a****l Skin (Pussyboy Farm Breeding Stock)

a****l Skin (Pussyboy Farm Breeding Stock)a****l SKINIt’s Friday night, I’m feeling fucking horny and want some ass abuse. Iget myself kitted up- 20 hole rangers with red laces; my favorite bleachersnice and tight with a rip up the ass seam; red braces hanging down framingmy ass nicely; white Fred Perry and my green MA1; quick check in themirror, yeap lookin good off down the pub.I get me first pint in while I checking the talent, not bad but nothing thatgrabs me by the balls, but it’s still early yet so I ain’t worried. I getmyself another pint and chat to the barman for a bit, when, about halfwaythrough my pint, three skinheads walk in, all lookin well horny just whatI’m lookin for. One in particular is carrying some serious meat if thebulge in his bleachers is anything to go by.They go to the bar and order their drinks and start scanning the room. Theone with the meat spots me, gives me the once over and cocks his glass tome- fucking great I reckon I’m in here.They chat on their own for a bit, before he comes over to me and startschatting to me. His name is Nick and he’s well fucking horny- just under6ft, not heavily muscled but fucking fit- red laces in his boots nice, tightbleachers and red braces. We have a few pints together n just shoot thebreeze talking fucking and that. Three more skins come in and join Nick’sm8`s at the bar. He goes over to them points me out them and has a quickchat before coming back to me.We have another pint and then Nick tells me he’s gonna fuck my ass offtonight and give me a night to remember. I’m well up for that and cant fuckinwait! He takes an E out his pocket and stuffs it in my mouth with a wink`should have started kicking in nicely by the time we get home’. We headout the door as nick Nick shouts to his m8’s `Ill catch u laters’.We start walking back to his place- the booze n E start workin’ on my systemn I’m feelin good n getting more fuckin horny with each step. We stop at analley, Nick pulls me in and pushes me down on my knees. He takes his dickout of his bleachers and I’m fucking drooling he must be six inches soft andnearly 2 in diameter. I open my mouth and start taking him in, I get abouthalf way down before he grabs the back of my head and just shoves down tillmy nose is in the fly of his bleachers. Holding me there he looks down atme n says `take it all boy’ and starts filling my guts with piss- he’sfuckin flooding me with it he must have been pissing for like 2 mins and I’min fuckin’ heaven. He pulls out, stuffs his dick back in his jeans and wecarry on heading back to his place. The taste of piss remains on my tongue,keeping me hard.We get to his place and I hear a couple of dogs barking. He tells me to goup stairs to the first door on the right and strip off naked and put me boots backon while he goes and sees his boys.In the room I strip off while checking the place out: Rubber flooring,sling, bondage bench all the sort of stuff I like. By this point the E’sgot me buzzing nicely and I’m feeling good. Nick comes in, looks at me andsays yeah fuckin nice you’re in for the time of your life tonight boy. Begrabs me by the balls and pulls me to him he, then proceeds to crush mayballs in his fist. I’m gasping for breath from the pain, but still hesqueezes, turning then deep red. He releases my balls and I fall to my kneeswith a deep ache in my balls. Pushing me to the floor he puts on a dogcollar around my neck and attaches a lead. He places one of his boots ontomy balls and starts crushing them beneath his boot grinding the boot into myballs as I open my mouth in a gasp. He pulls me up from the floor using thelead and drives his cock deep down my mouth making me gag and choke. Hiscock down my throat and the pain in my balls brings tears to my eyes. Justwhen I think I’m going to pass out from lack of air he pulls out and releasesmy balls from under his boot. Closing my eyes as I try to get my breathback- I don’t see his boot coming as he kicks me hard in the balls with hisrangers- the pain is agonizing and takes what little breath I have from mybody. I try to suppress the urge, but end up puking and collapsing in aheap on the floor. `You better eat that back up, puppy’ Nick orders me as hestarts stripping off. I eventually manage to get myself together and startlapping up the puke from the floor.Once I’m finished he grabs hold of the lead, drags me over and gets me onthe bench and ties me face down till all I can move is my head. My ass isexposed and by pulling my head up he’s got a direct line into my throat.He’s fuckin hot n that dick is a sight to hold. He dumps some powder into awater bottle and shakes it to mix it up `a little d**g cocktail to keep yougoing’ then offers me it to drink some, fuck it ‘in for a penny in for apound’ as I take a couple of good gulps. He then puts a mask on me leavingmy mouth fully exposed for his dick a gag whatever.I’m immobile, no vision- completely at his mercy. A ball gag is place in mymouth now, so I can’t even make a noise. Next thing I know his fully harddick is driving up my ass – I’m in pain. Yeah, I have an experienced fuckhole-but he’s fucking r****g my cunt with his dick. I can’t move, scream, pleadwith him to stop, nothing, I just have to accept it, and, despite the pain Ifucking love it! My dicks hard as a rock and drooling precum beneath me.My heads in a good d**g-induced haze and I fucking want him to abuse myass . He pounds away at my cunt hole and after a furious fuck he dumps whatfeels like a huge fucking load of cum deep into my guts. He withdraws and leaves mebound and gagged and well fucked.I hear the door open and he calls out `come boys.’ I hear the scrabbling offeet as his dogs obviously race up the stairs and into the room. The nextthing I feel are his dogs sniffing around my body then a long, corse tonguelick up my ass crack- it feels fucking great! I feel two paws wrap over myshoulders as one of the dogs mounts me, I’m immobile not able to see or speakand this dog is about to **** my ass . I can feel his dick jabbing around myass and runny dogcum is spraying over my ass cheeks as he tried to find hismark. With a hard thrust his doggy dick enters me- I’m being ****d hard and fastby a dogs dick and it feels fucking awesome; some pain but the d**gs areoverriding most of it and I want more dog cock. I’d be begging for it if I couldspeak and more is what I get as his knot starts banging against my entrance.With a thrust and a grunt from me I take his knot, then with a anothergroan, it comes out as the dog thrusts in and out another few thrust and theknot has swelled enough inside me that it seals my ass tight. Now withfast, short, hard thrusts the dog continues to fuck my ass . At last hestops with me tied to him, like his bitch. He climbs off and turns so we arenow tied ass to ass and his dog cum is still pumping into my well fuckedhole. Nick removes the gag and says to me ‘Told you were gonna get well andtruly fucked tonight and we ain’t even started yet.’He feeds me more of the d**g mix from the water bottle and calls his otherdog over. This one starts tonguing my face and mouth. I open my mouth andlet the tongue slip inside, tasting the dog’s saliva. Nick the moves thedog so I am now presented with the dogs cock. I eagerly take it into mymouth as the dog mounts me from the front and starts fucking into my mouth.I’ve still got the other dog tied in my ass , so I’m getting spit roasted by 2dogs as Nick looks on, I hear his phone ring and Nick answers it: `Yeah gotthe greedy fucker here now, Bruno’s tied in his cunt n Rex is fucking hismouth, LOL, yeah come round and get Steve to bring Max, we’ll give this fuckpuppy the fucking of his life’.Bruno finally finished filling my ass with cum and his knot shrinks enoughfor it to pop from my sore ass , followed by a gush of dog and man spunk.No sooner has Bruno left my hole when Nicks leads Rex from my mouth round tomy rear and, after a few laps at my tender ass with his tongue, he mountsme and proceeds to make me his bitch as well. I’m groaning with pleasure asI’m being dominated by my Doggie master. Once Rex has fucked and tied with meand is filling my ass with more doggie cum, Nick removes canlı bahis the mask- I can atlong last see who my other r****t are. 2 great looking large GermanShepherds! I’ve still got Rex tied ass to ass with me, pumpin me full of doggiecum. I see Nick in front of me and give him a big shit eating grin ofpleasure `you enjoying yourself dog bitchboy?’ ‘Fuck yeah!’ I reply as he pullsmy head up and starts fucking my face deep and hard with his big dick.I hear the door open and hear some people walking in `Fuck yeah, Nick lookat the cunt’ and more comments like that. Nick’s face fucking of me becomesharder and faster until, with a grunt, he shoots his load deep down mythroat. Withdrawing his dick from my ravaged mouth I’m able to turn my headand see who else is in the room just as Rex’s knot slips from my ass ,spewing yet more doggie jism down over my hanging balls. Nick’s five skinhead matesare stood watching and one them has also got a large Rottweiler with him- whoI guess must be Max.Max is immediately led up to my ass and this time all he wants is to fuck-no sniffing or licking he just mounts me and fucks me hard and fast. Igrunt and groan with each thrust as I feel his knot slapping against my cuntlips and then driven through hard. This dog is a real fucking a****l whenit comes to fucking and I can’t get enough! He’s soon tied with me pumpingyet more cum into my boyhole. Nick’s relaxing, takin a breather and having asmoke as the 5 skinheads start stripping down to their boots. Shit, I’mthinking 3 dogs’ six skinheads and I’m the cunt that’s getting ****d nabused. Fuck it, go for it, not often u get this sort of treatment in onenight! I’m given more of the d**g mix from the water bottle and I’m alreadysoaring pretty high after a couple of gulps the bottles replaced with a hardskinhead dick as a slow deep face fuck starts. Max is still tied to mepumping his cum into my hole. The guy fuckin my face stops with his dickburied all the way down my throat and lets go with a stream of piss, fillingmy guts, he then continues face fucking me and starts picking up the pace.At this point Max’s knot has shrunk and slips from my ass and isimmediately replaced by one of the skinheads cock- no lube is needed as mycunt is dripping with dog cum and is gaping loose and open. A fast furioushard fuck starts and my ass is getting some serious abuse but I’m fuckinloving it! A d**gged pleasure and pain induced high is rolling through mybody. The face fucking ends with a big load deposited down my throat. Theskin fucking my ass is really pounding hard at my ass as he’s bringshimself off deep inside my fuckhole. He pulls out and comes round to the frontand shoves his dick into my throat so I can suck it clean, tasting his ass juice, dog cum and skinhead cum coated dick. Another skinhead takes histurn at my ass and, when he is finished, Bruno, Nicks first dog to fuck me,is ready to go again. That’s how it went on for hours- first a dog then 2of the skins fuck my pussyboiass , then a dog then 2 skins and so on my cunt wasgaping wide even when there wasn’t a cock in it, awash with man and b**st cum, swollen, tender and raw.When I was eventually untied from the bench I literally collapsed in a heapon the floor. Everybody took a rest for a while, the only exception beingwhen someone wanted a piss and I was either hosed down or forced to take itdown my throat as I slowly brought myself to my senses. I heard one of themask Nick `how about taking this cunt down to Johns?’ `Fuck yeah why not, it’stoo early to call him and see if OK, but we might as well prepare his cuntanyway LOL’I was picked up n thrown into the sling when my hands were tied behind me and also tied to my balls,My legs pulled wide and put in restraints as well, giving them complete access to my swollen, gaped open andalready abuse fuckhole. `Steve give him a good hit of crystal and then a big hitof k lets send this pig into orbit LOL’I was fed more d**gs and then a gas mask was put over my head and Iimmediately smelt poppers as a rush washed over me. The gas mask had asteady feed of poppers, so each breath took me higher and higher and relaxedme more and more, I could do nothing but give myself over to these six hornyskinheads.I could see Nick grease his fists and arms up in front of me and then felt the firstfist slip into my already loose boyhole. He pushed deeper in until he washalfway up his forearm before pulling back then pushing in again building uphis pace and rhythm. I was on fucking cloud nine with a d**g and pleasureinduced high and was pushing and rocking myself onto his fist and forearm, wanting moreand more.`Come on cunt, open right up, we gotta get that pussy really stretched out to go deep for what’s in store for you’.Each thrust of his arm took him deeper into my ass till he’s was up to hiselbow. He withdrew his arm and its was replaced by another skinheads greasedup fist as he took a break. This time the pace of the fisting was fast,hard and deep- punch fist fucking my asscunt to the elbow all in one thrust, first one fist in then out asthe other fist went in a good rhythm was built up. My asspussy was being punch fisted up to the elbowwith both fists. As the speed increasedmy cunt was getting fuckin trashed to accept the pace of the abuse and fucking and I was writhing and pushing back my ass formore. Another skin took his turn as they started crowding round pulling andchewing on my nipples, stretching, pulling, crushing my balls- sending wavesof pain n pleasure through my body.The one at my ass was now working both fists at the same time into my cunt,stretching me wide and opening my ass up even more. The room stank of sweat, piss,cum, ass raunch and sex- what an aphrodisiac! We all got into it pushing meto my limits and beyond. The skin at my ass lips was now stretched elbow deep with bothfists, workin’ ’em back n forth, constantly keeping at least one fist in my ass atall times, stretching out my cunt to new limits. I was fucking gaping,my open ass lips swollen n raw. You could see right up my asspussy, which stayed open at least 4 to 5 inches, so that when I was punch fisted, the fist went right into a gaping fuck holewithout even needing to stretch out my asslips. A mix of Crisco, cum and cunt juice wasdripping out my well fucked and abused hole. Another skin was greasing up his fist to takehis turn, only he was greasing all of his arm, up to his shoulder. His fisted went in easily tothe elbow, from then on he opened me up deeper n deeper. Never have I beenthis deep before and he still wants more, he’s way past the elbow and hisbicep is stretching my cunt lips wide. I dunno how much more I can take. Ijust breath in deep, letting the poppers send me off in a d**g inducedhigh. With a deep grunt his bicep pushes through my inner ring- he’s as deep ashe can go in my ass , and starts pulling back his fist. I feel as if I’mturning inside out, the other five skins continue to pinch and pull my titsand punch and slap my hard cock and balls ,the pain I’m feeling is giving me an intensehigh and I’m fuckin floating and loving it all. He’s pulled out now untilhe’s just in up to the elbow, and then in one steady push goes in deep againtill his bicep is through my stretched wide ass again, back out again thenback in repeatedly opening up a deep tunnel into my body.Nick tells them he’s spoken to John and that we can take him down to hisplace anytime.`fuckin great, this cunt ain’t gonna know what’s hit him, lol’`Steve, bring your van round the back we can throw the fuckpig inside andcontinue the fisting **** of pussyboy’s asscunt on the way down to Johns.’I’m finally released from the sling and collapse in a heap on the floor, myass muscles have been beaten into submission and my cunt is just gapingwide and leaking cum Crisco and cunt juice. The rest of the skinheads dressn get ready to leave, but of course I’m left bare ass naked. I’m given a big hit of K and then lead by a leash tied around my balls downthe stairs into the back of the van. With Steve driving, the other fiveskinheads and the 3 dogs climb into the van as well.In the van I’m am brought to my hands and knees as another skinhead perabet giriş startsabusing my ass again. He fists me hard and fast, punch fucking me to theelbow then double fisting me deep and he ends up with his bicep stretchingmy anal ring again. I’m stuffed full, my cunt stretched to its limits. The d**gs,the sex, the pain and the abuse I’m getting is beyond belief, but it’s turnedme into an a total pain loving fuckpig wanting more- and I fuckin love it, want it, can’t getenough of it.The van eventually stops and the doors are opened. From what I can see in myd**g n pleasure induced high we’re at what looks to be some sort of farm orstables. I’m led into a barn and see another guy there standing and waiting.I’m carried over to this bench sort of thing. I’m tied by my cock and balls to the bench, face down, with my ass fully exposed and gaping wide open and sticking up in the air begging to be filled. John starts playing with my ass, stuffing handfulls of criso into my spread open asshole. He withdraws his fist from my opencunt and Nick comes over n shoves a bottle of poppers under my nose n tellsme to “breath deep you’re gonna need it”. Taking deep long sniffs I hear theclicking of hooves on the barn floor and the next thing I know my fuck bench iswheeled under this horse. I beginning to feel very nervous, having neverbeen in a situation like this. Glad my cunthole as been abused and wellstretched up by Nick and his mates, I feel the horse dick at the entrance tomy cunt, but I’m still not prepared for the force of the fuck as it drivesthe first foot of his horse cock into my ass .I can’t make a sound as the breathis knocked out of me. The horse dick pulls back and it feels as if itsdragging my guts with it then, with another hard thrust, it buries more ofits dick deep in my asshole. After a few hard fucks from the horse I’ve gotnearly 20 inches of hard horse dick deep in my cunt and it’s as thick as the biceps of the arms thatwere fucking and stretching my asspussy earlier. I feel the head flare toit’s full width as it spurts what feels like pints of cum deep into my cunt.I’m gasping for breath at the power of the fuck I’ve just had as the horsepulls out of my ass a torrent of cum follows. I can feel my ass and legscovered in horse fuckslop – I look around n see Nick n his mates smiling at me an wankingtheir dicks. I hear another horse being brought out and again and my cunt isabused by another ferocious horse fuck. Then a third and final horse is broughtout- a huge stallion shire horse, the fuck this horse throws into mytortured abused cunt is too much I’m in sensory overload of pleasure n painand end up passing out.I eventually come round, lying in a heap on the floor, after being releasedfrom my restraints with seven horny fucking guys wanking off n shooting cumover my pain filled body, a mixture of Crisco horse cum and blood seeps frommy gaping open swollen cunt.For 18 hours my cunt has been tortured n abused by skinheads, dogs andhorses. I’ve become a sleazy fuckin a****l Skin. As I lay there my stomachcontacts and horse and dog cum and man piss and cum suddenly ejects from myass, spraying out over the floor. Then another load, fuck, my bowels mustbe full of the stuff… More comes out, then dribbles down over me…`You done well boy’ Nick tells me `You got a week to recover, as nextweekend John’s got a big party here- there’s gonna be 30 plus horny fukkers12-15 dogs and ten horses and you and another slave pup are gonna be themain attractions `I can’t fucking wait but that’s another story :)a****l SKIN Part IINick carries my naked, exhausted and abused body back to the van and lay’s me downin the back. I’m soon fast asleep curled up with his two German ShepherdsBruno and Rex. Even the drive back to town doesn’t wake me from myexhausted sleep. Once we arrive back at Nick’s house I’m woken from my sleepand led back into his house by my lead. His mate’s say their goodbyes and I’mnow alone with Nick and his dogs.`You did well slut puppy, I’m very proud of you `”Thank you, Sir” I replyNick removes the lead but leaves the collar around my neck.`Come on boy follow me’ I start following him, `No pup, on all fours, followme like the doggy bitch u are’ I obediently follow at his side on all fours `Goodpup’ and he scratches my head. We head into the bathroom where I’m told toclimb into the bath and Nick showers me down and washes the cum Crisco andpiss from my bruised body. I crawl out of the bath and dry off and sit infront of Nick as he takes his dick from his jeans. `Drink puppy` he ordersme and I take his dick into my mouth and taste the stream of piss passingover my tongue as I swallow repeatedly. `There’s a Good boy’ as he takes hisdick from my mouth. I follow him into the bedroom and I’m sent to my bedalong with Bruno and Rex, curling up in corner of the room with my furrycompanions I soon fall into a contended sleep.I’m woken up in the morning by Nick calling me over to the bed for mymorning drink. I crawl over on all fours to him and he immediately stuffshis dick in my mouth to take his morning stream of piss. The strong brewburning down my throat. As his long stream comes to an end I continuingsucking his dick and bring him to full hardness. He suddenly pushes me offand kicks me twice with his bare feet hard in the balls. I’m gasping forbreath as he pushes me over on my stomach and drives his dick hard in mytender ass and fucks me hard and deep. `DID I SAY FOR U TO GIVE ME ABLOWJOB, CUNT` he screams in my ear as he ****s my ass . He has his handover my mouth to stop me screaming out from the pain of the fuck. With afinal hard thrust he dumps his load deep in my ass . He gets up off me turnsme back over on my back and again kicks me hard in the balls again. “If u rgonna be one of my dogs u do only what I tell u to do, understand?” He kicksme again hard in the balls. I’m gagging n gasping for breath but manage toget out a `Yes Sir“Sort yourself out and come down stairs` as he leaves the room.I slowly manage to pull myself together, my balls ache like fuck and I feelon the verge of puking up, but I manage not to. My abused ass is drippingNicks fresh cum.I manage to get myself onto all fours and make my way down stairs crawlinginto the kitchen where Nick is making a cup of coffee. He sits down in achair and tells me to sit in front him, I squat down and sit on the floorbetween his legs.`”Ok, pup u got the makings of a great dog as long as u don’t keep fuckin upand disobeying me. If u want that life I will train you and make u a dog whoserves his master well, if u want it u forfeit all human conditions u havelived by to date. u will eat sleep live like a dog and obey my everycommand. u will only speak in a human voice when instructed to do so, otherwise if your opinion is required u will bark twice for yes or once for no.U will move in here and live as a dog in my house under my rules and I willuse u for any sexual gratification I want and you will follow myinstructions to the letter. Do you understand pup?””Woof Woof!””Good boy. Right go and get yourself dressed were gonna be going to yourplace to clear your stuff out, until we get back here u may speak in a humanvoice, ok pup? Now go get dressed””Yes Sir”I go and get dressed and get ready to start my new life.Nick has borrowed Steve’s van and we go round to my flat and box my stuffup. My rent is paid up for the month already so I give me landlord noticeand drop my keys off to him. We get back to Nicks place and my stuff isimmediately put up in the loft. I’m not gonna be needing it for the new lifeI’m about to set out on anyway. It’s now late afternoon and Master Nick hastold me that I can relax for the rest of the evening and recover a bit frommy ordeal over the weekend and that my training will start in full tomorrow.I curl up beside the chair my Masters is in and fall into a deep contentedsleep and dream the dreams of a happy dog and wait in anticipation of myfirst days training.The nest day I’m woken up and told to take my morning drink. Crawling over Itake my master, he shoves his dick in my mouth and start swallowing andenjoying my masters piss. When he finishes perabet güvenilir mi I got a scratch on the head`Good puppy, turn around` I turn around and present my ass . Master Nickstarts playing with my cunt and pushes some grease into my fuckhole, `Brunocome` Bruno comes trotting up sniffs my ass gives me a lick with his rufftongue and then mounts me and starts to thrust his dick around my ass.Master Nick guides it into my ass and the dog makes me his bitch the dogsfuckin away at me hard as Master Nick comes round and shoves his dick deepinto my throat and starts a slow, deep, face fuck of his new puppy. Bruno’sknot starts to swell at the entrance of my ass and with a thrust is pushedthrough and swells inside me forcing him to make short, sharp humps into myass . As his knot swells to full size and seals my hole he climbs off myback and turns so we are now tied ass to ass as his cock pumps his cuminto my hole. Master Nick shoves his dick all the way into my mouth till mynose is buried in his pubes and then pinches my nose shut so I cannotbreath. I start struggling for breath but have nowhere to go I look up atmy Master and try pleading with him with my eyes to let me get a breath hejust smiles at me and keeps my airways sealed right up to the point where I’mnearly blacking out. The pleasure I receive from my hole is intensified asthe room starts to move away and then he finally releases my nose andwithdrawers his dick and I gasp for breath. My dick is rock hard and leakingprecum. I fuckin love being Master Nicks dog slave! Bruno finally finishespumping his cum into my ass and his knot shrinks enough to be released frommy ass . His dog cum pours from my ass and I can feel it running down myleg. Master Nick scoops up a handful and feeds it to me I greedily lick the dogcum from his hand and fingers. Fuck, I could do with jerking myself off nshooting my load, never have I felt so horny, so happy to be abused andcomplete at Master Nicks mercy. My master must be reading my mind `You wantto jerk off puppy?` Woof woof I reply, with a smile he goes and takes twopadded mitts out of a drawer and fits them over my hands, they make my handscurl into fists inside and useless for gripping or being able to play withmy dick- and then they are padlocked onto my hands, I let out a whimper offrustration and just get laughed at.Master Nick calls for Rex to come, and again my ass is taken by a nice bigGerman Shepherd cock and pumped full of cum. Once he withdraws his dickfrom my ass Master Nick lubes his fist n arm up with dog cum and powerfists me deep into my ass . Grabbing hold of the collar round my neck tohold me in place he punch fucks my asshole elbow deep. I’m whimpering in pain andpleasure and love the abuse I’m being given. After what must of have been 30mins of getting my ass fist punched Master Nick with draws his fist and comesround to the throat and stands in front of me he tells me to sit. He placeshis boot on top of my balls and starts applying pressure he takes his dickand starts jerking off in front of my face all the while applying more andmore pressure with his boot onto my balls. I start whimpering as my nutsare squashed flat under his boot, I see then turning purple as some squishesout from the side. Master Nicks wanking gets faster and harder and thenwith a grunt he shots his load over my face and into my open mouth.`Good puppy. ` the pressure is finally released from my aching balls.My dick and balls are aching for release but with the mitts on there’snothing I can do about relieving myself. My master leads me into the playroom and fits 2 heavy metal ball stretchers to my aching nuts. Grabbing mystretched nuts in his hand he squeezes them hard till I’m whimpering in pain.My dick is still drooling precum, he leads me over to a dog cage and I’mput in side. My legs are pulled apart and bound to each side of the cage,my arms are bound in the same way- the cage is designed so that my head canprotrude and be secured so that it is outside the cage door with no way forme to withdraw it. I’m basically immobile, can barely move any part of mybody an inch. A mask is placed over my head so I cannot see a thing. Afunnel attachment leading into my mouth, makes me guess I gonna be drinkingloads of piss soon. I feel a hand grab my rock hard drooling dick and starta slow gentle wank, long slow strokes that seem to go on for ages buildingmy need to blow a load but not quite enough stimulation to make me shoot.Just as I think I’m about to cum the hand stops. I whimper through the mask,wanting to release the pressure in my balls, after a while the hand comesback to my dick but this time instead of log slow strokes the full length ofmy dick, all the attention is on just my dick head which is throbbing andhypersensitive. Feather-like touches toy n play with my dick head and Iquickly feel myself coming to a climax and it stops. Fuck, I so desperatelywant to shoot my load, but I’m stopped at the last possible minute. My ballsare stretched- tight n aching, my dick is rock hard n drooling precum likemad but I can’t quite get enough stimulation to blow my load- the torment ofnot being able to release is unbearable. After what seems like ages, butcould have been a few minutes, the hand is back on my dick wanking me ntoying with me but still not giving me release. I’m at boiling point and thehand leaves my aching throbbing dick yet again. I’m gasping n whimperingthrough the mask, sweat and the need for release is pouring from my body,this must have gone on for hours and I was denied release of my achingballs. My dick is slick with loads of precum and must be pooling precumbetween my legs and then nothing the hand leaves my dick. I hear the soundof liquid hitting the funnel and my mouth is filled with piss I swallow itall greedily then I hear the door close and I’m left with no vision, coveredin sweat, a throbbing rock hard dick and aching full balls. My mind isspinning with all the sensations n feelings going through my body I’ve knowidea about the passage of time all I know is that I would hear the door openand get either a mouth full of piss or my dick played with but me cummingwas always denied and never reached. The door would close and Id be left tomy own thoughts again. I hear the door open again piss floods my mouth and Iswallow, as soon as that’s finished more piss fills my mouth and again andagain, too much for it to be just Master Nick. The next load of piss tastesdifferent- more bitter- maybe Bruno or Rex’s dog piss? or maybe it’s just myimagination running wild.Next thing a hand grabs my balls n pulls n stretches them even more. Thegrip starts tightening, crushing my balls in a tight fist making me whimperand groan. A pair of hands also starts pulling, pinching n twisting mynipples, both sending waves of pleasure-pain through my body. A greasedfist also starts working at my cunt, but at a really slow easy tormentingpace. Another hand starts workin on my dick, waves of pleasure and pain arewashing over my body and the need for release of the buildup in my balls isexcruciating, but always denied. After a period of this torture again allhands are removed from my body and I’m released from my bondage and pulledfrom the cage. The funnel gag is removed from my mouth and replace with abit gag- my legs are held apart with a spreader bar, and my hands are tiedabove my head so I’m standing and my toes are just able to touch the floor.I still can’t see anything I can barely move and can only make a muffledsound. My balls are aching and stretched by the metal stretchers and mydick is hard n dripping precum. With no warning I feel an agonizing pain inmy balls- I try to scream through the gag. Again and again I feel the painand release as I am being repeatedly kick full on in the balls and with themetal stretchers on my nuts they are taking the full impact. With a fewmore kicks I pass out from the pain. I wake up back in my cage- my mask isremoved so I am able to see, but I still have a gag in my mouth I manage tolook at my balls- another metal stretcher has been added while I was passedout and my balls are now stretched at least 6 inches from my body they arealso swollen huge and heavily bruised. My cock is still rock hard anddripping precum and I have no way of relieving the need to cum, so I simplycurl up in my cage and fall to sleep and wait for whatever my Master has ininstall for his dog…End for now???

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