Adina and Me


I sat at the large window, watching the droplets of rain cascade before me. The sky was grey, a dark miserable autumn grey that seemingly blanketed the whole of the world – totally deceiving as it was supposedly the middle of summer. There were no lighter shades of the dismal colour, just one tone that oozed rain drops consistently. Large puddles were forming on the roads and pavements, and I noticed a particular one was creeping ever closer to the driveway.

I’d been sat at the window for a good hour on my own with only the sound of the pitter-pattering of the rain to keep me company, but now, coming from Adina’s bedroom above was the sound of her alarm, bellowing at her to get out of bed!


We’ve been housemates for a few months now and surprisingly due to us being complete opposites our house-sharing has been rather successful. I work the usual mundane 9-5pm in an office block about a 20 minute walk from here and Addy manages the local club around the corner, so she’s generally out all evening and practically all night and sleeps most of the daylight hours. We say a quick hello and goodbye for the majority of the week and only occasionally manage to sit and have a meal together or a girly chat.

Our work schedules are not the only thing that makes us opposites. Addy is quite an assertive person. She likes things her way, but then again, don’t we all, but she would often berate me if something was out of place. Anyone else would say that she was a moody bitch, but to me, she wasn’t and I quite like the way she is with me. And whatever she says has never caused offence towards me, so maybe the old saying is correct, ‘it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it’. She is fairly outgoing and forward and is never afraid to say what’s on her mind. I’m the opposite in a lot of ways – including being passive, fairly shy and quiet – although I do have my moments!

Our sexual orientation is also different I believe. She knows I’m into women far more than I am into men and even though the subject hasn’t really come up, I haven’t got the ‘lesbian’ vibe from her, so it’s not really been an issue as to which side of the fence she sits – if in fact she does sit!

Her overall appearance is to die for and I would be lying if I said I hadn’t masturbated whilst thinking about her. She is a little taller than me, probably about 5ft 6inches and has dark wavy hair that sits just below her shoulders. Her eyes are a gorgeous ocean of blue – large and flirtatious with every stare. She has perfectly rounded breasts – from what I’ve seen when she occasionally pulls on a t-shirt in front of me. Her belly is somewhat soft I think. When she wears her hipsters, she has a very little over hang. No-one else would probably notice it, but I do!

We are opposites in appearance too. My hair is between blonde and brown – mousy is the general term for it. I weigh in a little heavier. My tits are larger, 40F, and I’m a lot rounder – voluptuous and curvaceous are ways to describe my physique!

I guess opposites do sometimes attract!


I heard her slamming her hand down on the clock and knew that in 10 minutes time it would blare out again, and again, until she really couldn’t stay there any longer and then it would be a mad rush to get showered, fed and watered before she hastily runs out the door. I decided to put the kettle on and make her some tea.

She groaned at me when she heard me knock on her bedroom door.

“Brought you tea…” I placed the steaming mug by the side of the clock and set the time for another 15 minutes, just in case.

“Thanks babe.” She wearily moaned, turning her head to face me, her eyes half-closed, struggling to find the strength to open completely.

“It’s crap out there… pissing down!”

“Fuck, just what I need, my hair will go flat…”

“Just sit up and drink your tea or you’ll fall back to sleep!”

I went back downstairs and settled myself on the wide window sill, hearing the rain against it as I read my raunchy lesbian book. I clicked on the remote to the stereo and turned it up a notch knowing that Adina would be up shortly. Every now and then I glanced at the clock on the fireplace and when it got to 6:50pm I knew she had fallen back to sleep!

I returned to her room but didn’t knock this time. I sailed right in and noticed that the alarm had been turned off, the tea was lukewarm at best and Adina was huddled up in her black duvet.

“Hey sleepy head, get up, it’s nearly 7!”

She lazily lifted her head and looked at me, then the clock. “Ah, fuck it…”

I pulled the duvet right off her, leaving it hanging over the end of the bed.

“Bitch!” I heard her say before I got to the door.

I smiled to myself as I descended the stairs and went back to my hot little book. I heard Addy shuffling from the bedroom to the bathroom, then heard the boiler firing up for her hot shower. She wasn’t in there long, probably about 10 minutes and when I heard her hair dryer going I made her another bahis firmaları cup of tea and left it on the worktop.

A few minutes later she bounded down the stairs. Her hair and make-up flawless, a crisp white shirt, fully unbuttoned over her black cat-suit which fit her like a glove and her boots, oh my god, black knee-high’s with a 3 inch heel – I just stared at her, open-mouthed.

“What?” She said with a smile on her face, although I couldn’t quite read her expression.

“Oh, nothing,” I stammered. “Uh, made you another tea… it’s in the kitchen!”

She gave me a softer smile and thanked me for the beverage before leaving me in the sitting room with my pussy throbbing wildly. I picked up my book and began reading. Moments later she came in and stood at the window, holding her mug of tea and looking glumly at the weather.

“That really is shitty out there… can I borrow your brolly?” There was a slight pause before she raised her voice and snatched the book away from me. “Laura??”

“Hey, I was reading…”

She interrupted me, “I know… I was talking to you… what is this anyway?” Her fingers flicked through the pages.

I could feel my face blush a little. “I doubt it’ll interest you. What were you saying?”

Addy flicked through the pages and recited part of the book. “The taller woman stood over her, a menacing look in her eyes. She bent slightly and grasped the curly blonde locks of the semi-naked girl and tugged her upwards to have her standing before her.”

“Can I have my book, please?”

Addy’s piercing blue eyes peered over the top of the book before she shut it and gave it back to me. The same unreadable smile flashed back at me like the one she gave me when she caught me looking at her.

I placed the book beside me and fidgeted with my nails whilst trying to look anywhere but at her. She came closer, the toes of her boots were in my view, but I daren’t look up in case she was staring at me. There was a silence between us – one that had something lingering on it. I felt her presence more than I had ever done before, and then she broke the silence.

“Laura… can I borrow your brolly? If my hair gets wet it’ll get all matted!” She said it so matter of fact that I began to think I imagined what had just taken place – maybe I had, after all, nothing HAD happened!

“Yeah, it’s hanging in the closet.”

“Thanks babe, oh and don’t worry about clearing up after me in the bathroom. I left it in a bit of a state. I’ll do it when I get back okay?”

“Okay, don’t work too hard!”

“I won’t!”

I picked up my book and attempted to find where I had previously got up to. I heard the front door open and close and then watched her leave. I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she swayed over the puddles. Once she had turned the corner at the end of the road and was out of sight I returned to the book.


Adina had been gone for about 3 hours when I decided to have a long hot bath. I picked up the scrunched up damp towel that was on the bathroom floor and threw it into the laundry basket. Her shower gel was on the side of the bath, the top half off, but luckily nothing was seeping from it and her talc and deodorant were sitting on the floor so I just picked them up and placed them on the shelf. I assumed that this was what she meant by it being in a state.

The time was about 11pm, and I knew she wouldn’t be home for hours, so I left the bathroom door open, leaving my bath robe hanging on it. I stepped into the luxurious bubbles and laid there for a while, totally relaxing in the large tub when I glanced over at the towel rail. There was a fresh fluffy towel hanging over it, but just edging out at the side was something lacy. My eyes fixated on the delicate material. I couldn’t see whether it was part of a bra or a pair of panties. All I knew is that whatever it was, it didn’t belong to me.

The bath didn’t hold any interest for me from that point, all I could think of was touching the material that was teasing my senses. I stepped out of the bath, opting to ignore the warmth of my robe and went straight to the towel rail, dripping water all over the floor. I lifted my hand until it was barely an inch from the flimsy material and my fingers hesitantly hovered over it. I should have pulled away from it, but the lust that was building inside me was too great. My stomach fluttered and my blood raced through my veins so much so that I could feel my heart beating like a drum.

I wondered if the garment was clean or dirty, which in turn heightened my interest further. If they were her panties had she forgotten in her haste to put them on, or were they from the night before. If that was the case then they’d be full of her scent. That thought alone gave me a delightful shiver and I disregarded any doubts from that point.

I hooked my fingers underneath the hanging fabric and gently pulled it, hoping that they were her panties. My pussy throbbed at the thought of them being used and dirty. kaçak iddaa The delicate lace then tumbled over the rail and I gasped as the material hung from my fingers. They were Addy’s panties – a creamy coloured bikini style, all lace apart from the cotton gusset!

I breathed deeply and brought them to my nose. I closed my eyes as I inhaled her scent. They ‘had’ been worn. I could smell her womanly perfume mingled with a hint of pee and wiped her panties over my face. I had an uncontrollable desire to masturbate.

I went straight to my bedroom, clutching the panties in my hand and practically threw myself onto the bed. I languidly dragged the delicate material over my damp and freshened skin then lifted them higher so that only the edging would skim over my flesh. The feeling sent tiny shivers all over my body. They caught on my hardened nipples and gave me goose bumps as I trailed them down my ribs and down to my thighs where I then dragged them up slowly on the insides of my milky white flesh until they rested above my pussy. I shook them a little, making them tickle my neatly trimmed pussy. I spread my legs further, and let them dance on my engorged moist lips as I played with my nipples.

After a few minutes of enjoying that I brought the panties to my mouth and spread them open so that the crotch was right in front of me. I hesitantly brought it to my mouth and curiously poked my tongue out and began to prod at the fragrance of Addy. I loved how she tasted, and even took a liking to the acrid taste of pee and I was soon eagerly lapping my tongue over the whole gusset. I couldn’t get enough and made the crotch wet with my moist lashings.

I then put the damp panties over my breasts and wiped them all over my massive tits before tracing them down my body until I reached my pussy. I stroked myself with them – pressed them into me, moaning and writhing at the thought of Addy between my legs.

I imagined that the wet patch stroking me back and forth was her tongue. “Oh god…” I began to breathlessly moan. “Addy, yes… lick me, make me come…” My hips were rising and falling, the flimsy lace was now sodden completely as I worked it between my wet, swollen lips. “Oh Addy, your panties… fuck me with them…”

All of a sudden my room illuminated and I jolted upright on the bed, still clutching the panties. Addy was standing there, her hand by the light switch.

“I guess I should’ve knocked, but the noise you were making you wouldn’t have heard… What was that about my panties?”

“Oh god, I… uh…” My face flushed furiously and I wanted to bury my head in the pillows.

“Don’t try and get out of it, I’ve been watching you…” Addy looked at me with a huge smile on her face. I guess it could have been worse, she could have been angry.

“How long you been standing there?” I panted, slightly out of breath.

“Long enough you little bitch!” She walked towards me and positioned herself at the bottom of the bed. “Well, aren’t you going to finish what you started you naughty little girl!” She made me feel like a scolded naughty little girl, my eyes lowered and I felt embarrassed at being caught out.

“I’m sorry Adina… I promise it won’t happen again!”

Addy laughed at my apology which made me feel even worse. “So I have you on your bed, naked, with my panties in your hand… Give them to me!” Her hand came up and I placed the scrunched up moist material in her palm. She took them and walked around the side of the bed then wiped them over my face and the scent of them drove me insane. “Mmm, you like that you dirty bitch, eh?”

I nodded my head and opened my mouth, sticking my tongue out to lick the material. My hand lowered onto my pussy and it began to rub my clit. “Please…” I mumbled into her panties. “I so need to come!”

She pushed the panties into my mouth, leaving the rest just hanging. “I can’t hear you properly.” That damned smile hit me again for the third time in a day. “Naughty little girl looks so desperate and she so wants to come, right?”

I stupidly nodded again. Addy rested her hand on top of mine and she manipulated it to and fro over my clit. Her left hand came to my hair and she tugged it hard, continuing to rub my hand over my pussy. She did it hard and fast and I was shrieking around her panties. My body began to tremble and shudder, and I felt a tremendous tightness from within. My legs stretched out, completely tense, and then it happened, the greatest orgasm that I had ever experienced. It consumed me, swallowed me up in its vortex of ecstasy. I shook hard from the eruptions as wave after wave cascaded over me.

Addy looked down at me as soon as I’d recovered. She smiled and pulled her panties from my mouth and replaced them with her lips. She nibbled gently on them before crushing them completely. We kissed passionately, tongues swirling around each other and hungry moans filled my room. Her hand came between my thighs again and she rubbed her palm over my pussy. My hips rose to meet each kaçak bahis stroke as it skimmed over my clit. Her lips retreated from mine for a second and a cheeky grin swept over her face. “Looks like I have a very naughty girl on my hands!”

Her kisses once again shrouded me as she struggled to remove her white shirt. I moaned into her mouth, slightly disappointed that she had moved her hands from my pussy. While she fumbled with getting her shirt off, I placed my fingers onto my waiting clit.

She pulled away from me, “Greedy, aren’t you?” And in one fleeting moment she grabbed my wrist and placed my arm to the side of my hip, my other arm quickly followed on my right. She wrestled with me for a second or two, rocking me from one side to the other before expertly binding my wrists to my body with her shirt. I was completely bound. I tried to shift my hands to see if I could squeeze them out but she had tied me in such a way that I was rendered helpless.

Addy smiled at me and leant in a little. Her hand came to my hair and loosely remembered a bit from my book. “The woman looked at her and grasped the curls of the naughty little girl and tugged them really HARD!” With that she pulled on my hair, causing me to yelp in shock, pain and that exquisite bittersweet pleasure. “Hmm, kinky, aren’t you?”

“May…be!” I said, struggling to say the simple word.

She lifted my head with my hair as she came closer to me, her face just a breath away, so close in fact that I could only really see her eyes and the bridge of her nose. The pools of blue stared right into my soul. I felt her lips move on mine as she spoke, “a little more than maybe, you slut!”

She pushed my head back onto the pillow and stood up by the side of me. I watched her intently wondering what she was going to do next. Fear also ran through me as I was hardly in a position to run out. I don’t even think I could sit up unaided. The chair that was in the corner of the room caught her eye and I watched her go and get it. She pulled it up to the side of the bed, level with my head.

Addy lifted her left leg onto the chair and tilted her foot so that only the 3inch heel sat on it. “You like my boots don’t you, Laura?” I did love those black boots, but I could only slowly nod my answer while a soft mewl-like sound escaped me. Both her hands rose slowly from the toe, over the beautiful curve to the heel and then upward, over the ankle and torturously toward the top of the boot to just underneath her knee. In one slow movement, using her thumb and finger she lowered the zip. “Bet you’d really love to take these off for me, wouldn’t you, panty stealer?” My face blushed immediately and I nodded my head, unable to speak. She took her boot off and then placed her right foot on the chair. There was no titillation this time as she casually placed the boot next to the other one.

Her hands lifted to the zip of her cat-suit and she began to ease it down, over her lusciously rounded breasts, and down her stomach. She pulled it off her shoulders and freed her arms and shimmied out of her suit, leaving her standing there in just a black bra and black lace panties.

She climbed onto the bed and shuffled upwards, spreading her knees so that they were to the side of my shoulders. My arms were fully restricted now, sandwiched between her lower legs and my body. I could smell her scent hovering over my face. She looked down at me, smiling wickedly and then lowered her panties from her hips. The crotch rested on my lips and her pussy was about 3inches above me. “Well you’ve had the dirty old used ones, you may as well have the fresh ones my little panty licker… Lick them!”

I tentatively eased my tongue out and started to lick slowly over her panties. They were moist, and in the centre was a pool of milky white juice. My tongue began to gather pace and I frantically licked and sucked at her panties. I then saw her finger travel over her tits and over her stomach. She edged them lower, and her long middle finger crept between her engorged, wet pussy lips, fringed with dark hair. I moaned into her panties and became animalistic in mauling at the sodden gusset of her black underwear.

Her finger circled her clit and she arched her back, throwing her head back, moaning loudly as her hand began to gather pace over her pussy. She spurred me on to lick and suck at her panties. I growled into them, biting into them, pulling at them as I watched her playing with herself.

She leant forward, one hand on the bed frame, the other still on her soaked pussy. Her tits swayed above me and the sight of her swinging erect nipples hypnotised me further, making me delirious with lust and desire.

As I grabbed at her panties a little more I felt dampness on my face. Her thighs were slick with her copious juices and I could hear the squelching of her pussy as she rummaged between her lips, probing herself deep inside.

“Laura I’m nearly there… Don’t stop sucking on my panties…”

I groaned into her panties, snatching as much of the sopping wet material into my mouth as I could. I could feel my own arousal sweetly climbing higher and I tried to rub my thighs together in the hope of getting the friction to work to my advantage.

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