Afternoon Delightful Fuck

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Double Penetration

One day I just felt so alone, not knowing what to do, all my friends were busy and I was so bored.

I was on Facebook looking at people’s posts and kept seeing a face I found so attractive and wondered what it would be like to fuck him?

I saw he was online and sent a casual “hi”!

He responded really quickly like he had been waiting to hear from me.

“Hi, how are you today?” He replied.

“I’m so bored, I need someone to have a bit of fun with!” I sent as I bit on my lip wondering what he would say?

A couple of minutes later he replied “I need someone to have fun with too!”

A smile spread across my face, I could feel the whole feelings of excitement travel over my body, and my cunt tingle!

“I see from our profiles we aren’t that far away from each other, fancy meeting up and seeing what happens?” I tapped away on my phones keyboard.

“Sounds good to me, let me travel over your way and meet you at a diner” was your response and the tingle in my cunt started to make me so wet and juicy.

I quickly got showered and slipped on a long dress, which showed off my figure without the need of any underwear, I just knew this was going to be a fantastic time together.

I combed my hair, touched up my lip gloss and left my apartment.

I walked to the diner, the sun was shining, the leaves of the trees blew in the slight breeze… yes… today was going to be a great fucking day!

As I approached the diner, I could see you sitting outside, your face even canlı bahis more stunning than the photos could portray, your arms showed the muscles I had seen on the posts.

You were so fucking handsome!

I needed to feel your skin against mine, your cock so deep inside my wet cunt, your lips on mine, or sucking my erect nipples.

I walked up to the table and said coyly “hi nice to meet you!” and I reached out my hand to shake yours. You stood up and to my delight you were the perfect height, “hi, great to meet you too!”, instead of shaking my hand you put your warm arms around me, pulling me close into your body… wow, you are so gorgeous!

After what felt like a long time… god you smell so good… and I’m sure your hand slide down my back and noticed I had no knickers on… you stepped back and asked if I’d like a drink?

All I could do was nod and say “sparkling water please!”

And you ordered yourself a beer.

We sat down opposite each other smiling at each other, both with such intense lust for each other.

Even before the drinks arrived you had grabbed my hand and we quickly walked away towards to local park.

I looked up at you straight into those gorgeous eyes, “when I said I was up for fun you knew I meant I wanted to fuck you didn’t you?”

You nodded and that oh so beautiful smile beamed on your face!

“Thank god you knew that is what I meant as I didn’t know how I was going to approach the subject”… I must of sounded so stupid as you started to laugh! bahis siteleri

“I’m so pleased you knew what I meant too! I have been looking at your profile for ages wanting to meet you and make love to you for ages!” You replied.

I threw my arms around your neck and kissed you like I had never kissed you like I had never kissed anyone before, I was so hungry for you, to taste you, to feel you deep inside me.

Your arms were all over me, and I knew you felt the same!

“I live just around the corner, let’s go back to my place!”

You nodded, and as fast as we could we got to the building, through the door, up the stairs, through my front door and to the bedroom.

We kissed even more passionately, and you slipped my dress off, and began kissing my neck, kissing my breasts, sucking my nipple, gently inserting your finger into my cunt, perfectly fingering me… fuck me.. you are so good at this… my breathing starts to get shallower… oh fuck me.. I’m starting to cum… Oh my fucking god!

I quickly move away.. I want you to cum inside me!

I pull your top off over your head, unbuckle your belt, unzip your jeans, and put my hand on your cock!

It’s exactly how I imagined!

Nice and wide, perfect length.. I kneel in front of you and take your swollen cock in my mouth, I ripple my tongue, I suck you deep into my mouth, enjoying the feeling of your veins, and the slightly salty taste, I move my head backwards and forwards as I hold onto your hips, I moan with so bahis şirketleri much pleasure… I love the feeling of your perfect cock in my mouth, and slowly I allow my teeth to graze along the shaft as I take it out of my mouth so that I can suck your balls, I take one in my mouth as I massage the other one, so perfect in shape, so good to feel in my mouth!

After a while I look into your eyes and you sense I want you to fuck me so hard in my cunt!

You help me up and we move over to the bed!

You ask me to get on all fours so that you can fuck me doggy style, and I giggle as I position myself, and gasp as I feel your hard swollen cock enter my wet cunt, you hold my hips and thrust deep into me that we start to make slapping noises as our bodies meet!

This is so much better than I could ever imagined!

Only one more thing could make this even better!

“Do you like doing anal?” I ask, and you say you love it.

“Fuck my ass so hard and finger my cunt!” I say.

You slide out of my cunt covered in my wet juices and slide perfectly into my ass, and as asked you start fingering my cunt!

Oh my fucking god… I don’t want this to end…

You keep thrusting, and I my cunt starts to spasm as the heat from my orgasm goes through my stomach like a powerful burning heat… I can feel you slowing down and your cock starts to throb… you remove it and cum all over my back.. the warm wetness feels so wonderful against my skin!

My cum slides down my thighs as it gushes out of me… never have I had so much cum out of me before.

We both fall onto the bed and catch our breathes! And look into each other’s eyes… knowing this is the start of a wonderful fucking sexual relationship!

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