Subject: Rooming with my Best Friend After Graduation Chapter 43 ROOMING WITH MY BEST FRIEND: AFTER GRADUATION 43 ****************** Warning: The usual disclaimers apply here. If you don’t like any of the following, leave now: gay sex, vulgar or harsh language or underage wherever you are reading this. Please leave now!! This is pure fiction. No one in this story is a real person, living or deceased. Please do not copy without my consent. Action will be taken against those you do copy my story! If you want to write me, please do so at: wasputz2525@yahoo. If you can, Nifty would really appreciate a nice donation to keep their fine site running for all of us to enjoy!!! ***************** After spending this nice Saturday morning cleaning up our house, I was taking a short break to relax. The back door opened with Corey stepping inside nasty and sweaty from mowing and trimming our yard. His shorts hit the floor and stood there with sweat running down his naked muscular body. “Really Corey?” I asked seeing him standing there with grass, leaves and dirt on the freshly mopped floor. “What now?” “I spend most of the morning cleaning and mopping. Now you come and fucking undo that when you could have washed off outside!” I said with an angry tone. “Excuse the fuck out of me!” he said and slammed the door going back outside. Our arguments/disagreements centered on very minor things such as this. They never amounted to much and shouldn’t. We were both pretty tired from our vacation. It began with Kris’s wedding last Saturday. After that we traveled down to spend time with Corey’s family. Monday, Corey and I took Eli and Ruth to an amusement park while Phil and Beth were at work. Tuesday, we treated them to a great water park. Needless to say, we spoiled both of them to no end and really had a great time since we were young enough to enjoy both to their fullest. Wednesday was a day for us at the nude beach with both of us enjoying a full day there. That night, we were able to connect with JJ and Teague for a fun night out. Thursday, we were off to see Marie and Larry after Marie had been giving Corey a little bit of a hard time about not seeing her. Friday, Corey and I took it easy and just enjoyed the quietness of being home. Corey came back inside after we both had cooled off for five minutes. “Where’s the mop?” “No, I’ll do it. You work hard outside and this is my area,” I said walking towards him. “No, I was a dumbass and wasn’t thinking.” I reached him and grabbed him for a kiss. “Now, you take a minute to rest while I clean up this mess,” I said after a nice kiss. “Matt, I was thinking about calling Colt to see if he and Faith wanted to come over tonight. We should do something with them while Kris and Melissa are still on their honeymoon.” “That’s a great idea. I don’t know if it’s ever just been us,” I said. “I know. Boy, it is so awesome that everyone’s back…” “It is,” I said since Colt and Faith had just moved into a house right before Kris got married. Kris and Melissa were in the process of buying their house and should finalize the sale by the end of the month. Corey called and did invite them over. Colt said they had nothing planned and would be over later. Corey dressed quickly and headed to the store to buy something that we could grill out plus was running low on beverages. I cleaned up his mess and could see out the back how beautiful our yard and pool looked. The weather didn’t cooperate much in the beginning of our pool season but now it was warm and perfect weather for it. Corey returned with some nice sirloins and potatoes along with plenty of beverages for us to enjoy. We sat out by the pool in our trunks and waited for Colt. Now both Corey and I were getting fairly dark but still couldn’t hold a candle to how dark Scott was getting. He had frequented the pool often with Brennan as had Cale and Daniel. All of them were out of town this weekend and visiting family. Colt called just after two and said that he was on his way. Corey told him to just bring a towel for we had everything else covered. Colt and Faith arrived about fifteen minutes later with Faith carrying a bag. We greeted them before we headed back to the pool. Corey and I headed to the fridge for us some drinks while Faith and Colt walked out back. We came out and saw the two standing naked and were shocked. I must say Faith looked great and had nothing to be ashamed of while Colt was looking hot too with a hairy chest and a few less pounds. “What? Faith and I know the dress code here,” Colt said with his arm around Faith. “You know that we don’t mind at all,” I said and handed them a drink. “I’ve been looking forward to coming over here. Colt told me how nice it was back here. It’s your little oasis back here,” Faith said. “It is. You know you don’t have to ever ask. Just knock on the door or come through the gate. I’m a little surprised,” Corey said with both of us losing our shorts. “It was Melissa that didn’t want to show her body. Why? I have no idea,” Faith said. “Damn Colt, you’ve been holding out on us…” I said. “Well,” he smiled. “I see what you mean by getting away. Even though it’s not far, it does allow you to grow a little bit.” “Y’all spend a small fortune back here. The chairs are nice and the landscaping is fantastic,” Faith said with us sitting down. “Thank Matt for the chairs and Corey for the landscaping. Don’t get any ideas that I’ll do the same shit,” Colt said. There was no doubt that this was the most at ease that I’d seen Colt in some time. He looked very happy as did Faith. We asked about their jobs and found that they eased into them since both transferred within their companies. They were enjoying their little house that they were renting about ten miles from us but still close. I turned on some soft music for us while we got in the pool. We had plenty of rafts now and most had drink holders. We floated around and enjoyed the sun. Corey headed inside and returned with a cooler so we wouldn’t have to go back and forth for drinks. “Faith, we better enjoy this while we can. Once Kris gets back, this peace and quiet will be gone,” Colt commented floating along. “I hope that he’s having a good time,” I said. “I’m sure they are. Melissa had things for them to do at the ports…” Faith said. “Kris did say that they weren’t going to go crazy since they had a house now,” Corey said. “I can’t believe that they are buying a house, had a wedding and going on a cruise,” Colt said. “The house just happened…” I said. “It is smart of them. I want gaziantep escort us to buy one and about that size too. It wasn’t great timing for them but they couldn’t pass up the opportunity,” Faith said. We floated along and talked about Kris’s wedding. It was well attended but Juan and Bryson weren’t able to make it. Juan’s baby boy wasn’t feeling well and we weren’t sure what happened to Bryson. Colt said his wedding would be less formal though Kris’s wasn’t that formal. He and Faith were having a very traditional church wedding without alcohol at the reception. Their honeymoon would be staying at the beach close to where they rented the house last year. We lay and really enjoyed having Colt and Faith with us to share this nice Saturday. Corey started the grill while I attended to the potatoes. They couldn’t believe how we’d gone all out from them. We now loved hosting our friends. Corey grilled with Faith staying in the pool and Colt there with her. They got out when it was time for us to eat. Corey had done an excellent job as always with the steaks. We sat eating and drinking out on our patio table that was well used. We cleaned up and headed inside for just a little while. We watched some TV with none of us caring to get dressed. With it dark, Faith headed to use the bathroom. “Would y’all care if Faith and I had a little alone time in and by the pool?” Colt asked. “Hell no, we don’t care at all,” Corey said. “There’s been lots of fucking going around it lately.” “Thanks! Faith has been fucking horny as hell lately… not that I’m complaining one bit,” Colt said. “I know without a doubt y’all can relate.” “I can for sure,” I said and kissed Corey. Once Faith came out of the bathroom, Colt stood and took her hand. She smiled at us before the two went out the back door with the lights off. “Matt, for the first time in a long time, I think we’re seeing the real Colt…” “I agree. He is so at ease and I love it too.” “I’m really happy for him. I actually worried that he was getting married just because Kris was. Now, I see that he’s doing it because he’s in love.” “Faith too has been a joy to be around. Now they can be themselves and not be in the shadows,” I said. “We know how that is,” Corey said and kissed me. We sat watching TV and knew it would be a while knowing Colt like we did. I did glance out once and saw Colt was fucking her in a double lounger. Corey saw the same thing, “What little do they know that you made love to me in the exact spot minutes after the clock struck midnight for our first anniversary.” “Tell me something I don’t know. It may be the first time that a guy has fucked a girl back there…” “Who else would have?” Corey laughed as did I since it was true. About twenty minutes later, the back door opened. “Faith and I would enjoy it if you would come out and sat with us for a little bit. We don’t want to fuck and run,” Colt said. Corey and I got up and headed that way with Colt waiting on us. “Good, huh?” Corey asked. Faith answered from the pool, “I’ll answer that for us. It was fucking great. I’m so ready to be his wife.” “Me too, babe. I can’t wait,” Colt said and waded in the water to her. He graced her with a nice kiss. Corey and I got in and waded as well. We stood with his arm around my waist on the opposite side of them. “Matt and I have really enjoyed having you two over today,” Corey said. “We’ve loved it too and so glad that you asked us,” Colt said with his arm around her. “I echo that and have really enjoyed it. It’s been very nice to be like we are,” Faith said. “I am a little ashamed that it took me so long to come around and see the joy of being nude, especially around Colt.” “We have been sleeping nude together now and spending the mornings nude together like we used to do in our apartment,” Colt said. “Though we’re not like y’all yet and don’t spend every minute nude at home.” “Not every minute,” I laughed. We talked about different things before they got out and dried off. They thanked us before putting back on their clothes. We watched them leave and stayed in the pool. Corey grabbed me for a kiss with his hands running all over my back. He stopped and looked at me, “Shall we relive our anniversary?” “You know I don’t mind at all. Hell, I’ll make love to you with the entire world watching us. We’re in our own little world when we make love now…” “Yes we are,” he said. He moved me to the steps and sat me down. He got between my legs and grabbed my cock. Looking up at me with his big blue eyes, my soft cock went between his lips. Slowly it grew to it 8 inches with Corey sucking and licking it. I loved the feeling and loved the man who was pleasing me. He began sucking me with vigor and splashing the water around him. I stopped him and pulled him up for a long deserved kiss. With him standing on a step, I leaned over and took his thick cock in my mouth. I felt his wet hands running through my hair while my mouth slid up and down on his hard cock. After a year of marriage and almost five years of dating, this was the best cock that had ever been in my mouth. My throat opened with my gag reflexes a distance memory to take his 6 and half inches. It was so hot having all of his cock in my mouth and smelling his scent. I pulled back a little and continued to take it all. We stopped and moved to the double lounger. It was laid back with Corey now taking his position. With his muscular legs spread and lifted, I moved closed and grabbed my hard cock. He opened up and let me penetrate the inner depths of his hot tunnel. The feeling of being inside of my husband was one that I loved and hoped would never grow old. Corey began moaning and eking out `I love you’. I grunted and said the same words while fucking him. I increased our tempo for our pleasure. He pulled me down for a kiss while I slowly thrust my hard cock in him. It was a joy to have him moaning in my mouth while he was taking me. We moved to our sides to continue our intimacy. My cock went back in his hot ass with me grabbing him. My hand slid down to feel his hard cock while my cock was pumping in and out of his ass. “OOO fuck me… fuck me, Matt… yes, it feels so good,” he moaned over and over between breaths with both of us breathing hard under the stars. I began fucking him harder and harder. We knew that the end was near. I grabbed his head, “I love you so fucking much,” I said and pushed deep and hard into his ass. My cock began throbbing like crazy and sending my juice inside of him. Corey grabbed me feeling the suriyeli escort sensation of being bred and kissed me while I finished depositing one hot load in him. He groaned into my mouth and began shooting his load with my hand wrapped around his cock. He finished shooting and caught his breath. “Stay in me as long as you can.” Mother Nature took over with my cock deflating. We got up and waded in the pool to clean off our mess. We kissed often before drying off and heading to bed. Corey and I were messing around our house and actually being a little lazy on Sunday. We were by the pool in our suits just in case unexpected visitors. I heard my phone ringing and ran over to get it. I was surprised to see that it was Kris. He was coming over and had got back early from his honeymoon. Corey and I waited until hearing him at the door. He walked inside looking tanned in his tank top and shorts. He walked over and kissed both of us on the cheek. “Where’s your wife?” I asked with a big smile. “Melissa was tired but I had to come over,” Kris replied. “You’re already tired of her?” Corey asked. “Fuck no, bro. I couldn’t just call and say that I was back. Hell, we’ll be neighbors in a few weeks so I wanted to come over and personally tell ya about things and show you pictures,” Kris replied. “Ummm… it wouldn’t be so bad to show you outside either.” “I get the hint,” I said. Corey and Kris grabbed something to drink while I grabbed some towels. Returning, both were naked and sitting in a chair so I lost my shorts to join them. Corey was telling him about last night. “Bros, let me start by saying I fully understand what you mean now about not fucking Melissa anymore. Damn, it was so emotional our wedding night when my dick went in her wet pussy. It’s no longer just anyone that you’re fucking but your wife. Matt, I didn’t cry but it was hard not to,” Kris said. “We hope Colt has the same experience,” Corey said. “It’s the best feeling ever, huh?” “Bro, it is. I hated like hell when I came. I wanted to keep going and we did after we recovered,” Kris said. “Been there too,” I said. “Kris, I’m so happy for you and can see how happy that you are now. Has it sunk in yet that you’re married?” “Just a little but not really. I think it will when we get our house. Let me tell about the cruise, bro. It was fucking tight as hell. You know that we couldn’t really splurge so our drinking was set back just a little. I also see what you meant by saying that I would want to be with her constantly. I did,” Kris said. “It sounds like you had fun,” Corey said and took a drink. “We did and fucked our asses off… should I say now made love constantly,” Kris said and took a drink. “Bros, the best part was that we stopped at an island that had a nude beach… a real one too not some damn rocks either. I asked if she wanted to go and she did.” “Did she like it?” I asked. Kris grabbed his phone and showed us a picture. It was the two of them nude of the beach. Both looked very happy and such a hot couple. He began showing us all of his pictures including few of them having sex. It didn’t surprise me that he had those but was surprised to see him in some rower swim trunks. Kris said Melissa liked them on him and he loved wearing them. “Bros, I know that I love her and she loves me.” “No shit, Kris,” Corey laughed. “You know what I mean, Corey,” Kris said. “I know what he means. There’s a different level of love now between you,” I said. “Exactly,” Kris said. “Kris, do you think Melissa will come over and be nude here?” Corey asked. Kris shrugged his big shoulders, “I have no clue. She didn’t want to leave the beach and we barely made it back to our ship in time. She’s the most beautiful woman in the world and shouldn’t be allowed to have clothes on that sexy ass body.” “No doubt he’s married now,” Corey laughed. “Hell, I think Matt’s the hottest fucking guy to walk the planet.” “Even after a year?” Kris laughed. “More so now than ever,” Corey replied. “I feel the same way about him too,” I added. “Hey bros, should I expect to get laid every night now without asking?” “Ummm… I don’t know that you should expect it but I want to make love to Corey every chance that I get. It is another expression of love to us,” I replied. “I guess we’ll see especially since we’re living with her folks until we move,” Kris said. “If you feel like it’s not right, then you two can at least stay the weekends with us in your suite,” Corey said. “We might do that if I can talk her into it. We can be loud and noisy as hell without worrying if her parents hear us,” Kris stated and stood. He headed inside and returned with three cans of beer for us. We had switched to cans for the most part being around the pool. “How was your vacation?” “It was really nice. We got to spoil my brother and sister a little bit and got to know them a little more. Ruth is a little daredevil,” Corey replied with great pride. “The worst part was going to see Mom.” “Bro, you know I’ll be pissed if they come to see you and I don’t get to meet them,” Kris stated. “You’ll be invited. Maybe Eli will come up and stay before the summer is over. We just need to figure something out so Ruth doesn’t get jealous,” I said. “That is so fucking awesome, Corey. I really do miss my brother. I know that he’s proud of me,” Kris said looking at his tattoo. “I was asked what the tattoo of us meant while I was on the cruise.” “Surely you never went without a shirt,” I laughed. “All the time. Most of the people were pretty cool. We met another couple on their honeymoon too and hung with them some. They went to the beach with us,” Kris said. “That’s no surprise,” Corey said. “How many times did they fuck on the cruise?” Kris laughed, “Bro, how’d you know that I would know? Casey loved the tattoo and had a few himself as did his wife. They were a really cool couple and just a year older. We ate them almost every night. The bro could drink my ass under the table. Oh, I’m sorry for not saying this earlier. Melissa and I loved the massage you gave us. I just wonder where on earth you came up with that idea.” I laughed since they had given us one for our honeymoon. “I don’t have a clue. It just came to me.” “Did you fuck her after the massage? Matt fucked me after ours,” Corey asked. “Damn that is so personal,” Kris laughed. “Actually I didn’t. I made love to her just as soon as we got to the room.” “Just like I did to Corey,” I smiled. I heard someone knocking on the gate. We looked at each other rus escort before I stood and wrapped a towel around my waist. It was Reese with his new boyfriend, Trent. I had seen them at the Kris’s wedding and told them to come over whenever. Reese lived nearby and had graduated with a IT degree and had got a nice job here. I think they’d met in college and had been dating for about five months with Trent graduating as well and had a degree in mathematics. “This is okay, right?” Reese asked in his shorts and tee. Trent was a cute guy with short blond hair, spacers in his ears and tattoos on his arms. “Sure,” I replied. Kris and Corey stood to greet them. “Bro, you do know the dress code around this pool,” Kris laughed. “Kris, they don’t have to if they don’t want to,” I said. “We came by to visit since Matt asked us to. We didn’t bring anything to swim in,” Reese said before sitting down. “I guess your ass will be like us then if you wanna swim,” Kris said. “Do you want something to drink?” Corey asked and held up his can. “Ummm… I guess,” Reese replied with Corey heading in to get them one. “Kris, how was your honeymoon?” “It was great. I’m glad you came to my wedding. Did you enjoy it?” Kris asked. “We did. I think Teddy came through for you,” Reese said. “He did, bro. He’s the best but we knew that,” Kris said with Corey returning. We sat and talked just a minute before Kris and Corey dove in the pool. Trent looked at Reese and said he wouldn’t mind getting in. I offered trunks for them but they said they’d go nude. I went inside to grab more towels. Reese was looking good with his dark hair short and showing off his nice body with Trent showing off his lean body and nice cock. We got in and enjoyed the water for a little while. Kris was the first to leave and said that he’d stayed longer than he should have. For the first time in a long time, it wasn’t sad seeing him leave and knew that truly the best friends forever were back together after being separated for two years now that they were both here with us. For all of us, especially me and Corey, it was for the best even though we missed Kris and Colt dearly. Corey and I invited Reese and Trent to stay since it was still early. I didn’t have to twist their arms. Again we grilled out with some burgers that we had and actually needed to be cooked. We sat down at the patio table with Reese and Trent comfortable being nude and the burgers ready. “Guys, I know that I should be but I’m worried about Teddy. He really needs a good woman in his life,” Reese said when we were about finished. “Reese, Ted is the last one you should worry about. He’ll find a very lucky lady when he’s ready for it…” I said. “He’s driven like hell to succeed right now. On his own schedule, he’ll find the right one,” Corey added. “I’ll take your word for it. You’ve never steered me wrong yet,” Reese said and took a bite. “We would never,” I said. “How are things working for you two?” “Great at the moment,” Trent replied. “It is an adjustment with both of us starting new jobs.” “His ass will be rolling and has a great job,” Reese said. “It is an adjustment and was for us when we started here. We’re lucky and had some friends that made the transition a little easier,” Corey said. “We miss college already. It’s just been the two of us so far since we’ve been here,” Reese said. “Even though we had friends here like Scott and Shawn, it was just the two of us most of the time. You’re more than welcome to hang out with us anytime. We have little parties like this with Cale and Daniel,” I said. “They are nudist like us. Lately we’ve been having Scott and Brennan too so two more won’t be a big deal at all,” Corey said. “We met them at Kris’s wedding right?” Reese asked. “You did. They are really good guys,” I replied. “If you don’t mind, we might enjoy it if you think about us,” Reese said. “Trent?” “I think that we would,” Trent said. “Do you have like orgies?” Corey laughed, “No, we don’t. There’s only one guy that I want fucking my ass and it’s my husband.” “I don’t blame you there, Corey,” Reese said laughing as was Trent. “Hey, can I ask you a very personal question?” “Sure,” I replied. “I assume you don’t use protection. How long did you date before you stopped using protection?” Reese asked. “I trust you two more than anything that I’d ever read out there.” “It was about six months. I’m sure you know it’s more about trust and being clean than forgoing condoms. Get tested first…” I replied. “We have been and are clean,” Trent said. “We’re really tired of fucking around you might say and are ready to commit to each other.” “Then I’d say you’re ready but it is a very personal choice,” I said. “Can you really feel the difference?” Reese asked. “Reese, you’ve never been fucked bareback?” Corey asked. “I haven’t. I’ve been way too scared. I’ve wanted to but never could let a guy fuck me bareback,” Reese replied. “Before I wised up, I fucked a few guys without a condom. I got lucky as hell though and haven’t in a while,” Trent stated. “You are lucky, Trent. Reese, there is a difference in feeling and it feels great. Once you start, continue to get tested. Corey and I still do even though we’re married.” “Thanks guys. Trent knows how highly I still think of you two. You’ve been my inspiration since the day we met. I knew there was hope after I met you and even more seeing how you are married and just the perfect couple.” “Thanks but we’re not perfect,” I said. “You are to me,” Reese said. Corey stood and turned around, pointing at his nice muscular ass. “Here’s my ass if you want to keep on kissing it.” Trent laughed loudly as did Reese and I. “I think that he would,” Trent said laughing. “Hell yeah I would but then I’d have to deal with Matt,” Reese laughed. “You sure would,” I said laughing. They stayed around until it was dark, about eight. We told them that they were welcome back anytime. Corey and I sat in our living room to finish off our night before returning to work the next day and ending our vacation. “This weekend I got a real glimpse of how things are going to be this summer…” he said. “I did too and I like it,” I said. “Me too. It makes me wonder if buying this house or marrying you was the best decision that we made last year,” Corey said. “We know but it’s a close race,” I said and kissed him. TO BE CONTINUED… I hope that you enjoyed another chapter of `Rooming’. You are always welcome to write me at: wasputz2525@yahoo. I really do enjoy your emails and try my best to respond to each one. Please put “Rooming” so it doesn’t get lost in my spam. Also, my website, ies, has all my stories along with a place to sign up for my emails when new stories are posted such as this one. Remember to keep this shit going Nifty needs your help in any way possible.

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