Alice’s Very Naughty Adventures Chapter XXIII: The Knave of Hearts


Alice felt a blush spread through her cheeks as the Knave of Hearts scrutinized her appearance, commenting to himself on her comely legs and the shape of her bottom and the perkiness of her breasts, her making her feel more like a precious commodity than a young woman‘I should be quite cross at being examined in such a manner, and yet, I am not, and I find that most curious,’ she thought to herself, glancing up through her lashes at the man, admitting to herself that he was quite handsome, possibly the most handsome man she had ever set eyes upon. While he no longer wore armor, his white coat, decorated with scarlet hearts, gleamed no less, as did his golden hair and his emerald eyes. Lips pursed,“You did a fine job, Miss Mintz. Very pretty indeed. The Queen will be quite impressed.”He clapped his hands together, startling Alice. In response, a pair of armed cards stepped forward. A nine and ten of hearts, both armed with very sharp looking spears, and both wearing very serious expressions upon their face.“Secure her,” the Knave ordered.Obediently, they stepped forward in tandem, the nine producing a pair of steel manacles connected by a chain. Alice couldn’t help but think they looked very uncomfortable and quite heavy.“Is that really necessary?” she asked quietly, her lower lips quivering as if she might suddenly burst into tears as she bravely met the Knave’s piercing gaze and held her breath as he raised a single hand, halting the guards.“If I leave you unfettered, would you give me your solemn vow that you would not try bahis şirketleri to escape?”Alice let out her breath and laughed softly, shaking her head.“And where would I possibly go if even if I were to overpower, outwit, and outrun you?”He appraised her quietly, his gaze narrowing thoughtfully as he reached out and laid his fingers under her chin, forcing her to hold his gaze, his eyes glittering with promises of terrible retribution should she try to escape, leaving her trembling even after he turned his back to her.“Follow me.”And so she did, forced to hurry her steps along in order to keep up with the Knave’s impatient stride, the two guardsmen at her back, the tips of their spears ready to prod her along if she tarried.‘He is as rude as he is handsome,’ Alice said to herself as she trotted after him, fingers clutching the skirt of her dress, showing off quite a bit of leg to anyone who cared to look which wasn’t many, for it seemed that everyone they passed seemed intent upon avoiding the small party, some quite hastily disappearing behind closed doors or down darkened alleyways.Eventually, Alice became quite out of breath as well as out of sort, stopping suddenly and stomping her foot, hands placed defiantly upon her slim hips, despite the glowers of the guards as they were forced to halt behind her.“I demand to know where you are taking me,” she declared, her voice trembling, despite her bold words.The Knave turned, an amused smile playing briefly on his face.  “To the palace where I intend to present you as a bahis firmaları gift to Her Royal Majesty, The Queen of Hearts.”“Oh,” Alice replied, the wind suddenly taken out of her sails, recalling a warning made, seemingly, a lifetime ago about the queen’s appetite for pretty girls such as she.“But why?”There was no warmth in the Knave’s laugh. Nor in his voice. “Either keep up or I shall be forced to cuff you. Which will it be?”“Dash and bother,” Alice muttered under her breath as he turned his back on her and marched on, forcing her to hurry after him once more, the guards at her back.Eventually, they came to a wall. A very grand wall with an imposing iron gate decorated with a golden heart twice as tall as Alice. Beyond, she spied a grand palace surrounded by hedgerow upon which bright red roses bloomed.“Oh, my,” she whispered, stunned at the elegant and almost fragile view of the spear-like towers rising from the castle-like palace, it’s blood-red marble walls gleaming in the sunlight, the windows trimmed with gold. It was both opulent and grotesque and Alice felt a sense of unease in the pit of her stomach as her gaze was drawn to the monstrous gargoyles perched upon the eaves, their grins malicious as they surveyed the grounds below.From somewhere beyond the hedges she could hear the sound of merriment. Laughter and loud voices drifted past the thick rose bushes and fell upon Alice’s curious ears. It sounded like there was some sort of a game in progress. Croquet from the sound of it, although it sounded like a very kaçak bahis siteleri stirring match involving the occasional shout of something sounding suspiciously like ‘Off with his head!’.“Ah. The Queen is entertaining today,” The Knave spoke, his words for himself although they were loud enough for Alice to hear.  “Perhaps It would be best to introduce you when her passions are less heightened.”“Off with her head!”  This time the words were crystal clear and delivered at great volume. A moment later there was a blood-curdling scream that made Alice’s toes curl and raised goosebumps up and down her arms.“Oh, my,” she repeated, swallowing nervously, the queasy feeling in her stomach spreading.“Oh, my, indeed,” her captor muttered, raising a sardonic eyebrow whilst motioned for her to follow him as he headed away from the garden party in progress.“Sounds lively,” she commented dryly, doing her best to keep near to the Knave, somewhat concerned by the raucous, bordering on savage, shouts behind them.“The Queen takes her croquet very seriously.”“I see.”“She isn’t fond of losing.”“Understandable, I suppose.”“She takes it quite to heart.”“She has a temper?”“She can be quite… vindictive. Nothing to worry your pretty little head about. Once she calms down I will present you and, once she sees you, I am sure she’ll forget all about any other unpleasantness.”“Oh. And then what?”“And then I shall be, once more, in her good graces and she will forgive and forget my recent indiscretions and transgression.”“And me?”“You?” he snorted softly, pausing, his gaze traveling slowly over her, a hungry look in his eyes.“You will become her plaything until she tires of you. I would highly suggest, for your own sake, that you do everything in your power to hold her interest.”

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