Subject: After the bell After the bell, the quiet studious atmosphere was shattered with the clatter of books and bags and excited chatter. Angela remained seated at her desk in the front corner of her American Literature class watching her students collect their belongings and prepare to leave for the weekend. The young teacher was aptly named her face was angelic, and her body was heavenly. “Remember your essays are due on Tuesday” she raised her voice above the din, then added almost sarcastically “Have a good weekend!” There was a muted groan from the departing students. The room emptied in less than a minute. The teacher sat looking down at her lesson plans for the next week, but not really seeing them. Her mind was preoccupied with her own personal dilemma. She had been married for six years and the first five had been wonderful. Angela turned her discontent over in her mind for the millionth time; where had it gone wrong? Tom’s new job was certainly part of it. She cursed the day she had encouraged him to take it. The company’s expectations were high and her husband was determined to meet them. The opportunity had arisen unexpectedly; a vice president of logistics has a heart attack his young second in command was the obvious choice as his successor. Angela was pretty sure that `Bud’ the president, and now Tom’s boss, knew he wasn’t ready but the circumstances dictated otherwise. She’d overheard Bud talking to Carl, the VP of finance, at the Christmas party; `Throw him out in the deep water, he’ll either sink or swim’ he’d said. He was right! Tom was swimming as hard as he could. Angela thought `Yeah but I’m the one who’s drowning’. There was more to it than that. The new power and authority seemed to have gone to his head. He was so often abrupt and curt with her now. The stress and fatigue were a factor, sure, but he had also been spending a lot of time with the senior managers and was learning to copy their style. The relaxed caring man she married was gone; she feared forever. Love making, if you could call it that, had become more like a bodily function. Tom needed to drain his testicles a couple of times a week. The situation in the bedroom got so bad that a month ago Angela had decided to see a doctor. Her personality was such that she blamed herself for the down turn in their sex life. Maybe it had to do with her inexperience; Tom was her first and only lover. `Even though he’s ten years older than me, I don’t think he is all that experienced either’ she thought. Perhaps it was a case of the blind leading the blind. She went to the doctor to rule out any medical reasons for her lack of arousal. As it turned out the appointment with Doctor Peters had compounded her problem. All of her sexuality, pent up for nearly a year, had surfaced in the doctor’s examination room. She became so aroused during the examination that she had an orgasm, or two or three she really couldn’t remember the whole thing very clearly. What she did remember vividly was how wonderful it felt. If she let her mind wander toward that memory, it caused a persistent tingle between her legs. It was all the more disturbing that her orgasms had been delivered by two other women! She had fantasies in the past about sex with other women but she had never in her wildest moments thought that it would ever happen. Now it had happened, there was no putting the toothpaste back in the tube. The lingering gentle stroking and sucking was so different from the rough quick assault she had come to accept as sexual relations. For just a moment she let her mind take her back to the breast examination. Doctor Peters had pinched and pulled her sensitive nipples so skillfully and she had been so horny to start with that her first orgasm in more than a year had been like a giant weight being lifted off her. At this point Angie couldn’t resist giving her very large tits a squeeze. The rest of the time in the examination room was dream-like but she could recall that she was a willing participant. The new problem was `am I a lesbian?’ The question haunted her. Earlier that very week Angela had struck on an idea. `I’ll go talk to Mary Crawford’ she thought. Mary was the school nurse, and widely rumored to be attracted to women. It would certainly be a little delicate because the nurse wasn’t “out”. Angela knew that Mary would never be able to declare her sexuality as long as she worked for the school board. They weren’t strangers, and Angie quite liked Mary as a person. Anyway it was worth a shot since she couldn’t think of any other plan. She would go to the nurse’s office and discuss how one could be sure whether they were gay; or not. It seemed simple enough, but how to start that conversation had so far eluded her. ************* Mary Crawford was busy updating inoculation records when she heard the soft almost reluctant tap on her office door. For an instant she wondered if it could be her new favorite student, Annie, come for her scheduled `treatment’. In that instant her nipples stiffened and her pussy twitched. “It’s open.” The nurse announced. The door swung partly open and there in a very cute, if a little too short, summer print dress stood the object of her desire. It felt to Nurse Crawford as though something very, very warm had been applied between her legs. “Am I interrupting anything important?” the teenager in the doorway asked. Mary didn’t answer immediately, but instead took a few seconds to drink in Annie’s nubile sexiness. “It is Friday!” the nurse said, trying to make her voice sound stern, but failing. “I know can I come in now!” Annie said. She sounded a little breathless. “I think I can squeeze you. Squeeze you IN I mean.” Mary rejoined as she rose from her chair. Smiling broadly, she pulled the girl inside simultaneously pushing the door closed. Cupping the firm bra-less tits through the thin material of the dress Mary planted a very soft wet kiss on Annie’s willing lips and felt the adolescent nipples stiffen against her palms. Annie reached inside the stiff white coat to push the nurse’s resilient boobs together, squeezing the pliant mounds through Mary’s blouse and lacy bra. The two women merged together into a hug as the kiss continued. The nurse’s larger breasts yielded as the student’s smaller firmer chest pressed against her. They held each other breathlessly as their lips parted. “God you make me so horny I could cum in my panties right now!” Mary gasped. “I didn’t wear any today.” Annie giggled “Ooo you naughty girl.” Ms Crawford chastened as she reached under the front of the short dress and quickly encountered the moist naked pubes. She allowed he middle finger to slip between the slick pouting lips. Curling her finger she pressed on the very firm oversized clit. Annie’s hips retracted away. The sensation was too overwhelming at that moment. Mary brought the probing finger to her mouth and sucked the sweet juice off it. Mary was sure her heart had stopped when the firm rap on the door echoed in the tiny nurse’s office. `Shit!’ we forgot to flip the `Nurse is busy’ sign and latch the door Mary thought. Both women looked at each other with shear panic on their faces. Without a word Mary pointed to the small washroom at the back of the office. Annie understood instantly and practically flew through the cubicle door, closing it behind her. Mary cleared her throat [clearing her head was another matter] bursa escort bayan and straightened her blouse as best she could. “It’s open” she squeaked. The door opened, and Oh my God, there stood Angela Meyers. “Hey Mary, do you have a couple of minutes?” The nurse’s mind was racing; what must she look like? It was a good thing neither of them had been wearing lip stick or she’d probably look like a clown. Just the same her face was flushed with excitement, her hair was a little tussled and her nipples were pushing out against her bra like two pointing fingers. Thank God the newly arrived teacher couldn’t see the saturated panties and the ooze that coated the top of her thighs. “Sure Angie, what’s on your mind?” Mary said, doing a remarkable job of controlling her breathing to sound almost normal. Angela Meyers plopped herself in the chair beside the desk, and looking nervously down at her lap sighed, “I don’t really know how to begin.” And that was the absolute truth. Annie recognized Ms. Meyer’s voice even before she heard her name. The girl had recovered very quickly from her fright and was now extremely curious to see what this unexpected meeting was all about. Angela Meyers was the subject of several of Annie’s favorite masturbation fantasies. Her massive bust was a subject of conversation among her friends. She could only imagine what kind of thoughts and nervous jokes passed between the boys. She would have been willing to bet everything she had that Ms. Meyers was responsible for a gallon of cum on bathroom floors all over the school district. Very slowly and carefully Annie opened the bathroom door just a crack. The teacher’s dark hair shrouded her face as she sat beside the nurse’s desk with her head down. The girl hiding behind the bathroom door automatically shifted her eyes down to the prominent chest. Those magnificent tits were demurely displayed under the translucent pink silk blouse. The delicate lace on the heavily reinforced cups was intriguingly just visible. Annie wasn’t completely sure but there certainly seemed to be a projection in the center that would provide evidence that Ms. Meyers was sporting some very stiff nipples. “This is very personal” Angie started, clearing her throat. “Just relax and let it come out naturally.” Mary encouraged “I have a lot of medical training in many different disciplines. I’m quite comfortable doing personal counseling. I’m sure you won’t say anything that’s going to shock me.” “Don’t be so sure!” Angela retorted. “Let me guess, is your concern of a sexual nature?” nurse Crawford offered. Angie’s head popped up, “How did you know?” “Well; I’ve found that there is almost nothing else that makes patients as nervous and fidgety as you are.” “So I’m a patient?” “I think we should consider this a professional consultation, yes.” Mary replied. “I wouldn’t want there to be any confusion about our conversation being strictly confidential. I am bound by the same information privilege requirements as a doctor.” Hearing the word `doctor’ caused Angela’s nipples to tighten and her pussy to quiver. The last time she had entered into a conversation with a medical professional about her sexuality the result had been thrilling, but it had also left her with her current dilemma. Part of her mind was saying never mind all that ask her if she’ll lick your pussy. “So how can I help?” the nurse prompted unable to keep her eyes from straying to her patient’s chest. From her vantage point there was no doubt that the teacher’s nipples were straining against the sheer material of her bra, and presenting themselves against the silk of the blouse when ever Angie moved. “I, well, I’ve been… having sexual thoughts about other women.” Angie finally blurted it out with a sigh of relief. “And the problem?” nurse Crawford inquired feeling her juices beginning to bubble again. “Well, I’ve never… I mean I’m married and I don’t know… uh…does it mean I’m, uh, oh, you know uh…” “a lesbian?” Mary interjected. “Yeah, I have these feelings and sometimes they’re really strong, ya know?” Mary almost chuckled at the poor woman’s distress but she managed to hold it in. “It’s quite normal to have these kinds of feelings, and NO that doesn’t make you a lesbian. I could go so far as to say that most women have these feelings from time to time. Some women have them more strongly than others; some women act on them and some don’t. They’re not all lesbians.” Angela felt the oppressive weight lifted off her once again. “Oh God; oh Mary thank you so much.” She said bringing her hand to her chest above her breasts. “It’s such a relief to hear you say that.” Annie took in the conversation but she could hardly believe her ears. When her teacher had confessed to having sensual thoughts about other women, Annie’s hand had involuntarily reached for her crotch. `There’s a chance I could actually live out my fantasy’ she mused. Her fingers deftly parted her slick lips and began to make gentle little circles around her love bud. With her other hand she slipped the shoulder straps of the sun dress down exposing her tingling boobies. Her eye still fixed on tiny slit of an opening in the bathroom door; she pinched and tugged the sensitive tips of her breasts to full erection. “The pity is, Angie that it is so perfectly normal and natural but most women are ashamed of the feelings, so they fight them and try to totally suppress them.” As she said this Mary casually put her hand on Angela’s bare knee. `Mmmm no stockings or panty hose’ Mary thought. Angela’s knee jerked in reflex from the contact of the soft warm hand. “You need to just relax and accept what your body is telling you. Open yourself up to all of the wonderful pleasure you’ve been afraid to let yourself experience.” The school nurse spoke almost hypnotically as she wheeled her desk chair directly in front of the quivering teacher. Bringing her other hand to Angie’s other knee Mary began to apply gentle but persistent outward pressure. Angela looked down at the hem of her skirt and saw the nurse’s hands slowly sliding up her thighs, pushing the bottom of the skirt with them. The small warm fingers were moving very deliberately toward her apex which had begun to tingle and was getting very hot. Annie was breathing quite hard as she approached orgasm. She was afraid she’d be over heard, but she just couldn’t stop herself. It was kind of disappointing that Mary was now blocking her view of Ms. Meyers but she was able to hear enough of the conversation to be thinking that the view might improve immeasurably very soon. She gave her plump, well stimulated mound a little slap and a rocket of pure pleasure exploded in her head. Angela put her head back and closed her eyes. A titanic struggle raged in her head. Her conscience, forged by her puritanical up -bringing, nagged `this is filthy and wrong; you must stop her right now’. Her conscious mind argued: `nothing that feels this wonderful can be so wrong’. Meanwhile her primitive brain screamed to thrust her pelvis toward the dainty hands that were so arousingly caressing her inner thighs. It was a fierce battle but the conscious brain was winning out. She tightened her well developed abdominal muscles to keep her hips from thrusting forward and let her mind focus on the unbelievable sensations nurse Crawford’s hands were stimulating. There was a throbbing sensation nilüfer escort deep inside. It was like a bass drum in parade. At first it was kind of a faint thumping in the distance but growing louder and more forceful with each passing second. Angie bit her lip but was not able to stifle the groan that originated in her boiling core. Mary couldn’t keep the satisfied smile from her face as her finger tips made contact with the elastic around the legs of her patient’s panties. “That’s it baby” she breathed “let yourself go.” She wiggled her butt against the desk chair in a vain attempt to provide her own womanhood some relief. The stupid chair just shifted on its wheels, refusing to provide any friction on her aching pussy. She hooked her fingers under the elastic and pulled the sopping crotch gusset away from Angie’s oozing vulva. Moving down as she pulled outward her finger tips slid along the bulging slick labia. Angela emitted a sound that was somewhere between a sigh and a scream. Pulling her hands out from under the woman’s skirt, Mary stood up. “We’ll be a lot more comfortable over here” she said, as she pulled Angie out of the chair by her upper arms. On rubbery legs Angie allowed herself to be guided over to the examination cot. “Step up” Mary commanded as Angela’s ankle came in contact with the little platform used to get on the rather high bed; somehow her body responded, even though Angie was in a trance like state. She quickly found herself lying on the thin pad of the exam table with her tush on the very edge and her legs sort of dangling. With her patient now in this stable position Mary quickly reached under her dress and stripped off her own panties. She paused for barely a second before shrugging off the white coat then crossing her arms, grabbing the waist band of her cotton shift and pulling it over her head in one smooth motion. She tossed it, she knew not where. Only one thing left. Mary released the front clasp of her sensible `Trico’ bra and threw it away with equal disregard. Totally naked she returned her attention to Angela. Her patient had apparently decided the sudden, if brief, lack of stimulation was unacceptable. She lay there with one hand squeezing a blouse and bra covered tit, while her other hand strummed in a rapid blur back and forth across the protruding hood of her clit. “Oh no you don’t!” Mary whispered and knelt on the step up platform. The nurse’s head was perfectly positioned between the slender white thighs. Turning her hand palm up, she briefly stroked the blossoming lips before sliding two fingers deep into the slippery opening. Angie’s hips bucked a couple of times at the invasion. Mary began a rhythmic thrusting while watching the blur of her patient’s fingers bouncing over her clitoris. Annie lost all control and pulled the bathroom door fully open. Emerging into the small office she was intoxicated by the sweet pungent sent of all the girl juices that were so freely flowing. Her hands were shaking so badly she didn’t know how she could ever get Ms. Meyers blouse open. Her frustrating clumsiness nearly caused her to just rip away the silk covering, but she persevered. An out of place feeling of achievement thrilled her as she finally was able to lay the garment open, exposing the formidable white lace enclosure of Angie’s treasures. Annie gasped at what she had revealed. So many times she had thought about touching and squeezing and licking and sucking those magnificent tits, and now here they were; hers for the taking. If there had ever been a time for a front closure bra, this was it. Unfortunately providence was not with her. Unable to keep her hands off them for another second, Annie stood at the head of the exam table, grabbing both of the fleshy mounds simultaneously and started squeezing. The lacy part of the bra was kind of scratchy but the satiny cups felt wonderful in her small hands. Angie groaned at the new stimulation. Her peak was approaching fast. If she opened her eyes the room was spinning uncontrollably so she kept them tightly closed. Annie accepted her disappointment at having no way to unfasten the bra. She settled for inserting her hands inside the cups, sliding them all the way down to the underside of her teacher’s heaving melons. It took a surprising amount of force, just about all the girl could deliver, to pull upward and pop the gorgeous boobs out of their satin and lace prison. The action caused the stiff lace around the tops of the bra cups to be raked across Angela’s fully aroused and urgently projecting nipples. Annie looked closely as the gum drop sized protrusions were bent down by the firm upper margin of the bra cup and then sprung straight up as they released. The almost painful sensation forced a soft scream from the prone woman’s lips. Now past their widest point the rest of the extraction of the teacher’s breasts was quite easy. The full round mammaries sagged to the outsides of her ribs, and the bottoms sat on top of her collapsed lingerie. As soon as they were fully exposed Annie moved of the side of the table. She hardly even had to lean forward [owing to her short stature and the height of the exam table] to capture one of the pegs in her mouth and begin sucking. At the same time Annie twisted and tugged the matching protrusion on the other breast with her small fingers. Angie felt the rumbling start somewhere in her pelvis or abdomen, she wasn’t sure. What she was sure of was that the run away freight train of her orgasm was completely unstoppable now. Mary felt the contraction of the vaginal walls on her fingers and knew the explosion was not far behind. Leaning forward she pushed Angie’s diddling fingers out of the way with her nose and cheek and wrapped her lips around the pulsating clit, sucking and lashing it with her tongue at the same time. Pulling her two fingers back a little way out of the now rapidly spamming sheath, she hooked her digits upward and stroked firmly on the bulging `G’ spot. The patient’s entire body heaved so violently that it completely left the thin padded top of the cot. Angie’s shoulders snapped back as her hip shot up only to have the opposite movement a split second later. At some point the rapturous woman was levitating above the cot. Annie and Mary both hung on for dear life. The sound that blasted forth from her soul was more animal than human. The pleasure was simply too intense and Angie’s consciousness deserted her. Raising her head from the twitching woman’s bright pink over stimulated boobs, Annie smiled down at the face of her mentor. Actually all she could see of Mary’s face was from the nose up. The nurse was lapping her patient’s labia like a cat on a pool of Devonshire cream, determined to savor every last drop of the thick cum. Annie stripped off her dress almost tearing it in the process. She was amazed that she hadn’t thought to do it before. Strangely the only one in the room with any clothes on [although they were seriously disheveled] was the post orgasmic and semi comatose teacher. Annie had been pounding her vulva against the side of the table all the while she had been sucking her teacher’s tits. It now felt bruised but it was vibrating like a tuning fork. Taking quick strides the girl positioned herself behind the kneeling nurse, and reached around to cup and squeeze her firm globes. It was impossible not to compare them türbanlı escort to the melons she had so recently been enjoying. `More than half the size’ she decided as she gripped Mary’s already ridged nipples and twisted. “Aarrgh!” Mary groaned and collapsed forward; burying her nose in the sopping pubes she had been so diligently licking. She remained there, her face mashed into Angela’s cunt while her prot�g� maddeningly teased her boobs. Mary could feel her lubricant running down her inner thighs as she reveled in the tantalizing treatment Annie was administering to her breasts. She felt the girl’s slippery womanhood rubbing against the back of her shoulders. Annie didn’t realize it but the fact that her over sized clit was so prominent allowed her to get an incredible amount of stimulation from the contact with Mary’s shoulder blades. The school nurse could not take it any more. The urgent pounding between her legs had reached an unbearable pitch. Pivoting on the little step stool she plopped her ass down on it and greeted Annie’s bulging clitoris with her swiping tongue. The girl’s hips reflexively thrust toward Mary’s face, driving the probing tongue deep in her gash and pressing the distended clit on the nurse’s nose. In an act of total abandon Annie put her hands behind the nurse’s head and began humping her tongue. Mary didn’t seem to mind. She reached up and grabbed the teenager’s pert mounds and squeezed, feeling the hard nipples bore into her palms. She took the opportunity to compare pussy juice. Annie’s seemed sweeter and thinner than Angela’s; at this point there didn’t seem to be quite as much of it. The girl continued to rock her hips back and forth while holding her lover’s head steady. Each forward stroke drove Mary’s rigid tongue between her pouting lips and into the entrance of her vagina. As a luxurious bonus her clitoris also collided with the nurse’s upper lip and nose. Mary sensed from the pace of the thrusts, the pitch of the cute little squeals and the amount of fluid she was swallowing that Annie’s climax was very close. Taking her right hand off the immature breast she slid it around and down over the small of the girl’s back. Continuing down she gave the tight thrusting rump a firm slap. The nurse’s hand descended further until she was able to reach between Annie’s legs and scoop three fingers worth of lubricant from the flowing pussy. Moving back between the rapidly moving cheeks Mary applied her borrowed lube quickly to the teenager’s tight rose bud. Briefly massaging the anus, Mary then pushed her index finger past the powerful muscle into the girl’s super heated rectum. The new and intensely erotic sensation of having her ass penetrated immediately drove the hyper-stimulated young lady over the edge. With a garbled scream she pushed her vulva hard against the school nurse’s face. Mary anticipated the reaction and had tipped her head back and opened her mouth. When Annie’s hips came forward the nurse was able to capture the ample clit with her lips and start sucking. The girl jerked convulsively as wave after wave of orgasmic delight swept over her. The nurse continued to wiggle the finger she had embedded up to the second knuckle in the spasming girl’s ass hole. Annie’s legs turned to water and she crumpled to the tile floor. The only thought in her spinning head at that moment was how much she wanted the full entr�e version of Mary’s pussy juice. The last time they had been together Annie had only had a small taste of the delicious fluid that flowed between Ms. Crawford’s legs. In her post orgasmic haze last Friday she had licked Mary’s cum off Mary’s fingers. Now she was determined to drink her fill. Annie managed to grasp the nurse’s shoulders on her way down. It was surprisingly easy to tip the naked woman off the step stool she had been sitting on. Two naked bodies collapsed on the hard cold tile floor. Mary barely had time to notice the discomfort. Annie had turned into a ravenous animal her mouth and hands seemed to be everywhere at once. When Mary was able to focus and isolate the multiple sensations she realized she was flat on her back and Annie was kneeling over her from between her bent legs. The girl’s mouth captured a nipple and sucked hard. Before the prone woman could even appreciate the sensation, the girl’s mouth was on her other breast, but again only for a second. Mary was getting caught up in her lover’s frantic urgency. Annie’s mouth and tongue and teeth licked and sucked and nipped their way down her body at incredible speed. When the girl reached the pussy mound she paused to look closely at her mentor’s beautiful womanhood. “Oh yes, oh God Annie please!” Mary shrieked. The teenager had not really needed any encouragement or persuasion. She virtually dove on to the bubbling vulva licking and sucking wildly. In truth Mary had been holding back her climax for quite a while now; holding it back for just this moment. She came with the completeness that only a many times delayed orgasm can. Her hips rocketed off the floor until she was nearly standing on her shoulders. Annie wrapped her arms around the flailing legs and rocked back with the force of the nurse’s upward thrust but never lost the contact between her mouth and the ejaculating cunt. She rapturously swallowed the delicious nectar as Mary’s muscles relaxed from their violent contractions and they were both back on the hard floor again. Ms. Mary Crawford kept her eyes tightly closed because it was the only way to keep the room from spinning out of control. She struggled to regain control of her breathing before she hyperventilated and passed out. Eventually she was able to look down her body. She was lying on her side. She could see the top of Annie’s head as it was trapped between her thighs. Annie’s breath high on her inner thighs felt even and regular. Mary suspected the teenager was asleep. She also became aware how uncomfortable it was lying on the tile floor. Opening her legs she freed the girl’s head and realized that everything from her navel to her knees was coated in girl juice, most of it her own. Mary took great care to support Annie’s head as she struggled to her feet. She grabbed her medical coat lying on the floor and carefully slipped it under the sleeping girl’s head. It was only then that she noticed Angela sitting upright on the cot. The young teacher had relieved herself of all of her clothes while Mary and Annie had been engaged. Angie had her hand under one of those magnificent hooters and was idly stroking her nipple with her thumb. The teacher’s other hand was between her legs making circular motions. “I came twice more just watching you two.” The teacher sighed, looking at Mary through glassy eyes. “So now you see how satisfying making love with a woman can be.” “In all honesty I don’t think I ever really doubted it. I just needed to give myself permission to let nature take its course. You helped me do that Mary. How can I ever thank you?” Angela’s look was one of sincere appreciation. “Well…” Mary smiled “I never did get a chance to play with your fabulous boobs.” reaching out to stroke the tittie that Angie was neglecting. The teacher closed her eyes and breathed “any time.” Mary Crawford R.N. glanced at the clock on the desk; it read five thirty-eight. “I’ll have to take a rain cheque.” Mary said reluctantly removing her hand from Angie’s rock hard nipple. “The cleaning crew usually shows up a little after six. We had better be cleaned up and out of here by then, or we’ll both be unemployed; if not in jail.” It was the jail part that snapped Angie out of her dream state. “Oh shit, we better move!”

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