Please note that although this is first and foremost an incest story, there are also BDSM flavors in the mix. If this offends you, please don’t read any further.


“Ah`enra,” he whispered, “my love.”

I tried to back away but he held my hand tight and his strength was greater than mine. Slowly he drew me closer, down to him in those furs until I had to kneel on the softness next to him. He reached with his free hand and brushed a strand of ebony hair from my pale face and smiled.

“Do you not know me? Do you not recognize your older brother?”

His hand cupped my cheek and I leaned into his touch. Inhaling deeply I felt the fear leave me. His scent was right, I knew him. I closed my eyes and listened to his voice again.

“Ah`enra,” he instructed, “look at me.”

I opened my eyes and suddenly I knew, in a blinding flash of recognition I knew him and I laughed and cried all at the same time. “Akarna!” My hands flew from my thighs to his shoulders just as he pulled me to him, crushing me against him. All I could do was weep in joy and say his name again and again.

He chuckled and held me close, stroking my bare back, letting the silk of my hair slip through his fingers. I could hear his heart pound, hear the blood pulse, the breath deepen in his chest. I looked up and saw the hunger in his eyes. I moaned as he claimed my mouth in a kiss, one that I had forgotten the taste of, one that turned me to molten fire in his arms. I shifted within his embrace to face him, lips parting willingly under his insistent tongue.

He plundered my mouth but his kisses taksim escort didn’t stop there. Holding me, his lips found my jaw, my neck, my shoulder and back up the other side. He turned me so I was beneath him more and looked down at me before ravaging my mouth again. This kiss made me taste blood, I wasn’t sure whose and I didn’t care. I raked my nails down either side of his neck and he growled, pinning my hands above my head with one of his. I struggled but my older brother was too powerful. I struggled because I knew I would lose.

He broke the kiss and his eyes followed ever curve of my body, from the neck held fast in the collar bearing his name to round breasts with nipples dark and solid, down the curve of my belly to where my thighs eagerly parted for him. He laughed again and began to run his hand along the same path, Grasping my nipples hard one then the other, twisting, pulling until I cried out and pleasure and pain became one. He let my hands go to use both of his to ravish my willing flesh.

I felt his huge cock pressed against my thigh, smelled my own excitement, knowing the furs were damp with my honey. I untwined his hair from its braid and found his lips again, gasping and groaning as he continued to torture my nipples, pain having transcended into bliss at his touch. One hand traveled down to play with my clit, finding the little button in the sparse curls. I broke the kiss to cry out, silenced by another from him.

He toyed with me, teasing me, pinching and rubbing, bringing me to the edge of orgasm and letting me teeter there, then leaving my clit alone to fondle the swollen pussy lips that çapa escort were slick with wanting him. One long finger pushed its way into me, then another. Our kiss long ended, he watched the surrender in my eyes, on my face. He saw the silent begging, chose to ignore it and continue the torment. I knew, I remembered what he wanted.

He chuckled at first when I begged to cum, laughed at the pretty words I used. I begged him again and again, yet each time he told me I could do better. Desperate tears streamed down my cheeks as my cries turned into feral growls. This was what he waited for, what he longed to hear.

A single word, a command, and my body wracked with spasms, hips bucking up to meet his hand. His fingers only left me wanting more, wanting his enormous prick buried deep inside my tight cunt.

“Akarna,” I hissed, “fuck me, please, fuck me! Take me, claim me, use me, rape me but fuck me!”

He laughed again and moved between my thighs, pushing them sinfully wide, rubbing the engorged head of his cock up and down the length of my slit. When I rocked toward him, he would pull back until I was a snarling beast beneath him. Lust was consuming me, making me his slut, his whore. And he knew it, the bastard. But I loved him, as much as I hated him in those moments, I loved him.

Suddenly, without warning, he put his full weight behind the single thrust that buried him in me completely. I screamed, all twelve inches of my brother rammed inside my pussy! I scratched his back, knowing I tore skin, not caring. He stayed that way for a moment, looking deep into my eyes. Looking into my soul that belongs to him.

Then bakırköy escort slowly he began to move, to pull out only to fill me again. Sobs racked my body not of pain but of pleasure, of delight, of total and absolute fulfillment. This man knows my body as no other does, or ever will. He fucked me with increasing speed and intensity, his own primal, animalistic instincts taking control. The beast took control, hunger, passion and thirst that I know only I can satisfy glaring back at me from within his eyes. Only his precious little sister knows the beast, only I can sate him.

Both of us were covered in sweat, the smell of sex surrounding us. My screams echoed off the temple walls and his grunting groans filled my ears. I felt him tense, felt his body ready, his cock held and squeezed by the many, many times I had cum with him inside me.

He lifted onto his hands and knees, changing the angle, making me cry out anew and cling to him. My long legs wrapped around his hips, pulling him closer. He stopped, watching me and I smiled, flexing the muscles deep inside around his prick, nothing else moving, driving him closer and closer to his edge. With one final thrust and a roar, he came, his hot cum searing its way into me, coating my insides, filling me to overflowing. I came at the same time, shuddering and convulsing around him, screaming his name.

He collapsed onto me, his full weight making it difficult to breathe at first. We stayed like that for a bit, his hands caressing my sides, my thighs. My body trembled with aftershocks and I came at least twice more from his gentle, loving touches.

Finally, he rolled off me, pulling me to him for another kiss, this one slow and lingering, almost lazy in its passion and fire. He tasted the salt from my tears and cradled me to his chest, whispering, “I love you sweet little sistermine….welcome home.”

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