “I am beat” “Sure” he answered We headed back to the place where I met him and then he lead me to his car. We drove back to my rental and I followed him to his place. When we got there I hit his sofa and nearly passed out. I truly was tired. I looked at my stud groggy eyed as I leaned my head back. “Lets get you into a bed” he said as he came and picked me up The big awesome hunk just grabbed me and lifted me effortlessly into his big arms. I was so close to him I could smell him. It was almost sweet. Then my head found his upper arm and I lay on it. Then he brought me to his big bed and lay me down. I was still awake for the most part. I watched as he pulled my clothes off for me. I was in my underwear in moments. Then Just as I was starting to nod off he removed his shirt and for the tiniest moment I saw his magnificent chest. but then sleep took over me and I was down for the count…………………………………………….. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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