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Girls like sex as much as men do, but within a more complex package, where things are slower and more subtle. Even if it is just a one-night stand, a girl likes to discover her partner bit by bit. She wants to feel that he desires her as a whole and that he respects her (the last thing she wants is to be the object of his bragging the following day). She wants him to be capable of sharing a wonderful moment with her rather than just having a good time. I don’t have any statistics, but my guess is that less than 10% of men are capable of understanding the way girls operate. The other 90% don’t find any of this relevant, but then, again, they can’t find where the clitoris is either. When a girl is seducing another girl, the plot thickens. First of all, because it becomes blurrier who is the prey and who is the predator. They both are both. They both look for the same slow and subtle package. Time is not of the essence. Being able to share a wonderful moment is (operating word: share). The thing that holds most girls back is that they would hate a faux pas. Although very few men would refuse flirting with a girl, many women would and that could become embarrassing. This problem does not happen, for instance, at a lesbian bar. Nobody goes to a lesbian bar because of the excellence of their cocktails. But in real life, there are more lines to be read between the lines than there are lines themselves. An even more delicate situation occurs when you have overwhelming evidence that the girl of your interest is straight, but you hope against hope that you can revert this situation. There is where Alice comes in. I am an engineer by training and have my own consulting firm, which is a daring enterprise in a male dominated industry. I was recently involved in multidisciplinary project that required a team of other specialists one of which was Alice, who is a physicist. When I first saw her, I noticed a pretty 25-30-year-old girl, that reminded me of Tinker Bell except for the way she dressed. No cleavage, no miniskirts, but rather a modern no-nonsense Ann Taylor style. I wasn’t struck by lightning or anything similar when I first met her. As the project progressed though, she started to attract my attention by her intelligence, the depth of her knowledge and the ease with which put her ideas across. She had an odd sense of humor, much like mine, and we started to collaborate against the brazen maleness of the rest of the team. That led me to perceive that she cleverly de-emphasized her beauty because – as you undoubtedly know – beauty is an unmistakable sign of lack of intelligence!!! Day by day I started to get more interested in her. The elegance of her clothes, the intelligence of her ideas, the smell of her perfume, and her disarming smile captivated me in a way that communicated directly with my pussy. When I sat beside her and felt the smell of her hair, my panties would get wet. Did I have any indication that she felt the same way? None whatsoever! I learned through the grapevine that she had recently broken off an engagement. She didn’t flirt with the men in the team but navigated well among their constant attempts to get into her pants. She never encouraged them but never put them off (in my defense I have to say that they were always trying to get into my pants as well). A faux pas is bad enough, but a faux pas in a working environment, particularly in a project team, is very bad. I had to play the long game. One Thursday the guys invited us to a drink the following Friday. They were full of bad intentions towards both of us. Alice promptly accepted and I went along. I wanted to observe how it played out. It turned out the way I hoped. Each of the five of them made a more or less subtle pass at each of us and were politely discouraged from persisting. In the end, the five got together by the snooker table and let the two of us alone. That was when she looked at me and said: “Hi Chris!” “Hi there, Alice!” “Did you notice how they divided us so that we could not help each other to deflect the charge of the male brigade? In the end, I think we both did well.” I laughed: “Didn’t we?” “It is nice to know that they were interested though. Can you imagine if they didn’t care?” My heart sagged a bit. “This will be a tough one,” I thought. We then chatted about this and that and the guys said they were living. They paid their share of the bill and left. We chatted away a bit more and when I looked at my phone it was 2 AM. “Oh Alice, I know you belong to the Wonderland story, but my carriage must have turned into a pumpkin by now!” She laughed and said “I didn’t drive here. I didn’t want to risk a DUI.” “You are lucky that, uncharacteristically, I didn’t drink any alcohol tonight. Where do you live?” It wasn’t far from where I live so I offered a lift which she promptly accepted. She asked me where I lived and when I told her she said: “I know where it is. There is a wonderful Italian restaurant at the corner.” Hopingly I said: “Yes, there is. If you want, we can have dinner there on day.” “What are you doing for lunch on Sunday?” I had promised my parents to have lunch with them, so I promptly answered: “Nothing. Do you want to try it?” (Parents can wait, can’t them?) She agreed and I asked: “Why don’t you come to my place, and we can walk to the restaurant?” “It is set then.” On Sunday morning I was anxious as a teenager waiting for her boyfriend. She arrived on time, and I asked her in. “Come in, please. Can I offer something to drink while I finished my makeup?” She politely refused and I let her in my living room, where I have a huge wall picture of two girls kissing. It is not pornographic by any means, but it is very erotic. It took me 5 minutes to get ready and when joined her she was seating facing the picture, absorbed in it. I didn’t offer any comments and we left. I am a tall girl (5’8″), lean (130 lb.), with 34B breasts. I am 32 years old. Both boys and girls say I am pretty (I’ve never been accused of being beautiful) but my outstanding feature is my butt. I have very well shaped a bubble-butt that attracts the same boys and girls that find me pretty. Coincidentally or not, it is a very sexually sensitive part of my body. Tinker Bell Alice could not be more different. She is 29 and my guesses are 5’2”, 105-110 lb. and 32C breasts. If my butt is attractive, hers is perfect. I was wearing tight jeans (emphasizing my butt) and a linen man�s shirt without a bra. Nothing transparent. She was in jeans as well, with an aqua blouse and wearing a push-up bra (my guess was that her breasts did not need any pushing up) We got to the restaurant, had a drink, and then lunch with wine. Our conversation flew from life history to college story to travel experiences to likes and dislikes. She was from a medium-sized town in the middle of Brazil, the sole daughter in a 3 children strictly evangelical family. She came to S�o Paulo to get a degree in physics and got a job after graduation. She lived with another two girls for a while but moved to her own studio flat recently. “Kind of freer but kind of lonelier” she said. “Pets?” “No. I’m not into them.” “Me neither” Having been raised in an evangelical family in a rather small town, S�o Paulo was, at first glance, like Sodom and Gomorrah. She slowly learned the ropes, though, and discovered how oppressive her upbringing had been. She now went back home only once a year, for Christmas. We had dessert with limoncello � which helped to loosen our tongues – and started talking about love experiences. She had dated a college boyfriend to whom she got engaged. A few months before the wedding she decided that it would not work out and broke off, to the dismay of her family. Without any prying questions from me, she confessed he had been her sole sexual partner. “Not by lack of offers, I may add.” she said laughing. “Not even one worth an experiment?” “There might have been, but…” “But?” “The trouble is that you can take the girl out of the small town, but it is difficult to take the small town out of the girl. I am still a newbie in the big city. I fear everybody will be talking about me the following day.” And quickly added: “What about you?” “Well, from what you just told me, I believe I’ve had a bigger number of experiences than you, but still haven’t found someone bursa escort with whom I want to settle down.” “Bigger number of experiences, huh?” she asked with a laugh. “Gotcha!” I felt I was blushing: “It is not difficult to go higher than one, Miss Physicist. Two is twice as much as one, did you know that?” “The way you phrased it, it seemed like ten” she said with an impish smile. “Let us negotiate between four and seven.” “Closed at five and a half!” followed by a delicious laughter. “Finding a partner is difficult, that is why I’m casting a wider net.” She looked at me with a quizzical look, almost said something and let it pass. We moved on and had a very nice girly lunch. On Wednesday we met at the office, and she told me she had a formal event to attend on Friday, at her CEO’s house. She was very anxious and told me she had bought a new little black dress but was in doubt about accessories and jewelry. “Not that I have all that many to choose from.” “Why don’t you come to my place before the party? You can get dressed there, I can show you my accessories and jewels � which are not that many either � and I can even help you with your makeup. I have done that a lot for my friends when I was in college.” “Oh Chris, would you that? Won’t I be bothering you?” “What would really bother me would be if you weren’t stunning at the party! At what time is it?” “Eight” “OK, you come by six and I will make you prettier than any Disney princess.” She got embarrassed and said: “Thanks. I didn’t know who to ask” On Friday she arrived carrying her new black dress, shoes, and a small jewelry box. The dress was nice, excellent quality, but rather conservative. It had no cleavage at all, was knee-high, sleeveless, with a single piece front ending around the neck in a Mao style collar. She asked whether she should wear a belt, which I didn’t recommend. I asked her to try the dress on so I could see it. I left the room, and when called me back I saw how beautiful that dress was on her. It was tight on her small body, but not in any vulgar way. I remembered I have a golden necklace that I inherited form my grandmother that I hoped would go well around her collar. “Don’t pawn that necklace. It is a family heirloom.” “Oh Chris, do you really want to lend it to me?” “If you promise to return…” She smiled and I added: “The only trouble is the bra. It will have to come off.” “What do you mean?” “This dress is perfect on your little body, but one can spot the bra underneath. You don’t need a bra because you have beautiful young breasts and because you found a dress that leaves everything to imagination. You should go commando as well.” “The daughter of D. Helena has never gone out without a bra not to mention without panties.” “I assume that, but D. Helena is 2 thousand kilometers northeast of here and will never know it! And there is an advantage: if you find an exciting partner, your nipples will telegraph your interest.” “Oh! Stop that! I couldn’t possibly do it.” “Because of D. Helena?” “Because of me. I have to share a secret with you.” “Be careful! The best way to keep a secret is never to tell it!” “But I trust you. My left nipple is an innie.” “Wow. Doesn’t it extend ever? Not even if stimulated?” “That requires a lot of patience which, as you know, men don’t have. My fianc� was not very on preliminaries!” “What? Didn’t he go down on you?” She got red as beet and cried “Criiiiis!” “Sorry Alice. That was out of line.” I changed subjects very quickly: “I have an idea though. You can use a breast tape. It will cover your nipples and D. Helena’s family honor will be assured” “Where will I get a breast tape at this hour?” I opened a drawer and “Tada!” “I suppose you don’t need any lifting, right?” “I don’t think so.” “OK.” I cut a 2-inch circle and then I cut out 4 small triangles ending near the center of the circle. I made a cup, holding the tape with all my fingers and tried it on her breast, over her clothes. She was very surprised when I touched her, but I explained: “It is perfect. This way the tape will embrace your breast without creases.” She was embarrassed and didn’t say anything. I went on: “Now let us take care of your makeup.” She has long eyelashes that did not need a lot of enhancing. I painted a discrete winged eye and brushed her beautiful, youthful skin with a little powder. “After some time, go to the bathroom and check whether you need to retouch this” and gave her the compact powder case. The color of the lipstick caused some discussion. She wanted red, I pondered it could look overstated and we settled for a cherry color. When I finished, I said: “Alice, you are really a genius in disguising your beauty on a day-to-day basis. Look at you! You look ah-ma-zing!” “Even though I try to disguise it, men don’t leave me alone.” “And why should they?” I replied giving her the mirror. “Oh Chris, it is perfect.” “Now let us get dressed. No panties!” “I don’t think I can.” “Let us negotiate. You go without and take a pair in your clutch. If you feel real badly, you go to the bathroom and put them on.” “If D. Helena gets a whiff of this…” She put the dress on, and it was perfect on her. Granma’s necklace was very discrete and went perfectly well with the dress. “Should I wear a bracelet?” “No. With jewelry, less is more. You don’t want to look like a Christmas tree. Wear this instead.” I gave her a 1.5 carat diamond ring. She said: “Oh Chris. I cannot accept that!” “You will if I tell you a secret.” She laughed: “Be careful! The best way to keep a secret is never to tell it!” “This is not a real diamond! But my friend who deals with jewels said not even an expert can tell without a magnifying glass. It was not cheap but a lot cheaper than the real thing.” It was a tad large in her finger but made she look like a million dollars. She got ready, and, boy, was she stunning. She pecked me in the face at the door, and I couldn’t resist slapping her divine bum: “Go there and steal all their hearts!” “Ouch!” “Call me tomorrow! I will want details, especially the sexier ones!” She laughed and got into her waiting taxi. The following she didn’t call. By 1 PM I couldn’t contain my curiosity and called her. “Where have you been? Have you found your charming prince and forgot about your fairy godmother?” “Oh Chris, I feel awful. I didn’t drink all that much yesterday but my had is exploding and my stomach is churning.” “Stay put. I am going to take care of you.” “Will you, Chris? Thank you, you are such a good friend.” I jumped into some clothes and drove to her house. When she opened the door, she was grey and disheveled. “I sent you out as a princess and you come as ghost! What happened?” “I don’t know if I ate something bad or if a took too much of a fancy for French champagne. “The fact is when I went to bed, the world started gyrating and I got pretty nauseated. I puked twice already.” I didn’t say it, but she was a bit smelly, so I said: “First thing, you need a good and long shower to wash last night out. Then I will make you a nice cup of tea. The Brits find that a cuppa cures all evils. Do you have any tea at home?” “I think I do.” I went with her to the bathroom and asked: “Can you handle it, or do you need help?” She seemed a bit overwhelmed.” “No, but if you don’t mind, just stay here. I feel dizzy.” I turned the shower on for her and sat on the commode cover. She undressed quickly and went in, behind a translucid curtain that stole my view. I saw just a flash of her perfect bottom She showered quickly and washed her hair. She came out wrapped in her towel and, without shoes, which made her even shorter. I mentioned to her that she hadn’t removed the breast tapes. She tried to do it, but it wouldn’t come out, so I got a bit oh hydrating oil she had and massaged the tape that absorbed the oil and dissolved the glue enough for her to remove them. When she pulled them out, she modestly turned her back to me, but caressing the tape was a real thrill. She didn’t exactly purr, but… yes she did. I made her sit down, got her hairdryer, and dried her hair. “Do you need me to change your bed linen?” “Don’t bother, Chris. You are doing too much already.” “I can do that in a jiffy. Where can I find clean sheets?” She was too weak to disagree. “Now you go and put some comfortable pajamas while take care of that.” I replaced the linen quickly and asked: “Where is that tea? By the way, I have not had any lunch. Do you have anything we can eat?” I ended up making toasts for her, which she ate with jam, and a toasted cheese sandwich for me. She drunk tea while I drank some beer I found in her fridge.” I took care of the dishes, and we went to her room. On the way, I got hold of ger hairbrush. I sat on her bed, against the headboard, spread my legs tapped the mattress between them and told her: “Sit here while brush your hair.” “You are such a good friend! My own mother wouldn’t be so kind.” “D. Helena would be pissed with your bad behavior. Going out without a bra, without panties, coming back home inebriated. Tsk, tsk, tsk.” “It’s all a result of bad company!” I started brushing her hair and asked: “Tell me everything! Did you stay escort bayan commando all night?” She blushed and said “Yes!” “Atta girl!” “Well, it was really a posh affair. Men in suits and ties, elegant women, some of them with lots of jewels, looking like a Christmas tree, as you say. The boss’ wife was incredibly polite and warm towards me. She knew my name, my position in the company and how long I had been working there. She introduced me to Beto, her son, and his fianc�e, who are the same age as I am. I am not sure whether his name is Roberto or Alberto, but she is Aline. They too were also extremely welcoming. She is a very pretty and sexy blonde and quickly became my oldest childhood friend.” “Second oldest! I am the oldest!” Alice smiled, coyly, “The boss must have purchased France’s entire champagne production of last year. I have never seen so much of the bubbly. I loved that yesterday, much to my regret today. They served the most divine finger food and at the end there was dinner. I had to skip that because I saw the table of desserts and had to reserve whatever capacity I had left.” “Wasn’t there any dancing?” “Oh yes, I danced a lot with no one in particular, amid the younger group. Beto and Aline were dancing together by my side, and she was very provocative towards him. At one point she locked arms and hips with me and at another point she went bum to bum with me, as if suggesting a threesome.” “Would you have accepted if she were?” “Chris! I am too much of D. Helena’s daughter to consider that seriously. In the end, I started feeling dizzy and thanked the hosts and called an Uber. They are so elegant! They thanked me for coming and, on the way out, they gave me that box of chocolates” she said, pointing to her dresser. “On the way back, all hell started to break loose inside me.” I had finished combing her hair and stating massaging her shoulders. She was wearing cotton pajamas and I could feel her relaxing under my fingers. I was slowly expanding my area of massage when she asks me: “Chris, will you tell me a secret?” “You can ask, but I may not answer. You know my idea about secrets.” “Please, don’t be offended with me. You are my best friend now and I would hate to hurt you.” “Oh my! What can that be?” “Are you a lesbian?” “Why that all of a sudden?” “It is the sum of a number of things.” And then she enumerated them, counting on her fingers: “You talk very little about your past boyfriends, you told me were casting a wider net in your relations, you look at me and dote upon me a lot, you touched my breast, both yesterday and today and, last but not least, there is that picture on your wall. It makes me wonder.” “Well…” She was visibly embarrassed all of a sudden and said: “I’m sorry Chris, this question is out of line. I have no right to ask that. Forget I asked.” “I have nothing to hide, especially from you, my dear loved friend. If your question is whether I go out every night, on the prowl for unsuspecting women, the answer is no. If your question is whether I have given up finding a male partner for life, the answer is also no. Not great expectations here, but no. Now, if you ask me whether I am attracted to girls and whether I have had any sexual experiences with them, the answer is yes.” She was looking at me, her regard seemingly drilling my brain. “Why is that worrying your beautiful little head just now? Does it make you uncomfortable? Should I have told you a long time ago?” She thought deeply for a few minutes. She started to answer and held back a couple of times. “I am confused, that’s all.” “Care to share? I am here for you, you know.” “It is so difficult for me to explain my feelings. I can’t explain them even to myself. I am so afraid of everything.” She was still sitting between my legs, leaning back onto me. I turned her on her side, with her head on the top of my chest and embraced her very tightly. “We all go through self-doubt moments. If you want to tell me anything, ask me anything that you feel you cannot ask anybody else, I promise I have the least judgmental ears you can reach.” “I know Chris, you have been such a good friend.” Another couple of minutes go by before she fires: “How, and when did you discover you were attracted to girls?” “I was 23 or 24 and had been ditched by my boyfriend. I was pissed and refusing to let myself get depressed. I went to a party where I met this older girl. Jeez, she was 32, which is as old as I am now. Correction: she was not old at all!” She laughed. “We started talking and she very slowly, very subtly, seduced me.” “Did you have sex with her that night?” “Of no! we met a couple of times before that happened.” “And what was it like having sex with a girl for the first time?” “Scary, challenging… I had doubts, at the same time, I was immensely turned on. Still, I feared I wouldn’t be able to look myself in the mirror the following day.” Alice kept looking at me intently, as if asking “and then?” without using any words. “The first thing that happened was that she kissed me. Slowly, at length, like no boy had ever done before. She was in no hurry to squeeze my breasts or my ass. She just wanted to kiss me. Lip to lip, then tongue to lip, then her tongue invaded my mouth. After a few minutes of kissing, she asked whether I was comfortable.” “And were you?” “Was I? We had another long session just so that I could show her how comfortable I was. She was holding me lightly by the back of my head and my hands started to roam over her body. She asked in my ear, in a whisper, if I wanted to touch her breast. “Did you?” ” I wanted and I did. She was wearing a cashmere polo neck with a camisole underneath, instead of a bra. The contact with a female breast was electrifying. I didn’t know what to do and she gently coached me to feel her nipples, squeeze them between my thumb and fingers. Then she asked whether she could feel mine and, when I said yes, she pulled my blouse and went straight underneath. I was wearing a very thin wireless bra that she unceremoniously pushed up and started squeezing my nipples.” “I take it that by now your fear and uncertainty had evaporated” “Oh, certainly yes. She removed my blouse and bra and started kissing my nipples that were as hard as they’d ever been. She then asked if my pussy was wet. She knew the answer, but she asked me anyway. I was embarrassed to admit it was, and she asked me if she could feel it. She opened my jeans and lowered the zipper. My panties were drenched. She caressed my pussy over the panties and that was enough to wet her finger. She then put her finger in her mouth and said I tasted divine. Her words… Divine. She wet her fingers again and gave them for me to taste. I felt my own taste on her fingers. She then stripped me and made love to me in all ways a woman can make love to another. I slept in her arms, spent, and the following morning she taught me how to make love to her.” “And what happened to her?” “She won a scholarship to study in Germany a few months later, and we had to part our ways, sadly.” Alice’s had was stuck to my bosom as a barnacle on a rock. “Did that answer some of your questions?” “Yes Chris, thanks. Quite exciting to hear, frankly. But… why have you never made a pass at me?” “Because I had to wait for the moment that the woman within Alice would be ready to try her own ways. And I think this moment has finally arrived.” I gently pulled her head towards mine and caressed her lips with mine. “Hasn’t it?” “Oh Chris. Shut up and just kiss me.” I kissed her lips the same way I had been taught so many years back. Lip to lip, tongue to lip and then my tongue probed into her mouth, and we kissed and kissed until we were both breathless. We stopped for air, and I started to unbutton her pajamas. As it happened, her left breast was the first to become visible, that with the innie nipple. I caressed it with great tenderness. She had a small pink areola, and I used my thumb and finger to extend it, trying to coach the nipple out. I then used my lips and sucked on it. It came out a bit and I said: “Here comes the little imp!” and grabbed it very delicately between my thumb and fingers. “Am I hurting you?” “No, Chris, you are not. On the contrary” “Are you excited? Is your little pussy getting wet with me caressing your tits?” She was very embarrassed with my question. I pressed “Have you ever thought about this happening?” She nodded, and I asked: “Have you ever masturbated thinking about me?” She was very, very red and said: “Oh Chris, you are embarrassing me.” “Tell me, did you masturbate thinking of the day when I would caress your nipples?” She hid her head on my armpit and said “Yes.” “Once or several times?” I could only hear her muffled sounds: “A few.” “What else did you imagine apart from me caressing tour tits?” “Of Chris. You are being cruel. I wanted everything. I do.” “Did you have an orgasm thinking of me?” She raised her head and said “Yes, several, and I need one just now!” I kissed her for a long time, caressing both her breasts. The innie was not a match to her right nipple but was gallantly showing its tip. “Yesterday I asked out of line, but now I am asking again. Has this little bursa escort pussy of yours ever been licked?” “Ahhh! No, not yet.” “OK! I will now kiss every square inch of your little body. I will lick every crevice, every hole, no matter how intimate and I will make you come as many times as I have to, in order to use up all the orgasms you have stored in this delicious little body of yours.” “Oh my god, what am I signing up for?” “Alternatively, we can try the “no touch program for country evangelical girls”. Would you rather?” “No! Just make me come Chris, please!” I started kissing her stomach, licked her navel and continue going further down while I pulled her pajama pants. “No panties, you wicked girl. I love it.” Her pussy was very wet. She had a very narrow landing strip perfectly trimmed. I started to lick around it, from the mons, down one side, across the perineum and up the other side. I was getting the benefit of tasting her delicious oozing wetness but being particularly cruel with her. She was raising her pussy, trying to find my tongue, but I made her earn her first orgasm. When, finally, I licked her pussy upwards she was almost there and her clit was completely out of its hood, begging to be sucked. I only had to lick it a couple of times before she exploded in my mouth. She moaned so loud I was afraid the neighbors would call the cops. I relented the pressure but continued to lap her sweet honey until she came a second and then a third time. “How was that for starters?” She kissed my lips, feeling her own taste in my mouth. “Thank you, Chris. This has been the most amazing experience.” “I thank you my love, for sharing that amazingly tasty pussy with me.” She was embarrassed and said “I would have never thought I would enjoy being spoken to in such free sexual way. I love that you love my [inaudible].” “You what, love?” In a whisper: “My pussy.” “I love your pussy!” I caressed it gently and said: “It is beautiful and tasty.” I maneuvered her so that she was on top of me, with her thigh between mine, rubbing my pussy. I was still fully dressed but was becoming very excited. She asked: “Should I …?” Being mean, I asked: “Should you what, love?” “You know!” I smiled. I can be evil at times: “No, I don’t.” “Oh, you are so cruel! Should I do the same to you?” “No, my love. Not today, no. Today is all about you. We have only started. There is a lot of territory to be conquered yet. Tomorrow, I will let you lick my pussy for as long as you want. Will you want to taste my cum, like I did yours?” “I think I will love it.” “Ok. I will leave you for a few minutes and go home to get a change of clothes a toothbrush. This will be a long weekend!”. I kissed her for a few long minutes and left before I changed my mind. At home, I got not only a change of clothes and a toothbrush but my bag of tricks as well. When I got back Alice was sleeping like the little angel she is. She was still naked, covered by the bedsheets only. She smiled when she woke up and saw me standing by her side. “Hi baby, this was quick.” “I was in a hurry to come back and ravish that little body of yours all over again.” She yawned, stretching her arms and exposing her delightful breasts. “Look, that innie nipple of yours went into hiding again.” I caressed her breast, stretching the areola. “I’ll have to do something about that.” “Please do.” “But first, let me make myself comfortable.” And I went on to remove my clothes very slowly. My panties were quite damp. I inhaled their smell before extending them to Alice, who promptly brought them to her nose. “Jeez Chris, you smell so nice. Can I have access to the source?” “Tomorrow, baby. Tomorrow. Today is all about your body. Now, you lie prone that my session of delights is ready to restart.” She smiled: “I have a feeling I should be scared.” I lied on top of her, naked body against naked body, with my oozing pussy subbing against her mid thighs. I started kissing her neck and behind her ears cooing: “You are now caught in a pleasure trap. You will get an orgasm after another until you beg me to stop, and I may not grant that wish.” “I am really scared now!” I started kissing her back, then raising each arm and licking her ticklish armpits, making her squirm under my weight. I continued slowly down, licking the expanse of her back, till I got to the top of her ass crack. That was when she got noticeably tense. “Relax my love. Remember I said every crevice, no matter how intimate? Prepare to discover new sources of pleasure that were hidden from yourself till now.” “I’m doomed!” I kissed her perfectly round bubble but cheeks, kneading them and slowly, imperceptibly, separating them. She had had a shower two hours early and her crack still smelled of her lavender soap. I blew on her perfectly pink hairless hole. She purred: “That is intimate enough!” “In a good or bad sense? Does it give you pleasure to lie with abandon with your asshole in the air for me to fool around with it? Do you feel you belong to me today?” “I never thought I would be capable of shedding my modesty to such an extent. To let, in fact, to invite you to dispose of my most intimate parts in such a way.” I gently licked her orbs in a round movement with an ever-reducing diameter until I got to her asshole. I spent a few minutes just licking it and invading it with the tip of my tongue. She was moaning incoherent things about good girls not letting their boyfriends play with their assholes. I said: “You are fast becoming a bad girl” and started to insert the tip of my finger in her little asshole – just up to the first knuckle – while inserting the middle finger in her drenched pussy hole, in a delicate double fuck. She couldn’t hold on anymore and had a series of 3 or 4 orgasms, trembling under my body. I slid on to the bed and turned her around: “How does it feel to be my sex toy, so far?” “I never thought I had so many orgasms stored within me.” “Oh! We still have a couple we haven’t tapped yet.” I kissed her gently, for a long time, until we both dozed, naked in one another’s arms. We woke up at 11:00PM, starving and ordered some pizza. I went for a quick shower and invited her to come with me. This time I washed her, inch by inch. She washed me as well and I asked her to wash my pussy and ass. It was the first time she ever touched another woman intimately. She was concentrated, as if trying to taste me via her fingertips. I then started washing her pussy and she said: “Stop! I am bursting to pee.” I put my leg between hers and said: “Let it go baby!” “What?” “Let it go! Pee on my leg!” “You must be joking!” “No. I just want to feel your pee rolling down my leg. Do it!” I was not being bossy, I was cajoling her, and, in the end, she let it go. “Yes, my love, give me your hot pee.” “Chris, Chris, the things you make me do!” “Does it please you, my pet?” “Yes, it does. I am loving every minute of this day! If my mum ever hears of any of this, she will disinherit me, and then have me hung and quartered.” “Let us sin some more before that happens, ten. We have way to go yet!” I then washed her asshole thoroughly, inserting my finger as deep as it would go. I did have some unfinished business with it. We were drying ourselves when the pizza arrived. We devoured it like we had just crossed the desert on foot. After pizza, we watched a silly TV film, with both of us naked under a blanket. It was well past midnight when I said: “I will call in sick tomorrow morning. I am planning a long night of sex and debauchery!” “I think I am to blame for inviting all this upon me! I will have to call in sick as well”. I kissed her again, long and tenderly. On my way down to her belly I cajoled her innie out once more and sucked on it until it became erect. While I was going down on her, I reached my bag of tricks and found a very thin, special purpose dildo I have. It is the diameter of an AAA battery and approximately four inches long. It’s round at one end and has a poker chip sized button at the other. When I got to her pussy, I asked her to push her knees to her chest and spread her legs. “Open up my pet. Expose all your most intimate parts to me. Do you trust me with tour most precious jewels?” She just moaned. I went straight to her asshole and licked it until it was wet with my saliva and with the juices flowing from her pussy. I gave the dildo to her and said: “Suck it wet baby”. I pushed the wet dildo about half an inch int her ass, took it out, wetted it on her abundant juices and pushed it in again, gaining half an inch each time until it was entirely in her ass. “Are you comfortable, my pet?” “It is a funny sensation, but not painful as they say.” “They say, huh? You will tell me later who says that.” I licked her pussy, lapping from her vagina to her clit and back. I then encircled her clit with my lips and put my finger deep in her, looking for her g-spot. When she started to squirm, I switched the dildo on, and made her discover how strong a female orgasm can be. After it subsided, she embraced me, and started to cry. “Of Chris, I am so happy! Thank you for all the discoveries of this wonderful day~. The following day I taught her how to satisfy a woman, but she was an excellent student. Didn`t need much explaining. She won my heart definitely when she said: “I knew you looked good, but now I know you taste even better!” Don’t forget to make your donation to Nifty so that they can keep their good ail

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