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Would life change with him back? Mom had been a lenient parent, and I hadn’t given her reason to be otherwise. But, I’d been twelve when Dad went over- seas and had only seen him briefly in the following years. With his most recent re-enlistment over, he’d decided to retire at forty- eight. As an airplane mechanic, he would have an easy time moving into a non- military job and chose to take a few months vacation. It seemed he was interes- ted only in taking it easy and letting everything take care of itself. He’d arrived at the local airport coming off the plane in a grey-toned camo- flage uniform with his cap set low over tired severe eyes. Those eyes lit up with renewed energy when he spotted Mom. He dropped his duffel bag when he reached us and lifted her up in a spinning hug that left her laughing while hugging his neck tightly. Lowering her down, I took in the familar differences between them. Dad was tall at 6’7″ and brawny. His family was all from Scotland with the exception of his mother and Dad sported Scottish coppery brown hair and pale green/ gold eyes. His hair and mustache were much longer than before. He’d probably stop- ped keeping both severely short with his upcoming retirement. Mom was petite at barely 5’and light blond with bright blue eyes. With me at 5’1″ and blond with softer blue eyes, it was clear I took after Mom’s Norwegian side of the family rather than Dad’s Scottish and English side. My two sisters, aged five and six, each grabbed a leg of camoflage pants stuf- fed regulation-style into dusty tan lace-up boots and cooed upward, “Daddy!” “AW, my Kitten and my Dove!” Dad picked them up easily, one in each arm, both doting on his pet names for them though their real names were Katie and Donna. “Now, where’s m’ boy?” He looked around at everyone but me, then looked at Mom. “You didn’t bring, Mikey?” “Now, stop it, Cal.” Mom chuckled. “Oh, my God! Can this be little Mikey???” Wide-eyed he looked over as if noticing me for the first time. The comical expression shifted significantly. “Wow!” Full lips rubbed together under his coppery mustache as pale eyes swept up and down me. Without taking his eyes from me, he asked, “What are you feedin’ this boy, spinach every day?” Mom laughed and hugged his arm. “Well, come ‘ere n’ say hello!” Dad smiled, finally. Blushing under the unexpected attention, I moved forward t’ wrap my arms a- round a tight hard waist and press the side of my face somewhere in between his stomach and chest. He hugged me back and then moved me to arm’s length. “You’re gonna have t’ tell me how you got t’ be such a bruiser in only four years.” Because I hadn’t gotten the growth spurt of my friends and was smaller than everyone else, I’d gotten into long jump, discus throw, shot put, and gymnastics in junior high and high school. I really didn’t care for sports, but they gave me something to do rather than lying around bored. And, putting some rounded muscle on my small frame left me feeling better about being so short. “Now, where’s the best place t’ eat that’s close by? I’m starved!” Dad tossed out in a way that got us moving out of the airport. The next few days were ones of quiet and easy adjustment. One side of the garage was turned into a work-out area for him with him de- ciding he could just park his truck in the driveway and let Mom keep her side for her car. Working out had been his only real hobby on the Air Force base. Even with him home, he said it relaxed him and called it his ‘thinking time.’ We began having movies with dinner. Mom and Dad in their recliners, the girls on the couch, and me on the floor…all of us eating dinner and watching the movie choice for that night. With the time in Germany having been seven hours ahead of ours, Dad would usually sleep until noon or so and then stay up much later than anyone else. It was nice having Dad back home, and soon it felt as if he’d never been gone. Our house was on a hill about a block from the bay. It faced the bay with the street behind it where the garage and back yard sat. Brick steps appeared at the edge in the center of the yard and went down about two stories to where the land slowly turned into beach. I was in the front yard stretching and practicing some gymnastic moves out of boredom when Dad Came out of the house breathing hard and sweating. “Hey, you know you can use all the weight stuff in the garage any time you want, right?” One heavy hand landed on my shoulder while the other wiped sweat from his brow. It was obvious he’d just been working out again. “Oh, great, I was kind’a hopin’ that would be alright since it saves a trip to school.” It was the last week in June, but school was still open part of the day for atheletes and people who had to do extra work to be able to pass onto the next grade when the fall term began. “God, it’s nice out here…” He turned his face to look out toward the rol- ing waves in the near distance. I looked up at him. Thick dark reddish stubble fringed the hard line of his wide jaw and his mustache seemed to be growing by leaps and bounds now that he wasn’t trimming it every day. “Hey, how ’bout a quick swim?” He slanted his head down toward my face. “Sure!” I was always up for getting in the water. “Let’s go!” He took off in front of me and descended the steps pulling off his t-shirt. It slid up his waist, back, and shoulders. As it did, I slowed on the steps staring at Dad’s slim waist and wide-flaring back normally hidden beneath his shirts. That led me to take in everything…the broad shoulders that spread wide below his neck, the thick thighs, calves, and arms covered in curling golden-red hair as he broke into a jog, and the hard mounds of muscle flexing substantially under his military personal training shorts. It crossed my mind that he looked as if he was having his picture taken for a men’s exercise magazine. Four years ago, I noticed none of this about him. He’d just been, “Dad.” Now, though, I was seeing him through very different eyes. I broke out of my thoughts and ran to catch up with him before he realized I’d lagged behind. I was just behind him when he slowed to a stop near where the waves rushed up onto the sand. He stood there gazing out over the water before turning to me. “Beautiful isn’t it.” He smiled from ear to ear, breathing slowly in spite of the long jog. “Ramstein Air Force Base was in the southwest of Germany, only lakes and rivers. It’s different when you’re lookin’ across water that doesn’t seem t’ end.” “Yeah…” I answered, transfixed by the sight of him shirtless in front of me. While his back was hairless but for an upside-down triangle just above the center of his ass, his chest and stomach were what could only be called carpeted in the same golden-red mass of hair as on his arms and legs. I was fascinated by it and the powerhouse muscle rippling his stomach and rounding out his bulging chest, arms, and shoulders. “Hey…you, uhm, gonna get in with your shoes n’ shirt on?” His question was strange. Well, not the question, really. It was more the way it came out… distant and distracted. There was something else, too. Staring at his chest rather than his face, I really ‘heard’ his voice for the first time. It seemed to roll over me…deep, quiet, and smooth. I’d heard people comment that he had a late night radio voice. I hadn’t known what that meant before, but it became clear now. His voice was low, soothing, relaxing, and exciting all at the same time. Part of me was surprised I hadn’t noticed before, and part of me felt a bit ashamed of my reaction to it now. Realizations began raining down on me one after another, realizations I was prepared to handle smoothly. I was attracted to my own father. I had girlfriends to the extent of hold- ing hands, passing notes, and kissing in between classes. But, I’d also found my- self looking in definite appreciation at guys bigger than me, especially the ones that were already growing chest hair and hair on their arms and legs. A few had even looked back at me with expressions that almost seemed t’ say, “Yeah, I like you, too…but, don’t say anything.” I hadn’t tried to stop that interest from arising, though, or even considered what that ultimately meant about me. I just accepted it and tried to pretend it didn’t matter. But, this was my father. It was my Dad’s handsome face, my Dad’s muscular hairy body, and my Dad’s deep rich voice that was making my heart beat faster. “Your shirt?” He asked again, quietly, and then moved forward to pull it over and off my head for me. Closer than necessary, that left my stomach and chest coming in direct contact with the hair of his chest and stomach. His workout and the heat left a rich musky scent rising from his skin. “Am I gonna have t’ get your shoes off, too?” Dad chuckled and hugged me against him, kissing the top of my head as his arms wrapped around my shoulders. A stronger, sharper, and more male smell crowded my face as I breathed it in with a warm tingle racing up my spine. Something long, full, and thick below Dad’s waist bulged forward against my hip and then shifted a half an inch to the left across my skin as if nudging me to make its presence known. Dad pulled away suddenly and turned to trot into the soft waves landing on the shore, “Get those shoes off and get in before it gets dark!” I kicked them off and hurried in after him. I was just about knee-deep with him in water up to his waist when he turned and lowered himself down to his neck before standing back up. “Water’s nice and warm, in Germany the lakes and rivers…” his eyes fell below my waist, “are…uhhh…are freezing. Even…um…in…even in summer, it’s…uh…it’s…uh…damned cold.” Shit! I had a hard-on I hadn’t been aware of until just that moment. In and effort to cover it up, I reached down in a poor choice of reactions and splashed water up on me that wetted my shorts and made them cling even tighter against my hard chubby six-inch sixteen year old prick. I felt myself go hot with embarrassment and knew I was turning twenty shades of red, so I walked quickly through the water until it was just deep enough for me to submerge myself and swim the rest of the way out near Dad. We floated and talked after that…about school, sports, and other stuff… until the waves carried us back into shallow water. We continued talking as we stood up and began making our way back to shore. “Great time of day out here, relaxing.” Dad mentioned, turning around to face the bay in ankle-deep water…the awkward situation of my obvious hard-on ap- parently forgotten. I sat down and wrapped my arms around my knees, trying not to look at him with water glistening on his hardened muscular body and hanging in droplets from the curling fur coating his arms, legs, and chest. He sat down beside and against me, and then lay back while curving an arm around my back, butt, and one thigh with a relaxed sigh. Long fingers stroked the inside of the back of my thigh, lightly grazing my young balls a few times before that hand twitched and a quiet snore came from be- side me. I turned to look at his face, but stopped when my eyes fell on the water- soaked crotch of Dad’s shorts. The thin and faded olive-drab material looked more like paint over the long thick cock and big balls hanging low from the center of his hips. Nothing was left to my imagination. I could even clearly see a heavy bulging vein curving at an angle up what must have been eight inches of soft length and branched out in a number of less prominent veins that traveled the full length and impressive wid- th of him. Even where the rangy shaft widened further into a broad and bulky cock- head, I could see he was uncut from the thick foreskin that hugged the fat spongy flesh most of the way to the tip. I guessed the size escort kocaeli of his cock made sense due to his height. But, no, there was a guy I’d seen at school that was already six foot three whose dick was just average…actually, only about the same size as mine. Even in the short time we’d been out, I knew Dad could sunburn easily. That was why he almost always wore a t-shirt even when swimming and I’d been so shocked to finally see what he looked like bare-chested. Under all the hair, his skin was pale in a creamy kind of way. Most males I knew, young and older, were pretty tan with it being summer. Seeing my dad with no tan at all but a very muscular physique seemed to set him apart strikingly. I reached to lightly shake him awake, but then watched my hand land on the corded muscles of his stomach instead. I slid that hand up tentatively upward to feel all that hair pressing back against my palm and running through my fingers till I reached his hard rounded chest and rubbed affectionately until his eyes fluttered open. He smiled sleepily. “Guess I dozed off. It’s relaxing spendin’ time with you.” He said the words quietly with his eyelids slowly opening and closing. “You don’t talk too much.” He grinned mischievously knowing that I knew what he meant. Mom was a social butterfly…outgoing and expressive. She smiled a lot and talked a lot. Everyone adored her, including Dad. But…well…she did talk a lot. They were opposites in many ways. Dad’s parents were, too. Only, Dad’s parents were different from each other to much harsher degree. Grandma McLaughlin was from Great Britain and talked almost non-stop, but negative toward and deriding of just about everyone and everything around her. Grandpa sat quietly most of the time and only stepped in when she got parti- culary nasty and condescending. I remember being out to dinner with them when he ordered an extremely rare steak. Grandma set into nagging him about food poison- ing and health codes when he simply cut his eyes at her and quietly asked, “Now Millie, do you wanna eat or go home?” Dad was quiet and patient like his own father, where Mom was bubbly and sweet rather than harsh and critical like her mother-in-law. “Let’s go ahead and walk back to the house, son, it’s hot out here.” We both got up, me grabbing my shirt and shoes while he grabbed his shirt. “Air conditioning…” he continued as we began walking, “unheard of in Germany. A person could melt there in summer. God, it’s good t’ be back home in a civilized country.” He chuckled and threw a heavily muscled arm aroung my bare shoulders. That deep, sharp, stale, and masculine scent of him from under his arm rushed over me again making my balls pull up against my crotch and my head spin just a little. Over the next week, I began working out in the garage. Dad had gotten just about every basic piece of equipment anyone could need from Air Force or Marine buddies in the area that had stopped using theirs or knew someone else who had. Occasionally we’d find ourselves working out at the same time. We just talk- ed, though, without Dad ever offering advice or correction. It was as if he were content to just let things be as they would be. It was nice. One day, I came into the garage to find him putting piles of clothes into plastic bags. “Goodwill.” he explained. He had lots of clothes from the Air Force that he wouldn’t wear again and wanted them to go somewhere productive. I noticed him tossing in a bunch of dark blue shorts with Air Force emblems. On asking, he told me he hated them. He’d been on loan to the Marines of- ten the last two years of his enlistment and had gotten a ton of “pt” shorts from them that he much prefered. He said they more comfortable, and easier to move a- round in while working out than the Air Force pt shorts. All that explained the drab olive shorts he always wore that were much short- er and tighter than what was currently popular. I loved those shorts on him mostly because they showed off his big thighs and all that great hair covering his long muscled legs as well as what hung pro- minently between. Every once in a while, I could tell he’d skipped wearing underwear that day. One big hairy ball would descend from the leg opening during squats. The fat hood- ed head would hang down in a long curve next to his thigh just inside the wide ga- ping leg opening as he bench-pressed. And, occasionally, a couple inches of seri- ously thick cock would flop out of one of those leg openings and lie on the mat underneath Dad’s bent thighs as he did crunches. I found myself trying to coincidentally go out there to use the weights just before it looked like was or shortly after he’d begun. I did my best to look at him without getting caught…his straining muscles, all that body hair damp with sweat and forming into ringlets, and the curve of the mounded bulge in his shorts or Dad’s heavily flopping cock and balls if he had gone commando that day. The fact that the air in the garage would quickly become thick with his sharp musky scent only added to the constant distraction of working out with him. One day I was in my room with the window cracked a little because the air conditioning made the temperature too cold for me, when I heard Mom and her sister talking as they came up from the beach. “I don’t know. He’s just different this time.” Mom continued whatever she’d been saying just before they came into earshot. “Well, I mean, in what way specifically?” Aunt Leslie asked. “Well, I thought it would be like last time…like a honeymoon again for a while. But, he’s just not that interested in ‘that’ since he got back. I’ve kind of wondered if maybe he’d met someone else while in Germany.” “No, Cal’s not like that. I’m sure that’s not it.” “No, I don’t think so either.” “I hate to say this,” Aunt Leslie threw in, “but, he is forty-eight now.” “I know. I know. He mentions that, too. But, you know…” the two of them stopped in the middle of the yard, “well, never mind.” “No, go ahead. You know you can tell me anything. “Oh, I know.” Mom continued. “I just feel really strange saying this.” “That’s okay, maybe you’ll feel better talking about it.” “Maybe… Well, it’s just… I…” Mom sighed and I could hear the frown in her voice. “I swear I keep seeing him noticing” “JUDY!” Aunt Leslie laughed. “You have GOT t’ be kidding me!” “NO, I’m not! It’s not all the time. And, it’s not staring. It’s just glances he never made before.” “Judy, listen, think about this…Cal’s forty-eight. He’s not a young man anymore. Men are in their physical and sexual prime at sixteen to twenty-five or something like that. At almost fifty, his sex drive is probably dropping. Think about how that feels to a man. And, it’s getting harder for him t’ keep his body up. You have to have noticed he’s already gaining weight since he got home even though he still works out like crazy. And, really, don’t you look at other women?” “Well, yes. But, that’s different.” Mom protested. “I look t’ see if they look better than me.” “And, at fifty…gaining weight…sex drive dropping…Cal couldn’t just be doin’ the same thing?” “Oh my god, Leslie…that never occurred t’ me. Cal’s just…well, he’s never seemed like his looks meant anything to him.” “Maybe not before. But hitting fifty with his body changing, maybe he’s just looking to let himself know he’s still holdin’ up okay.” “But, I think he still looks great! I even think he looks better with his muscles softening up some and him gettin’ a bit of a stomach.” “Oh, honey,” Aunt Leslie laughed, “your husband is hot! Look at mine. Jim doesn’t even try and he’s six years younger. Cal looks great. And I agree with you. I think he looks even better. I guess more like a man, and less like an ath- lete. If that makes any sense.” “It does, and thanks. What you said all makes great sense. You’re good, sis.’ Let’s go in and get outta this heat.” I shouldn’t have listened. But, I agreed with both of them. I thought Dad did look even better than when he first got home. The sharp lines of his muscles had softened, his skin seeming to thicken just as his waist was doing the same. All that somehow just served t’ make him more handsome in my eyes. There was something else, though. He’d just gotten his hair cut…really short on the sides but left much longer on top and brushed straight back by long wide fingers. And, his mustache had now grown out to look much like a red/gold version of Tom Selleck’s. Now big and thick, it poured over his upper lip like a double-sized paint brush erupting from under the straight and strong lines of his nose. What really stuck in my mind, though, was the part about Dad looking at other guys. Butterflies hit the center of my stomach as I sat there wondering, like Mom, if there was interest behind those glances she’d mentioned. Dad had been back a little over a week and it was two days before the fouth of July when I discovered something. Our house had three bedrooms upstairs, one for each of the girls and the one for Mom and Dad. Downstairs, a long hall separated the living room from the kit- chen and dining room as well as a small study at the back of the house. Mom had given me the small study as my room when my sisters began each wanting their own. I’d been quite happy with the new arrangement, immediately feeling an added sense of privacy as well as distance from everyone else that every teenager wants. This night, I’d gotten up to go for a glass of water and to pee before going back to bed. I opened the door and walked into the hall always left with the light on for anyone coming down for the kitchen. I noticed a dim light coming through the archway into the living room that mirrored the one into the kitchen and dining room. Thinking Dad, who still stayed up much later and woke much later than anyone else, had forgotten to turn off a light…I walked half-asleep to the corner and then immediately pulled back. Dad was splayed back in his recliner with a magazine wearing nothing but a t-shirt! Sleepiness fled and shock took its place. I’d barely registered what I’d seen…one leg stretched out across the foot- rest, the other cocked up and leaned against an arm-rest, spread thighs revealing heavy manhood tumbled down and lying thickly across the cushion underneat, a broad t-shirt covered chest, handsome face intent on a page in a magazine, and dim lamp- light spilling across it all. Everything had been quick, sleep-fuzzy, and undefined, though. Fully awake and intensely intrigued, I leaned toward the corner to cautiously peer inside once again. The leg on the footrest was now cocked out to the side like the other, but not raised against the arm-rest. The change spread Dad’s thighs further and more exposed the fat snake-like cock and long heavy ball sack spilling downward from riot of coppery curling hair foresting the root of it all. Dad’s striking face was now hidden by the magazine he was reading and one arm rested down his body to where the long fingers alternately fumbled with his balls and shifted his weighty cock in a steady ongoing set of movements. I could see his long fat meat beginning to arch and swell out in front of him. He switched hands on the magazine and on his cock and balls. His forefinger struck out to trace the underside of his growing meat. Further and further it swelled, arching out in front of his crotch as it be- gan to straighten from eight inches to nine, nine inches to ten, and then, FUCK, near to eleven. The big head glistened in the lamplight, the foreskin pulled tight around the huge swollen flesh. Dad’s piss slit swelled and then gaped as pearly fluid flowed and bubbled out. His big hand curved into a c-shape and cuppled the underside of his now rigid swaying meat to catch the cock-drool pouring from the tip. Forward and back the hand lightly grazed the underside of Dad’s eleven-inch fat column of male equipment. Soon, the big hand slid to the heavily leaking tip and then stroked down the top side, leaving the full impressively thick length of him coated and shiny in the soft light of the lamp beside him. He dropped the magazine to the side of the chair and almost sent me running until he tilted his head back with seemingly closed eyes. The light danced across the golden red fur of the back of his hand, and the surface of Dad’s thick and straining meat coated in its own thick layer of precum. His hand twisted back to cup his beefy cock from the underside again and slowly pulled the foreskin down to slide back and suddenly expose the widely flaring ridge at the base. Dad’s whole body shuddered as the thick skin bunched and collected just be- hind the mighty head of the incredibly thick shaft. Just as quickly, he stroked his hand back upward and slid the tight foreskin back up and across the flaring and protruding meaty head as his entire body shud- dered once again. With no forethought, my hand shot down into my underwear and curved around my straining teen dick. I didn’t move my hand. I couldn’t. I knew I’d cum on the spot if I did and I didn’t want to miss anything that might happen next. Flexing my grip on my own prick, I watched as my big, strong, hairy father stroked the thick veiny skin gloving his sturdy hard shaft forward and back over the full eleven inch length of him and the fat reddening head of his amazing cock. Slowly he slid his hand and the tight skin up and down as I watched mesmer- ized by the gliding foreskin slipping forward and back over the meaty glistening head. Dad’s body strained tight, thighs spread forcibly apart, a wide hand reached up to his forehead and slid back through burnished hair. Cum jetted up from the repeatedly izmit anal yapan escort swelling head and landed thickly across one side of his face, another blast shot up into his face and hairline, a third up to his nose into his thick bushy mustache, a fourth lashed up against his hard jaw and across his neck, and another splashed across his chest. Five more ropes spewed across his now heaving chest and down along the curve of his stomach. Cum drenched his face and his now soaked t-shirt as more and more jets splashed up across his stomach and chest. I could take no more and fled the doorway for the downstairs hallway bath- room. Inside, I shoved my underwear down and dropped onto the toilet seat. I wrap- ped my hand around my own prick, struggling against cumming too early and all over the place instead of the water in the bowl below me. No sooner than I had, did the door open and the light from the small bath- room window revealed Dad stumbling bare-chested in with his messy t-shirt balled up in one wide hand. He stepped up to the toilet and aimed his only slightly flaccid thick cock forward and into my face, the cum-slobbered head landing firmly on my lips. I opened my mouth without considering the consequences and took four mas- sively fat inches of swollen adult cockhead inside to swath and slide my tongue over and into the gooey mess of daddy-seed drenching it. A rich neutral and salty taste filled my mouth for only seconds before Dad pulled back and said nonchalantly, “Oh, sorry, Mikey. I didn’t realize you were already in here. I’ll use the bathroom upstairs.” Saying nothing about me throwing my mouth onto the cum-slathered head of his thick cock, he was gone before I could say a word. I sat there shaken by what just happened, and then went to stand up when I pulled my hand from my prick to find it dripping with a load I hadn’t even realized I’d shot. I was in a daze. I wiped off and wandered out of the bathroom into the hall- way of the silent house. The quiet stillness seemed to weigh down on me as I struggled to think and to not think all at the same time. The glass of water completely forgotten, I made my way slowly back to my room and dropped onto the bed. I lay there staring up at the ceiling and my mind finally began to find its way back into gear. The stale, dusty, and musky smell of his crotch mixed with something subtle that was sharper and rather bleach-like…the feel of four inches of thick cock- head wrapped inside my mouth…the mild salty taste found there…Dad’s quick non-acknowledging exit…and, having watched him stroke his cock to cumming just before all swam in a mixed up circle inside my head before I finally drifted off. The next day, it was as if nothing happened. And, we were in the living room watching a movie together when something caught my notice. The lights were low except for the light out in the hall. When Mom went to the bathroom while we paused the movie, her shadow came into the living room be- fore she did upon returning. Later, I waited an hour after everyone else went to bed and crept out of my bedroom with nervous caution after shedding my underwear. As I got to the archway going into the living room…sure enough, my shadow showed up plain as day right there across the carpet. I peered carefully around the corner anyway. Just like the night before, though not in the exact same postion, Dad lay back in his recliner in only a t-shirt while reading a magazine. He had the magazine to his side near the soft light from the lamp so I had a clear view of his face. The other arm was crooked behind his head with a full tuft of golden red hair bushing out from under. I pulled back as much as possible while still being able to see so I could look down his body to the thick meat and big hairy balls resting between his legs. My prick looked nothing like Dad’s. Yet another way I guessed I took after Mom’s side of the family instead of his. Mine was smooth, cut, kind of chubby, about six inches when hard, and the head about the same width as the shaft. Dad’s was a whole different story. It was thick as all hell from base to head. About a third of the way up the wide shaft, though, it swelled to about fifty percent larger. Near the head, it tapered back in somewhat just before the ridge giving the whole massive thing a almost cobra or muscled forearm type shape. Then, the big piece of meat flared out into a well-defined sloping head as thick as the thickest part of the shaft and making up four or more inches of the full length. One blue vein arched diagonally up the shaft, traveling outward in offshoots from time to time that were half as prominent and more flesh-colored. His fore- skin covered the obviously magnificent head snugly enough to throw its shape into high defined relief as if silk gloved. That main blue vein continued from the shaft into Dad’s velvety looking cowl of skin where it branched out into two that went off in opposite diagonal directions. I was fascinated by the huge size of Dad, that network of prominent and subtle veins, and the mysterious and sexy hood of skin beautifully encasing the clearly huge head of Dad’s cock. Dad shifted. One leg remained stretched out straight in front of him, but the other to the far side of me that was slightly crooked pulled up to cock higher and came to rest against the armrest. I quickly raised my eyes to his face and found he’d moved the magazine in front of it and had dropped the other arm down to fumble and separate his cock and balls as if airing them out. Everything happened a lot like the night before. The fumbling hand then circled the thick base and stroked up the further flaring shaft to just below the head. Then, it slid back down, grabbed the base of Dad’s fat meat and hauled it up to slap it soundly against his stomach three times. After that, he let it go and it moved back toward where it had been. How- ever, it stopped a third of the way there and hung suspended in the air above his big hairy balls in a arching shape. Two seconds later, I watched in amazement as it swelled and straightened into a slight upward curve and then moved to stand above him before the weight of it carried it back toward his stomach. Suddenly, I felt the tingle in my balls and the racing up my shaft that sig- nalled that I was about to cum even though I hadn’t touched myself. I also felt the archway digging into my shoulder and noticed my face had moved into the room past the safety of the corner. I jerked back and half ran to the bathroom wondering how long my face might have been visible at the same time as pinching the head of my prick to make sure I made it without shooting all over the hallway carpet. I shut the door and sat down to shove my prick toward the water below. The minute I let go of pinching the head, my legs began to shake and a deep breath stole into my chest as jet after jet of teen cum shot out of me. I was riding out the explosive feelings racing through me when the light below the bathroom door dimmed. I wondered, half hoped and half hoped not, that Dad was going to step inside again. But, after less than a minute, the light brightened again. I wiped my hand and prick off with tissue, tossed that into the bowl, and then flushed. I immediately regretted that last move because it would alert Dad that I was up in the event the darkening of the light hadn’t been him and that his reading had kept him from catching my only partially hidden presence. I hadn’t wanted to come that quickly. I’d wanted to watch him more. I was still hard thinking about it as I stood in the bathroom trying to make myself go safely back to bed and not risk getting caught. I lost the battle. Actually, a part of me kind of wanted to get caught. Part of me entertained the possibility Dad might catch me watching him and decide to let me join him…maybe have that father son sex talk or something along those lines. I also knew it could go very differently and in a direction that would leave me very embarrassed and unhappy. Still, I opened the bathroom door and walked quietly back to the archway into the living room. Dad was in his chair and looked as if he hadn’t moved even the magazine in front of his face. I could see his big thick bushy mustache, full lips, and strong chin from under the bottom edge of the magazine. My prick pulsed and bobbed as my eyes moved to the big hand stroking up Dad’s super thick shaft to then let it slap back heavily against his hair forested sto- mach. I inched forward until the light from the lamp coming through the archway fell onto my hard prick straight out in front of me. I moved a bit more until I could see the whole length now bathed in the soft light. Dad’s legs shifted slightly wider and his hand began a slow up and down mo- tion that slid his enticing foreskin smoothly over the huge head of his cock and then back down behind the crown. I lowered my hand down to match his movements as much as I could lacking the fascinating cowl of Dad’s big meat. After a few more strokes, Dad’s down stroke left pearly globs of white stuff leaking from a long deep piss slit. He released his cock and curved his middle finger to scoop up the glistening gobs before rasing his finger to his mouth and slipping it inside. What??? Oh god! I had to pull back and race for the bathroom again, cumming in my hand along the way. Once again, I hadn’t felt any warning. Luckily with both hands, I con- tained the spurting cum enough to get to the toilet and shoot the last of it di- rectly into the water. I didn’t have time to shut the door, though, and hurried to wipe my hands and place the tissue into the water carefully in a way that cover- ed all the floating of cum inside. Shaky legs and a scared racing heart carried me quickly back to my bedroom where I quietly shut the door and dropped down onto my bed. My god. What had I just done? Now that the sexual high was fading, the risk of getting caught seemed stupid, stupid, stupid. I had no brothers t’ confuse who might have been at the doorway. If Dad saw me, he had to know it was me. The level of the magazine and the amount of his face I could see at the height of mine meant that he would have clearly seen me stroking my own prick if he had looked in my direction. What had been exciting as all hell at the time, now terrified me…left me feeling guilty and, well, dirty. I tossed and turned. Then, in spite of those feelings, I rose from my bed again and slipped from my room still naked. The living room was dark. I moved quietly inside toward Dad’s recliner. It wasn’t until I was right beside it that I was able to see he was gone. In my disappointment, I suddenly shut my mind down on the thoughts of what I might have done if he had still been there and asleep. I hurried back to my room feeling worse than before, and fell into a rest- less sleep. The next afternoon after Dad woke up and started his day, I walked out the back door to find him at the back of his truck. Feeling embarrassed and ashamed, I spun around to go right back inside when he called my name with a smile in his voice. “Come help me with this, will ya?” He called over with the smile I’d heard now bright across his handsome face. “Oh, sure,” I tried to act comfortable and normal. “Hey, okay.” He started as I came to where he stood shirtless for only the second time I could ever remember and in those short tight Marine pt shorts. “I was thinkin’ we’d put the camping mat for the sleeping bags in the back of the truck, add a couple unzipped sleeping bags, and then drive the truck n’ park it backward out on the beach t’ watch the fireworks. Ya wanna help me?” “Yeah.” I tried to answer brightly at the same time as guilt coursed through me for what I’d done and wanted to do the night before. “Okay, well let’s get the mat first. It’s not gonna fit, so we’re just gon- na have t’ make it work.” We got everything done and then Dad drove the truck to the beach down the hill and in front of our house. Luckily, he didn’t ask me to go with him. As night fell and the time for the fireworks neared, we all went down the steps to the beach and out to Dad’s truck. “We’ll get in first so we don’t block your view,” Dad motioned at me, “and you and the girls can sit on the edge of the tailgate.” As we climbed in, I caught sight of a large ice chest taking up a good part of the right side of the truck’s bed just as Dad lowered himself down and began to speak again. “Sit right here,” he nodded between his legs as he sank down the the left of the ice chest, “and hand drinks to Mom and your sisters.” I asked what everyone wanted and passed each one’s choice to them before grabbing one for me after Dad said he didn’t want anything yet. The girls and Mom talked about the fireworks that were about to start, and Dad slipped big arms around me and hugged me close. It was nice, but kind of tense for me because the position and size of his arms left me with no place to put my hands but his hairy muscular thighs on the outside of mine. Luckily, I had a Dr. Pepper in my right hand, so only my left had to rest on his thigh. Dad’s chin rubbed back and forth across my head, the hair of his still bare chest and stomach bit softly into my own bare back. My tension started to fade when Mom and my sisters asked which fireworks were my favorites. I was answering when someting nudged my hand a few times. I continued des- cribing the ones I liked best and absent mindedly began lightly stroking the five to six inches of hard hooded cock that had pushed forward from the hem of Dad’s shorts. When what I was doing with my hand hit me, I felt scared to suddenly pull my hand away and scared not to. I began talking faster and gebze escort describing everything in great detail. “Oh! Oh!” Mom exclaimed as the first small firework rocketed into the sky and made a quiet pop before a small shower of glittery green lights hit the sky. Dad’s cock flexed under my hand as he leaned down and asked in his deep re- laxed voice if I was having a good time. I just nodded my head, and his cock flexed and pushed against my hand three more times in rapid succession. “Good,” came quietly from above me. In just a few minutes, the explosions had gotten louder and both my sisters had their hands over their ears when Katie began to cry. Mom did everything she could to soothe the girls, but gave up and announced she was taking them back to the house where they could watch from behind closed windows. But, she added that she wanted Dad and me to stay right here and enjoy the fireworks mirrored double in the water of the bay. The darkness of the night and angle of how we sat hid my hand on Dad’s cock as Mom quickly collected the girls and headed back to the house. Katie’s crying ended with the distant sound of our front door closing. Dad turned his body and pushed the ice chest forward toward the tailgate after reaching in for a root beer. “Let’s scoot back and spread out some now that we have more room.” My mind guessed it was his way of breaking the contact of my hand on his cock without embarrassing me. I noticed the cab completely blocked out the view of the house as we moved to put our backs against it. Once in place, Dad draped his arm around my shoulders and used the other one to put my hand right back on the hard cock sticking out from the leg of his shorts. My face turned to his slowly while I felt myself turning beet red. His big mustache widened as hidden lips smiled, the look in his eyes was soft and gentle. “Hey, I was your age once.” He gave my shoulders a squeeze. When I didn’t move, and couldn’t take my confused eyes from his face, he added, “Awwww, chief, go ahead. Curiosity only kills cats, not sixteen year old boys.” The last came with a warm chuckle and another squeeze of my shoulders. I finally lowered my eyes, my heart feeling like it was going to beat right out of my chest. I lifted the heavy hard meat up and moved it to look at the space where my fingers couldn’t meet. “I guess it IS kind’a big, huh?” He asked grabbing and taking a swallow of his root beer as if we were talking about nothing more than the ice chest. “Yeah…” I answering in barely more than a whisper. “Well, do ya like it?” He set his root beer to the side of him when I didn’t answer and reached over to tilt my chin up at him. “Well?” He asked again soflty. “I can put it away if this is makin’ you uncomfortable.” “No.” I responded tentatively, turning my eyes away in spite of the hand holding my chin to look up at him. “I mean…well…yeah, ummm…well, I do… like it. It’s just…” “Hey,” Dad nudged my chin a bit to bring my eyes back up to his, “I do, too, son.” I couldn’t stop the surprised look and immediate tilting of my head. His face dipped to mine. His big bushy mustache brushed my lips as my prick shot to attention for the first time as more tension slid from me. The bottom of Dad’s mustache tickled the inside of my mouth as I tasted root beer and felt his mouth open mine. Without going further, his tongue slid across my lower lip just before he eased his mouth away and dropped his forehead to mine. “Your mom and I made a very handsome son.” His free hand moved t’ take my wrist and slowly stroke my hand up and down his length. He let go and left me to repeat and continue the motion, his eyes smilin’ quietly into mine. I saw his chest expand in a silent sharp inhale when my hand moved over the big shapely head of his cock. His eyes drifted shut and he eased away to lean back against the cab, giving me full manual and visual access to the big male equipment between his legs. I lighly slid my hand back down, leaving Dad’s foreskin in place hugging the big sloping flesh underneath. Reaching the wide base, I noticed the curly hair of his crotch grew an inch and a half or more up the shaft…even further up on the underside. I was fascin- ated by all the thick hair on Dad’s body but even more so what was on and around his big cock. I slid my hand lightly back up, feeling the veins under the soft skin rubbing against my palms and fingers. When I reached the broad meaty head again, Dad sucked in another sharp breath. “What…ohhhhhh man….” He paused as I tightened my hand to slide his fore- skin down and expose the now glistening purple-pink head to the warm night air. His body shuddered, “what do you….hell…like most about it?” “This part.” I answered immediately, lightly stroking my fingertips across and around the thick skin covering ninety percent of the big head underneath….. specifically sliding over the vein that branched out across it. “Oh, good,” his deep voice was breathless, “me, too.” “Mikey…” His whole body shook and his hand came to the back of my head as I was lifting it up to look at him. Gentle pressure eased my head down, and I let go of him to find that hard fat cock springing up to stand in its upward curve from his crotch. “..what you did in the bathroom…” The head of his cock was inches from my face. “Do that again.” It seemed even more huge this close up and straining toward me. White stuff burped from the deep piss slit and gathered around the bobbing head inside its hooded protection. Musk, sweat, and a hint of bleach slid up into my nose. I moved downward with no nudging from above. Keeping one hand on the outside of Dad’s thigh for balance, I brought the other back to his cock to grip its thick width and slide his foreskin back down from the big wide head. I strained my mouth open and lowered it onto him, clasping my lips behind the sloping ridge to capture the precum that drooled downward. That taste again. That mild salty taste that I’d first experienced two nights before left my head fuzzy and disconnected. Dad’s cock flexed and throbbed as more poured into my mouth. “Suck…..god…..suck me….” I moved lower onto him, the corners of my mouth stinging with the throbbing too-thick cock meat stretching my mouth further than possible. When the head of his bull-sized cock hit the back of my mouth, his hairy legs drew up…his heels dug in…his body bucked…and, another deposit of pre- cum poured into my mouth. “Mikey!” Dad hissed. I slid my mouth off him and then right back down while tears formed in my eyes from the stinging stretch of my lips and the fat incredible head of Dad’s cock hitting the back of my throat solidly again. “Mikey…don’t! No! Son….!” Dad grabbed me by the hair and forced me just barely off his big raging bull- dick. The deep gash of his piss slit gaped and I watched in fascinated shock as a huge white jet of cum shot out onto my hair, ear, and across my chin in such a vast amount it immediately ran down my neck and chest to the thick hair on Dad’s thigh. I didn’t understand why he’d pulled me off him and I didn’t care. I lunged against his grip and shoved my mouth back over his thick jerking meat just as the next burst of cum thundered up through his fat massive cock. His legs shot out straight across the bed of the truck as his body quaked and another rich explosion of cum blasted into my mouth. I swallowed wildly as his legs drew up again and another heavy load of Dad’s cum splashed across my tongue, teeth, and the insides of my cheeks. Globs of hot male cum heavily coated the inside of my mouth and the length of my through going down to where it pooled copiously inside my stomach. With his knees up, he locked my head between his hairy thighs and hair sto- mach to forcefeed more and more cum into my young body. When it finally began to slow, Dad pushed me off him as he rolled onto his knees above me. Yanking me across the opened sleeping bags as he jerked my shorts and under- wear from me to toss them off the back of his truck, he hurriedly asked, “Has any- one ever done that to you?” “No, I….” Dad dropped across my stomach as one hand reached for the base of my prick and its elbow shoved my thigh wide and upward. The other arm snaked between my thighs and shoved the other up and back as well. Suddenly, his hand released my prick as his mouth dove down onto it and his hands moved down to stroke, strum, drum, and tease my tiny tight pink hole. I gasped as the world tumbled from underneath me and my prick exploded into his mouth. Powerful suction hit my young dick as Dad devoured my prick and sucked blast after blast of cum up from my hairless balls. A hand moved from my ass and a finger went inside Dad’s mouth beside my spew- ing prick. I barely registered the action until my exploding prick and brain hit new heights with Dad shoving that thick finger up into my ass. I was beating my fists into his back, but could do nothing to stop myself as his incredible mouth voraciously sucked my prick and swallowed every last drop of my sixteen year old load while his wide finger stroked the inside of my sensi- tive hole. Finishing, I felt everything spin inside my dazed brain until I realized he’d rolled us both over and was pushing me back down his hairy body to that huge fat cock thrusting up from the juncture of his muscular thighs. I dove onto him again with no thought but wanting to please him. “Son…son…son…” the words heaved from his chest in strained whispers, “look at me…look at me, Mikey….look at me…” I turned my face and eyes up at him as one hand grabbed the thick base of his eleven inch fat cock and the other stroked down his ballsack to roll the heavy hairy orbs in my small hand. “Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” His big cock erupted in my mouth again as Dad squeezed his eyes shut for a moment and then opened them wide as saucers to stare down on me again. “Goddddddddddd, Mikey….aggggggghhhhhhh…son…seeing…your mouth…on… my cock….agggghhhhhhhhhhh….agggggghhhhhhhh…my cock in your mouth….son, son, son!” He stared blazing shocked eyes into mine as he fired so much cum into me so fast it was spashing out the sides of my mouth and running down the wide shaft of his thrashing bull-meat. Dad held me there, his hand stroking wildly and repeatedly through my hair as more and more cum rushed into my mouth and down my throat or the sides of his thick cock. Just when I thought his load would never end, it began to slow and so did I. I moved into nursing the last of his cum from the fat head until he was completely dry and watching me through half closed and sleepy eyes. He surprised me again by reaching down to pull me up him and then rolling us both over until he was fully on top of me and lowering his mouth to mine. Again, part of his mustache slid into my mouth sensually. But, this time, he followed that with his tongue slowly swiping, moving mine around, and mixing his cum with mine. He pulled his face back with a small smile. “Your first time, huh?” A blushing grin teased at my lips embarrassedly as I just nodded. “Mine, too. Well, at…uhm…this in particular…not with a woman.” “My first time, period.” I admitted. “Was good?” Dad grinned knowingly. I rolled my eyes and looked off to the side. “Oh, yeah.” I nodded, still looking away. “Really good.” I turned back to look at him as something occurred to me. “But…why…I mean…” I began only to be cut off by Dad rolling off me and onto his back, pulling me against his side with one arm as the other went back behind his head. “I don’t know, chief. The last coupl’a years..” he sighed and his eyes roved the sky above, “…every once in a while a new guy fresh from training would get shipped over that was shorter, cute, n’ young who would just…well…’look’ at me. That look…I’d feel it somehow and look up myself t’ find his eyes on me longer than necessary before he’d move ’em somewhere else. I guess it kind’a got my mind t’ wandering…wonderin’ what it might be like. He shrugged and flicked his eyes at me briefly with a lift of his eybrows, “Well, the thought of it started t’ turn me on some. The more it happened, the more I thought about what it might be like, and the more it turned me on. When I saw you in the airport…” He let out a long sigh with a ‘phew’ sound and turned his eyes back up up into the sky thoughtfully before continuing, “…you just looked soooo much like those handsome lil’ guys that would come through from time t’ time…” “Then, when I saw you outside the living room the first night…well, I didn’t even let myself think. I’d had these ideas in my head for two or three years, and all I saw at first was an opportunity. I followed you into the bathroom, but then chickened out.” “Spent a lot of time thinkin’ about it…you. I weighed everything from every possible angle. He continued, “Then, when you were strokin’ yourself while watchin’ me the second night. It seemed clear what was goin’ on with me might be goin’ on with you, too.” He suddenly turned his handsome mustached face back to me with bushy raised eyebrows, and I knew what his eyes were asking. “Yeah, it was.” “Hey!” He leaned up on one elbow, looked up at the dark sky and then back down at me. “The fireworks are over and…uhm…you, mister, are a mess. Shoot, I… Oh!” He was up and at the driver’s door in a flash. I heard and felt him rum- maging around, and then watched him come back around to the tailgate. He grabbed my shorts and tossed them to me while flashing of a bar of soap from the cab in the other hand. “Throw those on in case anyone looks out through the windows, and let’s go take a quick swim so we can wash down.” (To be continued.) 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