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Subject: Rooming with My Best Friend After Graduation Ch 38 ROOMING WITH MY BEST FRIEND: AFTER GRADUATION 38 ****************** Warning: The usual disclaimers apply here. If you don’t like any of the following, leave now: gay sex, vulgar or harsh language or underage wherever you are reading this. Please leave now!! This is pure fiction. No one in this story is a real person, living or deceased. Please do not copy without my consent. Action will be taken against those you do copy my story! If you want to write me, please do so at: wasputz2525@yahoo. If you can, Nifty would really appreciate a nice donation to keep their fine site running for all of us to enjoy!!! ***************** Driving in the garage on this Thursday night before our Valentine trip was a pleasure. It was just after seven and the earliest that I had been home in the past two weeks. I walked inside with Corey standing in the kitchen drinking his protein shake and sweat rolling down his shirtless hot body and from his face. “Just what I fucking needed to see,” I said. “I just finished doing a ton of situps and pushups. Did you finish?” “Close enough to where I’m still off tomorrow and Monday. Well, Monday is a holiday that Mr. Wentworth said we would take no matter what. Damn, my ass is so fucking tired,” I replied. “I can tell,” he laughed and grabbed a towel that was hanging from our oven door to wipe off his forehead. “You usually don’t drop f-bombs left and right.” “They saw a different side of me the last few days,” I said, frustrated and exhausted, both mentally and physically. “They actually saw way more than you’ve seen of me.” He walked behind me and put his hands on my shoulders. “I told you I understand. You are so tense. Let’s sit down and I’ll rub your shoulders,” he said. “I could really use that. I just want to feel your touch,” I said, looking around and seeing how neat and clean everything was in our house. “I’m very impressed that the house looks so clean.” “Well… I’m trying my best. More so, I don’t want you to be disappointed. I wanted to show you that I could manage things but damn it’s hard work keeping a place clean,” he said. “It is,” I said and felt him gently massaging my shoulders over my shirt. He stopped and took my hand to lead me to our couch. He stopped and gave me a sweet kiss but it wasn’t sufficient enough for me. I pulled him back and kissed him passionately. We stopped with him reaching to pull my shirt over my hair which needed a good cut. I undid my belt and let my slacks hit the floor. He reached down to my blue bikini underwear and pulled them off. My cock flopped out and felt the cool air since he did keep it cool while I was away. “Have a seat. Do you want a glass of wine or a beer?” he asked. “You decide. Both sound so good right now,” I replied. He walked away in his shorts. He came back nude with a glass of white wine in his hand. I took the glass and enjoyed the taste. He sat down behind me and put his hands on my bare shoulders. “Just relax,” he said. “Corey, I’m sorry. I know I’ve been a real asshole this past week. Hell, I refused to have sex with you Tuesday night and then last night you were asleep since I was home at eleven. I’ve been one awful husband,” I said, feeling his hands. “I’m the one who needs to apologize. I asked for my own benefit,” he said. “That’s the mark of a bad mate if you ask me. Matt, I knew you were tired and worn out so I should have never even hinted at us having sex. I know it wasn’t your fault.” “I know but I neglected your need. If I do it too much, you find other means to satisfy that means,” I said and took a drink with his hands running down my back. “Forget about it. We’ll more than make up for it this weekend,” he said. “Lay face down where I can really work you over. You’re so tight. I’ll be right back. I need just a little oil.” I sat down the glass of wine and extended my naked body across our couch. There was a short wait before Corey came back with a big box from Amazon that had a big heart drawn on it and he had some oil. “I was gonna wait but you need a pick-me-up. I want you to wait til I’m finished,” he said. I saw the box sitting near me and was tempted to ignore his request. He poured some oil on my back and ass. His strong hands began massaging the oil in my body while a sense of relaxation began to overtake me. “I know I’m not near as good as those guys were on our honeymoon,” he stated about the fact that we did get a couple’s massage on our honeymoon compliments of Kris and Colt. “It feels just as good if not better,” I said. He continued to massage my ass, back and shoulders. Once he finished, he toweled off the excess oil from my back. He reached over and sat the box next to me after I sat up. “I hope you will like it,” he said. “I will because it’s from you. I wish I had your gift,” I said. “If nothing else, we’ll go Monday where I can pick out a nice weed eater,” he said. I opened the box and found a card in a plain white envelope. I read it aloud, “To my husband. Every day is Valentine’s Day to me. I will never ever forget our first one. Love you always, Corey.” I pulled him over for a kiss. “You may be all muscle but inside you’re softie.” “Dad said he’s the same way.” I reached inside and pulled out a nice big beach towel that was rainbow colored. Next I saw a nice sexy pair of blue bikini underwear and then a mesh pair. “I hope they fit. Actually, the mesh pair is a bikini to wear at the pool.” “You know I’ll like that,” I said and got the last item. It was strawberry flavored lube that was used for oral sex. “We’ll definitely use this but first I want try on my bikini.” “I want you to and see if it fits,” he said. I tore on the cellophane package and stood. It slid over my legs and rested low on my hips. Glancing down, I could see that it showed my big cock. “I love it. It will be for our private time.” “I fucking love it but I knew that I would. Damn you look so hot in that but you look hot in anything,” Corey said. I took off the swimsuit and tried on the underwear. The pair felt great and really showed off my bulge. After the underwear was off, I grabbed him for a long kiss of appreciation. “Now I wanna try the lube. I didn’t need anything to suck your hot dick,” I said and grabbed his cock. “I know but it sounded like a fun item,” he said. After grabbing the lube, my thumb flipped up the top. I poured some on his cock and got on my knees to try it out. My mouth opened with my hand holding his thick cock. I did taste the sweet strawberry at the first but was more interested in servicing him. His cock began growing in my mouth with my lips and tongue working it over. “Damn, how does it taste?” he asked. I pulled off and licked gaziantep escort my lips. “Really very good but I’ve always loved the taste of your fat cock.” “Suck me just a little more than I want to give it try,” he stated. “Fair enough,” I said still on my knees and eager to resume. My lips wrapped back around his cock and got a good whiff of his sweaty smell. My mouth moved up and down with my tongue running along the underside to excite him. He was breathing harder and purring while I slobbered on his tasty cock. Corey pulled me up with his cock so wet. He graced me with a kiss and reached over for the lube. He gently pushed me down on the couch and got between my legs. His touch was soft like he was massaging my eight inches with the lube. My cock disappeared between his lips. He stopped, “Fuck… it does taste pretty damn good.” “I know,” I said and watched him return. It only took a few moments before I was hard and feeling so good. His mouth was moving up and down on my cock while I had my hands behind my head. He stopped, kissed my abs, licked my balls and returned to sucking me. He moaned while sucking me to mix with my soft moans. He bobbed up and down rapidly and then took my cock completely. “OOOOO damn!” I said and could feel his nose on my pubic region. Corey pulled back with my cock emerging inch by inch between his lips. My cock was out of his mouth with saliva streaming from his tongue to the tip. It was so damn hard and hit against my lower body. “Fuck, I need this big thing in my ass!” he said, holding my throbbing cock. “I’m so fucking horny.” “I am too!” I said. He grabbed the towel and spread on the carpet in the middle of our living room. He got on his elbows and knees to shove his hot muscular ass high in the air. I got down from the couch and leaned over to kiss his ass cheeks while stroking my cock. The lube was handy and smeared on my cock and his ass. My hands spread his legs wider until I was near him. I grabbed my slick cock and ran along his crack. “Stop teasing me and stick your fucking dick in me! I need it!” he said turning his head. I put my cock at his puckered pink hole and pushed to enter him. He opened his ass with the head of my cock popping inside. My hands grabbed his hips and slowly went inside. “OOOO fuck me, baby. Just fuck that ass!” I glanced down to see my cock was fully inside of him. I leaned over and kissed the center of the tattoo that adorned his back while slowly driving my cock into him. I leaned back up and began fucking him a little harder with his ass taking me. My breathing grew louder with each push as did his moans. I slapped his ass and continued to fuck him. He leaned up and turned his head for a kiss with my hand finding his hard cock while still giving him what he wanted and I wanted. Corey pulled off and lay on his back with his legs high in the air. My cock slipped back inside of him while I grabbed his ankles. His head was going slowly back and forth while telling me how good he felt. I spread his legs wide and slammed my cock in and out to hear his moaning get louder as was our breathing. “I may not last much longer,” I said. “Me either. I needed this shit,” he said between breaths. “I did too,” I said and leaned forward feeling the end was very close. I grabbed his head and felt his strong legs clamp around my waist with his hands running all over my back. “I’m cumming!” I screamed and pushed hard into him. He grabbed my head and kissed me while my cock fired off inside of his ass. While we were kissing, he groaned in my mouth. I felt his cum began hitting my body caused by the friction of our body rubbing together on his hard cock. We finished cumming and looked at each other with big smiles on our faces while I was still inside of him. “I fucking used your ass,” he said. “I fucking used your ass too,” I echoed. “We needed sex.” “Sad to say but we did,” he said. “Not sad in my book. We’re addicted to it in a good sort of way,” I said. I managed to pull out with him doing his best to clean us up. The scent of our fresh sex filled the living room and was great to smell. Rather than shower, we headed to the hot tub to love on each other more and to be with each other. Later that night, we did make great love to each other and completely satisfied each other to the point that we were totally zapped. Friday, I did wake long enough for a sweet kiss from Corey before he left for work. I dozed back off and woke about two hours later. It was a great and much needed rest. Getting up, I began looking around the house and saw firsthand what a great husband I truly had. Everything was clean with all of our laundry done except for what we had worn the previous day. I relaxed with a cup of coffee and watch some birds feeding just outside our window on this nice day. Finally I dressed to head out to buy some groceries. Before leaving, I paid a few bills including our next mortgage payment. Seeing the date reminded me that it was Kris’s birthday so I fired off a text wishing him a Happy Birthday and we’d see him later. Returning from my quick trip, I unloaded our things and placed Corey’s trimmer where he’d see it coming home later this afternoon. It wasn’t romantic at all but something that he wanted and would use. I was able to get in a nice run around the neighborhood and through the park before packing for two nights. Shortly after returning, Scott called to tell me that he and Brennan would be rather late since Brennan wasn’t able to get off as early as he had expected. I told him to text or call me when they arrived. Corey came home about 4 and greeted me with a kiss. “I saw my gift and love it,” he laughed. “I thought you might like it,” I laughed with him and was holding him close to me. “How was your day? I hope you were able to relax and recover.” “It was nice. I did relax and now I’m ready for our weekend,” I said and kissed him. We kissed for a little while and really got into it. “Fucking love you so much.” “I fucking love you too. You’re the best husband ever,” he said. We did have to break the romance off at that moment for Cale and Daniel would be waiting on us. I carried our things out to our car while Corey retrieved the mail. He walked inside carrying a card. “Hey, Dad sent us a Valentine’s Day card.” “That was really thoughtful of him,” I said with Corey opening up the envelope. I could see something additional was in the card. “It’s a nice card but inside of it is this invitation. Beth is throwing Dad a surprise birthday party the second weekend in March and has invited us to come.” “I guess we’re going,” I said. “Yeah but it’s not until Saturday night. I guess we can make some overdue visits to JJ as well,” he commented. “We can do that suriyeli escort for sure.” “Ummm… I hope Eli will be ready.” “Don’t worry. It’ll give more time for Eli to come around,” I said. “Okay,” Corey said. We headed out with me doing a double check of everything before leaving. Cale and Daniel were waiting on us and were excited about our trip. We were happy to have them and knew they’d know exactly where to go. To say the traffic was awful would be an understatement. It took us ten minutes to get to the freeway which was double what it normally would. Once we got to the freeway, it was bumper to bumper and barely moving due to the fact it was Friday afternoon and we were going in the direction of the major suburbs. Now I was thankful that Corey was driving but he showed his impatience quite often and loved cussing the drivers and traffic. We entertained each other with Corey and me reliving our first Valentine’s Day and the commitment that we made that night. They told us their first time bare was a night of camping after they were tested and ready. Cale and Daniel talked about how rigorous that they were with their testing. We agreed it was a key to continuing to enjoy our sex lives. It took a little over two hours before we arrived at the casino. It was much larger than I expected with a few nice hotels flanking the casino. We drove up to ours and saw how busy it was. Daniel and I headed inside to get our keys. Daniel handled their financial affairs since Cale disliked doing so. We got our rooms which were on the same floor of the multistoried hotel which was just a short walk from the casino. It was nice on the inside with a golf course as part of the complex. We got our bags and headed up to the sixth floor. I was on the phone with Kris and found that they were about an hour away. He told us not to eat since Melissa had reserved us a table in a restaurant for his birthday. I told him to call when they were at the casino and we’d meet up there with Scott still at least 3 hours away. Corey opened the door to our room. It was a nice room with two queen size beds. The bathroom was equipped with the basics and a tub/shower combo. I placed our bags down and let Corey recover for a moment after his driving experience. Once he recovered and called Cale, we headed out to test our luck at the casino. We made the short walk and entered the casino with the usual sounds and smell that accompanied one. “Let’s play slots for now until Kris and Colt get here,” I suggested. “That’s about all I play,” Cale laughed. “All I care about is getting a free cold one,” Daniel stated. “I’m sure Corey feels the same way after driving in that traffic.” “I do. Let’s grab a few machines and see what happens,” Corey said. “I’ll be surprised if I win anything. I never win shit!” Cale said. “Maybe you’ll be lucky this weekend,” I said with us scoping out the machines. We found a few that were together and cheap plus no one was smoking near us. Cale stated how he hated that aspect of the casino. We grabbed some seats with them across the aisle while my phone was on and waiting for Kris’s call. We began pushing buttons and testing our luck. Finally, a cocktail waitress came around and took our drink order while my machine wasn’t being so kind. Corey was breaking even while my money was going to the casino. Cale hit one for fifty dollars just before our drinks arrived. We were sitting and playing the machines or they were. I was taking it easy and didn’t want my allotted money to be gone in the first hour. Corey quickly got up and grabbed me. “Follow me,” he said with his beer bottle in his hand. I followed and saw how quickly that he was walking. Ahead there were three big guys walking along and looking around. Corey got close and tapped the middle one on the shoulder with his beer bottle. “Someone wants their ass kicked,” Corey said in a deep voice. The middle guy stopped and turned around. Now I could tell why we were following them. It was Ted in the middle flanked by Luke and Myles. “What the…” Ted said turning around and stopped seeing it was Corey. “I just knew that someone was in for a fight. What are y’all doing here?” “The same thing y’all are,” Corey said. “Not exactly since it is Valentine’s weekend,” Luke laughed. “Damn, it’s great to see ya. I heard about your house.” “It’s great to see y’all too. We had a little help moving in,” I said and got a big hug for the three. “We heard,” Myles said. “This is a great surprise.” “I have a feeling y’all aren’t alone,” Ted said with a big smile while we were occupying an aisle. “Not hardly. Our friends Cale and Daniel are here with us. Kris, Colt and their fianc�s will be here any minute. Scott and Brennan are on their way,” Corey said. “So what brings y’all here?” “Guy’s weekend away at the casino rather than being holed up at Ted’s place,” Luke replied. “I just got back into town this week.” “Luke’s still pulling splinters out of his ass,” Myles said. “I am that and tired of wearing a headset every week,” Luke commented with Cale and Daniel walking up. I introduced them to Myles and Luke since they had met Ted already. “Ted, I have to ask. How on earth did you play without sleeves in that playoff game that y’all got hosed in?” Daniel asked. “Ted’s one tough fucker,” Luke laughed and patted him on the shoulder. “Oh once you get the blood flowing, it wasn’t that bad to be honest. Hey, we dogged out the week before but it was a tough pill to swallow,” Ted replied. I heard my phone and saw it was Kris. I told them who it was and stepped away. They had just arrived and were walking over. I didn’t tell them who was with us and headed to the front door to meet up with them. Kris, Melissa, Colt and Faith came walking in the door. As always, it was great to see their faces and get some warm hugs. “Bro, have won anything yet?” Kris asked while holding Melissa’s hand. “Not hardly. More like feeding the machines,” I replied. “Cale won a little bit but we were really just killing time. Happy Birthday!” “I sang to him on the way here,” Colt said. “It wasn’t pretty either,” Faith stated. We began walking towards our group. They spotted Corey first. “Who’s he talking to?” Melissa asked. “It looks like some guys from the gym,” Kris replied and walked up to Corey. He spotted Ted, Luke and Myles before hugging Corey. “Hell yeah! Y’all knew it was my birthday and had to come!” We stood shaking our heads since Kris let the entire casino hear him. We greeted each other and stood around. “Melissa, without a doubt, they are going with us to eat,” Kris said. “Let me go check and see if they can squeeze in three more,” Melissa said. She and Faith headed off while we stood rus escort around and waited on the word. Ted did grab a cocktail waitress for them with everyone ordering drinks. Melissa and Faith returned while we were sitting down. “They said it’d be another thirty minutes and we could be seated.” “Damn, I was hungry,” Colt said. “Your ass will have to wait then,” Kris said. Colt grabbed Faith’s hand and was so proud to show the three Faith’s engagement ring. They were nice and complimented Colt’s fine taste. “When’s the big day?” Luke asked. “I hope during the season so we won’t stuck with getting the bar tab again.” “Nothing is for sure just yet,” Colt replied. “Luke, we’re on the hook for Kris’s tab already,” Ted said. “I heard we were. I hope that ends before you break my ass,” Luke laughed. “We appreciate that very much,” Melissa said. “We started it and will finish it,” Ted said. “I’m more than happy to do it. Matt and Corey’s wasn’t that bad.” “The hell it wasn’t. It was like fifteen hundred,” Luke said. My eyes opened wide. “Wow, I had no idea it was that much.” “He’s pulling your leg. It was just over a grand and something that I was happy to do for all my great buddies. College wouldn’t have been the same without you. Luke will admit that as well,” Ted said. “He’s right. I have to mess with y’all some,” Luke said with the waitress returning. We played the slots with Daniel hitting a nice for one hundred bucks while we were killing time and waiting to eat. The only thing about that was Kris said that he knew who was buying the first round. I on the other hand was down and getting frustrated with the machines. We headed over once the time arrived. They knew right up front that we were celebrating a birthday before we were separated into different tables. Corey and I were with Cale and Daniel with Ted coming over to join with a couple of empty seats while the rest were a few tables away. It wasn’t ideal but the place was packed for the weekend. “How’s Reese doing?” I asked Ted who sitting next to me. “He’s doing okay and is eager to graduate. He and few of his buddies are going to the beach for spring break,” Ted replied. “I miss those days with y’all. We always had a great time especially the cruise we took.” “That was awesome,” Corey said and turned to Cale and Daniel. “We got into a speedo.” Ted laughed. “That was my rookie year prank too on a trip. I was prepared.” “What do you do now that the season is over?” Daniel asked with the waitress coming to take our orders. “Just working out and trying to get faster. I saw where my pass defense really needs to improve. That last game I didn’t get in as many plays as I normally do,” Ted replied before giving his order. “Daniel wondered. Since he’s met you, he really pays attention and scopes you out on the sidelines,” Cale said. “Thanks.” Ted said with us finishing out our orders. “Corey, what’s this I hear about your real Dad?” Corey smiled and told his story to Ted. “Now the kicker is about his son. He’s not taking it well.” “We’re giving him some time before meeting him,” I added. “Maybe he’ll come around. Holler if you know that he’s a fan. I have some signed footballs at my place I’d be more than happy to send your way,” Ted said. “You don’t have to do that. His dad mentioned that Eli… that’s his name… is a huge fan,” Corey stated with our drinks arriving. “I’ll send a ball your way and maybe that will help soothe things,” Ted said. “If he ever wants to come to a game, I’ll get y’all tickets.” “Ummm…” Daniel said. “We’ll go to a game next year,” I said. “We didn’t have the chance this year.” “Just let me know,” Ted said. “I know Reese missed seeing y’all at the games.” We talked with Kris coming over to take a seat as well before our meals arrived. Daniel and I fought over the next round especially for Kris. Once our meals arrived, we devoured them with Ted eating a big plate full of ribs and everything in sight. After we ate, we got up and headed out to the casino floor where it was buzzing with activity. Corey headed with Colt, Kris and Luke to the tables while the rest of us milled around. I went with Cale and Daniel to the video poker machines to see if my luck was any better. I think the girls headed off with Myles and Ted to play slots or just walk around. My luck wasn’t any better at the video poker so I got up. I began walking around and found Faith and Melissa playing some slots. Faith was up forty while Melissa was a little down. I found Ted and Myles at the dice table with Luke now and watched them try their luck for a little while. Next was to see how Corey was doing. “Bro, look at this shit,” Kris said with a nice stack of chips in front of him. “You’re doing okay,” I said and saw Corey was as well. “Not me. Kris is getting every hand,” Colt said. “It’s fun, bro. Enjoy it,” Kris said. “It’s hard to enjoy when you’re losing your ass,” Colt said. “Good news is that Faith is up,” I reported. “We won’t have to eat scraps tomorrow then,” Colt laughed. About ten, Scott called me and told me that they had arrived. I waited on them and was able to show them where everyone was. I sat with them and watched them play some slots for a little while until Corey found us. “I’m ready whenever you are,” Corey said. “Did you lose all your money?” Scott asked. “No, I’m still up a little but the cards went ice cold on me,” Corey replied. “At least someone a little up, I lost my ass,” I laughed. “We’ll see you two tomorrow.” “You will,” Brennan said just before hitting a nice jackpot. Corey pointed out where everyone was stationed in case they wanted to go find them. Just as we were walking out, Colt and Faith were heading out as well. We heard Colt holler and waited for them. “Thank God Faith won a little bit or else tomorrow wouldn’t be any fun for us,” Colt said. “I know how you feel. I lost every bit that I allocated for tonight,” I said. “The fucking shame is Kris is winning and loved rubbing it in my face,” Colt said while we walked across the parking lot. “You’ll win tomorrow,” Faith said. “Let’s hope,” Colt said. We talked about work and their impending wedding before reaching our hotel. We said good night and parted ways. Even though I wasn’t lucky at the casino, I couldn’t have been a luckier man. I had a great marriage to one great man. I was so lucky to call him mine and feel his affection every moment that we were together. No one was luckier than I was to have the privilege of making love to his hot man. Every time my eight inch cock slid inside his ass like it did this night it felt as if I had hit the jackpot. TO BE CONTINUED… Sorry but I’m a few chapters behind in posting with Nifty. Please be patient. You are always welcome to write me at: wasputz2525@yahoo. I really do enjoy your emails and try my best to respond to each one. 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