All Women are My Servants!


I stare down at the people below hungrily, my eyes roving over the bare skin, the laughing girls, the smiles. All of it is intoxicating to me.

My name is Yuna. To all of your readers out there, that is Lady Yuna. If you are a woman, chances are that you are already sweating. Already hot and heavy. Already mine.

If you’re a guy…? Well, I’m the reason you can’t find a nice girlfriend.

My life mission has always been to track down, conquer, and fuck all the lovely ladies in the world. And I have become exceedingly good at it.

Allow me to share with you the events of my typical, everyday life. The life I partake in every day. Rain or shine, on a beach or a mountain, in a club or on the street. All the world’s women are mine.

It was this day in particular that I decided to write down for you today, because it perfectly encapsulates just what it is I do and how I do it.

I leaned outside the window, staring at the women in the park below, wondering just where to start. I am new to this town, and the people here are not yet aware of my presence. I tap the window, wondering where to go for the day, when to my surprise, a knock came at the door.

“Yes?” I call back, behind me. “Who is it?”

“A neighbor!” A voice said cheerfully. I smile as I reach for the door and pop it open. There, standing in front of me, was a smiling, red haired girl about my own age. She was tall and thin, and was holding a large cake in front of her.

“Hello there.” She said. “You’re Yuna, right?” She handed the cake to me. “My name is Victoria… I live down the hall with my roommates. We made you this to welcome you in.”

The cake is lovely internet casino looking, and quite large for a single person. I admire it a little. “Wow, thank you so much!” I say cheerfully. “Victoria, please… come in, I can’t eat this all myself… We can share it.”

Victoria nodded, grinning, as she stepped into the apartment. I close the door behind her, admiring her cute little butt, as she made her way over to the table.

“Do you live with anyone?” Victoria asked curiously, as she set the cake down on my small kitchen table.

“No, it’s just me.”

“Really? We heard a lot of noise when you first moved in.”

I had taken in three girl from the park that night and had dominated them there, right in the middle of the kitchen, all night long. All three had orgasmed again and again, screaming all the while. I was foolish to think the neighbors would not have heard. Although thankfully they did not seem to realize it was sexual in nature.

“I had friends over.” I say smoothly. “Perhaps your roommates would like to be the next to come over?” I stare at her intently, trying to gauge her reaction. Victoria, however, did not seem to realize what I was getting at.

“Oh, none of us get along, really.” She said. “I mean, we do… sort of, but we’re not… a super tight knit group of friends, you know?”

“But you baked this cake together.” I pointed out.

“Yeah, but we do that for everyone.” Victoria said, laughing a little. “It’s fun. I really enjoy it.”

I nod my understanding. “Well, I wouldn’t feel right eating this cake without all the chefs here in one room.” I tell her. “I’ll save it for tonight, okay?”

Victoria canlı poker oyna smiled warmly at me. “I’ll let them know, but I’m not sure if they’ll come.”

“Oh, they’ll come alright.” I say, smirking, as I stand up and take a look out of the window. “By the way, I was wondering Victoria…”


“What is there to do around here?” I asked. “What is there to do?”

“Oh, lots!” Victoria said brightly, as she came next to me and pointed over the horizon. “The park is a lot of fun. There’s a pool, for example.”

“A pool?” I repeat. My last encounter with a pool had been wild. I was anxious to get back into it. “I would like to go.”

Victoria grinned. “Do you like swimming?” She asked me.

“No, I just like showing off my body.” I tell her. She giggled. Encouraged, I tug up my shirt and show her my abs. She put her hands to her mouth and breathed outward. “W-wow…” She said. “I’ve never seen such…” She shook her head. “Would it be weird if I touched them?”

“It would.” I tell her, smirking, as I lowered my shirt. She looked embarrassed for a little bit.

“I’m sorry.” She said quickly. “I don’t know what came over me.”

“I feel that way all the time.” I told her. “Don’t worry about it.”

I tap my hand against the counter, observing her body language and demeanor. She was not someone who was used to women coming on to her. I would have to be very careful when it came to conquering this one.

“You know.” I say, trying to keep my expression neutral. “Maybe I would let you touch my abs if I touch yours.”


The girl flushed. “I- I don’t have abs.” she said quietly. She poker oyna looked downcast. I giggle a little, as I press myself up against her.

“Come on, have a little faith.” Reluctantly, she raised her hand as I reach out and stroke her stomach, sensually. She had not been lying. She was not a fat girl by any means, but she seemingly lacked the discipline to have the sort of body I had earned through hard work.

“Wow…” Victoria murmured. “You’re so hard…”

She flushed, pulling away. “That sounded bad.” She said. “I didn’t mean anything by it, really.”

“Oh, really?” I ask. “That’s a shame. I was going to kiss you.”

The girl jumped. “You- you were going to what?” She squeaked. I smile at her warmly as I lean in closer to her face.

“I was going to kiss you.” I repeat, as I sensually run my hands over her body. “I was going to strip you naked, throw you onto this table, and fuck you raw.” The girl too shocked to move, did not resist as I leaned forward and kissed her, right on the lips.

Before long, she is returning the kiss deeply, wrapping her arms around me. When I pull away, she mewls with disappointment.

“Yuna, I…”


I unclasp her clothes, throwing them to the floor, and in a matter of moments she is moaning in pleasure.

“Yuna… Yuuuuuuuuuuuuna…” She moans.

She orgasmed, right there in my kitchen. She lay there, gasping for breath, as I stand over her, petting her bare back.

“There. How as that?” I ask smoothly. Victoria moaned.


“Have you never been with another girl before?”

“I’ve never been with anyone before…”

I smile. “How about your roommates?” I press. “Have you ever thought about doing nasty, filthy things to them?”

“No…! Never.”

“Well, perhaps it’s something you never knew you wanted.” I say quietly. “When they come by tonight, we shall see.”

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