AdonisSlowly, he began removing her clothing, his hand gently caressing her soft skin. She moaned lightly as his hands reached beneath her top and massaged her breasts. Her legs parted instinctively as he explored beneath her laced briefs. She glanced into the mirror above them and studied the immense contrast between her petit body against his naked Adonis form. Soon her clothing laid in a crumpled pile beside the bed. The room was hot and steamy, and their body glistened with moisture. He stood in front of her, held her hands above her head, and told her to kneel down. As she descended, her tongue quietly explored his muscular chest. Lower and lower she went, until her mouth engulfed the tip of his erected manhood. He moaned with delight as he held her arms apart and shackled them to fur-laced handcuffs dangling from the ceiling. He removed himself from her, took her nylons from the floor, and gagged her. The ankle shackles on the edges of the bed quickly held her legs apart. He then lotioned her body and his with baby oil, his fingers exploring her curves isveçbahis yeni giriş and penetrating her crevices of desire. Her sounds of ecstasy were getting louder, but still muffled.He took an artificial phallus from the hot water, and beginning at her mouth slowing moved it downwards. It moved past her neck, down between her breasts, and past her navel. She closed her eyes in anticipation of the piercing of her womanhood. Instead, he only slightly parted her now moist lips. Slowly but firmly he inserted the warm, pulsating rod into her other orifice. Her gasp of surprise soon turned into sounds of desire as he plunged it deeper and deeper while several fingers of his other hand stimulated her tunnel of love. Her body squirmed in pleasure, but her movements were futile against the chains that bound her.When she had been filled, he again move in front of her and positioned himself. He entered her slowly, savoring how easy her juices have made the entry. Her breathing and gasping was getting heavier, in rhythm with his powerful isveçbahis giriş thrusts. His hands roamed her body, squeezing her breasts mercilessly and pulling and twisting the phallus stuffed into her. Her arms and legs fought a useless battle against the shackles that held her open to his pounding, now faster and deeper. She thrashed about wildly, becoming one with the chains that bind her. She exists only to please as he ravaged her with ever increasing intensity. Her screams of joy crashed through the wall tied tightly between her lips. The room was spinning as she threw her head back and looked up. In the dream like image above she saw a slave, bound and gagged, under complete control of her master. He was rewarding her virginity with the most sinful pleasure. He too was in a spinning room, his body tight and shone with sweat. All his essence was entering and leaving her. Finally, with a yell of triumph, he shot into her deepest regions, his juice mixing with hers. She let out a last, exhausted moan, overwhelmed by the fires that isveçbahis güvenilirmi pierced her.He held her close for a moment, then withdrew from her. He took the second phallus from the hot water and with one hand rammed it completely into her while the other pushed the first all the way in. Through the gag she begged him to stop. A leather strap was tied around her waist, and a second strap looped from front to back. The rods that continued to heat and vibrate are now held in. With another series of straps her breasts were held up and tied. He then took three small chains, all connect at one end. At the end of the chains are clamps. Two clamps gripped her nipples, while the third gripped her clitoris. He turns off the lights and leaves the room, to attend to his next slave.She is now left in the darkness, still chained and gagged, with the rods growing deeper into her and the clamps tightening their grip. Her body glistened like an angel, her arms and legs held apart as if she was in flight. She writhed and moaned uselessly, feeling the build-up of the glistened like an angel, her arms and legs held apart as if she was in flight. She writhed and moaned uselessly, feeling the build-up of the tidal wave about to washed her. As moans of delight drifted in from outside, she closed her eyes and fantasized.The

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