all exposed in public

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all exposed in publicBeing a filthy slut has always been easy for me, i love the feel of being dominated and told what to do which in turns get my meaty cunt nice and wet…fancy dress night at mickys friends house party was looming, my dominant other half micky(at the time) told me i was going to dress as a school girl.Hair in pigtails with pink bows, white shirt, white bra, white school girl knickers and of course the shortest mini school skirt he could get hes hands on……i would of preferred flats (lots of dancing to be done!!) but oh no…..i was told to wear 5 inch heel lace up school shoes along with white ankle socks!the night of the party came and i was told to dress in my uniform, i stood at the foot of the bed naked while he dressed me, brushed my hair, slapped me hard on the arse and called me a dirty bitch…… here i was looking in front of the hallway mirror admiring my uniform when he forced hes hand up my skirt and ripped down my knickers to my ankles, told me to stay still while he took off my bra and then cut off the top 3 buttons from my shirt……my illegal bahis cunt was instantly wetit was a summers evening, it was about a 2 minute walk to the party but i thought micky would be driving us there because of my costume…….no, i was wrong…..we was walking……i went to get my long black coat (used often when i went out with nothing on underneath) so as i could at least cover myself up as it was just getting to dusk outside and i didnt fancy the neighbours seeing me tottering up the road, needless to say i wasnt allowed to wear it……he sat me on the kitchen floor crossed legged like a naughty school girl and told me that it was fancy dress and no one would take any notice of me, he pushed my head onto hes crutch, i could feel hes bulge and told me if i was a good girl i would be getting a big treat later on that eveningokay, so off we went, micky held my hand and hurried me along the pavement, i could barely keep up, my 42dd tits were bobbing up and down practically falling out of my shirt, my nipples were hard and my god my cunt was fucking wet wet wet !!! illegal bahis siteleri my arse was barely covered by the short school skirt, as when i ran my skirt lifted up slightlyi told micky i could barely keep up with him which made him walk even faster, holding my hand not letting go i had no choice but to practically run to keep up with him…….my tits fell out my shirt and i begged him to stop, there were car lights approaching and he told me if i didnt stop moaning he would take my shirt off……i kept quiet because i knew he would do just that!the car passed very slowly, obviously having an eyeful of my tits and hard nipples, i could just make out a face of an older gentlemen driving.we reached the junction, we stopped at the kerb and he pulled my blouse across my titsright, micky said, how are you going to do this??? eh? i thought……..he dropped hes lighter into the gully and told me to pick it up…..i pondered for a few seconds, if i bent over my arse would be on show and my tits would fall out of my shirt, again……or if i squatted my short skirt canlı bahis siteleri would lift over my shaven cunt and be exposed.!more car headlights………fuck! i stood upright, i realised it was the same car, the driver slowed down again looking at me, he had one hand on the wheel, the other hand no where to be seen, dirty bastard……still looking at each other i could just make out hes arm going up and down, he was wanking over me……….in for a penny in for a pound i then squatted and showed the driver my cunt, i opened my legs purposely to give him a full eyeful…….good girl, micky said stroking my hair while i stayed squatting at the kerb………then he pulled me roughly up, pulled my head down to the side by my hair and told me to look at the man while he wanked offmy big tits had yet again fallen out of my shirt, my skirt was caught up in my arse crack and i just wanted to be fucked there and then, i was totally and utterly turnt on as i watched the driver wank faster over me……..there were more car head lights approaching up behind him, micky let go off me, the man sped off, and i adjusted myself just in time before a gorgeous sexy lady drove past, alas she never came back for another look, now that would of been really great fun ;)the party was good fun, but the walk there was fucking horny as fuck xxx

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