Subject: All the Myriad Lays chapter 10 – celebrity All the Myriad Lays Chapter 10: Millilays Evan Andrews 2022 This is a fan fiction. The characters in this story are based on characters belonging to and trademarked and copyrighted by DC Comics and/or its subsidiaries. I am not related to the company and make no claim of ownership over the characters. This story exists outside of any DC continuity I’m familiar with. The villainess, Glory Hole is based on AMG personality Glory Holden. This story should in no way be considered a true representation of the true sexuality of either the original characters. The story depicts males in sexual situations with other males. If that offends you, if you are underage, or if reading such is illegal where you are please stop reading now. Thank you. If you enjoy this story, or even if you hate it, please contribute to keeping Nifty going at fty/donate.html @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Glory languished on her fainting couch while she interviewed this special client. “So, Mr. Wayne,” she said, all business, “What can petite moi do for an important businessman like you?” She was more used to turning Bruce Waynes into whores than negotiating with them, but a buck was a buck. The playboy looked at Glory and then at the grey-skinned shaggy stud standing behind her. Lobo’s presence clearly put him on edge. Glory could all but hear him thinking `What kind of person hires a man like that?’ “Is it safe to talk in front of…?” he finally asked. “Safe as mansions,” Glory assured him. “My assistant here is the soul of discretion.” “And the body of discretion,” Lobo said, making his pecs dance. Wayne looked dubious, but if he wanted to realize his ultimate fantasy he had to play according to this siren’s rules. “Right, well,” Wayne said, “In my own world, I have a ward.” “Dick Grayson?” Glory asked, neatly sidestepping identifying Wayne as Batman and Dick as Robin. “Why yes,” Wayne said, confused since this him had never had another. “In any case, I, uh, have for years now harbored a tendre for…” “You want to dick Dick?” Lobo vulgarly beat Wayne to the chase. “Uh,” the playboy stammered, “Yes. In a nutshell. And that can’t happen in my world.” `Of course not,’ Lobo thought, `Or maybe you’re just too chickenshit to give it try.’ “So, when I heard about your establishment, I wondered.. that is, I thought that maybe…” “Maybe I make it so you could schtup some Dick Grayson ass?” Glory asked. “Yes, well, but…” Wayne stammered and blushed. But Glory was a step ahead of him, as she had been all along. “I have a selection of Dick Grayson’s we can build an interactive experience around, Mr. Wayne. Here.” Lobe handed Wayne a spread of character cards featuring different iterations of Dick Grayson she had collected from across the timelines. “Wait,” Wayne said, “You have…? “We endeavor to deliver satisfaction,” Glory said with a knowing grin. Wayne shuffled through the cards like he was looking through a candy store window. “Some of these are different ages,” he said. “As I said, satisfaction.” Wayne stared at her for a second before pulling out three cards. “Three?! My oh my,” Glory leered as she took the cards. “I didn’t know you had it that bad.” And then she took a closer look at the cards. “Hmm, and such an interesting choice you’ve made. You’ve had this fascination for a while, it seems. Happily, I think we can accommodate you. Lobo,” she said, handing him the cards, “Go get these boys and set them up in the Honeymoon Suite.” Lobo took the cards from his boss, glanced at them, nodded, and said, “I’m on it.” Wayne watched as Lobo looked at the cards. For a moment the bounty-hunter’s eyes clouded over, and then he handed the cards back to Glory. “Uh, aren’t you..? Don’t you…?” Wayne stammered. “Mr. Wayne,” Glory said, accepting Lobo’s hand to help her up off the chaise, “Everything is ready.” Lobo nodded confirmation. “Come with me.” She opened a man-sized portal and led the repressed playboy through in the equivalent of a sex club playroom (with Lobo in tow, just because it paid to play it safe.) “I won’t be able to tell the difference, will I?” Wayne asked before the boys appeared. “Difference?” “Between these boys of yours and the real Dick Grayson?” `Wow,’ Lobo thought, `This bastard thought he’d be fucking made-up look-alike whores, not Dick himself. Okay, whatever lets you sleep.’ “Mr. Wayne,” Glory said solemnly, “You have my word on it. You will not be able to tell a any of my boys from your Dick�at least physically. But let’s get you into character.” With a wave of her hand Bruce Wayne, pathetic john, was transformed into leather daddy Batman, horny bastard. He had just enough time to look at himself in awe (high boots and elbow-length gloves complementing black leather trunks, a chest harness, and the inevitable cowl) before three Dick Graysons walked into the room. Wayne didn’t know whether to be more awe-struck by his costume (how had she known?) or by the three stud-muffins with Dick’s face. The oldest was a fully mature man, muscular and a credit to the black briefs that tried to hold his sex in place. The middle bursa evi olan escort was the mature leader of the Titans in tightly packed blue briefs. The youngest (the one he had first been fascinated by) was the barely-of-legal-age boy wonder in the obligatory green briefs. “Batman?” they all said, like a Greek chorus. “Dick,” Wayne responded in awe. “Good,” Glory said, “Now that introductions have been dispensed with, we’ll leave you to it. Let us know when you’re done, Mr. Wayne, and Lobo will see you out.” And she and Lobo stepped backwards out the window into the corridor between the sets. “So…,” Lobo said, turning away. “Just a hot minute, I want to see what this schmuck is up to. Oh, my ears and whiskers, what an intriguing fantasy.” “Batman” slowly and teasingly stripped his `wards’ naked and had the two youngest lie on their stomachs on a table, their legs spread almost in a split. Titan Dick lay on top of the Boy Wonder. “Is this what you want, Batman?” Titan Dick said. “Close,” Wayne said, and he took Titan Dick’s erect cock in hand and directed it into the Boy Wonder’s pert butthole. “Holy penetration!” the Boy Wonder sighed as his chute was spread wide. “Ah, I’m spreading me wide open!” Giving Titan Dick’s ass a swat, Wayne said, “Start fucking, boys.” “Uh,” Titan Dick groaned as the Boy Wonder’s tight ass caressed his member. The teen hero grunted as his ass was now taken by his own more-mature cock, and Titan Dick, fucking him, crowed, “Fuck! My ass is so tight! Shit! I love fucking Boy Wonder cunt!” Behind them, Mature Dick stepped up and introduced his cock into the action. He started with Titan Dick’s butt, filling the hero’s guts while he kept on fucking their junior self. “Holy Dick Grayson sandwich!” Titan Dick groaned. “Fuck! I am so big!” “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” the three Dick Graysons barked in a ragged chorus as they screwed away. Meanwhile, Wayne pulled out his own shlong. Stepping up to Mature Dick, he was soon pounding away at the eldest hunk’s butthole. “At a guess,” Lobo said to Glory, “This is why you took him straight here instead of through the gallery?” “Yeah. His money might be good, this one time, but the last thing I want to do is encourage him in a return visit. I don’t care if a Bruce Wayne wants to fuck his ward.” “Clearly not, since he’s doing just that in more than a dozen scenarios just now,” Lobo observed. “What I said, but this guy, he’s just slimy.” Lobo nodded, even he had wanted to smack this Bruce Wayne around during the interview. “But,” Glory said brightly, “Since we’re down here, let’s take the long way back to the office and tour what’s on the menu today.” @@@@@ The Earth 3 Gamma boys had a tableau going. Talon and Drake had managed to overcome their `mentor’ Owlman, who was currently strapped ass-end up to a heavy fuck bench. “Take my big dick, Tommie,” Talon barked as he sank into Owlman’s cunt. “Take both these fucking dicks!” sighed Drake as his cock explored the hot wet warmth of Owlman’s speculum-opened mouth. “You were always slow and stupid, old man, and today you were just too slow and too stupid,” Talon crooned as he took out years of resentment on his mentor’s most-private flesh. “You let the young bucks get a jump on you, and now you have to pay!” “Yeah, who’s your daddy now?” Drake taunted as he made Owlman gag. They screwed their older partner over for a while before Drake said, “Hey, Talon, what are we going to do about the `good seed’ over there?” The sidekicks triumphant looked over at their `brother’ Jason Todd, dressed in the tattered remains of his white-hat good-guy costume. Jason’s wrists were cuffed to wall and his ankles to the floor spreading his legs just enough. Between them, a fucking machine plunged silicon dildo up into his hungry butt, as it had been for a couple of hours already. At the same time a milker worked its evil intent on Jay’s goodie-two-shoes cock. The penis gag in his mouth kept his cries to a bearable level, but it also served as a feeder. The takings from yesterday’s Owlman milking sessions dripped down a tube into the gag and c coated the inside of his good-guy mouth. “Think he’ll break ever?” Drake asked his (for the moment) partner. “Does it matter?” Talon said as he shuddered and flooded Owlman’s guts. When Talon had regained his breath, he said, “Trade holes?” @@@@@@ The banner above the stage at the Gotham Arms read “Gotham City Police Benevolence Society Ball”. “And what am I bid for this pair of promising slaves?” Commissioner Gordon said through the mike. “Twelve hours of service to the highest bidder!” Alongside him on the stage, in slave display position, stood Batman and the Boy Wonder. They had been stripped to capes, cowl (or mask), gloves, trunks and boots, and their junk filled out the pouch of the trunks alluringly. `Slave’ auctions had become fashionable in Gotham society of late, and it was expected that the Caped Crusaders should bow to the trend. The bidding on the Dynamic Duo was fast and furious, and the amount of money being offered for their `service’ was reaching staggering heights. All proceeds altıparmak escort were to benefit the Society’s Survivors’ Fund, established to support the widows and orphans of officers slain in the line of duty, naturally. A good and worthy cause, and one that Batman and Robin were willing to `contribute’ to. Of course, they had Alfred there, bidding on behalf of Bruce Wayne and ready to top almost every other bid, almost every other. In a surprise twist, Alfred found himself outbid at the last minute by a woman decked head to toe in glittering crystals. “Masha,” Robin muttered, “The Queen of Diamonds. What trick do you think she has up her villainous sleeve?” “Stiff upper lip, chum,” Batman said. “I think we are about to find out.” “Well, well, well,” Masha said as she slank victoriously up and onto the stage, “Now that I’ve won, whatever shall I do with you two.” “The Queen of Diamonds,” Batman said with bravado, “I had not heard that you had branched out into philanthropy. Last I heard, larceny was more your speed.” Masha’s laugh tinkled like the crystals dripping off her gown. “Oh, Batman, you precious thing, there’s such a lot you don’t hear about Masha. I have quite the `multifaceted’ personality.” And she giggled. “Holy bad puns, Batman, what do we do? “First thing, Robin, is that we recognize that that was actually a fairly good pun. What we do after that, well, I suppose it is down to Masha to tell us. “Tell us?” Robin said, “But she’s a criminal! “On parole with no violations, Boy Wonder,” Masha said. “I’m here legitimately. Using money I earned legally. Actually, I’m quite a reformed character these days, not that you ever bothered to check. For example the old me would have the pair of you spirited away where I’d have my naughty way with you both.” She wandered past and copped a feel of both men’s packages. “You wouldn’t!” Robin said. No, of course not,” she said, “Not the new improved me, but I do need to get some service out of you. So let’s see…” She stood in thought, then brightened and said, “Commissioner Gordon, does this establishment have a sizable auxiliary ballroom? “The Grand?” Commissioner Gordon said indignantly, “I should think so!” “Good,” she scintillated, “Take it over. I’ve paid for twelve hours `service’ from my new `slaves’, so take them there and set them to satisfying the lust of whatever boy (or girl) in blue wants to take a turn on either their mouths or their asses. Or… whatever tickles their fancy.” “Masha,” Batman threatened. “You fiend!” Robin added. “Hardly a fiend, Boy Wonder,” she said. “I’m giving the GCPD a gift like it’s never had. And just think how for the rest of the night, with every dick you suck and with every cock that fills your ass, you’ll be contributing to welfare of widows and orphans. Well, what are you waiting for, Commissioner? The sooner the Caped Crusaders start, the sooner they’ll be done.” Leering uniformed policemen escort the Caped Crusaders into the back ballroom, and the orgy of the century commenced. The number of cops that had harbored crushes on the Dynamic Duo over the years, and who now had a chance they’d never dreamed of, was impressive. And the number that harbored grudges had carte blanche to get some revenge. The cleaning bill for the room the next day was going to be impressive, but then the Society now had more than enough money in the bank to cover it. When the twelve hours were up, the Dynamic Duo snuck, stiff-legged, out a back door. Cum leaked from their asses where the fabric of trunks had been sliced open, running down the inside of their legs, and their tops were awash with cum and all manner of face-fucking slime. “Holy gangbang, Batman,” Robin said as they gingerly climbed into the Batmobile. Their asses had taken a full half-day of newly non-stop fucking, and they ached something fierce. “How do we look any policeman in the city in the face after this?” “By remembering that we have got as much on them as they have shot onto and into us.” Batman managed a wry smile and said, “And just remember, chum, now we have seen Commissioner Gordon in his underwear.” Robin looked shocked, but only for a second, and then they both started laughing. “Let us grab a shower back at the Batcave.” “Together?” “You need to ask?” Batman said as he grabbed at his hard-on. “After that we will track down the Queen of Diamonds and find out what this was all a cover for.” @@@@@ Red Robin and Batboy (Bob Gordon) were sneaking through the conveniently-abandoned old warehouse, cleverly avoiding the villain’s patrols of henchmen. Cautiously, they stepped into the sputtering illumination provided by a security lamp at the bottom of the stairs up to the catwalk and, as a consequence, right into the villain’s trap. The lamp flashed into full illumination, and the two young heroes found themselves assaulted by a gentle yellow light. Frozen, their Initial panic melted away, and a debilitating calm washed over them. “Welcome to my little trap, boys.” A dandified man in a yellow suit stepped out of the dark. “Mellow Yellow. I should’ve known you’d be involved,” Red bursa merkez escort Robin said. “Well, you didn’t, but don’t let that harsh your mellow. You’re going to be my guests for a few hours, and I hope you enjoy the experience.” The villain leaned in close to whisper in Red Robin’s ear, “I know I will.” Henchmen bundled the mellowized heroes into the men’s room and pushed them into the center where, in another yellow spotlight, the boys fell to their knees. Mellow Yellow and his henchmen then pulled open their pants and treated the boys to the sight of a ring of hard dick. Mellow Yellow stepped up to Batboy and put a hand behind the ginger’s head. Pulling the handsome redhead towards his cock, the villain said, “Chow down, hero,” as Batboy swallowed the shaft, “And boys, get started breaking Red Robin in. We’ve got quite a night ahead of us.” He smirked down at the mellow but still pleading eyes of Batboy whose mouth was filled with big dick. “Yes, slut. All of us.” That said, Mellow Yellow pushed Batboy all the way down on his cock and enjoyed the pathetic struggles of the young hero’s gag reflex. @@@@@@ Ah,” Glory sighed as she turned away from Mellow Yellow’s rather pedestrian fantasy, “I love watching dick-pigs in their natural environment. By the way, what are my prizes from 69-Lambda doing? “Oh, you’re going to love this, Glory,” Lobo laughed. “Look over there.” It was a typical night in Gotham City. Batman was patrolling warehouses with Signal; Nightwing was patrolling Crimetown with Troy; and Red Robin Red Hood up against a wall in dark dirty alley, laying a violent fuck into him. “Could they have walk into my trap any better than they have?” the supervillain asked through the walky-talky. “Dunno, boss. It’s one thing they walk into the trap; it’s another we catch `em, let alone keep `em.” “Well, what are you waiting for? All teams! Shine `em up, and then go in swinging.” Each pair of Bat Family heroes suddenly found himself caught in deer-in-the-headlights high beams, freezing their brains. Meanwhile, the henchmen, who had goggles to protect them against the properties of the brain-freezing rays, rushed forward, overwhelming the heroes in short order. The henchmen, with the aid of hand-held deer-in-the-headlights units, in short order cuffed the heroes spread on their backs across the hoods of classic cars like erotic radiator caps. “Rally time!” the henchmen cheered, and they drove away to the rendezvous their boss had set up, with their costumed vigilante hood ornaments struggling in vain against their bondage. “My heavens,” Aunt May said as she left the theater, “Was that Batman lying on that car?” “I couldn’t say,” said Alfred in chauffeur’s uniform. `But I’d better get her home and get down to the Batcave as soon as possible.” The rendezvous was being held an abandoned warehouse. The hero-mobiles roared in and came to a stop all facing into the center of a circle of cars. In the middle of them all sat an altar. Their villainous boss approached the captured heroes out of the dark and gloated, “My old adversaries, how good to see you again!” “Remind me; who are you?” Batman asked politely, knowing it would drive this second-tier villain around the bend with frustration. It did. The villain glared at the heroes and growled, “Gearhead, Bat-fuck. Gearhead. And trust me, by the time I’m finished with you and your precious boys tonight, you’ll never forget the name.” The massed henchmen descended on the bound heroes and, pulling out switchblades, cut away the lower part of the captives’ costumes. “Hey!” Red Robin cried, “What the fuck?! My dick’s out for the whole world and God to see!” The instruments of Gearhead’s vengeance shined up the heroes again, and one at a time, starting with the Troy Wonder, released them and hauled them from their car over to the altar, a brand-new V-6 engine, with the pistons topped with dildos. They attached cuffs hanging from the ceiling on lengths of chain to position the blond jock, balanced on one foot, his thighs now spread wide with one ankle raised, and parked hm on one of the V-6’s piston dildos. “Argh!” the blond jock cried, “My ass! It’s so full! Fuck!” “You fiend,” Batman cried to Gearhead as a dazed Signal was drug across to embrace his own fate as a dildo pincushion. The young black man screamed as well, not because it hurt but because that’s what the script called for. “Fuck! This is going to kill me!” “You think that’s bad, boy?” Gearhead taunted his heroic prisoner, “Just wait until we make the Great Sacrifice!” Once all six heroes were precariously balanced with a fake cock up their butts, Gearhead suddenly got all serious. He raised his arms skyward and intoned, “Great Engine, God of Iron and Oil, we dedicate tonight’s offering to you!” “All hail the Great Engine! Vroom! Vroom!” the henchmen chanted after him, making the sign with their right hands. “And now with a simple turn of the key,” Gearhead said, and he set the infernal engine into action. With a chorus of Bat Family screams, the mechanical rape commenced. “Enjoy the ride, bat-fucks,” Gearhead laughed, and he plopped down on the hood of his own T-Bird to enjoy the show. Until it was time for him at his boys to get involved that was. @@@@@@ “You did warn Gearhead that he had to give me my boys back in working condition, right, Lobo?” “Of course, Glory.” “Well, then. Everything’s as it should be. Time for a cocktail.”

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