Alex to Alice – Chapter one


Alex to Alice – Chapter oneThis is my second attempt to articulate a fantasy / story for somebody – I hope they and the readers enjoy it – chapter two will follow.Alice’s storyOnce there was a young man Alex who wasn’t exceptional in any way – he went to college – wasn’t very interested in sports – didn’t stand out from the crowd – just an ordinary young man who had a small cock and a bubble butt.But over time this young man would become different from his peers.Alex loved to dress in his mother’s and sister’s clothes, he was fascinated, obsessed by the smooth and sexy feel of panties, nylons and stockings – any soft and silky material with a smooth satin touch was heaven to him and would make his little cock hard.Not that a hard cock made much difference to the size as it didn’t get much bigger, but it did dribble pre-cum. One day he decided to wear a pair of panties to school under his uniform and he found them to be so sexy that he continued to wear them every day onwards. He also started wondering if other boys had a cock as small as him and began checking out their crotches at college.One day a tall handsome black boy approached him and said “I know you’re a sissy because you wear panties under your trousers – I saw them alsancak escort when you were changing” – Alex was mortified but said nothing – “I want to see them” he told Alex ordering him to go to a quiet area of the school – “I’ll show you my panties if you show me your cock” Alex said – “I’ll show you my cock if you suck it” replied the black boy replied – “If you don’t I’ll force you to show them to me”.So, with little or no choice Alex dropped his trousers and showed the boy his pretty panties.“Very neat” said the black boy as he dropped everything and showed Alex his hard cock.“Oh my” thought Alex, “that’s so much bigger than mine” and his little cock began to leak as he admired it. “Don’t stand there staring, start sucking” cried the black boy but just as Alex went down on his knees they both heard somebody approaching. Rapidly they pulled up their trousers, the black boy having trouble stuffing his erect cock back in. “Do you know where I live?” whispered Alex, when the boy nodded he said “come to my house after 4, I want to taste your cock”.When Alex got home, the house, as expected was empty – he took off his boy clothes and saw that his panties were soaked with pre-cum. He had a hot escort alsancak shower, washing all over with a luxury body wash, rubbed talc over himself and then went to dress as a total sissy for his new boyfriend. Going into his sister’s room he looked through her drawers and then slipped into his Momma’s room. There he found pink lacey see-through panties which he put on covering his cock.Just as Alex finished dressing the doorbell rang, he pulled on a sheer robe and went down to open the door. Taking him by the hand he led his boyfriend up to his bedroom. He sat him on the bed, put on some music and started dancing around the room asking the black boy if he liked what he saw – “Well I ain’t no faggot like you but your ass looks sexy enough in those panties, now get over here and suck my cock”. Alex fell to his knees and pulled down the boy’s trousers and shorts releasing his heavy balls and hard hot cock which bobbed in front of his face. His little cock drooling pre-cum he took his first taste of man-cock – the taste, feel and texture enthralled him.“Cover those teeth and start sucking – take the head in first and lick around it – fondle my balls – start taking more into your mouth” the black alsancak escort bayan boy coached Alex. Eagerly he followed the instructions loving the masterful tone of the black boy. He got into the rhythm, sucking and stroking, caressing his balls, and stopping every now and again to catch his breath – “don’t stop, keep sucking I’m nearly there” shouted the black boy and Alex starting sucking him really hard anxious to taste his hot spunk.What neither knew was that his Momma & sister Emma has returned from a shopping trip and hearing moans from Alex’s bedroom had gone to investigate – standing in the doorway watching their son/brother performing his cock sucking duties. Something made Alex look up and horrified he saw them standing there – he took the cock out of his mouth to say something and his Momma shouted “Don’t you dare stop you little tramp” as Emma moved over and shoved his head back on to the black cock – the black boy looked up in amazement – “I want you to come on his face” Emma said “teach him a lesson not to take our clothes” This was too much for the boy whose balls swelled as his cock pulsated and he started cumming, spurt after spurt of hot spunk spilling out firstly into Alex’s mouth, then as Emma pulled his head back the spewing cock spat spunk all over his face.“Now that’s how a sissy should look” exclaimed Alex’s Momma – turning to the black boy she said “I think you better go now, I want to have a serious talk with my new daughter April”.To be continued………………….Copyright to Horn-Dogg

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