Subject: After Turning Sixteen Part 17 After Turning Sixteen, Part 17 As always, please contribute to Nifty. And I do answer all emails at hoo. That is zero one btw. Not many reactions to my last chapter. But it wasn’t very controversial either. I guess you all are just enjoying the story and are satisfied with it. I am going to shorten the protagonist’s (Hunter’s) 17th year to get to the d�nouement of his 18th year and him joining his Dad’s Business along with his lover, Jacob. Yeah. Jacob and I had a talk about being with other people on Sunday. I told him I wasn’t sure about that after admitting that we were “in love” with each other and was still unsure what that meant, since this was a totally new thing or me. I could tell Jacob was having a hard time not laughing at me. He said, “Hunter, share the wealth. I know who you are and what you feel. Having sex with others, won’t be like making love with me.” He smiled at me then and said, “But enjoy having sex with them since I know you’ll always come back to me.” Well, that was quite unexpected and would require thought. The basketball season was well underway. We were still undefeated, although winning some games just barely as we held back on what we could do. After a discussion with my Dad we agreed to lose two games, both away games, at the top ranked teams we would play. I had to have a long talk with the basketball team about this and explain why we were going to lose, if just barely, away, to sucker the other teams in the State tournament so that they would not be expecting what we could do in the tournament. Eventually the entire team got it. I think at that point we decided we would win the State this year for the first time in the history of the high school. Yeah, it was for small schools, but we were going to play like a big school. I knew we could do it. I had the entire team go to Jack’s gym as often as possible. Jacob and I had special sessions. And did we let hot bodybuilder Jack participate at times? Yes. I wanted to explore being with other people, but wanted to start it out with my Jacob with me. To be honest, I had never had sex with Jack before, so this was a brand new thing. His cock fit his shorter and stockier body. Very hard when he was with the teen muscle boys of course. Again, trying out new things we gradually devolved into me fucking Jack while he fucked Jacob and finally got the rhythm right so that Jack was fucking himself with me while he fucked Jacob with him. It was an odd feeling to hold the body builder’s shorter and stockier body while I was deep inside him and see him in my beautiful lover. And I was proud of Jack for being the man and taking my 8 inch cock. I could see he was in pain each time I went in him, despite preparation, and me tonguing his he-man big tight ass. But he insisted. I knew Jacob was continuing his sex lessons with Gio. From time to time Jacob would try something new with me that I knew came from Gio. Of course. I’m a man of my word and would accept that and his time with Gio since my Dad had asked me to. And I remembered what Jacob had said about sharing the wealth, but that he knew I would always come back to him. Well, he was right. I did finally get together with Phil again. We had put it off for a bit. But being with Phil was like putting on favorite slippers. I knew we loved each other and always would. But “in love” just wasn’t there was it? Even so, there was something wonderful about being with the guy I felt was my first and such a big guy, too. Dominating and fucking a guy that big stroked my ego and made me feel great! I figured Phil was still seeing Justin as well, but I just accepted that. Not my business anymore to ask about it. Not too surprisingly, Cecily approached me not long after about getting together again. I had no reason to say no and did want to work on my knowledge of women, too. Jacob okayed this with no hesitation and said he might want to have sex with another one of the cheerleaders! Well, that surprised me! He laughed at my reaction and said, “Well, what is good for the gander is also good for the gander”. It took me a few minutes to figure that out! Well, things all continued. The State championship for small schools was coming up. My team and the gym team continued to sharpen up. I continued to enjoy sex with my lover. I enjoyed sex with Jack and him. I enjoyed sex with Cecily, who continued to spread stories around the school of my sexual prowess. But soon started to hear stories of how good Jacob was in bed from some of the women, too! Well, I knew how good he was! But I figured he had spent as much time with Gio learning about women as I had. Good job. Just not the time for Jacob and me to come out as lovers, if there ever would be a time. I tried not to get depressed about that. I truly loved Jacob and was in love with him. Seeing his beautiful body, face, and smile made me deeply happy, just seeing him, much less naked in bed with him, making love with him, and talking with him, listening to his beautiful voice. The basketball team did lose the two away games Dad and I had agreed on, but by only two points each time. So, our team was seeded fourth in the State championships. Our first game was against a play-in team we had already played and beaten quite handily. To my delight a fair number of high school classmates showed up at the playoffs. I wished I could tell them that their trip to the state capital would not be wasted, but I couldn’t. I let the first team show some of its prowess. When we were up by twenty points in the second half I took şişli travesti the first team out. They had fun cheering on the second and third teams, who added to our lead! We won by thirty points! I could feel the reassessment of our team by everybody there, including my classmates. We had to play one more team before the semi-finals and finals. It was a good team and they played very hard. They felt like that they had a lot to prove. I understood this completely. I told my team to hold back until the second part of the second half to let them have some pride at their play. They all understood this, too. They remembered what our team had been like last year. Finally I let them play and asked them to hold the victory to 15 points. They did. We gave hugs and encouragement to the other team afterward, which you would tell they appreciated. The semi-final game was against our major rival. They appeared so over-confident about beating us I really, really, really, wanted to let our team destroy them. I could tell my team was ready to do this. I had to take my team aside. “We can’t destroy our rival. We have one more game to go and we can’t let the team we’re playing in the finals know what we can do yet. We have to surprise them. And I have quite a surprise planned for the second half of that game. As a result, we started slowly and let the rivals take the lead at the half. In the lockeroom at halftime, I explained the second half to the team. “We’re starting the second half with the blue and red teams. You will retake the lead, confounding our rivals. They will give their all to try to retake the lead from us. But I know you guys can keep the lead and push them very hard physically so that they are all a mass of sweat and tiredness. At seven minutes left I’ll call a timeout and then the white team will take the court and show these fuckers who we are as a school! Blue and Red, ready to do your job?” “Ready” they yelled in unison! “White team ready?” “Ready”. “All right guys, let’s do this!” I was so fuckin’ proud of the blue and red teams then. They substituted freely between both of their teams never giving our rival school a chance to figure out their play style. And they did retake the lead and even started to expand it. Jacob’s extremely accurate shooting was a big part of this. And was I proud of him and in love with him. Of course. With seven minutes left I called the timeout. I took the blue and red teams out and congratulated them with hugs. “You guys are amazing”, I said. “I think next year’s team will be amazing, too!” I don’t think I could have said anything better. Thank you to everybody teaching me how to grow up. The white team wanted to know what the final score should be, since it was obvious we could make it whatever we wanted it to be. The rival starting team was exhausted and they didn’t have the backups. We were up by eight. The thoughts rushed through my head. I wanted the final team in the championship to underestimate us still. I finally said, “Somewhere between sixteen and eighteen.” I looked at the white team again and said, “I will let you out in the second half of the championship tomorrow night to show all you can do for scholarships, and maybe even pro.” That did make them smile. To their credit, they did hold back, just barely. The final score had us 22 points ahead. A shocker of a result for a State championship semi-final, especially from a school no one had heard of. I spent the Saturday with Jacob studying and kissing. I had to tease him and say that he now had quite a rep with women in our school! “And you don’t Hunter?” OK, I deserved that. Soon, it was time to go to the arena for the finals after getting dressed in our away uniforms, once again, since the other team was ranked higher. My team emerged from the tunnel to screams! I looked around I could swear the entire high school was there! Well, final nail in the coffin for the other team. We were going to obliterate the other team in the second half. I had the blue and red teams start, just to confuse the opposing team once again. Once again, they showed their mettle. I let them play the entire first half to give them experience at this level. They were just down by five at the half. I wasn’t sure why but at the first timeout in the first half I asked Jacob to hold back and save himself. His look of confusion was expected. But somehow I knew I needed to do this. At the lockeroom at halftime I pulled out a large bag. I said “These are your uniforms for the second half.” It didn’t take much for them to start chuckling. After making them wear tee shirts for the season, they suddenly had sleeveless tees that would show off all of their new muscles from all of the practice we had done. They knew this would psyche out the opposing team. And their shirts were a bit tight, but well fitted. The shorts were a bit shorter than the norm. Their chuckles turned into laughs. They all knew exactly what I was doing. And in a weird moment I put the uniform I had got for Jacob for next year into his locker. This would fit him even better. I wasn’t sure why I did that. We went back out for the second half in our new revealing uniforms to bigger screams! I had my team do drills that would show off their muscles to more screams. OK. I could imagine the pics in the papers. But we had a game to win first. The other team was now seriously psyched out. We took the lead easily and started to expand it to twenty points. The other team was not having this. They had been State champions for four years in beylikdüzü travesti a row. Eventually about halfway through the second half with us still up by twenty points they did the dirty play. They fouled James in such a way as to twist his ankle. He could barely get up in pain. I thought Josh was going to kill the guy who had done that. And he probably could have done that, since that guy was another guard and not a big very muscular forward like Josh. And did they make a huge mistake in taking James out of the game instead of me. Yeah. They thought he was the playmaker as a senior and not me as a sophomore. They would now suffer for their lack of research. I took a quick timeout that wouldn’t be charged to us, since it had involved an injury. I told Jacob to go change into his new uniform in the lockeroom very quickly. And I addressed the team, “Ok guys, you are released to do your very best and very worst for James. Let’s fuckin’ obliterate them!” Jacob came out to replace James. And did the two of us play telepathically. Yes. The other team didn’t know what hit them. They scored no more points while we scored forty. Devont�, Josh, and Phil were so angry that they were all over the other team’s bigger players and slammed down all of their shots and were so in the other guys faces that it almost looked like WWE. Jacob and I stole the ball multiple times from their psyched out guards for easy layups on the other side of the court. Both of us were totally on, shooting close to 100% and feeding the big guys with passes that also psyched out our opponents. All of us were so angry at the intentional dirty trick that we showed them no mercy in the slightest. We won by sixty points in the State championship. We all checked up on James after the win and were relieved to hear it was really just a sprain and not the broken ankle we feared. I knew Josh would be taking care of James and loving him. I was hoping Phil and Justin would be in bed together. I knew Devont� could have anyone he wanted tonight. As for me, I just wanted my Jacob. Well, you can imagine the media interest in our very unlikely win. We, as a team, decided to ignore it. We did no interviews and took our bus to our hotel and paired up for loving that night. I didn’t see who Devont� took into his room, but guess it was one of the other cute guards from the red and blue teams (or maybe both?) We owed our loyalty to our school first and foremost and they would get our first attention on Monday. The principal schedule a pep rally at the end of the day to honor the basketball team. The clapping for us was slow at first and then got louder and louder until the whole gym was shaking. I know someone would have to speak. Please not me! The principal handed the microphone to the basketball coaches. They acknowledged the cheers. Then my Dad said in his low voice, “I am very proud of this team and the first State championship for our high school! Of course, I may be proudest of my son, Hunter John Luke.” Again cheers. Dad’s terrific smile resonated through the gym and then he handed me the mic. I looked out at all 700 of the high school. I was so overwhelmed and didn’t know what to say. Finally I decided to give what I could to all of them. “I just want to thank all of you for your support of this team” and I indicated the entire team. “Your being there at the State championship made it happen. I don’t think we could have done it without you.” The cheers were deafening. “But while I’m extremely happy with the State championship, I’m happier with all of you. You are becoming some kind of community and helping each other. I am happy to have been part of that and respect all of you for all of your efforts to do that. I am prouder of you doing that than a basketball championship.” At that point I started to get a bit choked up and gave up the mic. The cheers got even more deafening then and I started to cry a bit. I had to leave soon. I honestly didn’t feel I deserved this kind of importance. I felt everyone in the student body deserved that. All I did was play basketball and help everyone in the high school I could work on becoming what they could be. Why was that special? At this point in my life I had everything I had wanted and needed. I knew it would be a hard row to hoe from now on though. In some senses I felt like the easy part was over, even though it hadn’t been that easy, all things considered. So, less than a year until I was in “The Business” with Dad and Jacob. And this would garner money for both Jacob and me in college as well as for Dad? OK. And I would have to put a team together there to rival the one I had here? When I had a weekend breather after two weekends with Jacob and the media, I called Jon, the older English guy of Jon and Zach, the golden retriever, to ask about our rain check of tea. I just wanted something else and calmer. The media had discovered our State championship and had uncovered some of the backstory and were hounding me and the rest of the team. Well, they would never get the full story. And I knew the attention would blow over soon. Jon didn’t remember me at first when I called, and who could blame him. When I said I was the young guy enjoying Zach chase the ducks and geese at the small lake park, things clicked for him. “Oh, it is you”, he exclaimed. “I never thought I would hear from you.” You could hear the pause. “After the State championship especially!” Sigh. Who around here didn’t know about that? He gave me his address, which was in walking distance. I walked over to his house. istanbul travesti It was a very nice place close to the lake park. I had dressed up a bit for tea, figuring that is what I should do. He was dressed the same way as when I met him. We were a bit formal. Thankfully, Zach was not having that. He quickly nosed me, climbed up on me, and kissed me on the cheek! I couldn’t help but laugh at his antics! I tried to remember the last time I had laughed and couldn’t. OK, Hunter John Luke, time to take some time off from being a too serious guy. I studied Jon a bit. I had really enjoyed our tea and scones, with just a bit of very good butter. He was a very good-looking man, if much older and quite thin. Aristocratic features like Devont�, if very English, older and not Black. I wondered if he would have a hairy chest like Dad? Jon asked me about all kinds of things. It really was a nice conversation, one of the first I had had in a long time. I did try to answer as well as I could, asking him questions in return, finding out why he was in my town (job) and how long he had been here, while scratching Zach, and eventually having him in my lap. Jon had to exclaim at that. “Zach doesn’t go into laps. I have never seen this before.” At this point I sort of wanted to crumple again. What was this about me? I knew I should feel good about being `lovable’, but still. Jon studied me for a minute and then asked, “I hope this doesn’t sound too odd, but could I replace Zach in your lap?” He immediately blushed scarlet. Well, that was an odd request, or was it? Why not? I said, “OK, but you’ll have to get Zach to move. I don’t think both of you would fit in my lap!” Jon had to laugh at that and called out for Zach to come get some food and water in the kitchen. Well, that did it. Zach even kneed me a bit in a tender part to scramble to the kitchen. Jon closed the kitchen louver doors just enough and then came over to me and sat in my lap! To be honest, I wasn’t sure if he would. I immediately started to get hard and I sensed Jon was, too. He leaned over to approach his mouth with mine and asked, “May I?” Why not I thought. I had never done anything with a much older guy. My Dad, in his 40s, was the only older guy I had been with. Jon had to be at least 60 years old, even though he was in great shape and very attractive. And I had never been with anyone non-U.S. American either. This would be a new and learning experience for me. And goodness knows, I love to learn! I smiled at myself then, but then accepted Jon’s mouth in mine then. I could feel his hesitancy, as if he hadn’t kissed in a while. Well, screw that. I reached up and took his face in my hands and pulled him in for a real kiss. When I finally let him go, he was panting! He said, “I have never been kissed like that!” Well, I was going to have fun here and break a 60 year-old man into real sex! The dom side in me emerged. “Jon’, I said, “Go to your bedroom, get undressed, and wait for me.” I watched where he went so I would know where to go. And he was obedient. I checked on Zach quickly who seemed happy and half asleep in the kitchen. Good. I then walked slowly down the hall to Jon’s bedroom. He had pulled the covers down and was naked on his bed. I studied his body then. Frankly, no one would kick him out of bed. He did have a slightly hairy chest and was as thin as I thought, not as tall as me, but tall enough. His 6 and a half inch cock was painfully hard. “Jon”, I said. “Turn over.” Yeah, his ass was as thin as the rest of him and was quite aristocratic as well, his butt cheeks were rising high. I quickly made the decision that today would be for him and not for me. I had him turn over again on his back and enjoyed the lust in his eyes and the tension in his body. I then did a slow strip show for him. He even started to salivate then. When I was naked I decided to tackle him and frot him, naked body to naked body. And he did feel good, if quite different from what I was used to. To my surprise, only a few minutes later I felt his entire body tense and he came between us! He yelled out his orgasm! Wow! That was a first for me! I had never had a guy cum almost immediately with me! I enjoyed the sensation of his cum for a couple of minutes and then got up, found the bathroom and washcloths, and wet a washcloth with warm water. I returned to the bedroom and then cleaned Jon up gently and carefully. He was still reacting to his orgasm and was moaning softly. I lay down beside him then leaned over to touch his chest with mine and kissed him softly. He still wasn’t quite coherent, it seemed. Eventually he was able to speak and said, “I am sorry for cumming so quickly but I have never had anyone so beautiful as you naked with me.” Well, huh. I sort of felt like a Boy Scout who had done his good deed for the day. But I realized I liked Jon as a person and he had taken me seriously as a person in our conversation. So, all was fine. I then said, “Jon, this was my pleasure and I am very glad you enjoyed me in your bed. But in our next time we will explore farther.” You could see the wild hope spring up in his face. Hell, I thought. I would have to come back by here. I would feel like I was kicking a puppy if I didn’t. And the thought of the aristocratic, English, 60-something Jon, being a puppy almost made me laugh out loud! I did smile at him though and he smiled back. Nice smile he had. We soon got dressed and let Zach out who obviously had adopted me as he climbed on me for a kiss again. Grin. I then said my farewells. But I promised Jon I would be back soon. That made him so obviously delighted that I knew I was doing the right thing. To be continued for one more chapter. It is time for Hunter John Luke to turn eighteen and be part of “The Business”! Hugs to all my readers. hoo

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