All Girl Fun!! Ch. 02


I left off with Lacy watching Lane and I just finishing fucking. I thought I might describe what each of us looks like because we are hot. I will start with myself, I am 5’8″, 135 Ibs, brown hair, green eyes, with a 36 D breast, I love my pussy clean and shaved, and I am of a Latin decent, so I have a nice mocha colored skin. Lane is the complete opposite of myself she is quite tall 6′, the most beautiful black hair, blue eyes, nice athletic shape, with 32 C breasts, a hairy pussy, since she does not like to shave, she is white skin that looks like porcelain doll. As for Lacy, she is the shortest but what she lacks in size she has in beauty, the most beautiful blonde hair, 150 Ibs, with 34 C breasts, and a clean pussy.

Hope that puts a good image in your mind. Now to the good part, after Lane and I got dressed we sat and talked to Lacy for a bit and found out that she was one of the student professor working her way through college getting her masters in human sexuality. We found out that she was 25 years old, older than Lane, and myself not by much though. We decided that we wanted to get to together and experiment with one another, and we pick a time, a date, and a place for the fuck fest to take place.

The time was that same night at 9 pm at my house since I lived alone and we illegal bahis could have the house to ourselves. They arrived at my house and to get started we had a bit to eat, I decided to put out finger foods (strawberries, whip cream, chocolate sauce, all the good stuff). Lane thought it would be hotter if we were undressed and sat down and ate some of the finger foods. I agreed and so did Lacy so we took off our clothes and ate some of the strawberries with chocolate sauce. We than went into the front room and look at the movies I had. I thought we should watch a movie that I bought a couple of weeks ago it was lesbian porn that showed hot girls fucking each other with fingers and food and dildos. I knew it was good because I watched it a couple of times already. Lane put it in well I went and got some supplies. I came back to find them watching the movie all hot and wet it was a beautiful site. I was holding a basket full of goodies. Three different size dildos, a cucumber, a carrot, a candle, and two different style vibrators (you are probably thinking I am a sex freak, I wont lie I love sex pleasing myself and well others). I sat down on the floor in front of the couch and watched the movie I could smell the sweet smell of the pussies behind my head, and I could not help it I could not wait illegal bahis siteleri any longer. I turned around and started touching both of Lane and Lacy Pussy. Oh wow I thought both of them were very wet (as I am getting right now…just thinking back to this experience and watching that same movie) I reached into my basket full of goodies and pulled out a dildo and the cucumber and I ask.

“Which one of you wants the dildo and which one wants the cucumber?”

“I want the Cucumber, I love vegetables,” Lane answered.

“Sounds good, so Lacy you get the dildo,” I said to Lacy with a little laugh.

So I went to work on those wonderful pussies. I slide the dildo into Lacy very slow at first and than fast. She has a huge cunt just like me. She took the whole 10 inches with no problem. As for Lane, I had to work a little bit to get the cucumber in her all the way but once I did, it was so fun fucking them hard while they rubbed their clits. The sound of their juices was unbelievable and the sound of them screaming along with the movie was enough to give me an orgasm along with them. I was told by both of them to lie back and shut up. I did as I was told. Wow having them come down on the floor with me was such a sight they took out the carrot and the other dildo and the small canlı bahis siteleri vibrator. Lane went down, touched my pussy first, and said

“Already wet just how I like them. What do you want in your ass and your cunt?”Asked Lane

“I will let you decide,” I said.

“Get up and get on all fours,” she said.

So I did I just laid there and before I knew it I had the carrot up my ass and the dildo in my cunt wow it felt good I wanted one of them to suck on my breast and play with my nipples and it was as if they read my mind. Lacy came around to the front of me and climbed down to were she was laying under me with her mouth just the right place for sucking my breasts. Oh, my God the feel of her rough tongue on my already hard nipples was great. I was enjoying the double action on my ass and my cunt and with Lacy licking and sucking on my breast but I wanted.

“I want my clit played with please Lane,” I moaned.

She listened, turned the vibrator on, and put the vibrator to work on my clit.

“Wow…yes ohhhh yes that felt so good” I screamed.

I came as soon as the vibrator hit my swollen clit. I came and came three more times. They finally let me rest and I wanted to thank them again so I reached for Lane and kissed her deep and then went to Lacy…oh my God. We fell to the floor and continued to watch the movie until the end and until we were rested up for round number three, I think we need to add our hot professor into the mix, I wonder how she would react to the suggestion…stay tuned for part 3

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