Ageless Sex , Eternal Love Ch. 07


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Susan catches her seventy-something-year-old mother having sex with her forty-something-year-old boyfriend.

Continued from chapter 6:

Deb sat on Tommy while jumping up and down on his prick. For an old broad she was quite agile. For an old broad, she was extremely flexible. For an old broad, she was very horny. For an old broad, she was quite sexual and sexy. For an old broad, albeit a sexually experienced whore and quite good in bed, she was very generous lover. When it was time for her to go to a nursing home, with elderly men and the younger men on the nursing staff hanging around her room day and night, she’d be the hit of the nursing home.

“Oh, my God, I can’t believe I’m fucking Susan’s mother,” said Tommy humping Susan’s mother while she bounced on him.

With Deb a real sexual pro, humping him harder and humping faster, she fucked Tommy in the way he had never been fucked before. As if she was a rodeo bull rider and he was a bucking bull, she dug her heels in his side and rode him. If he thought her hand job was the best, her giving him sexual intercourse was even better. If he thought her gum job was the best blowjob he ever had, her fucking him was even better. With her big tits bouncing and swaying side to side, he reached up his horny hands to harness her breasts while fingering her erect nipples in the way he did with Susan’s big tits and nipples.

“Fuck me, Tommy,” she said. “Fuck me,” she ordered. “I want to feel what my daughter felt this morning. Make me cum,” she said. “Shove that big, hard cock in my warm, wet cunt. Fuck me, Tommy. Fuck me. Make me your bitch. Make me your whore. Fuck me as if I was your mother and you’re my son,” she said. “Fuck your mother, Tommy. Fuck your mother. Give it to Mommy.”

Now he knew where Susan got her love of talking dirty from, her mother. Humping and humping him, Susan’s mother rode her daughter’s boyfriend as if she was riding a bull in the rodeo.

“Oh, my God, Deb. This is the best sex I’ve had in in my life,” he said rolling her over, mounting her, and trying to return the favor by giving her the fucking of her life.

Tommy rolled her over and really started pounding her pussy. Humping her harder, he humped her faster. Humping her hard enough to break her hip, he wanted her to cum. He needed to give him an orgasm.

“Better than Susan,” she said as if what they were doing was a game and she was in competition with her daughter.

He realized that she wanted him to say that she was a better sexual partner than her daughter but he wouldn’t say that, he couldn’t say that. All he wanted to do was to show her that he was just as good in bed as she was. He wanted to show her that he was just as good, if not better than any John she had. He wanted to show her that he was a better fuck than any and all of her four sons. Only, with her having had sex with so very men, some good but most bad, obviously he was just another man to her to sexually use and abuse in the way she sexually used and abused all of the other men in her life.

Chapter 7:

Susan’s boyfriend, Tommy, and Susan’s mother, Deb, were too busy having sex to hear Susan enter the apartment. They were too busy fucking one another to know that they weren’t alone. They never heard Susan open and slam shut her apartment door. With the door unlocked, anyone could have entered and killed the both of them while they were having sex.

With Tommy too busy pounding Deb’s pussy and Susan’s mother too busy screaming her sexual delight too loud to hear, neither Tommy nor Deb, heard the front door open and slam shut. Not wanting to see them fucking one another, Susan purposely slammed the front door for them to hear her. She purposely slammed shut the front door for them to stop what they were doing before she rounded the corner, walked in her apartment, and walked in on them while in the act. Having already seen it with her other boyfriends before, she didn’t want to see another one of her boyfriends having sex with her whore of a mother.

Only, Tommy was too busy humping Deb’s pussy, kissing her, and feeling her tits while fingering her nipples for him to hear Susan open and slam shut her front door. Deb was too busy returning Tommy’s humps, French kissing him, and screaming her orgasmic pleasure for her to hear Susan unexpectedly return home. As if they were alone in their own house, as if they were boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife instead of the boyfriend and the mother of Susan, they were lowlife, despicable degenerates. As if she was out to hurt her daughter, as if her mother wanted to be caught, seemingly she didn’t care how loud she screamed nor who heard her.

Catching them in the act of having sex, Susan heard the screaming commotion of her mother having sex with her boyfriend from outside on the street and all the way up the four flights of stairs. Then, still not believing her ears, as soon as she rounded izmit rus escort the corner of her small, studio apartment, a sight to behold, unable to believe her eyes, she saw Tommy in bed having sex with her mother. Something that had happened before with Tommy cheating on her with her best friend, Jennifer’s daughter, Christine, Deb having sex with her boyfriends was something her mother always did and seemingly took pleasure in doing.

Nonetheless having lived through this nightmare before, she couldn’t bear to live through this nightmare again. She couldn’t believe her eyes when she was being forced to live through this nightmare all over again. With her mother never sorry for having sex with any of her boyfriends, for her to have sex with another one of her boyfriends, she wasn’t sorry for having sex with Tommy either. With all of the transgressions her mother has done to her, Susan gave him forgiving her mother for anything she had done.

Tommy was proving to be as much of a whoremonger as his mother was a whore. Yet, in his defense, it’s one thing to forgive her boyfriend for one, sexual transgression with him having sex with her girlfriend’s daughter but him having sex with her mother was too much. It’s understandable him wanting to have sex with a 20-year-old woman but why would he want to have sex with a 70-something-year-old woman? Why would he have sex with someone as old and as disgusting as her mother? Knowing that it would hurt Susan and devastate her if she found out that they had sex, why would Tommy have sex with her mother?

When she heard her mother’s sexual screams from outside and all the way up four flights of stairs, dreading what she’d see, she knew she’d see her mother having sex with her boyfriend. Not a pretty sight to come home to, Susan entered her studio apartment and rounded the corner of her apartment to see her boyfriend’s hairy asshole in the air while humping his hips, pounding her pussy, and fucking her mother. Unable to believe her own eyes, she stood there in shock while watching Tommy fucking her mother’s naked pussy and while watching her mother humping her boyfriend’s big prick. As if they wanted the whole apartment building to hear them, they were loud, very loud, and inhumanly loud. Already knowing what was happening, not having to guess, Susan could hear them having sex outside on the street and all the way up the four flights of stairs. The more stairs she climbed the louder they grew and the angrier she became.

Not something new, with her mother working as a prostitute and having sex with every man and any man at all hours of the day and night, she had grown up to her mother’s sexual screams. With her mother bringing strange men home at all hours of the day and night to service her Johns in her bedroom, she had gone to sleep with her mother’s sexual screams in her head and in her nightmares. With her mother having sex with her four sons, Susan’s much older brothers, she was routinely jostled her from her sound sleep by them having sex. With some men paying her to stay overnight, shaking the whole house, she had awakened to her mother’s sexual screams.

Just as she couldn’t believe her mother’s immodest immorality then, she couldn’t believe that she was still such a whore now. Even at her elderly age, when most people her age are dead or in a nursing home, she couldn’t believe her mother was still having sex with yet another one of her boyfriends. How dare she do such a thing? How could she hurt her in this way? Why would she have sex with her boyfriend?

‘She’s such a conniving cunt’ thought Susan while walking up four flights of stairs.

Still, even though she could hear her mother’s screams of orgasmic pleasure with her own ears and see her with Tommy with her own eyes, she couldn’t believe that her mother would have sex with yet another one of her boyfriends. Frigging bitch, dirty whore, what the Hell is wrong with her? How could she do this to her yet again? Why would she continue to hurt her by having sex with yet another one of her boyfriends? What mother would do that to her own daughter?

‘No good, dirty bitch. Frigging whore,’ thought Susan opening her front door.

She’s supposed to be her mother. She’s supposed to love her. What the Hell kind of mother would have sex with her daughter’s boyfriends. The kind of mother who’d have sex with her sons, Susan’s four, much older brothers. What the Hell? If she had sex with all four of her sons, what’s to stop her from having sex with every one of her daughter’s boyfriends, never mind every man in the neighborhood and beyond?

Still, understanding why her mother would have sex with her boyfriend had always been a mystery to her. Maybe she was giving her mother too much credit for being a loving mother when she wasn’t. Maybe because now that her mother was older, she was jealous of her daughter and envious of her beauty and her youth. Maybe, she still wanted to feel that younger men sexually wanted izmit escort and desired her. Maybe because her boyfriends were all younger, attractive, and physically fit is why her mother had sex with them instead of having sex with the degenerate Johns that she routine fucked and sucked. As simple as that, maybe her mother had sex with her boyfriends because she was sexually attracted to them and because she was a whore.

Now, just as it was a mystery to her why her mother would have sex with her boyfriends, it was even more of a mystery to her why Tommy would have sex with her mother. Maybe because he was young, sexy, and hot, he wanted to experience having sex with an older woman. Only, her mother was much more than just a cougar. She was a stripper, a prostitute, and a whore. Instead of just being older, she was elderly. When he had someone like her in his life, Susan couldn’t understand why Tommy would even want to have sex with her elderly mother.

What the Hell is wrong with him? Obviously, with both of them cut from the same cloth, these two are meant for one another. Now Susan questioned what was wrong with her bad self to continue to keep the both of them in her life. Why would she continue to subject herself to this emotional abuse and sexual abuse? How could she possibly have a relationship with a man who slept with her mother? Why even bother to continue to have a relationship with either one of them?

* * * * *

Done. She was so done. She needed to put an end to this lunacy. Enough was enough. Tired of people she loved and who she thought loved her using and abusing her, she was tired of being hurt. She needed her boyfriend out of her apartment and out of her life. She needed her mother out of her apartment and out of her life. Tired of being made a fool of, she’d rather live alone and live her life without them than to live with either one of them in her life. Tired of being used and abused, she’d rather be alone than to be with either one of them. Reclaiming her life as her own and no one else’s, she was done with the both of them, especially with her mother.

‘Done, done, done, I’m so done with all of this bullshit,’ she thought to herself while staring at them with shocked disbelief.

In the way Susan remembered walking in on her mother while she was having sex with one of her Johns or with one of her brothers, she was as upset now as she was then. In the way she remembered walking in on her mother while she was having sex with her boyfriends before, she couldn’t believe she had walked in on her mother having sex with one of her boyfriends again now. Not believing what she was seeing, she stood there in shock watching them having sex. As if she was the mother and Deb was her daughter, she felt so removed from the both of them. Betrayed by the two people most important to her in her life, with all of her feelings now erased and with both of them removed from her reality, she now felt nothing for either one of them.

With Tommy pounding her mother’s cunt in the way he had just pounded her cunt earlier that morning, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Her mother had a long history of having sex with her boyfriends. Her worst nightmare, her mother was stealing yet another one of her boyfriends from her. The last thing she wanted to think of when having sex with her boyfriend was that her mother had sex with her boyfriend too.

‘Eww. Gross. That’s so nasty,’ she thought to herself.

How could she ever have sex with Tommy again without thinking of him on top of her mother and making love to her mother before fucking her mother? How could she ever kiss Tommy’s lips while knowing he had his tongue in her mother’s mouth and in her mother’s pussy? How could she suck his cock again while knowing that he had his cock in her mother’s mouth and in her mother’s pussy?

‘Eww. Gross. Yuck! That’s so disgusting,’ she thought after seeing the two of them together naked and whenever thinking of them having sex.

“Mom! What the fuck?” She looked from her mother to look at her boyfriend. “Tommy! What the Hell are you doing? Jesus Christ! Are you fucking kidding me?”

If looks could kill, they’d both be dead.

“Sorry, Susan,” said Tommy looking embarrassed that she caught him having sex with her mother.

Helping him extricate from her, she gave him a shove off her mother.

“I don’t fucking believe this. Get off my mother. Get the fuck off of her now. Eww! Gross! Nasty. That’s just so nasty. I can’t believe you’re having sex with my mother,” she said glaring at Tommy before glaring at her mother. “Mom? What the fuck? I can’t believe you’re having sex with yet another one of my boyfriends. What the fuck is wrong with you? How dare you?”

Susan took a step back as if she was about to get a gun.

“Susan,” said Tommy extricating his cock from Deb’s hairy pussy and climbing off of her. “What are you doing home?”

“What am I doing home? I live here,” she said.

“I didn’t expect you home kocaeli escort until tonight,” said Tommy avoiding making eye contact.

She looked from him to look at her mother still lying naked in her bed as if she lived there.

“Didn’t expect me home? No kidding. I forgot my presentation,” said Susan. “Now I know what you do when I leave here for work.”

Susan’s mother fluffed back her dyed, black hair with a practiced hand and took the opportunity of their disruption to add bright, red lipstick to her lips before grabbing for her cigarettes.

“Hi Honey,” said Deb unapologetically and as if she was drunk again and as if her being naked in bed with her daughter’s naked boyfriend was normal. “Your boyfriend has a big cock and he knows how to use it too,” she said with a dirty laugh while looking down at Tommy’s still erect prick that was covered with her vaginal secretions.

At that moment, Susan envisioned strangling her mother to death.

“Deb,” said Tommy shooting her a look in his feeble attempt to silence her mother from adding fuel to the fire.

Deb tossed her head as if telling him to go fuck himself before returning her focused attention back to her daughter.

“I gave him a gum job,” she said giving her daughter a toothless smile before retrieving her teeth from her pocketbook and putting them back in her mouth. “He said my gum job was the best blowjob he ever had.”

Susan gave her mother a horrified look.

“You’re such a disgusting whore,” said Susan putting up her hand to stop her mother from responding. “Don’t even talk to me, you nasty, old bitch. I fucking hate you.”

Deb gave Susan a motherly smile while reaching for a cigarette.

“I love you too Susan,” said Deb with a shrug while rolling her eyes and sighing.

Susan glared at her mother with disgust.

“That’s just the thing. You never loved me. You never wanted me. I was just an accident of birth,” said Susan pointing her finger of contempt at her mother. “You left me alone all day and all night not knowing if I got myself dressed, had food to eat, if I went to school, or if I even came home from school.”

Her mother shrugged her indifference and disinterest.

“Oh, don’t be so dramatic. You always had a knack for acting like the victim,” she said with assurance. “Under the circumstances, I did the best that I could without having a man in my life there to take care of me and you,” she said. “At least you weren’t out in the street. At least you had a roof over your head and a bed to sleep. That’s more than I had growing up poor,” she said while repeating the same, old sob story that Susan never believed even the first time she heard it.

With her cigarette dangling from her lip, Deb searched through her pocketbook for her lighter.

“There’s no smoking in my apartment,” she said walking over to her and ripping the unlit cigarette from her mother’s mouth and breaking it.

As if she had just bit a lemon, her mother made a sour face. Seemingly Deb looked at her daughter in the way she’d look at any street whore who gave her a hard time or a problem. Susan looked at her mother as if she was just some whore that Tommy picked up from the bar and brought home for sex. Even though Susan told him about her mother, this was his first time seeing their interaction. Tommy looked from Susan to Deb and back at Susan again.

“Oh, sorry. I forgot that you’re Miss Goody-two-shoes. You don’t smoke or drink,” said Deb raising her hand, rolling her eyes, sighing, and shaking her head. “What I did to deserve a daughter like you, I have no idea. Maybe if you had a vice you wouldn’t be the uptight bitch that you are. Maybe if you took up smoking and drinking, you wouldn’t be the barren and frigid cunt that you turned out to be and could hold onto your men without me taking them from you,” said Deb with a loud, obnoxious laugh.

Susan returned the same angry face her mother made at her.

“Fuck you, Mother,” said Susan.

Even though she told her mother to fuck herself, she automatically followed her expletive by calling her mother. Such an odd combination of words to put together as a form of disrespect and as a form of respect at the same time. Then, not nearly done, she paused to stare at her naked mother making herself comfortable in her bed. Susan looked at her mother with as much rage as she looked at her boyfriend. She looked at her mother as if she hated her and, especially at that moment, she most certainly did.

“Fuck me? Sorry, no thank you, I prefer having sex with men than with women,” she said with another dirty laugh. “Besides, I’d never have incestuous sex with my daughter in the way that I had incestuous sex with my sons,” she said with that loud, annoying cackle of a laugh.

Susan stared at her as if she wanted to strangle her.

“It’s oxymoronic to even call you mother, when you’ve never been a mother to me. Always alone, with you out with one of your Johns and never there for me, you’re not my mother. You were never my mother. From Thanksgiving until after New Year’s day, your busy time with all of the hotel parties, you didn’t even have the time to put up a tree or even buy me a Christmas gift,” said Susan.

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