Adultr shop sex

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August Ames

Adultr shop sexMy husband decided that we needed some sexy adventures at our local adult book store. This particular store is run by some friends that we met at a swing party. They have set it up with porn video viewing rooms in the back, glory holes between the men’s and women’s rest rooms. So there’s always a few horny guys who get a big grin on their faces and a big lump in their crotches, when we come in the door. Now my BF knows that I am a nympho slut, who likes getting gang-banged and passed around by strange men. Once I get started, I get more and more excited as each guy gets a turn fucking my pussy. And I really really enjoy him watching while he wanks off with a bunch of super horny guys waiting their turn to give me some deep hard fucking. I was wearing a very tight skirt that really showed off my nice round ass. A garter belt and stockings No panties. I always start by browsing thru canlı bahis the group sex – gangbang magazines to advertise what I’m into. So it’s a real turn on to flirt and cock tease men who are in the book store. My hubby goes to a different part of the store to watch me and see how I invite strange men to check me out. This older guy who is browsing thru the dirty mags comes over and stands very close to me. When I don’t walk away, he must know that I’m a slut asking for it, because he puts his hand on my inside thigh and starts stroking my leg. Then he stands behind me and rubs his crotch on my butt. I can feel that he has a hard on. After a few minutes, he asks if I’d like to watch some hot videos with him in the back room. I pretend to be uncertain and say I’m not sure. He takes my hand and says, aw sure baby, you’ll like it. He leads me to the back room, where there are 3 or 4 other guys watching bahis siteleri porno and wanking off. He makes me kneel down, pulls his cock out and shoves it in my mouth. Another guy comes up and starts rubbing my ass and then starts fingering my crotch under my skirt. After a few minutes, I feel my skirt being push up around my waist and a big hand reaching in and rubbing my pussy. I stand up and take off my skirt. Then one guy takes me over to a little couch. lifts my legs up and shoves his dick in me. Oh god, it felt so good to feel his dick fucking me. All these men were standing around watching and stroking their boners. One of them put his dick in my mouth, and I licked the tip and then took into my mouth about half the shaft. He came in my mouth real quick. Then another guy put his dick in my mouth. While I was sucking dick, the guy fucking me shot his wad in my cunt and then pulled bahis şirketleri out. Right away another man took his place and his turn at fucking me. I was getting really excited.Super excited. My hubby came over and said that I was a dirty nasty cunt to let strange men fuck me. He laughed and asked me how many men could I take? How much cum could I swallow? He had his dick out and came on my tits. Well that pretty much let all those guys know that I was a VERY nasty slut that was into a lot of kinky stuff. One by one, I let 6 men fuck me – multiple times. It was just one orgasm after another for me. I had so much cum in my pussy. It felt so good to be free to get used by so many men. I had cum all over my face, tits, stomach because the stand-around watchers really enjoyed shooting their cum on me as well as in me. It’s a big turn on to see how nasty a slut will get. I learned long ago that men luv slutty girls. They like seeing how far a slut will go. The highlight of the afternoon was when I let them do double penetration. A cock in my pussy and another up my ass. Each guy was greedy to experience such a 3-some.

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