Alien Girls Find Friends


The first part of this story is the revised version of the original Alien Girls with new chapters to continue their adventures. Your comments guide and encourage me. Thank you!


Alien Girls Find Friends

Chapter 1

Awake, light everywhere, moving.

My name is…ah…call me Alice.

‘A car, huh? Different. What’s that UBR symbol on the window?’

‘Car for hire, our cover. That phone in your purse…’

‘This ugly bag is my purse?’

‘Yes, inside is a phone. It calls me. I’m Susan, your driver.’

‘You mean my guard.’

‘Your wingman.’

‘Wing-woman. Let’s go to San Francisco. It’s too bright here.’

‘Nope, this is the spot. You’re going to meet someone here.’

‘I’m here for what?’


‘When I studied this planet, it was all about sex.’

‘You’ll soon find out. They want to understand the vibrations.’

‘You mean like the heat from this slit between my legs—my pussy in their vernacular. It’s leaking even when I look at you, wing-guard.’

‘Maybe they tweaked your DNA too much.’

‘Pull over and I’ll show you a tweak or two.’

‘Here’s your stop, just in time.’

A modern apartment on a trolly stop in Phoenix. Reminds her of a prison: small boxy rooms in shades of gray feed into communal spaces.

No wonder bars are so popular. Can’t wait to try alcohol.

‘Dancing at Buffalo Pete’s’ reads the sign in the lobby.

Let’s let this animal roam, but I will not mate with buffalos, not even foreplay.

Meanwhile, back in the UBR, telekinetic waves crackle the ether as they discuss their newest agent.

She’s blasting out vibes like sex is the only pulse in the galaxy. She’s very aggressive like a magnet—my human body quivered. Got excited. Wet. Still wet.

They say, ‘Sex makes the world go round.’ Earth is overflowing with life…teaming multitudes.

She wants to go to San Francisco.

Oracle says she meets someone in Phoenix. We don’t know who.

Oracle lavished her with beauty. Made every fine curve a lasting memory. She’ll have hundreds of lovers. How will we know the one?

Watch closely. I can’t fathom why one so unruly was chosen.

End Transmission

At Pete’s, Alice enters the room and wavy vibes like moon tides weave through the people. Everyone, but one, itches as desire blossoms.

The smiling goth girl in the corner watches the commotion intently.

Seeing the changes she’s wrought so quickly, Alice abruptly leaves.

Vitality is sucked from the room. The bartender’s hand freezes as he pours a draft, beer overflowing the glass. Deflated laughter hangs between forgotten punchlines. Dancers who were whirling toward where Alice stood shift about awkwardly.

Outside, she finds the goth girl by her side, shiny black hair glinting in the too-bright sun.

‘You’re a sex goddess.’


‘You know from above. Descended. Magic…those people in the bar. Especially, the girls.’

‘I seem to favor girls.’

‘They’d like to savor you.’


‘More like devour—lick, tongue, slurp the juices from your pussy like it’s their fountain of youth.’

‘Am I your dinner?’ Alice asks, waiting, getting that feeling.

‘We can eat later. I like to know my dinner.’

‘I want to know the girl who just smiled in the corner of that dark bar, like a …I saw a picture once, a glimmering light…yeah…a night light.’

‘The kind with a little switch on the bottom, so you can flick me on whenever you want?’

‘Somewhere down there.’ Alice smiles.

‘The others inside couldn’t figure you out. Couldn’t tell a sex goddess if she sat on their face.’

‘I thought your antiquated facial recognition was for computers.’

‘You talk like you’re from another planet.’

‘An alien girl sent here to study your sex habits.’

‘Like mating rituals?’

‘Vibrations…what stirs the blood, shakes the bones, quivers the heart.’

‘A lot of that going around… Where’s your spaceship?’

‘I’ll call her. Don’l be disappointed.’

Minutes later, Susan arrives in a minivan with darkened windows.

‘You changed your spaceship?’


‘The UBR… I told my new friend I’d call the spaceship.’

‘Does your friend have a name?’

‘Please tell your adopted aliens your name?’



‘Yes, Mom wanted more of it when I was born.’

‘M—I don’t like calling you a common noun—this is the newly named Susan. I’m the equally new, Alice.’

Mercy catches Susan frowning. These girls must be playing her.

‘Susan how long have you been driving for UBER?’

‘It’s UBR,’ says Alice,’close enough to blend in.The van’s a little much Susan. She had this sporty two-seater before…zoom, zoom.’

‘We have company so we need room.’ Susan says, frowning. ‘Company you’re very forthcoming with…’

‘M is my BFF. That’s best friend canlı bahis şirketleri forever in case you’ve forgotten your lessons. I tell her whatever she want’s to know.’

‘How did you two meet?’

‘She didn’t react when I sampled the bar.’

‘She’s the only one then. My body is quivering again.’

‘Can you tell, M?’

‘She smells exotic…gamy.’

‘Does she make you hungry?’


‘Want her to pull over? We have darkened windows today.’

‘I’m saving my energy for you.’ M says, grinning.

Chapter 2

Guardian of the First Order

They drive down seedy streets until M tells them to stop.

‘A porn shop, BFF?’ Susan smirks.

‘Our sex goddess needs of flex her wings.’

‘The wings of my pussy, M?’

‘And other lips. You should come too, Susan, you could use a little unwinding.’

‘She’s almost as assertive as you, Alice, minus the quiver.’

First impressions: Rows of wire racks holding objects encased in plastic. Lurking men with furtive eyes track their every move. In the back, a sign ‘Funtime Arcade’ leads into a dark hallway lined with doors. At the entrance, a bright display of boxes with pictures of naked humans contorted into various positions, apparently having sex or what passes for sex. Alice surmises they’re the advertised movies offered in what must be those closets in the hallway.

Susan points to the encased plastic. ‘Organs?’

‘Playthings that look like organs.’ Alice says. ‘I read about these, too. They must have been priming me. How about a quiz? Let’s see if they primed you, too.’

Alice points out a gigantic silicon object as long and wide as her forearm. ‘First question, Wing, Please describe the name, origin, and use of this device.’

‘Should I stand tall while I recite, teacher?’ Susan smirks.

‘You could kneel like those pictures. The patrons will be entertained.’

M watches them spare. Amazed at how they can keep up this alien charade.

Then she notices their affect. Men are gathering across the room, sidling out of the dark hallway to stare. Some even seem to twitch their noses as if tracking a tantalizing scent.

‘So, M, what now?’

‘Did you pump up the quiver? Susan looks starry-eyed. Lets try a cubicle?’

‘Those closets?’


Down the dark hallway, emptied now, they enter a door at random. A movie is playing, left running as its occupant wandered into the store. Alice and Susan stare at the flicking light, fascinated by the images of crouching girls circling each other, their bodies oiled, feet sliding in a shallow pool of oil.

‘Maybe we can try this at home with Susan.’

‘Another test for Wing, define menage a trois.’

‘Good one, M!’

‘All in the name of research.’

Meanwhile, Susan pants.

In the dark, with the heat of their bodies so close, she’s assaulted by the images and that damned quiver, but most of all by the oddly exciting notion of Alice and this M girl ganging up on her.

It gets worse. She watches one girl pin the other by squatting on her chest, knees between the girl’s squirming head. Their clothes are mostly torn off. Susan’s fantasy of kissing the pinned girl on her pouty lips is interrupted as her face is pressed into puffy, wet pussy. Susan stares at the red pussy hair plastered on the ebony cheeks of pouty-lipped girl—watches her squirm to be free all the while licking the juices of her captor.

More panting… ‘Oh!’ Susan is dazed.

‘Look in that hole, Wing.’ M says, pointing to a round hole waist high in the wall to her left.

M puts her hands on Susan’s slight shoulder, encourages her to turn, whispering, ‘You’ll see better on your knees.’

They all look. Susan on her knees is straight on, the others kneel beside her, faces pressed together, like three peas in a dark pod. Alice rubs Susan’s back, fingers trailing along the roundness of her hips, dipping between them, gently pressing. ‘Something yummy…’

Into the flickering light from the adjacent room, they see a live girl and her pussy, this one front and center, winking back at them between wide skinny legs, splayed provocatively toward their peep hole. The thin blond girl looks at them as her busy fingers stroke pink folds, probing, slick, straining to enter, to sink in deep.

‘There’s your Blondie, Wing.’ Alice says.

A man’s voice mumbles something to the girl. Reluctantly, she takes dripping fingers from her slit, winks at the girls as she brings them slowly to her month. Then just as they touch her lips, she shoves them through the peephole into Susan’s parted lips. Like a baby its nipple, Susan madly sucks the girl’s fingers.

Suddenly, they feel a ripple, like a giant wave push through them—the hell with hesitation— abandoning them to their lust.

Blondie flings herself out of her cubicle, bangs opens their door and falls to her knees to join them. Now four faces are suddenly mired in throaty groans as any lips the others canlı kaçak iddaa kiss, as any part of Blondie the others try to lick.

Even M, wanting to observe, cannot help herself as she strokes Blondie’s perky breasts. Seeing Susan’s stare, she offers them to Susan’s lips, listening as their kisses and licks echo in the dark little room.

Damn, the goddess…!

Alice pinches M’s nipple, whispering, ‘Like a bakery, every bun delicious to eat. Help me get Wing’s clothes off.’

Standing, they undue Susan’s top and strip her pants to her ankles, taking her panties as they do. As soon is she bare, her perfect body caught in the flickering light, Blondie’s plunges her face into Susan’s pussy, cheeks pressed against the wet, hot washed in heat, tongue straining to taste a nectar now so compelling she can scarcely contain her excitement.

Alice is idly petting the back of M’s head, she whispers, ‘They call that the tunnel of love, don’t they?’

‘Yes,’ M says, understanding what Susan meant about the quiver. She pulses with the heat and tang of sex, nearly comes as she hears the slip and slide—the whispers of skin on bodies so close and urgent—every touch an invitation.

Stroking M, her fingers nimble with just such an invitation, Alice asks, ‘Won’t you have some mercy on my poor pussy, M?’

‘I’d thought you’d never ask!’

On her knees, hip to hip beside Blondie, shoulders touching, she feels Blondie’s busy head taking care of Susan. Trembling, heart hammering M lift’s Alice’s skirt to pouch wet kisses on her bare belly, pleased to find nothing covering her treasures. She slips her arm around Blondie, her sister in lust, and there in the dark comfort of a stranger’s flesh, commits her heart to the Alien sex goddess. First, an affirming lick—paradise found! Now sweet exploration, each puffy fold, every slippery, oh so wet crevice, part and parcel of Alice, her nose playfully wiggling against her clit, wanting the goddess to fell the heat she dishes out.

Finally, her tongue tired and coated, M stands and faces Alice, nose-to-nose, then licks the seam of her lips, nibbling a bit on their curve, until breathless, she plunges her pussy-soaked tongue into Alice’s mouth.

Another tremor! Blondie and Susan look at them, wide-eyed.

Like a storm, like wind sucking them into the vortex that is Alice and M, each touch of the other turns electric. Wreathing together, they shred their clothes, fling themselves onto each other, hot bodies strumming, each opening something to share, two sets of lips, this pussy or that to pleasure, every breast slicked with kisses, each nipple a peak to suck and nibble, as fingers wet with each other reach their special places, binding them in pleasure.

The wooden walls of the cubicle bang as their bodies bump together. Outside in the door they hear the mounting press of men, their voices cajoling, complaining, begging.

Then come the cocks.

Desperately, they fill the peep holes on either side of the girls’ cubicle.

They don’t last long, those urgent cocks. To a man, they immediately come in copious spurts, unable to contain themselves. Like lust’s slippery fuel, cum wets the girls legs, plasters their breasts, and slips between their urgent tongues as they kiss.

‘Now you’re all porn stars!’ Blondie giggles.

‘I’m sticky! Why are they shooting semen on us?’ Susan asks.

‘You’re kidding?’ Blondie laughs.

‘No! I’m…ah…new!’

‘That guy in my cubicle makes movies of me, usually with cum pooled in my mouth. The money shot. I’m very popular.’

‘Men make appointments for your cubicle?’ Susan asks, dodging another shot of cum.

‘No, silly, I take all comers, pun intended. Any cock that pokes through that hole. It’s the movies they show on porn sites that make me popular.’

‘I’ll show you. We’ll share.’ And giggles, strangely comforted. ‘My virgin girl!’

They knell before the hole. Immediately, another cock pokes through, the crown engorged, the shaft shaking, then spurting as though the very air is an aphrodisiac.

Susan dodges the stream again.

‘Don’t waste it, love!’ Blondie takes hold of the next cock and squeezes it, ‘Open your lips. Taste it! Put you lips around it. Swirl the fleshy part under the head.’

The cock fills her mouth. She can barely move her tongue. Suddenly spurt after spurt of sperm fills her mouth, overflowing onto shiny lips. Blondie is fast upon those gorgeous lips, sliding around the cock to kiss them as lick after lick she collects the overflow and replaces the fading cock with her soaked tongue.

Susan pants, quivers, moist eyes darting between the girls, captured so completely by the urgency and connection of this strange new ritual.

Kissing Blondie hard, she tells her, ‘Stay! Stay with me!’

‘I’m yours, babydoll!’

Alice pinches Susan’s ear and smirks, ‘I’ve never heard a Guardian of the First Order referred to as babydoll.’

‘Should we leave, M?’ Alice asks, ‘Wing-woman has certainly flexed her wings.’

‘We’re canlı kaçak bahis stuck in this closet getting soaked.’ M says with false bravado as she glances at the door and the commotion beyond it.

‘Time to go.’ Alice says.

Blondie’s worried, too, ‘How can we get out of here? I’ve never seen them so rowdy!’

‘Ask your girlfriend.’

Susan kisses the worry from Blondie’s face, ‘Everyone will be a perfect gentlemen. There are fresh clothes in the car. Leave these rags here.’

In hushed tones, they talk about it still… About the four oh-so-beautiful girls, how they walked naked through their crowded ranks. How those bare glistening bodies got within inches of a pinch or a grope, only to find their fingers somehow stopped, their minds laid bare of want and worry, so that all they saw was beauty.

In the car, Blondie laughs then cries, her tear-streaked face cradled, her shaking body snug in the arms of Susan who murmurs, ‘No worries…no worries…sweet girl.’

‘They loved me! You could see it in their eyes. How could that happen! I was just their cum slut! A mouth in a hole…smiling for the camera, before they had their fun. Now, its like they were going to bow down.’

‘Susan does the parting. I do the minding,’ Alice explains, ‘but all of us, you, M, and Blondie, too, are of the power.’

‘All?’ M is stunned. Her part, her union, confirmed by the sex goddess! Because she felt it. Knew it instinctively. Each wave when they lusted together and then the…what…energy that hovered around them, making luminous their naked bodies, waiting to do their bidding as they opened the door, as they walked past the restless men, as they watched leering faces change to shy smiles, as they heard the nervous awkward sighs of men, freed somehow from the dark.

Chapter 3


‘Remember the girl wrestlers, Wing?’

‘Quit!’ Susan says.

‘You do remember them!’ Alice laughs.

‘Who?’ Blondie asks

‘That movie in our cubicle—the girls covered in oil wrestling in a plastic tub.’

‘Your girlfriend was taken with the black girl.’ Alice adds.


‘She was panting.’

‘Am I just someone else you pant after?’ Blondie says, looking at Susan.

‘You’re the one and only. I did want to kiss the black girl, her lips looked so inviting.’

‘I know that flick. Want to meet her?’

‘Really?’ Susan asks.

‘She works at that club on 7th.’ Blondie says, not jealous now, liking ‘the one and only.’


‘And other things…she entertains, gives lap dances.’

‘Lap dances?’

‘You really are new.’

‘Aliens.’ M says.

‘Right!’ Blondie says, grinning.

‘You saw the men and felt the…what…the boom! That rush when you landed on your knees in our cubicle, your face in Wing’s pussy?’

M waits, she knows that moment when recognition dawns, when there’s no denying the alien thing as she’s come to think about it.

Blondie frowns, looks at Susan, wondering why they call her Wing, trying not to acknowledge Alice and M with her alien bullshit.

Susan smiles, opens her arms, wanting Blondie to snuggle.

Blondie shakes her head like a child playing hard to get, afraid of what Susan, her “Wing” might say.

She feels it then, no boom, no lust filled wave, just a nudge, like you might feel when a cat rubs herself languidly around your leg. Only now—yes!—Little pussy is suddenly wet, wanting her catnip as she steps across the room to sit suggestively, legs straddling Susan’s lap.

‘Never had a lap dance, huh?’ Blondie says, still distracting herself.

Susan rubs the length of Blondie’s back, silky hands settling on her bottom. ‘Don’t move yet, if that’s what a lap dance is. You’re delicious just as you are, but I’m still going to tell you about us.’

Sighing, Blondie nods her head. Looks around at them, her new friends, and wonders if they’ll still be friends after the big reveal.

‘Reveal?’ Alice laughs, ‘This is not a game show.’

Blondie stares, she doesn’t remember saying anything about a reveal just…thinking it.

Then her eyes get wide. She shakes her head. Looks back at Susan, then at M, avoiding Alice with those eyes of hers.

‘You guessed it in one. They can even read minds, not much privacy around here.’ M says.

Susan squeezes Blondie’s bottom, ‘It’s not something to worry about, girlfriend. I’m the one that should be worried, what if you run away and leave me?’

‘I can’t do that.’

‘Not even if we are aliens, beings from another galaxy. How did that movie go, A galaxy far, far away?’

‘Just that you might go back and never come back and I’d be more alone…more lonely after knowing you…being this…never mind the mind reading thing.’

‘Me, too!’ Susan says her eyes shiny with tears, an emotion impossible before as a Guardian but one she now feels like a secret opening to her heart.

M’s face falls into sadness too as she watches them—like her familiar smirk might never return to delight them.

Alice wraps her arms around M, kisses her cheek, her eyes, nozzles her ears, even traces her tongue along sad lips until she rests herself in the croak of M’s neck.

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