Alice , Her Husband


She had just finished putting the baby to bed when she sat down on the couch, tired from a long, hectic day.

He was also on the couch, scrolling through the news on his phone. She said, “I think I’m going to go take a bath and relax for a bit.”

He didn’t even look up, so she gets up and heads to the bathroom. She knows precisely where to turn to faucet so that it will be just this side of too hot.

She adds some milk bath bubbles to the stream of water and watches the suds start forming.

She walks back over to the mirror as she begins to undress. She watches herself critically, observing how her body looks and moves at 6 months postpartum.

She had always been a bigger girl, never having much confidence. It was worse now that breastfeeding gave her such a voracious appetite for absolute junk.

Her breasts are lovely though, a milky 40D. Below them is a generously soft belly, followed by thick, heavy thighs.

She likes to think her interesting face makes up for her less-than-socially-acceptable body, but even then, her brows are too heavy and her nose…too Italian.

Her eyes are a perfectly nice hazel, but she knows it’s her hair that is her best feature. It’s long, dark brown and thick.

Staring at herself in the mirror while the water runs, all she can do is come down on herself. It doesn’t matter that she is witty, intelligent, adept at cooking, and knows all the lyrics to any song on the radio.

The fact is, her husband never pays her any attention. Which is depressing as hell, because he’s the best sex she’s ever had.

She puts her hair in a messy bun on top of her head and steps in the bath. It’s near scalding, but just what she wants.

She lays there for as long as she can stand it, sweat dampening her hairline. The bubbles have all but disappeared now, and she looks down at her heavy tits. She squeezes one nipple, and watches as the milk drips down and mixes in with the water.

She güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri pulls the drain and stands up to dry herself off. Just then, the door opens and her husband is standing there.


He knew what she wanted. She had explained herself clear as day, how she needed to feel wanted and desired. Of course he desired her, she was beautiful, sensual, had a perfect ass and wildly uninhibited in the bedroom.

He just did a really shitty job of showing her how much and how often he desired her.

It is very uncomfortable for him to flirt in that way. Tonight, when she sat down, she acted tired. He was busy looking at articles on how to show your wife you find her attractive.

One of the articles suggested watching her as she towels off from a bath or shower. Prove to her that you appreciate, and enjoy seeing her body. It’s especially important for moms, in particular, new ones.

He heard the water start to drain and heard her stand up, so he got up and rubbed against his cock through his jeans a few times, just to get the blood flowing.

He opened the door to see her standing there, her skin damp and glistening. She was bent over, drying her legs and feet when she looks up at him, surprise in her eyes.

She asks, “what are you doing?”

“Just admiring the view,” he says. How lame they both think.

“Are you interested in doing more than just admiring it?”

“Absolutely – I’ll meet you in the bedroom?”

He walks away, and she continues drying off. She hopes he plans to put in work to get her pussy wet, because whatever that just was…isn’t going to cut it.

He takes a quick shower, and steps out to her laying on the bed touching her clit. He can feel his cock twitch at the sight. He climbs into bed with her and rests his hand on her hip as he leans in to kiss her.

They embrace, her turning in towards him and reaching for his cock. His hand reaches around her güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to squeeze her ass, he pulls her closer as they continue to make out.

His hand slides down to grip her thigh, pulling her to straddle him. He wants to feel her weight on him, to have her heavy tits in his face and her soft belly resting on him.

She goes with it, straddling him, his cock nestled between her pussy lips, gently pressing against her clit as she moves.

She looks at him as she starts to caress one of her tits, hoping like hell he will take it in his mouth. She’s wanted to nurse him since her milk came in…but she knows he is skittish about such a thing.

She runs her fingers through his hair, pushing his head back slightly so that he’ll look up at her. She guides her nipple towards him, and she watches as he opens his mouth to accept her.

His eyes close as he begins to suckle at her breast, getting his first taste of her milk.

He reaches his hand up to squeeze the breast he is drinking from – the milk is warm and sweet, it’s delicious. He wonders why he hasn’t done this before…he feels her roll her hips over his cock, rubbing her clit against him.

His other hand reaches for the other breast, gently squeezing it as he continues to drink. His hand is wet, his mouth is suddenly much fuller – her milk has let down. He pulls back to watch the milk pour out of her tits on its own, then quickly returns his mouth to drink as much as he can.

She raises up, impaling herself into his cock. The combination of her warmth surrounding his cock and her warm milk filling his mouth almost sends him over the edge.

She is whimpering over him as he feeds from her, she loves the attention of his mouth on her and his cock deep inside of her.

She breaks the connection between his mouth and her breast, leaning down to kiss him and taste herself on him.

She continues to ride him, and he watches güvenilir bahis şirketleri – entranced by the swaying of her milky tits over him. He grips her thick hips and guides her down onto him, hard and deep.

Her legs are getting tired and she can’t keep up the momentum, so she climbs down off of him. She lays on her back, breathing hard.

He rolls to lean over her, taking her other breast in his mouth. She relaxes and enjoys nursing him, nourishing him in a way that only she can.

He slides his hand over her belly, coming to rest on her hip. She reaches down to rub her throbbing clit…small, tight circles with her middle finger.

Suddenly he stops, grabbing her and flipping her onto her belly. He reaches for her hips and pulls her back towards him, sliding his cock easily into her wet pussy as she gets close.

He starts pounding her pussy, gripping her hips and ass, loving the feel of her in his hands.

She reaches down to start rubbing her clit, hoping to orgasm soon. He keeps pumping in and out of her, as deep as he can go, listening to the sound of her breathing, knowing she is getting close.

After a long breath hold, she cries out, “harder, please…oh, I’m cumming, pleeeease.” Instead of going harder he stops, wanting to feel her pussy pulse and contract around his cock.

She starts moving, fucking him, as she whimpers “no, no, no, please…” He starts thrusting again, but her orgasm is gone. She had only just started to taste it before he took it away by stopping.

It’s only a few more ins and outs before he starts cumming deep inside of her, listening to her ragged breathing. He pulls out when he is finished, and lies back on the bed.

She gets up and goes to the bathroom, he can tell she is pissed. Well shit.

She sits down on the toilet and pushes as much of his cum out of her. She finishes up her business and goes to the kitchen for some water.

He comes out and says, “I’m really sorry I stopped – I just wanted to feel you cumming. What can I do?”

She responds, “just make it up to me next time. It’s fine.”

He embraces her, kisses her cheek.

He says, “I loved tasting you, I’d like to again soon.” She smiles, kisses him swiftly on the lips and walks away to go to bed.

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