Subject: Rooming with My Best Friend After Graduation Ch 30 ROOMING WITH MY BEST FRIEND: AFTER GRADUATION 30 ****************** Warning: The usual disclaimers apply here. If you don’t like any of the following, leave now: gay sex, vulgar or harsh language or underage wherever you are reading this. Please leave now!! This is pure fiction. No one in this story is a real person, living or deceased. Please do not copy without my consent. Action will be taken against those you do copy my story! If you want to write me, please do so at: wasputz2525@yahoo. If you can, Nifty would really appreciate a nice donation to keep their fine site running for all of us to enjoy!!! ***************** Sitting in my home office on this Wednesday was really nice. The house had been quiet after everyone had left late Sunday. As expected, they were so great in helping Corey take out a few bushes that he didn’t like. The yard was his domain so he could do as he pleased and seemed very happy in doing so. Just after five, my day was done. I logged off my computer to complete my first day of working from the house. It was challenging not to do things around the house and concentrate on my work. Having the office in a separate spot did help make matters easier. Corey drove in the garage and parked at his usual time. I could hear the garage door being closed while I was tending to some towels that had just completed drying. He opened the door and saw me. He greeted me with our usual kiss. “How was it here today?” “It was fine,” I replied with a basket full of towels and wash cloths. “How was your day?” “It was the usual. Ain’t nice coming home to house and not fighting for a parking spot?” “It is,” I said and carried the laundry to the living room. Corey sat next to me and began helping me fold the towels. All the while, I was wondering if he remembered what today was. It was my 24th birthday but so far, it had been an odd one to say the least. Even before today, Corey hadn’t mentioned a word about it to me but we had been very busy with the house. I hadn’t gotten a call or text from anyone such as Kris or Mom wishing me a Happy Birthday. There were a few messages on Facebook but that was it. I reached over and grabbed Corey’s leg. “Corey…” “Yeah.” “Ummm… just forget it.” “Okay then. I’ll take these to our bathroom. We’ve been going through a ton of laundry lately,” he said, grabbing the towels. “We have. Anything you want for supper?” I asked while he stood. “I don’t care. Fix whatever you want,” he replied and headed off to take the towels to our bathroom. I didn’t move and sat there before turning on the TV. Corey returned and sat down next to me on the couch. “Don’t you just love our new house? I can’t wait to get home every day. It just feels so good coming home now.” “It is great. I can’t wait `til the summer though,” I said. He put his arm around me. “I have a strong feeling something is wrong right now.” “It’s just been one of those days,” I said. “We all have them. Tomorrow will be better,” Corey said. “I hope so.” He grabbed the remote and went to see what was on the TV. “Can you believe next week is Christmas? Mom said she’d be here a week from today. Did you order any more gifts or are we spending the weekend Christmas shopping along with everyone else in town?” “I think most are ordered. I just hope I got the address right.” “I hope you did too. We are clear now at the apartment. Everything is settled, right?” “You know I did that Monday. Corey, I’m hungry. Think of something you want,” I said. “I can’t think of anything I want. Hell, I’d be happy with something like a cake or pie right now.” “That’s not really healthy.” “It just sounds good. I know I’ll get some next week. Linda does make the pies and cakes,” Corey said. “I’ll just fix us a sandwich. We still have some bread and meat,” I said and got up. Corey got up as well. “I need to grab something from the car.” “Okay,” I said and went to the kitchen. Corey returned holding a box and was smiling. “Someone really thought I had forgotten what today was, didn’t he?” “I was wondering,” I replied and felt a little stupid in thinking that he’d forgotten. “I’ve got something else too but I can carry only so much,” Corey said. “Corey, we’ve said that this was our present,” I commented and saw why he had mentioned pie or cake earlier. It was a small birthday cake in the box. “You said that for Christmas but nothing about birthdays.” He left and came back carrying a table. I really liked but had no idea what he had in mind. “Thanks!” I said. “It’ll look nice sitting behind the sofa or it better look nice there. The lady at the furniture store said it was a sofa table. I figure you can use it to put more stuff out like you’ve been doing.” I followed him over and watched him place the table behind the sofa. I don’t guess I knew there was such a thing but it fit perfectly and matched the color of our tables. We did need a little more furniture for our house looked a little empty. “It looks great,” I said and kissed him. Corey stepped back and nodded his head. “It does. I did good, huh?” “Very good,” I replied. “Can you believe that you’re 24, married and now have a great house?” “I actually can’t. I’m extremely fortunate to be blessed with a great husband and now a great house,” I replied. “I find hard to believe as well that I’m married and now living in a house. It just blows my mind when I think about it. Are we ready to eat?” “I am,” I said. “Oh, I texted everyone and told them to start calling now,” Corey laughed. I tried eating but it seemed like the flood gates were opened. Mom called first with Kris calling as I was talking to Mom. Then I got text messages from Colt, Scott and Shawn. Mom did ask that we meet for dinner on Friday, which I agreed to. After we finished eating, Corey cut the small cake for us. It was fresh and moist along with tasting great. He did get to sing to me but it was something I could have done without. Corey walked to the couch and was losing his clothes in the process. I was grabbing my tablet and did strip down gaziantep escort as well to join him. We spread out towels and sat down. I sat watching TV and enjoyed leaning up against Corey. We did watch a home show for a little while before we went out to the hot tub. Things started slowly with us enjoying being in each other’s arms with the warm water flowing over our naked bodies. We started kissing with short sweet peeks before making out. Corey ran his hands down and found my cock while we were kissing. He was playing with it and rubbing my abs. He stopped and pulled away. “Sorry about that,” he said. “Sorry about what?” “I just couldn’t help myself from grabbing your hot dick.” “Well damn, I just hate that my husband wants to play with my dick and get me horny.” “See! I didn’t want to do anything you didn’t want.” “I was being sarcastic, Corey. I actually was enjoying it. When we’re alone and in private like this, I really don’t mind at all. Hell, we’re married and have a great sex life together. I’m not certain all married couples have sex all the time like we do but we enjoy showing our love to each other sexually or at least I do.” “I love it,” he said and ran his hand back down to find my cock. “Damn, I love being fucking married. I wasn’t sure that I would but I can say I really do.” “I fucking love it too,” I agreed. It was the start of a very hot night. We continued to love and touch each other all over. We got out of the hot tub and grabbed our towels. We walked until coming to our covered porch where Corey dried me off and continued to kiss all over me. We made it inside with Corey’s big arm around my shoulder. He walked with me until we reached our bedroom. He left me on the bed and returned with what few candles we had. He dimmed the lights and lit the candles to have a very romantic glow to our bedroom. “Damn, how did I ever get so lucky to be married to such a hot fucking guy like you?” I smiled, “I think the same thing. I’m so fucking lucky to have such a fucking stud as my husband.” He crawled to me with our lips meeting. Our hands went all over each other with loud smacking bouncing off the walls. He pulled me on top of him where we continued. His passion was really evident with his hands all over my ass. He pushed me off of him and began going down on my torso until reaching my cock. He started licking all over my cock with it springing to its maximum I raised up a little bit and watch Corey take my cock in his mouth. My breathing got louder with light moans coming from my open mouth while he was giving me one hell of a blow job. His eyes would cut up while most of my eight hard throbbing inches was in his mouth. My hands found his blond hair with my moaning growing louder. “OOOO fuck yeah,” I moaned. “MMMM, feels so fucking good, Corey!” He pulled off my cock and left it wet. He kissed up until reaching my mouth. We kissed for a moment with me feeling his cock was hard as well. He broke the kiss and moved down. He pushed my legs forward to expose my ass. “Your ass is getting 24 licks for your birthday,” he said. “The best kind,” I said and felt his wet tongue on my ass. “One… two,” he counted off. “OOOO fuck yeah!” I screamed, feeling his tongue. Waves bolted throughout my body with his actions. By the count of 24, I was delirious and needed his cock in my ass. “Like it?” he asked. “I loved it. Now fuck me!” He jumped off the bed and left me waiting. He put a towel under me and began applying the lube. He put my legs on his hard broad shoulders and moved close. His thick hard cock was sliding between my ass crack. “Want it?” he teased. “OHHH yes. Stick that fucking dick in my ass!” His cock was at my ass. My ass opened up and felt him enter me. My head went back feeling my husband penetrate me. I looked up and into his eyes with his cock going deeper. “OOOO fuck me, Corey!” “Remember this shit when I scream that,” he said. “I will… I will,” I moaned. He pulled back and began slowly fucking me. I reached up and found his head and pulled it to me. He was making me feel so good that I wanted his lips on mine. We kissed with him working his hard throbbing cock in and out of me and stretching my hole. He pulled back with sweat mounting on his taut body. I was feeling every push and every inch of his cock in me. My breathing and moaning was going crazy. He pulled out and slid me on my side. His cock worked back in my hole with his hands going all over my abs. “Fucking love you so much,” he said, pushing. “Love you too,” I said and began pushing back to take his cock as deep as it would go. We continued to fuck until Corey grabbed my head. He kissed me passionately and slammed his cock in me. I could feel his cock pulsating in my ass and filling it with his seed. He reached down and grabbed my hard cock. It didn’t take long before I started screaming from a great orgasm. My body was covered with my cum after many shot. The worst part was Corey leaving my body. We lay in our bliss with me on his shoulder. It was the best feeling knowing my husband had shown his love to me and given me the pleasure of bottoming for him. Again on Thursday, I was working from my home office but Friday I was to be in the office for a small Christmas party and year end things. Today was easier to concentrate and do what was needed for my job. When lunch time arrived, I decided to throw on my running shoes and return to running since the gym was a little far away. It was a nice run in the small park behind our house. It did show that I wasn’t in running shape as I was before. Returning from my run, Ms. Kathy our neighbor spotted me. She again was friendly and asked a favor of me. She needed some help moving a piece of furniture. I agreed and said that I’d be over when Corey got home. Once Corey did arrive home, we went over and moved the piece of furniture in our living room as requested. She was very nice and gave us a batch of Christmas cookies for our troubles. Walking back, we talked to Jay who lived across the street. He raved about Ted and how much that meant to his suriyeli escort son. We said that Ted was that way and always had been. Friday, I headed into the office and wasn’t crazy about fighting the traffic in doing so. I arrived and went to my bare desk to start my day. I was working on a glitch with one of our apps when Mr. Kentworth, my boss, stopped by. He wanted to see me in his office when I found a stopping point. With the problem solved, I headed to his office but saw a coworker was in there. I went to the break room and had a few holiday treats. Mr. Kentworth found me once he was finished. We went to his office with him shutting the door. “Don’t be nervous, Matt. There’s nothing bad going to happen to you,” he said with me sitting across from his desk. I breathed a sigh of relief. “I was wondering.” “Actually I’m very proud of you and your work ethic. You’ve handled working from home extremely well. Some cannot handle it but you have.” “Thank you, sir.” “Matt, we are the end of the year basically. I need to go over a few things with you,” he said and continued by going over my evaluation and the schedule. The schedule included a weeklong conference again in the spring so I would need to set aside those days for it. He continued and asked, “Have you been approached by any other companies about employment?” “If I have, I’m not aware of it… ummm… I take that back. About three months ago, I got an email from a company but I didn’t see the need to respond since I’m happy here,” I replied. “I see. There have been some very aggressive companies after some of our best. We’ve lost two fine employees over the past three months. I know it is part of today’s working landscape. If that happens again, I’d like to know so we can do whatever needs to be done to keep you. In the meantime, the company is giving you a raise and three additional personal days for you to use.” I smiled, “Thank you. I appreciate that.” “We like to keep the good ones happy. I know you’ve been here just over 18 months but we’d like to keep hard workers like you with us. I never worry that you’ll call in sick or not logging on at the right time. You will go the extra time to finish a job. You make my job much easier.” “Ah, I see it as part of my job,” I said. “We need more like you here,” he said. “Now how’s that marriage working out for you?” “I couldn’t be happier but then again we are newlyweds.” “That’s really nice to hear. Hey, I heard you’ve bought a house too.” “Yes sir, we just moved and why I was off a few days last week,” I said. “For young man, it sounds like things couldn’t be better for you.” “They couldn’t be at the moment.” “Great. It was great talking to you. I hope you enjoy your holidays,” Mr. Kentworth said and stood. “I will,” I said and shook his hand. “By the way, you’ll notice that you did get a year-end bonus today as well. I’m sure that will come in handy for you,” he said. “It will for sure. Thank you.” “It’s no problem. It’s the company’s way of rewarding our great employees. Since you’ve been here the entire year, you had it coming. However, I would warn that it is a bonus and not one that you may get every year.” “I understand. Any amount is appreciated. You have a wonderful Christmas,” I said standing. “You too,” he said. After leaving his office, I did feel really good inside. It is nice for your superior to speak highly of you and give you a little praise. I did my best and strived to exceed expectations. I sat down and logged on to our banking account. I scrolled down to our account. I wanted to scream and do a little dance when I saw that our account had expanded. I clicked over and saw the generous bonus. I got up and headed to thank Mr. Kentworth for it. It was so tempting to call Corey and tell him the good news. It was against company policy to make personal calls unless it was an emergency. There were many that did so but I didn’t want to be one of those. We had our little holiday party with a catered lunch. I tried not to eat very much knowing that I was going out with Mom and Vince for a nice meal. When lunch was finished, I returned to work until the day was over. On the way home, I did talk to Mom and confirm our meal. She said we’d met about 7 but they’d call ahead for reservations. I drove up and parked in the garage and grabbed the mail in the dark. There were Christmas lights shining in the neighborhood. It was something that I was sure Corey would want to do in the future. Corey drove in and parked. I greeted him in the kitchen with a kiss and tried to contain my excitement. “Man, today was awesome,” Corey said. “I had two clients give me gift cards as their way of saying Merry Christmas.” “That is great…” “One was to the home store since he knew that we’d just moved in,” Corey said. “How was it in the office?” “The best. Corey, we got a fat bonus!” I said and let my excitement show. “How much?” “With taxes taken out, it was over three grand!” I replied. “There you go again, topping my ass,” Corey said. “I’ll stop topping you when you say you’ve had enough,” I said with a big smile. “I know you love it.” Corey looked at me for a minute and then started laughing. “I get it now. I do love you topping my ass… fucking every which way!” He grabbed me and slung me around while we kissed. He set me down. “I guess you have plans for that extra cash, huh?” “I really don’t. Maybe we can buy…” I paused. “How about you buy something you want and I’ll buy something I want? We can invest what’s left.” “I’m getting a really nice mower for the yard,” Corey said. “You do that. I may get us some patio furniture and a grill,” I said. “You said one thing. You can get a grill for my birthday.” “Alright, I can do that,” I said. “Did I tell you how much I really do love you?” “You did but it is always nice to hear,” I said. “I guess we’re still meeting your Mom and Vince for dinner.” “We are.” “Okay then. I talked to Daniel today. I think we’ll do something with them tomorrow if that’s okay with you.” “Of course it is. That reminds me. rus escort We might need to find them a nice present for Christmas since they’ve been so nice to us,” I said. “We will… or should I say you will,” Corey said. After we dressed, we headed out to meet Mom and Vince. They were waiting on us when we arrived. It was still a short wait before we were shown to our table. I had told them about our big day so Vince insisted that we have a nice bottle of wine plus we were celebrating my birthday as well. We had a very nice meal and enjoyed being with Mom and Vince. Since we were near the malls and stores, we headed to them after I had to twist his arm a little. We ended doing well and got most of our Christmas bought in the mass of people doing the same thing. It was after ten when we pulled in the garage. We stepped inside and took off our clothes to relax for the remainder of the night. “Matt, do you wanna drink?” Corey asked. “That sounds great,” I replied before taking our discarded clothes to our room. Corey was sitting on the loveseat and stood so I could put a towel under it. He handed me a cold one. “Are we something? We hit that door and get nude,” Corey laughed and took a drink. “Hey, it is something in which we rather enjoy.” “I’d say we’re full-fledged nudists now especially since we’ve bought this house…” “Not full-fledged since we don’t do it when all the time. We do it around each other and with others that enjoy it as well. I don’t see anything wrong with it. I enjoy the freedom…” “Actually I’ve grown to love it like on our honeymoon. I just wonder if Cale and Daniel are like this,” Corey said. “Maybe when they are alone like this,” I said and took a drink. I leaned my head over to rest it on Corey’s chest. “Hey, don’t fall asleep on me. I was hoping for some hot action tonight,” Corey said. “It wasn’t me that was half asleep when we got to bed last night.” “You got me there.” “We don’t have to have sex every night. I hope by now that we’re so much more than a good fuck…” “We are way more than a good fuck. We make one great team in and out of bed,” he said. “I think we do. I love how we’re growing together and really adjusting so well to being married.” “I’d say all in all it has been a smooth transition. If I’m being honest, I knew that it would. Hell, look around. We’re sitting in our own house.” “Yes we are and feels so good,” I said and felt a cold chill run throughout my naked body. “You want me to turn up the heat or start the fireplace?” Corey asked. “The fireplace would be nice,” I replied. Corey walked over and started our fireplace which was located in the corner of our living room. We had the seating arrangement slanted that way with the TV above the fireplace. He returned and sat next to me with my arm snaking around his waist. The glow coming from the fireplace set the mood for the rest of our romantic evening. The next morning, Saturday just before Christmas, I woke up to see it was just past seven. My internal clock had forgotten that today wasn’t a work day. I left Corey to sleep and envied his ability to do so. There was a slight chill in the house. Walking out, I saw the reason. Our gas fireplace was still on after we had hot sex in front of it with just the glow of it as our light. I walked into the kitchen and started some coffee before sitting down at our old table in the breakfast nook. I sat staring out the window and imagining how things would be when the cover was off the pool. With my coffee in front of me, I sat with my tablet to make little notes or list of things that were needed. My list had become a habit but had proven helpful in many things. With my first cup gone, Corey came walking out fully clothed. “Daylight’s a burning and there’s stuff to do outside,” he said. “Want something to eat first?” “Maybe an hour or so,” he replied before heading out the back door. I stood and watched him walk around the back yard. He circled around and came back inside. “Well, I think I need to run to the store. I need something to trim some of those low hanging limbs,” he stated. “While I’m gone, I’ll grab us something to eat. Do you need anything?” “Well… maybe look at the bird feeders,” I said since I had watched a few play while looking outside. “I can do that. Do you wanna go?” “I’ll get started in here…” I replied. “It looks fine to me.” “Well, I want to mop and vacuum. Corey, I want to get in the habit of having a clean house.” “You already have that habit but do as you please. I’ll be back in a flash.” With Corey gone, it was time to do my part. It started with stripping our bed and doing some laundry. I continued until I was about finished and looked at the clock. An hour had passed since Corey left to run to the store. Finally while wiping down the counters, I heard him return. He walked inside and greeted me with our breakfast of egg and sausage burritos. “Wow, they must’ve been busy,” I stated. “Oh you wouldn’t believe the people that out shopping today. It was a madhouse,” he said and shrugged up one shoulder. “I did buy more than a limb saw. I got carried away and saw all kinds of shit that we could use including your bird feeder.” “That’s okay. Let me see what you got,” I said and followed him out to our car. Inside there were all kinds of sacks. “Never say a word about my shopping.” “I don’t. I swear I’ve bought more stuff since we’ve moved than I have in the last year…” “Or ever,” I laughed. In the car was his saw to trim limbs along with an electric drill, more solar lights, a wreath, door hanger for the wreath, more Christmas decorations, the bird feeder and bird seed. “Are you pissed?” he asked. “I’m not. There’s not one thing you bought that we didn’t need,” I said and kissed his cheek. “All the Christmas stuff was on sale too. I had to get that.” “I think someone really enjoys this house,” I said. “You just don’t know… you don’t have a clue,” Corey said with a smile. TO BE CONTINUED… There’s another chapter for you. I hope you have enjoyed reading about their new house and the move. You are always welcome to write me at: wasputz2525@yahoo. I really do enjoy your emails and try my best to respond to each one. Please put “Rooming” so it doesn’t get lost in my spam. Also, my ies, has all my stories along with a place to sign up for my emails when new stories are posted such as this one.

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