Subject: Air Unit Hunks (7) This is a purely fictional story about several of the men that had come to work on the air and cooling issue I recently had. Long story short. I had moved into a new home recently. And soon found a few issues with the place. Mostly minor. Until the air unit started leaking. This story is for all the hunks involved in the placement of the air unit. From the hot guy with the best quote and the chosen company, to the beefy studs that put in the unit. Again only fiction. And a shame couldn’t have even one of these hot hunks. Hope you all enjoy…. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Air Unit Hunks (7) Giving it to Tim…. …. I brought Tim into my bedroom. I lead him to the place that had seen so little action of late. But it was gonna see some today. For sure it was. I had the hot man sit on the bed as I began to disrobe. I wanted to get naked for him. To let him see the body he would have. But mostly the back side that he would have. I bent over as I dropped my pants. That way he could see my ass. I bent over as i pulled my pants down for him to see my ass. I could hear him sigh as he seemed to like what he saw. “That is a nice butt” Tim said I felt him reach for me and he pulled me back. I fell on his lap and on his crotch and dick. I could feel the hard stem under me. Throbbing against my butt cheek. “Gonna fuck this hole good” he said to me. I felt his awesome body behind me and just wanted to sit there against him. But I had to get up as he needed to get to my butt. Tim grabbed at my ass cheeks. He rubbed at them a bit before moving on to more. Then Tim spit on his hand and brought it to my hole. And then he shoved a finger into me. I moaned softly as I felt the penetration. And it felt good. Then he started to slowly slide that finger in and out of me. I swooned as I felt it fucking me. “Hmm. That feels good man” I cooed “Give it to me Tim” “Gimme that finger” “Get my hole ready for that big dick” Tim did continued the ass fucking with his finger. Digging the digit into kocaeli escort me for a minute or so longer. But we both wanted more. I know I did. “Gotta fuck me baby” I cooed “Want that big cock” I looked back at the handsome guy behind me. He was gorgeous to say the least his hot and hairy body a gay mans wet dream. He pulled out of me and then spit down on his dick. He stroked his still hard cock to keep it nice and rigid for me. Then he pulled me back to him. Back towards his granite hard dick. I leaned back and then reached for him. My hand touched that fur forest and it held me up. Holding me up so I could get to that dick. “So fucking hot” I said back “Gonna Fuck me good” “Gimme that dick” I then sat down on his hard cock. I felt the head as it pierced and pushed his dick into me. It felt better than I could have wished for. That hard perfect sized dick was consumed by my happy ass as I sat down in him. Then I leaned back and against his awesome chest when I was done sitting on his cock. I was in heaven. “Ohh God. Ohh Tim” I moaned “Feels soo. Ughn good” I then placed my hands to his shoulders and started to lift myself up and off his lap. Then sliding back down his luscious dick. Groaning on him as I rode that beautiful cock he had. “Fuck that’s soo good” I moaned “Needed this time. Ughn” “Mee too” he huffed under me. His hands held my body as I moved on his cock more. And he started to push up at my ass now. His hard as granite cock being thrust up at me as Tom started to fuck me back. Lifting his hips up as he pushed his dick i to me in unison with my motions. This dug that cock deep inside me. Giving me even more pleasure. I was loving this as I rode his cock. But I want to look qt the hot hairy man. To look at his hot hairy body as I rode his cock. So I sat down on him. His full dick now in me. Then I twisted myself around on his lap. Lifting a leg up and I turned. Then the other until I was now facing the beautiful blonde bear. “Lets turn” I had said “Wanna see your face as I ride this dick” I placed my hands on his magnificent chest. kocaeli escort bayan Letting my fingers feel that glorious fur again. I looked at his face. His eyes were closed in his pleasure. But that handsome face was stunning to look at. I then began to lift my ass up again. Began to return to fucking his hard dick some more. Cooing as I slid back up and down his hard dick. “God I love your cock Tim” I grunted “Fills me up so fucking good” “Fuck me” He said as he opened his eyes to look up at me. “Fuck my cock with that awesome hole” So I leaned more forward on his awesome chest. A hand on each meaty pectoral. Then I just started to rise and fall in his cock. Moving faster on it as I bounced on his lap. Our eyes locked to one another’s again as my body continued to move on his dick. We were both groaning very much now. “Yes stud. Yess” I huffed “Such a great dick Tim” “Fuck that was. Fuck it” Tim then pulled at me as I rode him. He grabbed at my sides and then unexpectedly pulled me over. Then I was flipped around and onto my back. He grabbed my legs and pulled them up and to his shoulders. His dick slipped out in the process, but Tim quickly moved on me and reintroduced that dick to my ass. Then he thrust into me again. “Ughn. Hmm fuck yess” he moaned “That’s my hole. That’s what I want” I looked up at the stud on me again. His big beautiful chest now hovering just over me. It actually looked even better like this. I reached up to his big pecs and squeezed again. Feeling the hit flesh and fur. He was spectacular to look at like this. “Fuck me Tim” I huffed “Just give me that awesome dick baby” “Plow my shitter” I then found his nipples amidst all that beautiful fur. Then i tugged on them. Grasping them between my fingers. “Awee fuckk!” He yelped as I did Then he just started to throw his dick into me. Hard. Tim started to really pound at my body. Slamming his hot wonderful dick into my needy ass. And I only urged him on. Telling him to and still pulling at his nipples to pull the ‘fuck’ out of him. “Yes baby. Awee fuck yess!” I chimed izmit escort “Give it to me Tim. Gimme that fucking cock” “God I love it” “Fuck me. Fuckk mee!” Tim was huffing and grunting harder as he hit me harder. Groaning his pleasures as he drove dick into my body at speed. Then as he reached the point of no return I reached for him and pulled him down to me. His eyes locked to mine as then bent over to kiss me again. I felt his awesome hairy body raking against my body as his fucking continued. “Hmmf, hmmf, Hmmf fuckk!” He grunted Then his body froze. Tensing up and on me as he was about to blow. Then he pulled from my lips to moan again. “Yess. Awee fuckk!” He groaned. “Gonna. Hmmf fuckk!” Then his body began to shake as his balls exploded. He then ground his shooting cock into me. Blasting multiple bullets into my body. I felt the glorious heat of his cum as it washed through my insides. A delicious warmth that filled my bowels as the man shot and shot into to me. We both moaned in delight as he busted his nut into me. Showering my guts with it. Both groaning and slowing in the ecstasy of our sex. “Yes Tim. Ohh yess!” I huffed “Give it to me. All of it” Then I kissed him. Again and again until he stopped pumping my guts with his seed. Then the hot man slumped on me as we lay there. Still trapped between my spread legs. His full weight on me. But I just held him and kissed him again. Then we just lay there for a while as I just didn’t want his body to leave mine. I just wanted his gorgeous hairy body on me for as long as I could. “Man. Whew” he then huffed Then he crawled up off of me. I looked at his stunning hairy body. He was damp with sweat. A beautiful dampness as he looked down at me. Then he got up off the bed to get dressed. His delicious body disappearing under his clothes. Then he smiled at me as I lay there on my bed. I didn’t want him to go, but knew he had to. “I may have to call you if there is an issue” I then said “Never know with these air units when they will break” He smiled at my comment. Saying he would gladly be the first to come and ‘fix’ my problem. Then Tim turned and left me laying on my bed. I heard the door close behind him. And I smiled…… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ More to cum

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