“Advice” A Mother Seducing Her Son


I recently read an article that was about sex, and incest, and one thing struck me as quite odd. The fact that when it comes to consensual adult incest, mother-son was the least common. Father daughter is the most common, followed by brother-sister, uncle-niece, cousins, etc…

This doesn’t make sense to me, considering that women hit their sexual peak around 36, and this continues well into their 40s. At the same time, it’s not hard to understand that a strong breeze can make an 18-year-old’s dick hard. So, I had put this down to it being the mothers who simply wouldn’t go there. But this didn’t line up with some of the comments after stories, where many commenters turn out to be women, who admit to having fantasies about their sons.

So is it the sons who simply don’t want this? I’m not so sure. I suspect that it is more likely that there are many instances where both want it, but are too afraid to be the one to take the lead, in order to make it happen. I suspect that both are too cautious, and at the same time, I suspect that this caution causes them to say and do the wrong things…things that do not help push things forward, and instead, make things stall, or go in reverse.

For instance, a son makes a comment about how good his mom looks, and she then says something to the effect that he shouldn’t be saying things like that. She’s ecstatic inside that he said this, but she just insured that he won’t make anymore comments, anytime soon. Her first instinct was to play the mother role, because she is nervous. But what she needed to do, is show him that she approves of him making such comments. I will talk more about this later.

I remember one story, where the author is/claims to be a mother who wants this to happen, but can’t, or won’t take the chance, so writing a story helped her deal with her frustrated attraction. This got me to thinking about the many stories I have read about mother-son incest, and I feel I have a pretty good idea as to which things would push things forward, and which won’t. So, I thought I would write something, directed to the frustrated mothers, who want this to happen, but don’t know how.

First, let me start by saying this…if you are a mother, who wants to have sex with her son, the likelihood of it happening, without you doing a lot to help make it happen, are slim to none. The reality is this…your son could be laying in bed every single night, thinking about having sex with you while he masturbates, but he is very unlikely to try to make that happen. Not without some very clear signals from you that you also want it to happen, especially if he also loves and adores you. He will be extremely afraid of ruining a good relationship, which I suspect is also the same case with you.

You don’t want to mess up a great relationship with your son. So let me also say, that the mother is more likely to also be afraid that even if she is successful, it will ruin her relationship with her son. This is because she doesn’t understand men, and also doesn’t understand her son as much as she thinks she does. If she already has a great relationship with her son, this isn’t going to cause him to lose respect for her, at all, and won’t diminish his love for her, at all.

At worst, his level of respect for her, will remain the same, and his level of love for her is all but guaranteed to increase…a lot. He will still love her like a son loves his mother, and this will increase some, but you also add in an additional love…the love a man has for a woman. He won’t see the difference in his mind…he will just know that he feels more love for her.

I assume that if you are still reading, you like the idea of making it happen with your son. So let’s start. First question that needs to be answered is, does he have any sexual interest? Well, the bad news…men are visual, when it comes to sex. The good news is this…men aren’t nearly as picky about looks as women are. If you have a question about this…there is a graphic out there somewhere, that shows how in the age of sexual liberation, women are much pickier, always shooting very high.

Women seek out, and find sex with men who are much higher on the sexual attraction ladder. They are successful because men are far more willing to sleep with women who aren’t at his level. In short, women sleep up, and men sleep down. But, men do not sleep with women they find to be unattractive to them, so women cannot shoot too high.

This is good news for you. You may have a son who attracts very good-looking girls, but that does not mean he would not be very interested in sex with you. Men like variety. You may be on his wish list, and not even know it. Or, he may not have even considered you, but that’s not to say he won’t, with a little bit of strategy from you.

First, how to find out if he is interested. Well, you could feign ignorance as to what MILF stands for, and try to find out if his friends have ever called you one, or even say that you overheard somebody izmir escort bayan refer to you as a MILF, and you want to know what it means.

What’s fun is that you can use this to your advantage, both ways. If he says they do think you are a MILF, you actually have a very good chance of getting your son into your bed. Not because his friends think so, or because he cares what they think…but because you evidently are a MILF, and this has likely not gone unnoticed by your son, especially if his friends have made it clear to him that they see you as such. It likely put it in his mind to take a second look, and see the truth…that you are.

Now, for the next part, let’s assume that you honestly believe that he won’t be the least bit interested in you, visually. Well, if that is the case, you have to decide what making this happen, is worth to you. You have many options…like, joining a gym. Update your wardrobe to be less motherly, and more sexy. Grow your hair out some, and stop using a lot of chemicals, so it doesn’t look fried. Use less make-up, and invest in top of the line skin care. Maybe see about getting some minor procedures done, such as a chemical peal, or other small nips and tucks. I don’t think you would need anything major. Many of you won’t need anything.

Understand that you are likely going to be harder on your looks, than he will, so don’t get carried away with this. But, when you are about ready to start actively trying to get him in your bed, get a make-over. In fact, try to downplay your looks until that point. We want him to see you, and think, WOW, in his mind. So, as you are laying the foundation, dress down, and don’t do much with your looks. Keep your hair in a ponytail, as much as possible. Don’t let him see it down, in a sexy style. Become somewhat invisible to him. This is while you are working out at the gym, to get in reasonable shape.

Remember, you aren’t in competition with anybody but yourself. You don’t have to match anybody…just improve yourself enough that he takes notice, and sees that you look better than you did. Baggy sweats, jeans, T shirts, etc.. Keep the changes hidden as much as you can. Light make-up is OK, but don’t try to make your face look sexy. No make-up, along with using high quality skin care products is better, as this will make your skill look better. Make-up enhances good skin, better than bad skin.

Once you have gotten in reasonable shape, and are ready to proceed, you will want to get a sexy dress for a date with your son. What I would do, is take a weekend trip to a nearby big city, or go to another side of town, if you already live in one. Go to the mall, and go to the food court. Look for a group of young men, about the age of your son. Sit by them. And make some small talk. Breaking the ice with them isn’t hard…they are very likely to be more socially awkward than you are.

Ask them if they think the local college team is going to do well this year. Or, ask if they have seen a specific movie…for instance a new Spiderman movie…something in the theater. Tell them you were thinking of seeing it, but want some opinions. You are just trying to engage them in some small talk, to gauge how open to you they are. Do they become attentive, or do they seem to not really want to talk to you. I should note that you will put effort into your appearance when you go to do this, but that should be obvious.

So…what is this all about? Well, you are going to ask a favor from them, and if necessary, bribe them…maybe some movie tickets, or a meal. Maybe some sex…or a hint of sex…if they flirt with you? But what is the favor? Well, you get to be honest with them…just a little bit.

You will say something like this, “I need a favor from you guys, if you don’t mind, and I will make it worth your while. I have a date coming up, with a man about your age, and so I need some fashion advice. I don’t want to look slutty, but I want to look very sexy, and classy at the same time. Like a little black dress. But, I might pick the wrong dress. I don’t know what younger men like you, would consider sexy. So, what I would like to do, is go to one of the stores here, and have you help me find the right dress. You would be doing me a really big favor, if you help me find something that actually looks good on me.”

(Side note: be open to accepting a phone number. One or more of them might offer to take you on a date, “if it doesn’t work out with the other guy.”)

You want to make a big impression on your son. You want his jaw to drop, when he sees you in the dress. My recommendation is to think…little black dress…but it doesn’t have to be black. If you have nice legs, go for a shorter hemline.

In the area between the bottom of your ass, to the top of your knees, you want the hemline to be above the midpoint. If you have nice cleavage, make it work for you. If you have silky smooth skin on your back, show it off.

If the first group of guys don’t help you, don’t izmir escort be discouraged. Keep trying. Give yourself about 3 months to make this happen. You WILL find a group that will help you. I doubt it would take more than 4 weekends to find a group willing to help you, if that long. Keep in mind that they may have plans, so when you ask, put it out there that you would be open to them helping you that day, or sometime in the near future. If they offer a phone number, you know they will help you.

The reason you want a group is because they are less likely to feel weird about it. Ask a single guy, and he might be nervous about doing that, but a group will likely not feel weird about doing it. Plus, it gives you more input. You will be looking for a dress that they all pretty much agree, really looks good on you.

Finally, you will likely end up with the one dress that looks the sexiest on you. That’s what you want. Sure, you can probably find a good dress, but this is more of a guarantee that the dress you are wearing, will have the most impact.

One note of caution…use your intuition to figure out if the guys are messing with you, or trying to sabotage your date, so they can have a chance with you. It should be obvious to you if they are trying to get you to not buy the best dress. If you suspect that, call them on it. Be playful. “Are you trying to get me to buy the wrong dress, to sabotage my date, so you can take me on a date?” And smile when you say it.

Tell them that it’s a bad strategy, because you would buy dresses that they don’t like, and not look good for them.

And again, keep in mind that this might be an opportunity for you to have some fun. Be open to letting one, or all of them, take you to a motel for the evening.

So…now…you have been working out, and you feel good. You have your dress. Now, it is time to get the make-over.

On the day of your date, get that make-over.

Make sure that you are honest with the person doing your hair and make-up. You tell them that you are going out on a date with a man young enough to be your son, so you need styles that will appeal to a man that age. Do not let them sell you on an overly short hairstyle, or an up-do. Though, a wedding style up-do might work, because women tend to look beautiful in those hairstyles. They tend to have hair that is also down, alongside the face, which has a fairy-tale quality to it.

A quick look at Playboy, will show you that the majority of the models have hair well past their shoulders. Not a bad idea if you are trying to attract your son. Unless that is, he has made it clear to you that he very much prefers short hair, or a specific shorter style. Whatever you think will make his heart skip a beat, when he sees you, that’s what you do.

Does he have a specific perfume he likes? I myself, always found POISON to be intoxicating. I am not even sure if you can still buy it, but if you can, I am not sure you can do better than that, but then, POISON is my favorite, so I am biased. Wear what he likes.

Get your make-up done for a night out at the clubs.

As for the date, you are looking to do the typical movie, dinner, and dancing. The movie will give you a chance to cuddle up to him at the theater. Choose one that allows the armrests to be pushed up and out of the way. If he gets free with his hands, let him. It’s OK to stop his hand, and keep yours on it for a couple of minutes, but don’t force a retreat, and let go of it, after a while, so he can proceed.

If he is just caressing around your neck, shoulders, etc…purr…and tell him that you love the way he touches, and wish he would touch you more often.

If Dad is still in the picture, it is more than OK to indicate that this is something private between the two of you. Simply say that Dad isn’t much for touching, but you need it, so you could say to him that when Dad is around, you both need behave, but when Dad’s not home, you give him your permission to do a lot more touching.

This is something you can use to push things forward, without having to put yourself out there too much. You can put just a tiny hint of innuendo in your request, by emphasizing the words, A LOT, when you tell him you want him to touch you a lot more. He may flirt with you, and ask about where he is allowed to touch, or not touch. This is your opening. He wouldn’t ask this, even in a flirting, or joking way, if it hadn’t entered his mind that he wants to touch you in those areas.

If this happens, you smile at him in a flirty way, and say something like, “Wellllll, it has to be fun for you too, if I am to receive as much touching as I crave, so you can push the boundaries a little, if you want to. Touch where you want. I will let you know if you push to far. I won’t get mad if you do.” And when he does push the boundaries, let him. This is what you wanted, right?

But, if you do feel the need to slow it down a little…remember not to admonish. Put your hand on his, and escort izmir smile really big at him, and after a bit, take your hand away. You stop his hands, but you do not force a retreat, and don’t continue to stop him for too long. One night, maybe, and then let him get further the next time.

OK, so now to the date, and yes, make sure you call it a date. When you make your entrance, he is likely to be stunned, and hopefully will say something about how good you look. It’s OK to act as if you don’t believe him…he’s just saying this to make you feel good, right? He doesn’t actually think you look sexy, right?

If he insists, he means it, and so, this is what I would do, if I were you. Tear up just a little, and thank him. Maybe even plant a kiss on his lips. Tell him that was a reward. Tell him that it feels good to have somebody tell you that you are hot, or sexy, and what he said to you means the world to you. Play it up…encourage him to be your knight in shining armor. Sons want to be that for their mother.

Tell him you needed to hear that more than you realized…and that your ego has been deflated too much. Give him specific permission to tell you how sexy you are, but only if he really means it. And then…we have seen it in many of these stories where the mom and son go on a date…and they agree for it to be an actual date…they aren’t mother and son on the date.

Maybe say, “It meant the world to me to hear you say that you think I am sexy. My confidence needs that boost. I need to hear more of that. If you would be OK with it, I would like for us to go on a real date. For the rest of the night, we are just two people on a date, not mother and son. Is that OK with you, or would being on a date with your old mom, feel weird to you?”

He will likely be very OK with this arrangement. Be prepared for him asking for a kiss at the end of the date. It’s possible he may be up for more than that. Be open to it. Maybe even have a movie ready to go, so you can both cuddle while watching it. Have “something more comfortable,” ready to go. Something somewhat sexy, with thin material to allow your nipples to be easily seen, and soft or silky, that will make it easy for him to touch and caress…and even get to your goodies, if he is that bold, or turned on.

If he gets free with his hand, let him. You can look at him when he does it, but flash a really big smile. Be positive. If he questions whether you have a problem with it, tell him, “No, I love having you hands on my body, and love the way you touch me…it feels really good.”

So this gets you through the first date. If you are a single mom, or if it’s just you and your son living together, or if you live alone, and he lives nearby, this should all be much easier. If the first date was enough to get him to take you to bed that night, you are done. No need to go further. You got what you set out to get.

But, if he was a perfect gentleman, or he did push some boundaries, but it didn’t end up in your bed that night, you now must continue what you are doing.

First, we need to get his hands on your skin, and your hands on his skin, as much as possible. Look for articles that talk about hugs and physical touch being necessary for good mental health. They are out there. Show them to him, and tell him how much you love hugging with him, and cuddling on the couch, to watch movies. If you’ve never done that, suggest it. And again, give him permission to touch you more.

If he asks how much more, say, “If I am within reach, touch me.”

Then, I want you to find the website for The 5 Love Languages. You want for both of you to take the quiz for couples. You do it beforehand, and then you have him do the quiz right in front of you. When you do it, you are not necessarily going to be honest. The quiz pits all 5 love languages against each other. So each one is pitted against each of the other four languages, 3 times. So if you max one out, it will get a 12.

Do not let him see your results until he has taken the quiz. You don’t necessarily want him to try to copy your results. You want to know what makes him feel loved, so you can do it.

It is not important to match…it is important that he know what he needs to do to make you feel loved, and you need to know what makes him feel loved. We weren’t necessarily honest with yours, because the intent is for him to think that, to make you feel happy, and loved, he has to touch you a lot more, and tell you how sexy you are.

It gives you a cover for requesting that he not hide his looks of lust, and tell you that you are sexy…a hotty. It also gives him permission to do so. He now has a valid reason to do so. He loves his mom, and she needs this from him.

Anything that gets votes significantly higher than the others, will be listed as a primary, or secondary love language. You want to max out physical touch with a score of 12. And then, for words of affirmation, you want that to have a score of 9. You will always choose that, except for when it is pitted against physical touch. Once you have those results…it comes to your email, instantly…you then want to take a laptop and sit down beside your son, and have him do the test.

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