Adele’s panties


Chapter 1

So this is the story of Kyle ( me, a 6 ft tall, 19 year old) and Adele, ( 32, 5 ft 8″, brunette, with busty double D tits, a perfect bubble butt ass, and and luscious curves to match)

We’re neighbours and good friends, she’s a single mother, and I live alone. She called me up to have a chat, and I told her I was feeling ill and didn’t wanna talk.
“Okay hun, that’s fine, but if you’re feeling ill, why not come grocery shopping with me? You can stay in the car while I’m there, I just think it’d do you good to breathe the fresh air.”

I agreed to get out of my dingy house for fresh air. So I put the phone down, got my jacket on, and walked to her car where she was waiting.
It was a normal car ride, the air did help, and I was feeling better, especially with her company. When she was in the store, I was looking around in the car.

I opened the glovebox, and to my surprise, I found Adele’s panties in there! At first I was surprised and closed the glovebox, but then my instincts took over and I snatched the panties from the glovebox and they smelled irresistible. I couldn’t believe it was happening. I almost instantly became hard, which was a problem.

If she came back, she would be sure to notice the tent in my pants; I had to get rid of this boner. so I made sure I was hidden from any eyes, and I began to masturbate.

I quickly relieved myself but accidentally got cum on her panties. I panicked, Ankara escort wiping it off as best as I could with my tissue and stuffing them back in the glovebox, and re-adjusting myself like nothing happened.

Not even 30 seconds later, the boot opened and she put her shopping in it, and then clambered back into the seat next to me.

“You feeling better hun?”
“Yeah, I’m feeling a lot better actually.” I remarked. I was smirking like an idiot the whole way home.


The next chapter will be better, I promise. So without further ado….


Chapter 2

The next day…
*knock knock knock*
I turned off my morning chat show and went to the door. I opened it to see Adele standing there.
“You alright?” I said
“Yeah, fine thanks.”
I invited her into my living room, she sat down on the armchair and I slumped onto the couch.

“Look Kyle, I need to say something.”
“What is it?” I said, trying to hide my worried tone.
She reached into her pocket and pulled out a pair of panties with a visible white stain on them. “I…Adele..I’m sorry…I” I began to stammer while turning red in the face.

“Shhhh” she said in a seductive tone “Don’t worry, I won’t mention it if you do me a favour.”
“What is it?” I spluttered sheepishly
She got up as she said “I want you to fuck my brains out, right here, right now” She started to take off her top leaving her bra.

I had no hesitation, Ankara escort bayan my mind was so ensnared by what she just said, I didn’t stop to doubt it for a second. She pulled off her bra, letting me finally see those beautiful double D’s I had dreamed of. She walked up to me and pulled my face into her tits, I enjoyed it for a moment and then I began to suck her hard, pink nipples, while playing with the other tit with my spare hand.

“Ooooh, yeah! You love big tits don’t you, horny boy?” I only responded by sucking harder as she moaned in pleasure. I then moved my hand to her pants, pulled them down, and spanked her perfect ass.
I kissed her and told her “I’m about to fuck you so hard”
“Just the way I want it babe”
I took the green light and she sat on the couch, as I began to slowly enter her wet, tight pussy she said, don’t start slow, just fuck me like you know you want to.
I slammed my cock into her pussy and she loved it. “Yes Kyle, I’m yours, yes, yes! Fuck me baby, I’m gonna cum!” Moments later her cum was covering my dick and she was panting for breath.

“Baby…that was the one of the best fucks I’ve ever had.”
“One of?” I remarked
“Well you don’t have tits like these and an ass like this without getting some serious fuckings” she said, jiggling her tits at the mention of them.
She walked up to me and kneeled down at my still hard cock, and started to stroke it. She looked up to me and Escort Ankara said, “What do you think I’m gonna do about this then?”
“You’re gonna give me a blowjob?” I questioned
She smirked “do I look like the kind of girl that would reward a fuck like that with a mere blowjob?”

She got up, slowly and seductively walked towards the couch and placed her hands on it, presenting me with her lush ass. “You naughty girl..” I said spanking her ass. I walked up to her and put my dick, which was lubricated with her own cum, into her tight asshole.
“Yeah! Yeah!” I got faster and spanked her again, her ass was red with my handprint.
“Oooh, baby, I’m gonna cum!”
“Just cum in my ass!” I released my burst of cum into her ass, and pulled out, panting for breath myself this time.

She got her finger, got some cum from her ass cheeks and slid it into her mouth.
“Mmmm, that is some nice tasting cum youve got there.”
“You’re welcome to a drink anytime, its on me.” I joked.
“Haha, I’ll take you up on that soon” she said
We both got our clothes back on, she left her jacket off though, leaving her low cut top. She was about to leave, as she stood at the door, I walked up to her and looked into her eyes,
“Yeah?” She said, looking back into mine. Suddenly, I gave her one final smack on the ass,
“You’re my bitch now, K?”
She smiled, pulled my face into her boobs and said
She walked out the door, leaving me to take in everything that happened, I went back to my chair, and I found her panties there, the pair from the car, and the ones she had taken off only 30 minutes ago.

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