Alicia’s Awakening

Alicia luxuriated in the touch and smell of the freshly laundered sheets enveloping her body. She was warm and happy. She loved her alone mornings. After her jobs were done. And, after George, her husband of 20 years, had left to follow another job lead that, like the others, would undoubtedly only lead back home. As much as she cared for George, he really had become a house eunuch – faithful; eager to please; underfoot. So Alicia cherished the times when the house was empty and she had no one to organize or do for; when she could snuggle back under her covers and let her mind doze-dream. And this morning there was also the anticipation of the call she knew would come.

Her life was so full, and yet so different than what she’d assumed it would be. She’d married George because he was a good catch. That’s what her mother had told her. And Alicia was always the dutiful daughter. She’d been in love at the time – not with George, but with a schoolteacher, a man of no prospects. He wanted to be an architect, but he was mired in a dead-end teaching job, and she’d laughed when he told her of his dream. Still, she was in love with him, and with the romance of being in love, and with being in California and the sunshine and beaches and starry nights.

Her family was solid, conservative, Nebraskan. They didn’t believe in starry nights and romance. They believed in prospects. And George had plenty of those. As the heir apparent to the town’s leading merchants, George was the perfect match, and he was utterly devoted to Alicia. So she made the rational decision and followed her roots, and her mother’s advice. It was a good choice – a solid choice. She’d cried for four days before the wedding.

Alicia and George were launched in 1980 in one of those idyllic wedding ceremonies that you always see in Vogue, or at least The Ladies Home Journal, but which you’ve never really seen yourself. It was staged at the home of George’s uncle, the merchant king, whose sweeping expanse of manicured lawn made the perfect setting for the floral archway under which they were married, and for the tent where the dance band played. The elite all came and strolled and nodded, and sipped champagne. The contract was made. Alicia would be a good wife, and mother. George would work hard, be successful and rich, and together they would enjoy all the best that the American century had to offer.

But it’s never that simple, is it? The children followed, and with them the tennis and ballet lessons, the den mothering, and PTA-ing. George and Alicia traveled, cheered at soccer games, and swooshed the floor at country club dances. Their lives seemed perfect. The town swirled around them, but Alicia and George didn’t talk. The center of their marriage was an untuned radio playing nothing but white noise. Their lives seemed so solid from the outside, but they were struggling.

When George was fired, Alicia was not surprised. The signs had been there for some time. George’s jovial incompetence had caught up with him. His two cocktail lunches were leaving him vacant in the afternoon, and the family business, which had seemed such a sure thing, was shunting him aside for brighter and more aggressive men.

In the days that followed his firing, George became totally dysfunctional. At night, he’d have a scotch, doze in front beşiktaş escort of the evening news, and go to bed early – not to their bed. They slept apart. And unless she pushed him out to another hopeless job interview, he slept late. She worked hard to stretch their savings, but as the year-end holidays hit, the family’s prospects and hers looked as barren as the snowy landscape that surrounded her. Alicia didn’t want to be resentful, but George’s endless winter of discontent left her with little joy.

The Christmas card on its face did not seem to be an epiphany, a catalyst that would send her world spinning into new orbits, but life’s important events often begin quietly unnoticed. It was from Evan, her old California lover and friend. Alicia had not heard from him in more than 20 years, not since she’d dropped him and laughed at his ambition. It was a nice card. Nothing special. Just “How ya doin’?” Still she couldn’t believe it, – after all this time.

Alicia was swallowed up by Christmas, and forgot about Evan’s note. It reappeared as she was cleaning up in January and tossing out the last of the Christmas detritus. The cards were always the last to go. Evan’s she kept. He’d left a phone number in Portland, Oregon, and she started to call him a couple of times, but always chickened out. Why was she so nervous? It was just a phone call for God’s sake. He was 2,000 miles away and had his own life. But the door to possibility, like Pandora’s box, was open.

Alicia walked through that door a few days later when she made the call. “Hello?” The voice was pleasant, and familiar.

“This is Alicia.” They had a lot of catching up to do. Evan was now a successful architect, and headed a large firm. He’d spent time in New York, but would always be a Westerner at heart. He had two kids. He and his ex-wife had a “good” divorce. They were friends. He had traveled around the world and lived in one of those panoramic houses that look like movie sets. How ironic that the school teacher her mother had rejected for her had gone on to success and a life far more interesting than her own hand-picked one. She was jealous and mad at herself for not following her own instincts. But that decision was made long ago.

She called again, late at night, a couple of weeks later. She wasn’t nervous. The preliminaries were over, and they could just talk as old friends. Why had he divorced? The passion had left his marriage. He’d had an affair, and then confessed. Counseling hadn’t helped; his wife simply didn’t want him any more. There was no one in particular in his life. She volunteered that her life wasn’t all that great right now. She admitted aloud that her once successful husband was ineffectual, and that her sex life seemed dead.

The conversation was harmless, but intimate. They both really wanted to connect. For her, Evan was safe. He could be a sounding board, and he was far away. He listened, and his soft responses comforted her. She was not alone in feeling alienated from her spouse, and being disappointed with her life. Her friend, as successful as he was, was in the same boat.

When they talked again, he asked how she could call and talk so freely. She told him she was downstairs on the couch, and she would often be up late after her husband taksim escort was long asleep. They talked about their kids, and their jobs, and it seemed so casual when Evan asked: “What are you wearing?” Alicia didn’t hesitate to describe the shorty nighty that covered her breasts, but little else as she sat on the couch. “I wish I was there.” Alicia’s body responded involuntarily. A little wave of excitement circled her neck and cascaded down between her breasts, and tingled her most inately. “Why?” She tried to keep it light, but her body was already alert.

“Well, I’d like to give you a massage to get rid of some of the anxiety you’re feeling. I’d start with your back, and I’d massage your shoulders, and work the tension out of them.” Alicia hadn’t had a man touch her in weeks. George had simply become a non-entity in her life. Now, she was powerless to stop the words in her ear. She didn’t want to. Her body didn’t want her to. Her body just wanted to drink in the soft sonorous sounds and let them flow around and through her. Let them do their magic.

“Then I’d move my hands to your back, and I’d rub it softly from the middle out to the sides, and along the edges of your breasts.” Alicia longed for the feel of his hands, and not just on her back, but he was moving deliciously slowly. Alicia thought after thoroughly rubbing her back, he might quit. Or move to her more intimate regions. Evan’s words did neither.

He moved to her feet. He kneaded them, and spread the toes and slowly rubbed and pampered them. Now he was rubbing her calves with lotion. Alicia could feel the cool pleasure in the words, but, as Evan’s hands moved ever upward, the center of her sex was becoming heated, and she could feel the wetness come to her lips.

“I’d then move higher and massage your thighs. First one side then the other. First just above your knees, and then rising higher until the sides of my hands brush almost by mistake against your sex, and I feel its wetness.” Alicia let out a soft involuntary cry. He moved on and massaged her rear, and allowed his hands to caress her back again. This was driving her wild with desire. He still had her on her stomach, but she wanted him to turn her over; to touch her breasts. That would give her permission to touch herself.

“Then I would turn you over, and massage and kiss your neck, and your arms.” My breasts, please, my breasts. “And I’d want you to touch your breasts, as you should be now, and I’d watch you pull your nipples hard and erect.” Alicia could not resist the command; she pushed her full breasts up. Her nipples were long and she stroked them between her fingers. They were already hard and now she played with them, and brought them to full erection.

Evan’s massage had moved down her arms. She was acutely aware that he was watching her play with own breasts, and it excited her. The touch of her own fingers on her breasts was sending signals to her groin. Her pussy was now fully involved. She could feel and smell her wetness. She wanted him to move on. To get to the heart of her sex, to ravage her, but he didn’t.

“Then, I would let my hands join yours, and together let them trace circles around your breasts and nipples. While you held them for me I would lick you ever so lightly and feel the nişantaşı escort hardness of your nipples on my tongue, and place them in my mouth and suck them and run them over the roof of my mouth with my tongue.” A moan escaped from Alicia’s throat.

While she stroked her nipples with one hand, the other slid to her now soaking pussy. She felt the curls of her hair between her fingers. She rubbed along the sides of her cunt, and felt the juice that overflowed from her desire, but she did not touch her lips. She was waiting Evan’s permission.

“I would move my mouth down to your belly, and cover it in kisses, and then farther down so I can smell the exquisite fragrance of your sex in my nostrils. Then I would blow gently on your hot cunt, and let my tongue flick against the lips of your pussy, and kiss your thighs down to your feet.

Alicia couldn’t stand more delay, her fingers wanted to touch her clit, and he was teasing her with foreplay. “No, I can’t wait. I want you to fuck me, now.” “Not yet.” But, she couldn’t wait. The tip of her finger found her clit, and the electricity of passion shot through her.

Evan moved on more quickly. “Your thighs are warm as I bring my hands to them and allow them to brush against your lips. Now you are hot and wet, and you spread your thighs, and allow me to kiss and lick you, and feel your wetness on my tongue, and let it flick against your lips and clit. What are you doing, now? Are you touching yourself?” “Yes.”

“Are you stroking your pussy? Do you feel the hardness of your clit against your fingers.” “Yes.” The word escaped almost as a gasp from Alicia’s lips. He had given her permission, and she let it all go. “I’m stroking myself, and I have two fingers in my cunt, and it feels so good.” “Now I’m going to kiss your pussy, and while your fingers go in and out I’m licking them, and my tongue is flat against your clit and massaging it up and down, and going in and out of you with your fingers. And while I lick you, my fingers are on your nipples, and I’m stroking them while you stroke your pussy.”

“Oh, God. This is good. I’m almost there. Are you touching yourself?” “Yes, I’m stroking my cock and its really big and engorged, and I can see you stroking your pussy and I can tell you’re going to come, and I’m going to come.”

“I wish you were here, and I’d be sucking your cock and feeling you getting closer. God, I’m so wet. Can you hear my pussy sucking in and out. Listen.” Alicia put the phone between her legs while she stroked herself wildly. The beating, slurping sounds in ‘s ear were unmistakable. “Did you hear?”

“Yes, I heard your passion. Now, come with me!”

“Yes, yes. It’s coming now, It’s coming. I’m coming. Ahhhh!” Alicia’s pussy contracted over and over as her orgasm washed over her, and as she listened to her lover.

“I’m coming, too. Now!” Two thousand miles away, Evan’s orgasm sprayed hot salty cum on his belly three times as he pumped.

Hot juice covered Alicia’s hand and fingers. She was spent. She had never done anything like this before. Oh, she’d brought herself to orgasm, but never with a man’s voice in her ear, almost watching as she pleasured herself, and stroking himself at the same time. She loved it.

And so Alicia waited, snuggled in her sheets. Looking forward to making love. She and Evan were going to meet in person, in Denver. She hoped he wouldn’t be disappointed in the unseen fortyish woman he had been making love with for two months. But it really didn’t matter if it worked out with Evan. He had awakened her passion, and her possibilities. Now, it was time to explore.

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