Subject: After Turning Sixteen Part 12 Please do contribute to Nifty. I do answer all emails at mikedave01@yahoo and thanks for all comments! After Turning Sixteen Part 12 Well, things moved on and continued. I did get permission to attend the Nerds Club briefly the next week and was put on the agenda by Heather early to ask for volunteers to fill out my newly created survey to work with athletes on joint mentoring. As the hands went up I said I could only accept ten for now for the joint mentoring, but that I would keep all completed surveys and I gave my email address to get in touch as I was able to expand the program. Well, that went well. For the athletes I had to go to all of the teams, even those not practicing in the winter, and get their coaches and teams to hold a meeting with me or at least let me send an email to their teams with the promise of absolute confidentiality with this list. Not too surprisingly the women’s gymnastics and volleyball teams were not terribly interested since they were doing fine with schoolwork. In fact, most of the women in the Nerds and in athletics were not that interested in this joint mentoring program. It seemed that already had worked something out, if needed. Men however were very different. What did that say about this culture? Well, I had too many ideas about that! Anyway, the football team was quite interested. Again, no surprise. The wrestling team seemed more interested in me than anything else! Damn they were hot guys and one gal! I quickly spotted a half chubby. They all seemed satisfied by that and learning that the rumors about me and my cock size were true. I managed to stay on task, if just barely. I could tell that a few members of the team were very interested in help with schoolwork though. I sort of pitied (or did I?) the Nerds who would work with them. The thoughts of super boyish Nerds working out with super hot wrestlers? Hmm. OK, I had feelings and urges to sort out. Back to reality. Just seeing Phil one night a week wasn’t enough, as I realized after my fantasy about Nerds and wrestlers. I mean I love Phil and let me give you the full rundown of our first Saturday night after the Monday night I described earlier. Phil and I had been together as often as we could be during the week, but it wasn’t much. A stolen kiss and a feel here and there. His parents refused to let him go out during the week. I knew even Saturday was going to be difficult, especially for a “sleepover”. And who used that word anymore? I mean Phil is fucking seventeen years old and getting ready to be eighteen soon. As you all know I’m sixteen going on seventeen. Neither of us are children. Well, take what you can get, Dave, I told myself. I did love the big lug and he loved me. Finally on Saturday we decided to try flip fucking. I let him go first. We knew we didn’t have a huge amount of time and we had both prepared ourselves. I knew his average, if very nice cock, wouldn’t make me cum, but I knew he would cum and I looked forward to his first rough fuck of me. It was time for him to be the man he was, despite his parents. I mean the dude’s 6’7 and 220 pounds! I wanted to yell at Phil to treat me like a man and fuck me hard! But I had to work with Phil on this. I even had to force him into me as hard and as low and he could go and encourage him to piston me fast. Yeah, that finally hit my prostate some and made me hard. But would he get fucked rough back? You better believe it. After he came in me, and we agreed to this, since we were both virginal (enough) I frankly took the dude and slammed him down on the bed and entered him in one swoop. I think my strength and my force shocked Phil. I’m a lot shorter than he is, but I hadn’t had anything like sex in a week and I used the muscles I worked on to overpower him. I just fucking wanted his butt. He had never seen me quite like this, but I could tell he loved it. While I was forcing him to be a top, since he would have to be a top in this life, he was a natural bottom and a sub to my dom, despite our size difference, in height. But since I had the more muscles and the bigger cock, yeah, he would have to submit to me, and he did. A great butt and he milked my huge cock soon to cum in him. We fell on each other then, loving the feel of our naked bodies and kissed deeply. But what were we going to do I wondered? How can you be in love at this age with wonderful sex and not be together? He and I read each other’s minds then. Damn it, we were in love. He had to go and I would be alone again. We had cleaned up thoroughly in the rainfall shower before he had to leave. I couldn’t help şişli travesti myself, “Damn it Phil, I love you and you love me and we can’t be together.” He smiled at me sadly and said, “Hunter, this is high school. Let’s see what University is like.” Frankly, that didn’t make me feel better. He would be there for a full year before I would. Yeah, someone would snake him away from me. Grow up Hunter John Luke, I told myself. I went to Dad the next evening to talk about sex and what and what was not exclusive. I explained my frustration with Phil, despite loving him and loving sex with him as well as pushing him in sex. I wanted to know if I could do other stuff and be with other people without hurting Phil, while still being exclusive. I also said I figured someone would snake him in University when I wasn’t there for a year. I explained that now I was awakened I wanted sex often. Dad looked at me in astonishment. He said, “You’re not seventeen yet and you’ve got this figured out?” I smiled at him and said,” I had a good teacher”. He had a sad reply. “I am not sure if this makes me feel good or bad.” I answered, “To quote you, `it is what it is.'”. He had to nod at that. “And”, I said, leering a bit at Dad despite myself, “nothing sexual with us for a while?” He smiled and answered, “Not until your 18th birthday.” “So, what is sexually ok for me and what is not if I’m being exclusive with Phil?” He knew how serious I was and said, “Nothing anal either giving or receiving.” He looked at me again. “Nothing vaginal either.” OK, no out there. “Oral depends. Hands are totally fine. Of course you’ll need to talk about this with Phil, too. He may want to explore other people as well.” Well, that didn’t occur to me. I suddenly didn’t like that at all! I mean, I knew in the abstract that there might be another person with Phil at the U. but the thought of someone else with him now? I had to sit down suddenly as I had a fit of what had to be severe jealousy, and it was only hypothetical. What would I be like if the real thing happened? Dad quickly figured out what was wrong and said, “What’s good for the gander is not good for the goose?” WTF, I thought? And then I figured it out. “So, if Phil and I are going to be equals, we have to be equal in everything, including this.” “Yeah”, Dad answered. OK. I didn’t want Phil and me to be equals. I wanted to be his only man. Even as I thought this, I knew how selfish this thought was. I wanted to mess around with others and have Phil as the virginal guy waiting for me at my house in the suburbs welcoming me dressed in a white apron with a casserole? The thought of a 6’7 guy in that outfit finally did me in. Too much 1950’s TV! Dad saw my expression change and relaxed. I thought hard again and said, “Dad, you said you’ve been in love after my mother and you’ve said you got fucked/made love to. How did you deal with jealousy? I have been working hard to grow up fast since my 16th birthday, but sometimes I am not as old as I want to be.” “Oh Jean-Luc”, he replied. “I don’t want you to grow up too fast. But I understand that you are as you are.” He stopped for a second and then repeated the last phrase in French. It did sound better in French. Yeah, I am as I am. “But Dad, jealousy?” He took a minute to reply. “Jean-Luc, it may be the ugliest of human emotions. And is it paired with love? I am not enough of a philosopher to know the answer to that. In my case it was once. I don’t want to share too much of the ugliness of my past and want you to focus on a beautiful future for you” (and for you, too, I thought, about my Dad.) He read my expression and had a sad smile. “Is it too late for love?” he half sang, singing the Swedish Eurovision song from a couple of years ago. I looked at his super hot masculine form and shook my head no. He did smile then. Then he went on. “Danny was a beautiful man. I had never been with a man at that point, nor even thought about it as an adult. But he was the classic blond, blue-eyed, young guy with just enough height and just enough of a body. And he decided to take me. I knew I was vulnerable after your mother left me. But I didn’t realize quite how vulnerable. I was shifting between teaching French at Univ. X and the high school and assistant coaching at both places. Danny was a new teaching assistant in French at the U. He worked for me, sort of. I hadn’t had sex in a while, taking care of you as well as I could, with help of course, and trying to make money for us to have food and a place to live. Danny saw all of this quickly and understood everything about us and started to beylikdüzü travesti plan. He saw there was a conference coming up he and I could go to that wouldn’t be that expensive, would be helpful, and not that far away. He mentioned it to me and said we could share a room and that my “bonne” (maid) could take care of you.” He stopped and asked, “Do you want me to go on, Jean-Luc?” “Please Dad”, I answered. “I have no problem seeing why he wanted you and decided to have you with your great body and face!” Dad blushed a bit and said, “Well, he worked out all the details. We wound up at the conference in a king-sized room with one bed. Let me not go into too many details, but we did become naked and I learned that sex with a man could be amazing!” He stopped again and thought, but continued. “Jean-Luc, I fell in love with him then. But he was using me. After a month together he took me aside, while clothed at the University, to say he was in the process of creating a company he wanted me to be part of that was being funded by wealthy alumni at the U. I told him I didn’t think I had time to do this. He assured me I did and that it paid very well. Well, I needed the money for us and agreed to the interviews for his company. Well, imagine my shock, if not yours, in realizing this was a sex company! Danny had seduced me to recruit me as a sex worker! It took me two weeks to calm down and not kill Danny. If you hadn’t been around Jean-Luc, I would have killed him. But I couldn’t abandon you being in prison. I had fallen in love with him, just like with your mother, and he has just used me, just like she did. I became quite hardened then. I had learned I had a big cock, just as you have. I found that I had a porn-worthy body, just as you have. I had few choices then. I joined the company and totally shunned Danny.” Dad looked hard at me and I suddenly understood a lot of things. But it wasn’t my turn to speak. Dad spoke again. “I’m not a stupid guy. I figured out the company pretty quickly and decided to take it over after my anger and jealousy abated.” Dad looked at me. “Was it equally part of wanting to provide for you and me and equally part of not wanting to go to prison for killing Danny? Both. It did take over ten years, but I had the time to do it and this is not the hugest of cities and this wasn’t the best of companies. After ten years I was in a position to take over the business.” He looked at me. “What you and Gio call `The Business’. After I did I diversified the business with videos of all kinds, instead of just the narrow market that it had targeted, and gyms, as you have experienced with both Jack and Gio who are part owners of the gyms where they work.” He looked at me again. “As for Danny, I don’t know what he is doing.” I immediately sensed bad things about Danny. I had horrible thoughts about my mother already. May neither one of them interfere with my life and my Dad. Well, here was the revelation about “The Business” as well as what it was and wasn’t. But I realized I needed to know much more about “The Business”. I asked Dad’s permission to talk to both Jack and Gio about their gyms and learn more about what they offered and how they were run. I could look at the videos Gio and sent me links to and figure out what they included on my own after I figured out their brand names, and there had to be multiple brand names depending on what they specialized in. I mentioned all of this to my Dad who was a bit taken aback. But he respected my mind and agreed I could learn more about the gyms as well as the videos. But he also reminded me of being exclusive with Phil and the need to talk to him about what our limits were. Yeah. But a guy’s (or gal’s?) hand on me would feel good and would Phil mind if someone jacked me off? Probably not. I went to Jack’s gym first and got the full tour of the facility finally. It was super nice and much larger than I expected. I was surprised by how nice the swimming pool was and that there were exercise mats that were used for wrestling classes as well. I have to admit to admiring how hot Jack was in workout shorts and a “wifebeater” both in black when giving me the tour. Jack knew the effect he had on me with his short bodybuilder bod and chubbed up a bit. That got me half hard and he smirked and said, “Hunter, you did have quite an effect on the wrestling team, as I am sure you know. When they come here to practice after school, and they do attract members when they do, they do talk.” What? I looked at Jack intensely then. Yeah, the smirk was still there and it was easy to guess at least one thing they talked about. istanbul travesti Time to get him back. “So, Jack, do you `wrestle’ with some of them after school and after practice?” That wiped the smirk off. “Just one”, he said. He reached out and touched my cock in my workout shorts. “He’s super hot, but he doesn’t have what you and your Dad have.” That made me go totally hard. The tour was officially over then! And no, nothing sexual happened of course. It took longer to set up the tour with Gio. “Gio”, I said after entering his gym or whatever it was, “Can you tell me more about this place and what you do here? My Dad just explained more about his past and told me more about “The Business” and said this place was part of it. He also talked about Danny and his past with him. Gio looked very sad then. And wasn’t he beautiful even sad? “Gianluca”, he said, “Danny exists to use other people. When your Dad took over “The Business” and established gyms and video companies, Danny tried to do the same. However, people who work for your Dad know he cares about them. People who worked for Danny quickly learned he was looking for a quick buck only. While it would be unfair to say that he was forced out of town on a rail, it was close to that.” I was a bit shocked by this phrase, knowing what it could imply. Gio noted my expression and said, “Not quite, Gianluca, not quite.” After that he showed me his facility. It had been made clear to me that Jack’s gym was for helping people (mainly guys) tone up their bodies and become more fit. It soon became clear that Gio’s gym was to help guys enjoy being guys. It took me a while to understand all of the things Gio’s gym did to do this. It was a bit like the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz movie. There were places to help with the skin, the hair, and different aspects of the body. I could almost see the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion getting worked over, if not Dorothy or Toto. Gio was amused as he saw my expressions and said, “Yes, I do enjoy this place.” I suddenly wanted to see him naked and my cock started to get hard thinking of him that way and the memory of how my cock felt in him! “No, no, no, Gianluca”, Gio said. “Think of your Phil.” Well I did. But that was not satisfying. So, to the real question and real reason for being there. “Gio, is there anything I can do here that will help me be faithful and exclusive with Phil and will satisfy me?” I could tell he was not surprised by that question and had been expecting it. “Let me talk with your Dad about his limits until you are eighteen. And you need to talk with Phil about his limits for you as well, if you do intend to be faithful and exclusive with him.” Well, hell, not what I wanted to hear. No easy answers here either. I could tell Dad had made up his mind about my limits by the next day. But he insisted I talk with Phil before he talked with me. Phil and I had a few minutes after practice two days later. We quickly kissed and groped each other, making each other hard in our workout shorts. But I knew Phil and I had to talk. I didn’t know how to start, but knew this was my conversation. “Phil”, I said, “I love you and am in love with you.” He nodded. This was not news. “But I’m not able to be with you but once a week, due to your parents.” Again not news. “I am perpetually horny though and that is distracting me enough to affect my schoolwork and our team.” I shrugged my shoulders in a way I was told was quite French then. Phil studied me quite carefully then. It was obvious he expected this conversation. When had I become so predictable I wondered? He finally said, “You do have a gift with words, don’t you Hunter?” I shrugged again. Not news once again. “You aren’t asking me directly, but only indirectly, if you can mess around with others.” Well, I certainly wouldn’t have put it that way! He went on, “Whatever you do with women is fine with me, if it’s fine with your Dad, and it’s safe with condoms.” He stopped and considered. “When I go to the U. I know all bets are off for both of us, although I will always love you, whether I’m still in love with you then or not.” OK, worst fears talked about. I sat down suddenly on one of the benches in the locker room and tried not to get too emotional. “You do love me that much, don’t you, Hunter?” Phil said rather stoically. I am sure my face registered all of my emotions and turmoil. I really regretted this conversation and wished I had not begun it, but I am an honest person and try to be an honest person always. So, this was necessary. Phil looked at me again and finally softened some. I knew he loved me, too, and was in love with me. He pulled my face up from looking down at the floor and said, “I might have a solution for us, but it will take a few days and you will have to work on jealousy.” What? And the basketball season is starting in two hoo

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