Adventure in Thailand


Adventure in ThailandLast summer my wife, Dee and I went to Thailand for two weeks and had such a great holiday we booked to go back the day after we got back. We thought it was going to be just a regular holiday away in the sun with 9 days of sightseeing and then 4 days relaxing at an exclusive resort on the beach. The first part of the holiday was great and we saw all the sights and the major cities and visitor attractions, including buying all the rip off ‘Lacoste’ & ‘Pierre Cardin’ polo shirts etc. I eventually had about 20 plain white XXL sized T-shirts and 20 pairs of white ‘Calvin Klein’ cotton boxer shorts, all for less than £20.We then went on to the relaxation stage of our holiday and arrived quite late at the small hotel that we were staying at. Although a hotel it was made up of nine chalets and a larger building with a large bar, restaurant, sports room, reception area etc. The chalets were built in a crescent with the larger building closing off the open end to form a ‘D’ shape with a large pool and Jacuzzi in the middle. By walking through reception you were taken to a path that led to the beach about 200 yards away.We were welcomed by two lovely Thai women who checked us in and gave us an inventory of the activities that would be on during our stay. A young man who introduced himself as Tsau (said with a silent ‘T’) then took us and our luggage to our room via the beautifully landscaped and secluded courtyard. We weren’t hungry and were tired from our travels so we turned the air con onto max and had an early night to catch up on some well needed rest. We awoke to bright sunshine filling our room as we had forgotten to close the curtains but we both felt relaxed and ready to hit the poolside for a day of sunbathing, swimming and general relaxation. We both put on our swimming costumes and headed for the pool. Dee was considering going topless as she often had but decided to wait and see if anyone else was topless before committing herself.It was nice and quiet around the pool with a few other couples of similar age to ourselves doing as we were by just relaxing. At lunch time I wondered to the bar to mingle with three other guys whom were drinking, chatting and laughing. As I arrived I ordered a Thai beer and the group all welcomed me and introduced themselves. Most of the others had already been here a fortnight and were telling me how they all got together in the evenings with the wives and girlfriends to drink into the early hours. ‘Most of them will not wake up until after lunch!’ one of the men said with a chuckle in his voice. They were telling me that you could still get completely pissed for £10 even in this hotel. They told me how much fun we would have if we chose to join them tonight. ‘Last night was a toga party,’ I was told, ‘the best bit was that my girlfriend ended up showing her tits accidentally as her toga slipped when dancing!’ I asked if the girls went topless here but was told that none had. All three said that they had tried to persuade their wives and girlfriends to go topless but none had wanted to be first.I was then told that tonight was due to be a wet T-shirt contest but that none of the girls had the bottle and had hidden all the light coloured T-shirts. With no shops nearby it wasn’t going to happen. I then realised that I could become the best loved man here with my case stuffed with more T-shirts than you could shake a stick at. When lunch came around the other four couples arose and the blokes came straight over to us and I was introduced. The youngest guy was just 22 and here with his 19 year old girlfriend and the oldest guy was 44 here with his wife who was 35. As we ate I told them about my stack of T-shirts and was instantly handed about 1000 glasses of beer by the others, all of whom wanted their partners to attend. After Tsau had served lunch I went back to our chalet and met up with Dee for a chat. As we talked about the people who were here (she had met most of the women) I casually picked up the itinerary and brought it over so we could look at it together. ‘That looks like fun!’ I said quite casually pointing to the wet T-shirt contest. Dee laughed thinking that I was messing about as she took the piece of paper from my hand. ‘Free Drinks For 24 Hours is the first prize,’ she read. ‘Sounds like fun but I’m only doing it if the other girls attend’. I explained that the two reception staff from the hotel were in it and that it would be up to my wife to persuade the other wives and girlfriends to play along. During the afternoon around the pool Dee was going around trying to get the other women to join her but spoke to each woman individually and alone. In under 30 minutes she came over to me and Ray, the oldest of the men here, and explained that they would all attend but there was one condition. Ray and I seemed oblivious to this condition as Dee wouldn’t say exactly what it was until the evening.At six O’clock we all gathered in the dining room for supper where the talk of the town was the lads giving their opinions on whom they thought would win; the girls just giving each other telling smiles and laughing. I was now becoming a little worried as to the condition and before we parted after dinner the women made all the men promise that their condition would be adhered to, not that any of us knew what it was. Dee and I went back to our chalet to shower and change for the evenings activities. Despite constant badgering Dee refused to tell me the ‘condition’ that the women were giggling over but smiled at me a sexy smile and kept saying that, ‘It would be fun!’ Dee put on her pink thong bikini bottoms, her short pink skirt, flip-flops and one of my huge T-shirts on. NO BRA! Dee suggested I try on a pair of my new boxer shorts under my denim shorts, I also wore trainers and my England rugby shirt.We left for the event room arm-in-arm and, despite wearing big grins on our faces, full of apprehension. We were one of the last to arrive and I noticed that Dee must have distributed my T-shirts to the other girls as they all looked the same. The drinks flowed and we danced to the disco for an hour or so Tsau interrupted the music to announce it was time for the wet T-shirt contest. He explained the rules as such: The women would line up on the stage and the lads would pull a ticket from a beer glass on the bar. Each ticket corresponded to a number painted on the floor of the stage where a woman would be standing. You then took the bucket to the pool and filled it up to throw over the girl stood over the number you had on your ticket. Once all wet he would call out the girls numbers one-by-one and the one who got the biggest cheer would win! Easy! As there were two more women than men the two barmen got to partake as canlı bahis well.The girls all lined up and we all took a ticket from the glass on the bar. I got number 3 which meant I got to drench the 19 year old, Jenny. My wife had got number 2 after one of the hotel staff. First it was the hotel receptionist to get soaked, her tiny titties all but naked, the hard brown nipples clinging to the material of her T-shirt. We all cheered. Next my wife’s 36D’s came into view as she got covered in water. Being a show off she wiggled them about getting a cheer and round of applause. I went next and threw the warm pool water all over the young lass in front of me. She was very petite and the weight of the water in the shirt almost made her topless as the head hole was far too big for her shoulders. Her tits looked nice and firm (I’d guess at 32A’s) and we all cheered some more. This continued all the way to the end of the line until 22 tits and 22 nipples were on view to the cheering group of lads.Tsau then asked us all to help judge. We all cheered for our favourites and it was quite clear that it was either going to be Dee or Wendy, a 6ft blonde with huge tits that had obviously got a lot of silicone in as they were too bulbous. Despite this Wendy was announced the winner and we all cheered. The two hotel girls removed their tops completely and threw their T-shirts (with the hotel’s logo on) into the crowd as souvenirs. I didn’t get one but they were passed around a bit as we all got more beers. There was a short pause as we all went to congratulate our partners for trying and Wendy loudly ordered a cocktail that was the most expensive drink on the menu. None of the girls tried to hide their tits now but the heat was drying them out and so we were losing the view. I gave Dee a huge kiss and thanked her for persuading the others to join in. ‘Don’t worry,’ she replied, ‘They can’t wait for you lads to get up their and have your contest.’ I looked at her slightly puzzled and she kissed me before downing her beer. She deliberately let most of it dribble over her T-shirt, soaking it again before running up onto the stage.Dee took the microphone from Tsau and called the room to silence. She got another big cheer for letting her tits show through her top but shut them all up again with a serious look in her eyes. ‘OK lads,’ she said. ‘It’s your turn up on stage. The rules are simple. As you are all aware, your wives all gave you a nice pair of Calvin Klein boxer shorts to wear. You all have one minute to get up here on stage wearing just those boxer shorts and the rest will follow as before!’ The girls all gave out a big cheer as the other lads and I went silent. We all knew that to back out would be unfair, we also all knew that we had been had over by our ladies. We all got together and discussed our situation but were interrupted by Dee who added. ‘And no sex for any of you who wimp out for a month!’ Well that was it. I don’t know about the others but Dee would make good on that promise if I didn’t go along. I bravely took the lead and said to the lads that it would be alright as I stripped off my shirt and denim shorts.Although not Gods gift I am in good shape and but for my thinning hair that I have cut back like a Mitchel brother I am happy with my body and 6 inch prick. It took some time but eventually we were all up on stage. The hotel staff thought that our girls were mad but were enjoying the show none the less remaining in just their tiny yellow g-string panties. All of us were laughing and still had our beers as the women took their tickets from the glass. As number 1 I figured after the initial exposure I would be ignored as they went down the line to Ray whom was at the far end. My only fear was getting an erection but I was sufficiently pissed to see this as just fun and if I got hard the exhibitionist in me would be very happy. My worry was amassed as a result of watching those two Thai girls all but naked together with the fact that earlier when Dee was shaking her tits at us I had a full on erection that had only recently subsided.It appeared that each woman was going to soak their own men as Dee came at me with a bucket of pool water. Although not ice cold the pool water was cooler than the air as it splashed all over my stomach and groin. I gasped and it took me a second to recover in time to hear a screaming cheer from all the girls. I looked down to see that I may as well have been naked as my penis was outlined by the material that had shrunk and moulded itself to me. My thick pubes were matted against the fabric and my ball sack was now clearly visible as it had slipped out the bottom of the boxers when they shrank. I looked down the line and the other lads were looking a bit worried as they too got soaked, each time a screaming cheer could be heard. Each cock came into view and once exposed each of us seemed to relax, enjoying the admiration and cheers from the women. Finally Ray got his soaking and as well as the screaming cheer there was a gasp from the girlies. Ray was hung, about 10 inches or so and thick too. The contest was over, Ray got the biggest cheer and Tsau announced him the winner of the hotel’s first ever wet boxer short contest. The rest of us, despite not winning, were all happy with our performances as Tsau congratulated us for not being like the usual boring English guests.The rest of the night went by with us all getting completely pissed up, telling stories and jokes until four in the morning. Unfortunately nothing more sexual happened but when I got Dee back to our room we fucked like it was our first time together. Dee stripped off her clothes and lay back on the bed playing with her pussy and pulling her cunt lips wide open. She asked me to look at how wet she was and I could see from the glistening on her fingers just how juicy and ready she was. I too stripped off and jumped onto the bed, albeit a but drunkenly. I was rock hard already as I positioned my dick at her slippery entrance and teased her swollen clit with my cock-head. ‘I’m impressed at your boldness at getting your cock out for the girls tonight.’ Dee said. ‘You do realise that none of us would have minded if you all bottled out and none of us could go a month without getting shagged!’ Although a little pissed at her I was getting harder as I remembered how I felt as I stood all but naked in front of that crowd of women. I suddenly thrust to the hilt making my wife gasp out loud and began long slow strokes. With both of us on such sexual highs we came together in less than two minutes. I slid next to Dee and we cuddled up as we went of to sleep both very content.The next morning we were woken to banging on the door to our chalet. I thought it was the room maid and bahis siteleri called out for them to come back later but it was Ray calling out for us, ‘Get up you lazy sods!’ he yelled through the door. I put a towel around me and noticed that it was nearly 2 in the afternoon. ‘What’s up?’ I asked.’ Ray explained to me that for most of the other couples last night had been their last and it was just Jenny and Martin (the young couple) He and Megan (his partner) and us. We all had today and tomorrow left then the hotel closed for a couple of months as it was the end of the season for them. Although we didn’t really know them we exchanged names and addresses with each other saying in that typical holiday way that we would look each other up knowing full well nobody would. Once the coach was gone it all seemed a bit quiet about the place so the six of us decided to head down to the beach to see if there was more atmosphere there. Despite the s**ttering of hotels around the beach area it was relatively quiet and only a few other people shared the beach about 250 metres away to our left. To our right was a single large parasol and the rest of the golden white sandy beach was empty.We wondered closer to the sea and the six of us set up on the downside of a mini dune facing the calm waves as they eased themselves up the beach a few metres before falling away again. It was a vision of Eden as we stripped down to our swimsuits only for me to realise that all I was wearing were my knee length shorts and a T-shirt that survived the contest from the night before. As I decided whether to go back and change or just to make do, I noticed that all the girls were now topless and Megan was wearing a transparent white thong that clearly showed that she was completely shaven. Megan’s long, bleach blonde hair was tied into pigtails and her tits (similar in size to my wife’s) were milky white from lack of sun; her olive brown nipples hard from the cool flowing breeze. Jenny too had hard nipples atop her pert little white tits. Jenny had short cropped mousy brown hair and wore a one piece black swimsuit rolled down to just above where her pubes would start.Dee asked why I wasn’t settling down onto my beach towel so I explained my situation to her, despite it only taking ten minutes I didn’t have the inclination to go back to the room. ‘Why not just go nude?’ Megan called. ‘Yeah go nude Andy!’ They all called. ‘Go on Andy, they’ve all seen your cock before.’ My wife added. The exhibitionist in me took charge and said, ‘FUCK IT’ and I dropped my shorts to reveal my white bits to a little round of applause from Dee and Megan. I took lashings of factor 20 and covered my cock and balls to ensure they didn’t burn in front of my audience, particularly Jenny who starred at me as I rubbed the cream into my private parts. After an hour in the sun I was beginning to feel like I was cooking and decided to take a dip in the sea to cool off. I had forgotten I was naked as I wondered on down past the parasol in front of us to see the two girls from the hotel laid out completely nude reading magazines. We exchanged pleasantries but I think that the older one was trying to get to me. She slowly opened her legs wide so that I could see her pink folds surrounded by dark skin and her tuft of wispy black pubes. It had the desired effect as my cock began to rise involuntarily. Not wanting to embarrass myself too much I fled into the sea for a swim and simply calling ‘See you later!’ I swam alone for ten minutes or so then made my way back to our little group to see that Ray and Megan were gone, to have a siesta apparently. I lay on my towel, re-applied the sun-tan lotion and went off into my own little world as I let the troubles of the world disappear from my mind.I awoke to cheerful voices but it took my eyes over a minute to adjust to the bright Asian sunshine. I finally noticed what the topic of discussion was when I looked in my lap to see my erection poking skyward, very swollen and at full mast. Jenny had sat up and her face was only a foot away as she openly gawped at my hardness whist discussing with Dee whether it was bigger than her Martins’ cock. Martin said that he had tried to wake me when the girls noticed it stirring but they made him keep quiet. Unfortunately Dee and Jenny’s tits were preventing my hard-on from going and in fact were probably making it worse. Next, to compound my problem, the two girls from the hotel came running over to find out what all the commotion was about. The only good thing to come out of that was a complement from both girls over my cock and haw nice it looked. However I now had to naked Thai beauties in front of me and I knew getting rid of this erection wasn’t going to be easy. Jenny was still asking about Martins cock and whether it was bigger or not but Dee and the girls said that they had only seen it from afar and not only was it flaccid, but also partially hidden under the shorts he had been wearing during the Wet boxer short contest.Martin just said he couldn’t be sure when asked by the four girls if it was bigger or not and they all laughed saying that it must be smaller or he would have said. He blushed a bit and I noticed that he had changed his posture no doubt because of the two naked girls flaunting themselves giving him an erection. Jenny turned towards him and asked if she could have a look at his dick to decide for herself but it coyly ignored her saying that she was being silly and to leave me alone. Again the girls took this and turned it around saying that they were sure Martin’s dick was smaller. I said to ignore the girls who by now had made it their goal to embarrass him to the maximum and I think they were winning. Jenny crawled over to him and called him a wimp and ‘Wee Willy’ before noticing that he had a hard-on and pushed him over. In a subconscious effort to prevent himself falling he moved and the girls all cheered when they saw the tent in the front of his swimming shorts. Dee called to him and asked him to let them all see it so that they could see who had the bigger cock but all he did was put his hands over his groin. There was a moment of silence before Dee spoke again. ‘I’ll take off my bikini bottoms and give them to you to keep if you show us!’ This caught his attention as a not so well hidden smirk came across his face. ‘OK!’ He said, ‘But only if Dee and Jenny give me their swimsuits and walk naked back to the hotel when we leave.’ Jenny and Dee looked at each other for a few seconds then nodded to each other before turning to Martin and promising that they would agree to his terms.Martin stood up and looked all around to check that it was still just our little group, then slowly pulled his swim shorts down over his erection bahis şirketleri and let them drop to the floor. The two Thai girls gave a little clap and he then sat back down on his beach towel. Jenny told him how wonderful he was and gave his dick a few long strokes with her dainty little hand saying that she wanted to be sure that he was fully hard before the judging could begin. ‘Judging…….. What judging?’ I said. Jenny said that the girls were to decide who had the best penis as she and Dee stood up next to the girls from the hotel in a line. Martin and I looked at each other and laughed when he said that it was always the girls calling us blokes perverts. ‘They’re much worse!’ we said in unison as we lay there the subject of our little panel of judges whom for the first time in ages were speechless.The girls got into a huddle and in doing so gave us both a magnificent view of a Thai girls pussy. She stood a few feet away but higher on the sand drift with her feet several inches apart and her torso leaning forward into the huddle. Martin and I also both noticed a glistening of woman juice on her lips and inner thigh as when I looked at him he mouthed to me, ‘SHE IS WET!’ As they continued their discussion and threw Martin the suntan lotion suggesting he be sure as not to burn as he too had a very white groin. He squeezed a load into his had and started to rub it into himself but stopped suddenly when the girls said that there was a problem and that he had given them an idea. ‘We have decided that we cannot decide which of you has the bigger penis and as such have a way to see who wins.’ Jenny said like she was stood in court giving judgement on a couple of bank robbers. ‘The winner will be the one to squirt the most come by wanking for us!’ Martin and I looked at each other with a little horror in our eyes then we smiled. Martin took a hold of his cock and I decided that I too would partake as it was probably the only way this erection would go down. My dick so pumped up that as I touched it I knew that this wank would be a special one. I was about to start when Martin said, ‘Before we start though I want the swimsuits I earnt earlier.’Jenny and Dee were obviously desperate to see us come as they both stripped off in seconds to reveal themselves to us. My wife keeps her red pubes trimmed right back on holiday so that she can wear a thong bikini whilst Jenny had a full mound of thick black pubes enhanced by the whiteness of her groin. I began stroking myself whilst taking in the four naked women in front of me as all four watched intently as we stroked our hard dicks just for them. The to Thai girls started rubbing at their pussies and squatted slightly to give us both a nice view of their cunts. After a minute or so Dee moved in close followed by the others who watched our hands bringing our dicks to orgasm. One of the Thai girls stood over my head with a foot each side of my head then pulled her pussy wide open with one hand and inserted two fingers from the other giving me a great XXX view. I was very close and said as such out loud. All four girls moved to within inches of my cock-head, two either side of me and I then let go. Two huge strings of come shot out of me, a large dollop landed on my shoulder the other laying a long string across my belly. I oozed a load more come that simply ran down my hand before I went limp and closed my eyes completely satisfied. Martin then called that he too was coming and the girls jumped over to watch him come. I just lay there as I heard him grunting as he too shot his load.I don’t know how long it was but after a short while Jenny announced a draw as we were both so marvellous and ‘studly’. I got up and went into the sea to wash the come from my body as well as all the sand that must have been kicked over me as the girls moved to watch martin come. I swam about for a good ten minutes and was joined by Martin who told me how odd he felt wanking for a crowd but loved it all the same. I told him how it was a first for me also and that it felt good seeing the lustful looks on the girls faces as they watched. We also discussed how submissive we had been in the girls grasp and how at home we were both normally far more dominant. Our conversation was broken when the two Thai girls swam over to say farewell as they were now on holiday until the new season and that they hoped we would return next year. Despite having wanked in front of each other they simply shook our hands and swam off. ‘Right then,’ he announced, ‘let’s take our naked girls back to the hotel and be sure that they get seen!’ We swam back to shore and with the girls collected our stuff together. Martin and I dressed but didn’t let the girls who didn’t complain but just said that they weren’t going to help with beach bags and towels.Our wives strode confidently out ahead of us, their cute arses swaying as we absorbed their every move together with our surroundings in the hope that they would be caught. We made it into the hotel and through the lobby without being seen but as we passed the bar area we saw Ray, Megan and Tsau who almost dropped his tray. The girls played to their mini audience with a twirl and a bow before sitting at their table and ordering a couple of cocktails. ‘You don’t mind us being naked do you Tsau?’ they asked but he said that guests could go nude if they wanted and in summer many did. Martin and I took all our gear back to our chalets and returned to hear the girls telling Ray and Megan what had happened at the beach. ‘It’s a shame you weren’t there Ray,’ Dee said. ‘It would have been nice to see you wanking your monster willy.’ We had something light to eat then spent the rest of the afternoon chatting about our best and worse sexual experiences. Unfortunately for Ray it turned out that he had been having erection problems that he had got over using Viagra but the 20 pills he brought with him he had used up already. Megan’s pussy must have been sore!That evening we spent packing and went for a walk on the beach to watch the sun go down across the ocean before going to sleep. At breakfast we all agreed to meet for a swim before we left at noon and since none of us wanted to have wet clothes to take home we would all skinny dip. As we swam I noticed that Megan had a piercing in her labia with a silver ring which she said was a birthday present from Ray. We all asked her and Ray if it was good for sex and they agreed it was, the only downside for Megan was that it sometimes caught on her underwear so she stopped wearing panties. Before we got out of the water Megan sat on the side of the pool and opened her legs as wide as they would go and invited us to get a closer look. This of cause caused Martin and I to get very stiff dicks which Megan insisted on getting a look at. We then decided the best way to lose them would be to take our wives back to our rooms for a final fuck in Thailand. On the bus to the airport we all agreed to book next year to meet up again.

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