All Mine Ch. 01


The locker room was always the most uncomfortable part of the gym. The smell of sweat and soap was normally dizzying, coupled with judgmental, jealous looks. The awkwardness of changing out of a one piece swimsuit with other women sneaking glances, and the occasional, sardonic “wow” from rubberneckers.

Melinda, indeed, had a lot of “wow factor.” In her early twenties, she sported a healthy, lithe frame with impressive curves. A cardio-bunny, she had a soft body and rather little muscle definition, but no amount of swimming could reduce her bust. Sporting a D cup since late high school, and a tight ass, her body turned heads. This was helped by the fact that her face was gorgeous. Her gentle, rounded features, soft cheeks and long auburn hair often put her at the focal point of any room.

To be honest, Melinda was beyond sick of it. The gym was her haven away from covetous, strutting, gorilla walking men and their catcalls. The only problem was avoiding the regular crowd. So, she went on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at 8:00; the slowest gym days of the week, and damn near closing time. Walking to her car in the parking lot at night was a rather chilling experience, being a rather paranoid person at heart, but it was well worth it to run the treadmill, practice her forward crawl in the pool, and work her stress away.

She stepped into the locker room, her one piece swimsuit on. She yanked off her latex cap, letting her wet hair fall down her back and stretching. Her back curved and she felt a pleasant pop in her spine. She had little regard for how her chest fought the front of her plain, dark blue swimsuit. Nobody was here to judge or gawk, as far as she knew.


Melinda jumped at the sudden voice. There was a woman in front of her and to her right, at the locker. It was a regular; a dark haired woman who Melinda had seen often before changing her gym schedule. “Oh. Hi.” Melinda gave a weak little wave, putting her towel around her chest. The raven haired woman turned back güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri towards her locker. She didn’t linger with her gaze any longer than necessary; something Melinda deeply appreciated.

Something prompted Melinda to look at her, however. The stranger seemed to invite her gaze. Melinda observed her for a moment, and found herself rather fascinated. As far as women went, she was devilishly handsome. A strong jaw, short black hair, and impressive muscle definition. She was tall, and had olive skin. She was like a living statue, carved from some obstinate living stone.

The woman shifted her gaze back to Melinda, who immediately looked away and moved to another row of lockers. She’d looked too long. She felt horribly awkward, staring like that. Busying herself, Melinda started drying off. Her blood went cold when she heard wet footsteps leading towards her. Melinda winced.

*She’s going to tell me off for staring at her. She could break me in half. What was I thinking?* Melinda’s mind raced, her social anxiety kicking in.

“So.” The woman said. Melinda felt the hair stand on her neck, but she tried not to visibly stiffen. The raven haired woman laughed a little. “I teach a few seminars around here. One’s a women’s self defense. I don’t want to make any assumptions…but I think you ought to join.” She coolly leaned against the wall. Melinda turned. She was at a comfortable distance, but she stood in the way of the only exit. Melinda felt cornered, as drips of water fell from her hair, fingertips and thighs. She winced as a droplet moved from her scalp to her eyelash.

“Ah. Well…” Words failed her for a moment as she made eye contact. The stranger seemed to exude something invisible, but all encompassing. Like a lion breathing down your neck. It didn’t help that she was a head shorter. “That sounds fun.”

“You look stiff. Maybe a yoga class would be a bit more your speed.” The stranger laughed huskily. Her voice had a very slight deepness güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to it. She was unmistakably female, but at the masculine end of the spectrum. Melinda caught her eyes flickering down, then up. For a moment, she had a hot flash of confusion.

This wasn’t a spiteful, or jealous look.

This stranger was checking her out.

“Name’s Anne, by the way. Yours?”

“Melinda.” Choking on her name, Melinda cleared her throat and spoke louder. “Melinda. Nice to meet you.”

Anne stepped forward, and offered her hand. Melinda squared herself, and held out hers. Anne moved into Melinda’s minimum safe distance, and gripped her hand firmly but gently. “Melinda, may I just say that you’re *fascinatingly* awkward?”

The comment shocked the smaller woman, who tensed as Anne let go of her hand. “I’m…sorry?”

“I’m joking! Loosen up!” Anne patted Melinda’s shoulder, and she flinched at the touch. The taller woman took it as a prompt to play around a bit. She moved behind Melinda and gave her shoulders a tight grip, then loosened her hands. Melinda’s body melted. “Yeah, you’re tense as hell.”

Melinda said nothing, relenting completely to the touch as Anne rubbed her shoulders for what felt like minutes. She was rather strident, but she had a way with her hands. “I see you around all the time. Darting around, always looking over your shoulder. This is an all girl’s gym. Nothing to worry about, right?”

“Right,” Melinda agreed, but not completely. It bothered her how comfortable she was getting.

“Here. Lay on that bench. I’ll work some of these knots out.” Anne put an arm around Melinda’s shoulder and all but dragged her towards a small bench in the center of the lockers. Melinda managed to step away and out of her grasp.

“No thanks.” Putting her foot down, Melinda stepped back. However, Anne’s hand shot out, gripping Melinda as she stepped forward, pushing her back on her heels. At first, the woman thought Anne was going güvenilir bahis şirketleri to drop her straight back on her head. She squeezed her eyes shut, terrified for an instant. Instead, the taller, black haired woman bulled her back against the lockers behind her.

Wet and pinned in a rather intimate position, Melinda felt a hand loop under her chin. “I’ll admit, I was being a little dishonest.” Anne’s voice was in her face, sweet breath washing over Melinda’s nose and mouth. “I’ve been watching you. I think you’re,” Anne drew out her words in a breathy, rakish manner, “fucking hot.”

Melinda had no idea what was going on with her. Her knees trembled. Her sex felt like it was going to melt. No one, not even the most persistent of male suitors, had ever outright treated her like this. Anne positioned herself between Melinda’s legs, keeping them apart. She loomed over the woman, her eyes darting up and down.

“C’mon. Look at me.” Anne commanded. She didn’t lower her voice in the slightest, unafraid of being noticed. They were alone, after all. “Don’t act like you don’t notice me noticing you, Melinda.”

Melinda obediently looked up, and was rewarded with an instantaneous, kiss. Anne’s mouth worked smooth and hard. A tongue against Melinda’s lips prompted her mouth to open, and the kiss deepened. Anne’s thigh pressed high and hard against Melinda’s sex as she squirmed, arching her back and pressing into Anne.

This felt absolutely perfect.

Anne’s hand moved up to touch Melinda’s chest, but the woman snapped out of her heated trance. She quickly gave Anne a push, and the woman, surprisingly, moved back at the firm rebuff. Speechless, Melinda went for the locker containing her belongings. She felt like she had to escape. Under Anne’s stunning touch and predatory gaze, she would *not* last much longer.

But, the choice wasn’t up to her. Anne’s toned arm wound around her stomach. Melinda hadn’t been nearly fast enough. “Nuh uh. Where do you think you’re going? We’re not done talking.”

Melinda was reeled in, her back against Anne. She put her hands on the woman’s arm, but her arm felt like iron in her hands. “C’mere,” Anne said, as she began dragging her quarry towards a certain fate.

In the back of her mind, Melinda was thrilled to be caught.

To be continued.

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