Subject: After Turning Sixteen 4 After Turning Sixteen Part 4 As always don’t forget to donate to Nifty and to write me hoo. When I got home that night Dad was waiting for me. He looked at me a bit anxiously, as if to be sure I was ok. In response I was silent and studied him carefully. He really was a good-looking man, wasn’t he? All kinds of thoughts went through my head then. He said, “Hunter Jean-Luc, is your life ok now? Is your training ok with both Jack and Gio? Is high school still ok?” I am not a dumb kid. I knew Dad was taking me very seriously in a new way. I knew he had set up both trainers with specific agendas to develop me, but also to protect me in certain ways. My love for Dad grew even stronger. I knew what sacrifices he had made to raise me after he told me his story (part of his story?). And I knew he loved me and that he saw my bitch mother in me, too. Well, genetics can be a cool thing, but. I decided to show Dad what his trainers were doing with me. I slowly stripped naked for him and then posed with my new body and muscles. He stared at me, a bit incredulous. He was even salivating a bit it seemed. I gave him my new full-watt smile then and let my cock start to get hard. I could tell he was getting turned on. I slowly stripped him naked as well. I admired his very masculine older guy hairy body. I then started to frot him, naked me to naked him. He shuddered and moaned. I kissed him deeply and passionately. But then I stepped back from him and said, “Dad, I’m sorry, I’m not allowed to cum for two more days, until I see Gio again.” I studied him carefully and saw his admiration. “I wanted to show you the result of that training as well as the basketball training.” He saw my very hard, big cock, the twin to his own big hard cock and nodded. I had one more thing to say though. “Jack is making me pretty good at basketball. I never expected that to happen. I guess I even care about the sport now in a new way. I’d like to help you and the high school team finally. So, expect me to surprise everyone in a practice soon. But to sort of cover that surprise, can you recommend and set me up with a tall forward or center to work with? And if they’re hot, that would help me with Gio’s training as well.” Dad’s sudden megawatt smile didn’t surprise me, even if I really enjoyed it a great deal with us both still naked. He looked me over again and said one word, “Josh”. I almost felt sucker punched then! Josh was everyone’s wet dream. The dude was a sculpted 6’7 with a handsome face and great hair. He was a forward and part-time center on our high school team. He was a senior and had already received college scholarship offers. Dad could see the consternation on my face and waited. Well, damn, I thought. Working with Josh would be a very difficult test, both in terms of basketball and sex. Dad had set me up thoroughly and completely. However, I had to acknowledge his skill in how I had been manipulated. I gave Dad an old-fashioned bow (r�v�rance in French, and yes, I am enjoying French classes) and said, “Touch� monsieur”. The Freudian reference to swords was not lost on him. His response was quick, “� ton avenir” (To your future). I blushed then as only a red head can. Not to my surprise Josh approached me the next day after practice. He said, “John Luke, I was told you wanted to work out with me on being a better basketball player.” I looked him over. Both of us were in sleeveless tees, shorts, and basketball shoes. He really was smoking hot and everybody’s wet dream. Yeah, this was going to be “hard”. I answered, “Hey Josh, I’ve been doing work with a trainer at my Dad’s request on being better at basketball, but you could really help me, too.” I didn’t quite bat my eyelashes at him, but thought about it. He studied me for a minute and saw I had a more developed body and approved, it seemed. “OK”, he said, “Show me what you’ve got.” Well, I wanted to show him everything I had at that point. We started to practice together, slowly at first. He was being very careful and gentle with me. I knew he still saw me as the quiet nerd and he was under Dad’s orders to work out with me. Well, hell, just no. This was not going to work. Using my new body and skills I stole the ball from him, dribbled around him and went for the easy layup. His look of astonishment was so worth it. I just looked at him and said, “OK, ready now?” After that he gave me no quarter. For close to an hour we worked on my basketball, and, eventually he admitted, his. His watch buzzed at the end of the hour and he said he had to go. He looked at me a bit regretfully then though and said, “John Luke, you’ve been holding out on me and the team. You’re really good. We could make the state playoffs with you as a guard.” I decided to answer him with “Josh, I just realized I have been holding out on everybody and am working to stop doing that.” And I winked at him even, just to see how he would react. To my pleasure, he sort of blushed. He sort of mumbled that we’d continue practicing and working on basketball in a couple of days when he had free time after school again. I merely nodded and thanked him for helping me and then stripped off my shirt to see his reaction before heading for the showers. He was startled and was that a bulge in his shorts? Grin. I then wondered much more about this tall drink of water! He sort of ran out the door then. I took my time in the showers alone and got hard, but couldn’t do anything about it of course. I was still not allowed to cum until I saw Gio and worked out with him. I finally met with Gio the two days later. To say I was horned up to the max would be an understatement. Gio noticed immediately. “So, you did not cum in the time from the last session, Gianluca?” I shook my head, no, although it was pretty obvious I hadn’t from the bulge in my shorts, from just being with him in this session. He did smile at my predicament then and said, “Well, Gianluca, this session will be a training one you will need, but it will end happily for you.” I smiled my relief and not for first time wondering if he really was Italian or if the Gio and Gianluca thing was an act of some kind to go with his looks. He then took me back into his private area where he did massages and who knew what else, although I’m now wondering if my Dad knew. And what was the mysterious “business” Gio was training me for? I super wanted to ask Gio about that, but figured he wouldn’t answer but would tell me in time. He stripped me naked and then stripped himself naked. Damn, wasn’t he gorgeous! Every bit of him was toned and shaped. His skin was a natural bronze and his blond hair was just as sculpted as the rest of his body. My hard on got even harder, just looking at him and his masculine beauty. He took in my reaction as natural, but then he said, “Gianluca, I am beautiful and I work at it. But you are beautiful, too. And it seems young Josh is a bit captivated by you.” His smile got a bit broader, but also more enigmatic then. I blushed of course and sort of regretted, just for a second, about taking off my shirt for Josh. But then I realized he had to have talked with Dad who had talked with Gio. OK, I’m out maneuvered again. Gio then sort of took pity on me and said, “Today’s session will be about sucking cock. I will teach you how to suck like a master, like me” he smiled. “And you will learn on me”. Well, this I hadn’t counted on! Well, I guess that there was no reason not to know how to do this, whether I planned on practicing it on other guys or not. Gio had me study his cock first. Like the rest of him, it was beautiful. It wasn’t as big as mine or Dad’s of course, but it fit him and his beauty, and was quite hard. Gio had me “make love” to him before he would let me near his cock. I remembered everything şişli travesti he had taught me. I really am a good student! I worked him over as expertly as I could, all the time trying not to get too turned on. Knowing I’d suck his cock helped. I hadn’t really thought much about doing that before to anybody. Eventually my working over of his beautiful body was good enough for him. His nipples were standing hard and proud. His face was flushed. His mouth was open and he was panting a bit as well as biting back moans, it seemed. But then he became professional again. “Gianluca, before you get to the cock, you must make sure to turn on the man completely. You have done an excellent job on most of my body, but now you must focus on my crotch. Start with my legs near my cock. Lick them and fondle them. Slowly, slowly, work your way up to my balls. And be careful about touching my ass as a handle to give you purchase on my body. Some guys will love that. Others may not. And in a future lesson we we will talk much, much, more about the ass. Notice I have not touched yours yet. This is completely on purpose.” Well, I hadn’t thought that much about asses before either, but guess I would in the future! I did as Gio said and used my new skills to tongue and fondle his legs and his crotch to make him softly moan again before starting to tongue his balls. His balls were shaven and his pubic hair was trimmed I decided, a contrast from mine. I carefully attacked his balls and eventually could get most of both of them into my mouth. What I was doing seemed to be working as Gio balled his fists and got a bit rigid. “OK”, he said. “Now for the cock. Lick up slowly from the balls the length of the shaft. Take your time. Lick the top of the shaft as well as the bottom, but focus on the bottom, especially as you get close to the head of the cock. This is some guys’ most sensitive spot, much like a g spot on a woman.” I did as directed and he moaned much more loudly then. “Now”, he said, “Put the head of my cock in your mouth and swirl it around in your mouth, using your tongue.” I guess I did that well, too. I’ve always been good at following directions. Gio was having a hard time speaking now (!). Now, let the shaft go down your throat. Don’t try to deep throat me yet. There is a technique I need to teach you for that. But you can cheat and let my cock go into your cheek so that you can have the whole cock in your mouth. This works on all normal-sized cocks, if not yours and your Dad’s.” Well, here was more information. He had sucked my Dad off? Guess that was no surprise. I did as he said and eventually got his entire cock into my mouth and I was glad he wasn’t any bigger! His breathing was now loud, so I guessed I was doing very well for a beginner. He reached down to find my cock. With all of my concentration on Gio, I had lost some of my erection. I wasn’t soft, by any means, just not completely hard. He started to stroke me then, while I still worked on his cock. I soon came back to life totally since he was a master masturbator of course. Gio then forced me off his cock and looked at me. “You have done very, very, well today. I did not expect that. For your reward we will now 69 after kissing and frotting a bit. To be honest, I really enjoyed his naked body against mine. He was so muscular and masculine as well as beautiful. He held me in his strong embrace with his big biceps and rubbed our nipples together. I was pretty literally on fire then. I desperately wanted to cum. Gio felt that and told me not yet. He then manhandled me so that I was facing his cock and he was facing mine. “Suck me Gianluca”, was all he said. I used my new knowledge to work on him and I could tell he was getting ready to cum since he got even harder and his balls I were stroking got even more up in their casing. But then to my surprise and delight he took my cock into his mouth! Finally! And he soon deep throated me! “Cum with me Gianluca” was all he managed to say then after releasing me before taking me all the way in again. Yes! I was ready! Too soon, I felt him release his cum into my mouth and I let loose, too! Auggggh! I realized he was swallowing my cum and decided to swallow his, too, in thanks. Eventually we both were done and released each other’s cock, panting still. I wasn’t sure about the taste of Gio’s cum, but decided it was ok enough. He was smacking his lips from mine! He finally said, “Excellent job! I won’t be able to see you until the end of next week. I’m out of town at a conference. However you may practice on your own until I see you next when I’ll teach you how to deep throat and start working on asses.” OK, I thought, practice with whom? Maybe Dad would let me? I thanked Gio for the lesson and got dressed and went home. The next couple of days were sort of uneventful. I wasn’t sure how to broach the topic of cock sucking with Dad and Josh had to bail on me at the next practice he was supposed to be free with the excuse of a big test the next day he hadn’t studied enough for. Well, that gave me a pause. I wondered what Josh was taking as a senior and wondered if I could help him with studying? That might be interesting? I was grateful that Jack was able to give me extra workouts and soon had members of the gym basketball team help with the workouts, too. And why did we always strip our shirts off to play basketball? Even Jack did, showing off his super fit body. Soon the guys got a lot more physical with me, trying to bump me and make me lose my cool and the ball. And were they rubbing their mainly hairy chests and bodies against my smooth one a lot? Yeah. I figured this was just one more way to make me lose my cool. But did I like it? Of course I did. But I only got semi-hard since I was concentrating on the game. However this got noticed, too, it seems! I guess even half-hard I’m as big as some guys hard. I got even better at basketball working out with the older and very experienced guys and even more fit and muscular after working out much more with Jack. But no naked showers with the guys at that gym. Just not done. Eventually I realized I couldn’t wear my clothes anymore. They didn’t fit. I complained to Dad and he looked me over and had to agree with me. He asked if I wanted to wear some of his clothes until we could go shopping. Well, that was a surprise. I guess his clothes would fit me, I realized, after looking at him, at least for now. But if I kept developing they wouldn’t! I went up with Dad to his bedroom and he opened up his closets (!) and drawers and told me to pick out anything I wanted. Wow! I had no idea my Dad was such a clothes horse! My estimation of him and my wondering at his mystery modeling job rose a notch. I had fun rummaging through his stuff and eventually picked out a couple of pairs of older jeans, one pair of nice pants, and some sweats, tees, and shorts. I’m not much of a clothes horse myself and I don’t mind doing the laundry, so that was enough to get me through the week until we could go shopping on the weekend. Dad then prompted me to pick out some socks and asked me if I needed some underwear, too. Oh yeah, guess so. I just got some black dress socks and white athletic socks and then looked for his underwear drawer. Dad had an amused smile on his face and opened four drawers for me and said, “Here”. OMG! I looked at him in amazement. “Yeah”, he said, “we’ll need to start working on your wardrobe, too, I think”. Well, I was sure what he was saying or implying but I wondered if that had to do with the mysterious business Gio kept talking about. I rummaged through his underwear and, unexpectedly, started to get turned on doing it. Here’s what my hot Dad had next to his cock and ass encasing his most private parts, his manhood, his pride…oh beylikdüzü travesti stop it Hunter, I told myself. You have been watching and reading way too much porn! Dad was following my changing expressions trying to figure out what I was thinking. Most of the underwear were brief and some were really brief! I mean, they were more like posing straps than anything you could actually wear. OK. Yeah, I was definitely interested in knowing more. I picked up one of the posing straps and asked Dad if he actually wore this. His quick blush gave me one kind of answer, but I decided to push It a bit. I was horny and hadn’t seen Gio in a while and I knew how hot Dad was. “So Dad”, I said, “How do you wear this? How does this go on? It doesn’t seem big enough to wear.” OK, I was putting it on a bit thick, but continued, “Would you put this on for me and show me how to wear it? Please?” Well, it wasn’t like I hadn’t seen Dad naked and jacked off with him, but this request seemed to throw him for a loop. You could tell this was something new for him. He thought for a minute and then said, “Okay Jean-Luc, but only if you wear one for me to show me you know how to put it on.” Touch� one more time. Challenge accepted. Dad slowly stripped down, showing off his hairy muscular body. I thought about him modeling again. Yeah. I’d pay to see him naked I thought, sort of startling myself with the thought. Soon he was down to some pretty small white briefs with a blue racing stripe that accentuated his bulge. Yeah, he was partly hard, too, and that was impressive, as I well knew from my own cock. He hesitated a bit, but I just looked at him and waited. He finally peeled down his underwear, showing off his pretty hard cock and then tried to put on the posing strap. Epic failure! His ass looked pretty great in the strap (his ass, wow Gio was having an effect on me!) but there was no way his cock was going into that strap! I couldn’t help myself and started to laugh. He glared at me but had to laugh with me when he realized how ridiculous he looked with his now hard cock stretched way beyond the pouch up towards his hairy gut. A bit sheepishly he said, “Well, you’re supposed to wear this when you’re soft.” That made me laugh even harder! “OK, Mr. Wise Guy”, he said, “You can show me how to wear it then” and took off the strap and handed it to me, standing naked with a full hard-on, glaring at me. That was all it took for me to go totally hard. I had to stop laughing and then said, “Dad I’m built like you and there’s no way I can get this tiny thing on now!” pointing down to my swollen cock in my shorts. That made him smile, but then he said, “OK Jean-Luc, strip. I want to see what those trainers I’m paying for are doing for you.” Well, what Jack was doing was one thing. Gio? I slowly took my tee shirt off and even more slowly my shorts. Eventually I was down to my tighty-whiteys. He looked at my old-fashioned underwear and laughed himself. “I like the bulge in them and how it’s coming out of the underwear, but these have to go!” He then stripped them off, making me naked like him. He then started to feel my body up! He made comments from time to time, like “nice” or “good job”, etc. I felt like a piece of meat, but that wasn’t a bad feeling, especially coming from my Dad. I wanted him to be proud of me, I realized. And I realized I was getting to be strong like him and play basketball like him to make him proud of me, of his only son, his only child. “OK”, he said. You were already beautiful. Now you’re hotter and muscular, too. You do look a lot like me in cock and body, if not in coloring and hairiness. You’ll be great.” I didn’t understand the last comment, but accepted it as a compliment. Dad continued, “And Josh said you’re an excellent basketball player now, too. I need to double Jack’s pay.” He stopped and looked at me for a moment. “And Josh is taken with you, it seems. He’s afraid to be with you again.” WTF, I nearly shouted! Josh afraid to be with me? Josh, the heartthrob of the high school taken with me? I started to laugh. Dad quieted me. “Jean-Luc, you’re going to have to have this out with Josh. I need you both on the high school team. Together the two of you could lead us to the state championship this year. That would cement an even better college scholarship for him and put you on the track for one, too as well as raise my salary.” Well, Josh taken with me would take some thinking. Dad then said, “Jean-Luc, I’d like you to show me what Gio has been teaching you, too.” I quickly realized what he meant. Why not, I thought. I did have to warn him that my lessons with Gio were not complete, even in my new area. He nodded in understanding. I then got him down on his huge bed and started to work him over, just as Gio had taught me. I learned then that his nipples were as sensitive as mine and a direct path to making him moan. I worked over his entire body, enjoying every bit of it for the first time and had to admit one more time that this was one beautiful mature man. Even his feet were beautiful. When I finally got to his crotch and tongued and felt the area around his cock and balls, he stopped me, panting. “OK Jean-Luc, you are as good as Gio said!” “But I have a lot more to learn Gio said. I can’t deep throat yet, for example, and have no idea about anything involving asses.” Dad looked at me again. He said, “You are a student aren’t you? You take anything you’re taught very much to heart and seriously, don’t you?” “Of course”, I replied. “Then”, he said, “Suck me off as well as you can and I promise to suck you off in a way you can learn from.” I proceeded to show Dad the cock in cheek trick, which worked better for his huge cock than Gio thought. Soon he was cumming into my mouth and I swallowed quickly. Not a bad taste I guess. He looked very satisfied and then went down on me. Well, I thought I was good, but Dad was a master and even better than what Gio had done up to now. In just minutes I filled his mouth with cum. He seemed to relish it. “OK, he said”, “I’m doubling Gio’s payment, too.” And he laughed a bit. But he said that I really needed to talk to Josh very soon. Let’s be honest. I had had no intention of messing with Josh’s mind when I took off my shirt after working hard with him on basketball. Or did I? This would take some thought that would not involve Josh. It was obvious that Josh was avoiding me at school. And how ridiculous was that? Was he more bi than not and did I bring out that in him? Perhaps. But for such a fucking huge stud to be afraid of me made zero sense to me. I knew I was bi, but so far had only done stuff with guys. And my Dad had told me in no uncertain terms to “make up” with Josh and play with him on the high school team in a way that could win the State Championship. I knew that would make Dad much more money if we won it and that it would work to help college scholarships with both Josh and me. I looked up Josh’s schedule. Yeah, as a nerd it was not hard to get into the school’s server. I almost tackled him after his last class of the day on Monday. I said, “Josh, we have to talk. My Dad asked me to. And if I need to apologize, I do.” I looked at him hard and said, “Josh, come over to my house and let me work with you on your classes. You’ve got to stay in school and graduate to play college basketball. And my Dad needs a championship team for his job and we do, too for scholarships.” Josh looked like he would rather be anywhere but talking to me. I upped the ante. “And Dad said you were afraid of me. Can’t imagine that.” That finally got a rise out of Josh. He said, “Dude, I’m not afraid of you. I will come to your house later on to study and we will start practicing again together, too. I wanted to give him a big istanbul travesti hug of support then, but immediately realized that that was a bad idea. I went home soon after school and cleaned up and straightened up a bit. I wondered if Josh would show up or not. I dressed up a bit in my new clothes Dad and I had bought over the weekend to welcome him. When he finally texted me he was on his way I breathed a sigh of relief. I really did want to help Josh for all kinds of reasons. When he arrived, he was a bit dressed up, too. Well, I knew where this was not going. A bit of a sigh. We worked through all of his classes. Frankly, he was not a bad student it seemed. His math and science were fine. His history was ok enough. But English wasn’t. It turned out he couldn’t write well. Well, since I’m writing this, I can write. I spent some time with him on his English papers and essays. I tried to explain the basics of writing as communication. He finally seemed to be getting it. He turned to me and even smiled. “Thanks, Hunter”, he said, “I’m seeing a lot about how to write better now. But why did you have to teach me instead of teachers?” I could only shrug my shoulders, since I had no answer. He looked like he wanted to hug me in thanks, but changed his mind. And to be honest, I would have loved to get naked with super hunky Josh then and see if he would do a 69. Instead he said, “Meet me tomorrow after school to work on basketball.” I readily agreed. And if I was going to come out as an accomplished basketball player to the high school team, Josh and I would need to practice together and it would be easier to use him as the reason for my suddenly improved basketball skills. It was a long day at school waiting for my session with Josh. We did finally get together though after school on the school’s basketball court. And he was in a long-sleeved shirt and long baggy shorts! WTF. It doesn’t matter what he’s wearing, Hunter John Luke, I decided. We worked out again and I used my new skills and body to outfox Josh. I bumped him as much as I could for easy shots and made all of them. I could tell then that he was getting super frustrated. Just like my helping him work on his writing, this was not supposed to happen working on his basketball. I knew he knew he was the dude, but he wasn’t quite yet, was he? He finally snapped and he came at me big time in the physical way basketball was now. He bumped me and was pretty much all over me as he refused to let me make shots. Well, good. This would work. I let him stuff some of my shots, but also showed him he wasn’t quite good enough of a guard yet. Yeah, I know he was a forward and a center, but still. He had to show pesky guards like me who was guarding the basket. And did it feel good, feeling his hunky body against mine, even clothed, and did I feel we both started to get hard? Yeah. At the end of our hour practice when his watch went off, we were pretty much back to normal. He looked at me with undisguised admiration and said, “Hunter, thanks.” I acknowledged his thanks with a nod and asked if I could show the team what I had “learned” from him tomorrow in regular practice. I could tell he was interested in more from me, too. Soon, I thought, and the thought of seeing him naked was super enticing. But he had to go. Josh had had to agree with me. It was time for the high school team to move to the next level. And I then realized I was going to need to work with our regular center who was Black and seemed to feel like he was out of place on our team and at our school, even at 7 feet tall, and pretty handsome. How in the hell did we have a guy that tall on the basketball high school team? I knew my Dad looked for promising talent from our city, but still. Zach (and how could he have that name?) looked at me sadly when I approached him and said, “You are the assistant coach’s son?” I nodded. “Then you want to use me for my height as everyone does.” I saw red as a redhead and hit him softly to get his attention. He was startled. I said, “Devont�, I want us to win the State Championship for my dad and the team players and I know you can help and I’ll work with you on a college scholarship if you would like. But you need to be you and play like you. I’ll show you how to deal with a short guy like me. He finally nodded at me as if I were serious. Josh wasn’t free that afternoon, so it was just Devont� and me on the court. I took the ball and dribbled around him and made an easy layup. I then did the same thing twice. OK, this wasn’t working. Even though I’m only 6’2 to his 7 feet I decided to bump him and make him wake up. I did get his attention then. I continued to bump his much taller body with mine until he finally defended me and even slapped down one of my shots big time. Good, I thought, the Sleeping Giant is finally awakening. I had to praise him then. To my surprise he started to tear up. I tried to hug the big guy then and he shuddered a bit and said, “White guys don’t touch Black guys”. WTF did he say? I then hugged him much harder and felt him getting hard against me against my chest (!). He was obviously enjoying the hug! I let him go and looked up at him and said, “Is it Ok for me to hug you after bumping you and enjoying your playing?” He still had tears in his eyes and said, “John Luke, you’re one of the first people to touch me after I got this tall.” Well, that was not acceptable. I thought that Dad had better give me a major present. I was going to reform this guy as well as Josh. I told him he was coming home with me in no uncertain terms. He agreed and made a phone call to say he would be late coming home. I took him to my house/my Dad’s house within walking distance of the high school. I took him up to my bedroom and ordered him to strip. A bit reluctantly he did. And was he fucking long and elongated! While he was sort of like I imagined Josh naked, he was much thinner. I then stripped naked and he gasped when he saw my hard on. I was more muscular than he was and bigger in the cock department, too. He had a great 7 and a half incher, but I was bigger at 8 inches plus. “Zach”, I said. “I am going to let you feel what getting touched feels like”. And I proceeded to use my lessons from Gio on his very long and thin body. It was not long before he was writhing uncontrollably and I cut short my time on his body to get to his crotch and cock. When I got the head of his cock in my mouth he suddenly, violently, came. I swallowed quickly and swallowed and swallowed. His cum tasted again differently from the other men I had had, but good. I was starting to get really interested in cum. Guess that was OK? Devont� was embarrassed beyond belief then. Sigh. I threatened to slap him on the face if he didn’t stop. I finally resorted to kissing him deeply, forcing his lips to open and sticking my tongue way inside him. I had a bit of his residual cum in my mouth and made him taste it as I rubbed his much taller body with mine and sort of forced myself on him. Yeah, I hadn’t cum, had I, and I found him plenty hot enough! To his surprise, he started to kiss me back passionately and started to get hard again. OK, enough for today. I let him go quite reluctantly and moved off of him. He looked at me questioningly and started to get sad again. Time to stop that! “Devont�”, I said, “We’ll have fun again, I promise. But you and I need to work with the team to be the best we can be and I can help you in any way you want, both for the team, and for you as a person.” I looked at his sudden smile and smiled back. “I like you as a person, Devont�, and want to be your friend with benefits and help you be what you want to be.” He about crushed me then in a huge hug. I was glad to have my new muscle mass then! I promised him to help him with schoolwork and college applications that fall, since he was a junior. OK, all. I think I’ve written enough for now. I was going upstairs when Dad came home and tell him about Josh and Devont� and get him to suck me off! State Championship here we come!

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