Alexis’s First Woman


This was just something I originally wrote for a friend with characters that we made up, but he kept singing my praises and encouraged me to post it somewhere, so please enjoy this lovely little piece of fap material.


Alexis laughed with Garret as she walked with him down the sidewalk with him. They were out after a big company celebration dinner in honor of hitting over one million subscribers. Jon couldn’t make it, since he was home sick with a stomach bug that had been wandering around their neighborhood. When one of the kids caught it, Alexis took precautions to make sure no one else did, but Jon ended up catching it since he took care of Irene in more close contact than she was. So, he couldn’t make the dinner, for risk of spreading it through the office and getting a bunch of people sick. Now she was just enjoying the evening with Garret, who had offered to take her to this event that was taking place not too far from where they were holding the dinner. He said it was a place that was good for couples, though he promised he wouldn’t act the part of her husband.

She was a bit surprised when he took a turn from the main sidewalk into an alleyway where there was a set of stairs leading down into an underground hallway. She warily followed him down, watching as he knocked on the door and someone slid part of it away to see who it was. Garret showed him a quarter and a dime in between two fingers, and the door opened. He waved her after him and she followed him in, hearing the bass of some music playing from the other end of the hallway they were walking through. When he opened up the other door, he ushered her inside and she walked in to see odd groupings of people all around the room, some were sitting together, some were laying down on what looked like a bed, somewhere making out and… Oh… hands don’t normally go in those places in public. She felt her cheeks flushing as she realized Garret had brought her to a swinger’s club. She jumped when he came up behind her to take her arm, talking about how he was a member here, but he was excited since she was the first girl he’d ever brought with him. He explained to her that no one would do anything here that she didn’t want them to, and she didn’t have to do anything at all if she wasn’t comfortable, but she should at least have a drink here since the best bar tender in town worked here (at least, in his opinion).

She figured one drink wouldn’t kill her and went up to the bar, halfway before she got there an older woman approached Garret, she was probably about ten years older than Alexis, but she seemed just as lithe and energetic as she was. She cradled his chin, talking about how she was wondering when he was going to come back around and he waved goodbye to Alexis as he followed her into another part of the club. She went up to the bar, asking the blonde girl for the drink she usually ordered and watched as she started whipping it up. As she waited, she noticed there were more than a few eyes on her and she turned away, trying to pretend not to notice their stares. She knew she was dressed a bit fancy in a backless dress with her hair done up in a bun, and that was probably drawing more attention than she needed. She looked up when the bartender slid her drink over, giving her a smile and telling her that it was on the house since it was her first drink.

Alexis blushed even more, asking if it was that obvious that she was new. The young bartender said yes, leaning over a bit to give Alexis her full attention. She asked how she knew Garret, who was apparently a regular at their club and very popular with the older women. She explained she knew him through work and the bartender nodded, saying Alexis could find plenty of fun things here, everyone was available for anything. She started to explain that she was married with three kids, and the bartender cut her off, saying that wasn’t an excuse since she could easily point out ten different couples with just as many kids, if not more, that were here tonight. Alexis stuttered through her speech, trying to say she was here without her husband and she really shouldn’t be here, but the bartender cut her off again, this time by putting her finger over her lips. The young woman said that everyone here was open to anything, including herself, and she said that she would güvenilir bahis be very open to Alexis since she was so cute. She flushed a darker shade of red than she thought was possible, not expecting to be hit on by another woman, who laughed when she saw how embarrassed she looked, saying she looked even cuter.

She came around the bar, and as she did a young man came to take her place, starting to mix up drinks while the lady bartender came to sit next to Alexis, putting her hand on her knee. Alexis tried to politely tell her that she had never been with a woman and had never really been attracted to one, though she had to admit that her body was heating up in a way she didn’t think could happen so quickly. The bartender only smiled, saying she wouldn’t do anything Alexis wasn’t comfortable with, and asked about her lipstick, where she got it, saying it was a nice color. Alexis, thinking it was a change in subject, started telling her where she bought it and how much it was. When the bartender asked if she could test how stain-proof it was, Alexis shrugged, thinking that just meant putting a napkin to her lips, but instead the bartender came up and pressed her lips to Alexis’s. She tensed up at the sensation, and the bartender felt it, moving her arms over Alexis’s body to try to get her to relax as she slowly moved her lips, giving her a gentle yet so sensual kiss. Alexis slowly closed her eyes and felt herself giving in as the bartender slipped off her stool, her arms moving around Alexis’s waist, and then pulled away with a smile, commenting on how well the color had stayed.

Alexis needed a minute to come back to reality after just sharing her first kiss with a woman, but she silently nodded. The bartender giggled, saying how cute Alexis was again when she was acting so much like a shy virgin. She couldn’t really help it, though, she was inexperienced when it came to women. The bartender reintroduced herself as Kendra, and she offered to give Alexis a bit of help in figuring out what to do next. She nodded and slipped off her barstool, letting Kendra take her by the hand as she walked around different areas, explaining how the club was separated into different areas based on what was one looking for. She pointed out the cougars, which were a great deal of older women with younger men; there was also the toy group, where she could people getting teased with vibrators and handcuffs, and she even saw feathers, oddly enough; There was the group into group play, and she saw a few women with one man on a rotating bed, and a mix of women and men on another bed. It was something she hadn’t really thought about – doing those sorts of thing in a public place was a bit daunting to her, and she told Kendra this.

The blonde nodded, pulling her another way to a separate area, seeing a bunch of heavy curtain columns, some were open and she could see a comfy looking bed in the curtains. Kendra explained that this was the place for people who enjoyed their privacy, each curtain was a different bed, and when they were closed, that meant the bed was occupied with couples. Alexis jumped when she suddenly heard a loud moan from one, and Kendra laughed, saying that while the curtains blocked out light, they didn’t block out sound. She pulled her to one of the open curtain beds, having her sit on it as she closed the curtain around them. She came over to sit by Alexis’s side, taking her hand and she looked up at her, asking if she’d had any experience with a woman before tonight. Alexis said she hadn’t, and Kendra promised she would only do what Alexis wanted, saying that she wouldn’t do anything Alexis didn’t want her to do. Alexis tried to explain that she didn’t want to cheat on her husband, and Kendra’s hands started to wander a bit, moving to her legs and rubbing her knees, saying that her husband would never know, and that Alexis could say stop at any time.

Kendra moved her lips to Alexis’s neck, pressing a few kisses to the skin there, and Alexis let out a shuddering breath, her hands moving up to Kendra’s shoulders, though she didn’t want to push her away. Kendra’s hands moved over her dress, one slipping underneath her skirt to rub at her thighs, the other one moving up her hips and around to her back, rubbing it and massaging it as she trailed kisses down Alexis’s neck, to her collarbone, türkçe bahis and to her exposed cleavage, letting her tongue slip in between Alexis’s breasts, starting to slowly push her back onto the soft mattress, with no protest. Alexis let out shaky breaths as Kendra’s hands moved over her thighs, parting them for her hand as she kept kissing the skin on her neck and below it, the hand that was on her back now moving up to the little clip that held Alexis’s dress together at her neck, undoing it and letting it come loose. She pulled the fabric down to reveal Alexis’s breasts, her lips moving down to one and pressing butterfly kisses on her nipple while her hand moved to gently rub and toy with the other one, her hand moving over her breast gently. Kendra’s hand moved up higher between Alexis’s legs, gently rubbing the outside of her panties and smiling when she heard Alexis let out a whimper.

Her mouth wrapped around Alexis’s nipple, starting to suck on it as her other hand started to grow a bit more aggressive, groping the tender flesh in her hand while her other kept rubbing over Alexis’s slit, letting out soft moans of her own as she felt up her body, lifting up her mouth to whisper about how sexy she was, about how soft and amazing her body felt, saying that her husband was a lucky man for getting every inch of her. She teased Alexis’s clit through her panties and Alexis’s breath hitched. Kendra never stopped teasing Alexis as she spoke to her, her hands still working her body, watching as Alexis languidly moved underneath her hands, slowly getting turned on by her gentle feeling up. She moved her lips back up to Alexis’s, slowly making out with her, her hands moving around Alexis’s body to pull at the sides of the dress, slowly pulling it down and letting it fall to the floor, pulling back to look at her. She told Alexis how incredibly sexy she was for someone that’d had three kids, swearing that she could hardly tell.

She moved her mouth to Alexis’s again, giving her a passionate, gentle kiss, and she started moving her lips down her body, between her breasts, down her stomach, all the way to her panties. She hooked her fingers into the sides of it, but didn’t pull them off, her lips moving to press against her slit through the fabric, her tongue moving out over her slit, reveling in Alexis’s sudden moan, which made her quickly cover up her mouth. She smiled and kept moving her tongue over her sex through her panties more, until the fabric was completely soaked in a mixture of her saliva and Alexis’s own fluids, and then she slid it off. Kendra was still fully clothed as she looked over Alexis’s naked body. She smiled and started taking off her own clothes, her body thin and petite compared to Alexis’s curvier one, with small, perky breasts and a rounded bottom with a flat stomach. She crawled over her, looking over her body adoringly, her hand moving up to gently cradle her cheek, telling her she was a beautiful woman.

She leaned down and pressed her lips to Alexis’s, her tongue sliding along them and Alexis parted her lips to let her inside her mouth, their tongues meeting and swirling around each other. Kendra’s hand traveled down Alexis’s body and down to her slit, teasing her sensitive bud again and hearing her moan out, her fingers sliding down more before slipping two digits into her entrance. She reached with her other hand to take Alexis’s and bring it up to her perky breast, silently telling her to touch her, too. Alexis squeezed and fondled her breast as Kendra fingered her, sliding the digits in and out of her sex as they passionately made out, touching each other more and more, Alexis’s hands moving over Kendra’s body, finding her slit and listening as she let out a soft moan of her own, and she started to return the favor. The two girls kept sliding their digits in and out of each other’s sexes, Alexis finding a strange but enticing thrill in using her fingers in another woman’s sex.

Kendra’s fingers grew more aggressive, moving faster, grinding her palm against Alexis’s clit as she curled her fingers into her g-spot. She pulled back to watch as Alexis moaned out breathlessly, her breath hitching as Kendra kept teasing her most sensitive spots, her back arching up as that familiar orgasmic pressure started to build up inside of her. Kendra leaned down, her lips güvenilir bahis siteleri right next to her ear as she whispered commands for her to cum all over her hands, cum like she never had before. She kept endlessly teasing her, watching as Alexis’s body grew more tense, feeling that pressure build, her moans getting higher and higher in pitch until they were almost shrill screams. Alexis squeezed at the sheets of the bed tightly, panting harshly as she grew closer and closer until she finally came, bliss filling her body as Kendra kept going, feeling her sex squeezing and convulsing around her fingers, watching Alexis writhe in pleasure until it finally stopped, and she went limp on the bed.

Kendra told her how sexy she was as she pulled out her fingers, saying that was one of the best orgasms she’d seen from a first-timer. She licked Alexis’s fluids off of her fingers before crawling around her to the head board, flicking a switch on the side that opened up a compartment that had a few toys hidden. Kendra pulled out a long, double-headed dildo, moving back to Alexis as she brought one end to her pussy, teasing her lips with it, watching her shiver underneath it. As she started to push it inside, and hear Alexis moan out from the pleasure, she told her that she loved seducing the straight married women in this club; that it was one of the best jobs she’d ever had because she gets paid to make drinks, and fuck whoever she likes. Kendra moved around the bed, taking the other end of the dildo and pushing it inside of her, letting out a pleasure-filled moan of her own. She started moving her hips to move the dildo inside of Alexis, who started doing the same. The two of them moaned as the fake cock moved inside of both of them, feeling like they were getting fucked by the other woman.

Their backs arched in sync, Kendra taking Alexis’s hands as she kept going, feeling the dildo moving to their deepest points over and over again. She wrapped her arms around Alexis’s back, pulling her up so they were both sitting, facing each other as their hips moved together. Alexis pressed her lips and her tongue against Kendra’s who gladly returned the kiss, pulling in Alexis’s tongue as her hands moved over her back and into her hair, both of them moaning wildly into each other’s mouths as their hips started to move faster, and faster. Alexis could hear the lewd sounds of their wet sexes meshing together as they both took in the dildo over and over again, still going as that orgasmic pressure started to build up inside their bodies, their voices growing louder, everyone in the privacy section able to hear them as they brought each other closer and closer until Kendra cried out, her insides clenching and squeezing around the phallic toy, and Alexis did the same shortly after, the concentrated pleasure of their orgasms filling their senses until they couldn’t sit up anymore and fell back on the bed, their bodies twitching as they recovered from the orgasm.

It wasn’t until about fifteen minutes had passed before Kendra sat up, slipping the dildo out of both of them and putting in a little cart beside the bed that Alexis hadn’t noticed that said “to be cleaned” on the side. Kendra smiled at Alexis, kissing her cheek before she started gathering her clothes and dressing herself. She slipped Alexis a little card, saying that if she just sent an email asking for a membership to the address on the card, she’d get the weekly password that allows people into the club. She winked at her before she left, saying she’d love to see her again before stepping out from behind the curtain, fully dressed, heading to the bathroom to wash her hands and get back to work. Alexis was a bit slower getting dressed again, but she did, undoing her hair from her bun and opening up the curtain to let the employees who work there know they were finished with it. She headed out, staying outside a bit longer before she realized she left without Garret. She turned back to get him, only to see him walking out, waving goodbye to a couple women as he did. He smiled at her when he saw her, saying he was sorry for leaving her alone for so long as he came up beside her and offered to call her a taxi home.

She told him she had her own car, but he laughed, saying she must have enjoyed her drink a bit too much, since that was probably all she was doing in that club for so long. Alexis laughed with him, agreeing with the sentiment, even though it was a straight-up lie, and thanking him for hailing her a cab home. She’d come back for her car in the morning.

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