Alley BJ

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Alley BJIt all happened so fast. A minute ago, I was sitting in the bar enjoying a drink while engaging in a nice conversation with a gentleman about the game that was on the TV. Somehow, we ended up in the alley behind the bar. My heart was racing as I stared into his deep dark eyes. My cock twitched with excitement knowing what was coming next. I could see his heart beating faster and faster. His chest moving rhythmically in and out with excitement. I forced myself to look away from his embracing gaze and looked to his very noticeable bulge in his pants. I could feel the passion race through my body with the thought of that cock in my mouth. I slowly reached out and undid the button on his pants. His body clenched with excitement as that button popped loose. I looked back into his deep aydın escort dark gaze as my fingers gently clenched his zipper. I could almost feel the rhythmic racing of his heart as I slowly lowered his zipper. His cock pulsated gently against my fingers as they glazed his shaft while lowering the zipper to a point where I could release his that beautiful, hard cock to it full glory. He shuddered as I reached into his underwear and took his cock in my hand. I slowly stroked it from the base to the tip as gently as I could. I was just barely touching the skin as I jerked slowly up and down. I watched as his head went slightly backward and his breathing increased to match the pace of my rhythmic jerking. His back arched slightly with pure passion, as I used a slight balıkesir escort circling motion with my hands as my fingers moved up and down along his throbbing cock. His hips thrust forward as I released his pulsating cock from the confines of his briefs. He shivered slightly as the cool air hit his exposed cock. He slowly leaned toward me and quietly whispered into my ear. “Please suck my cock. I want to feel it deep inside your willing mouth. I want to shoot my sweet and salty load down your throat.” I kept my deep hypnotic gaze upon his deep blue eyes as I slowly lowered myself to my knees. I continued my gaze as I slowly licked his shaft from the base to the tip. I moved my mouth slightly away from his pulsating cock and looked into his eyes as escort bayan I licked my lips. His hips moved forward, but I moved slightly away more teasing him as I know he wanted to be engulfed by my eager mouth. I licked the tip gently with a swirling motion and his hips again pushed towards my moist lips. I kept his cock slightly at a distance as I swirled my tongue on his glistening tip. I then took his throbbing cock in my mouth. His hips grinding against my face as I slowly sucked his cock. I gently moved my moist lips up and down his shaft and used my tongue to lightly swirl along his shaft as it moved in and out of my mouth. I could tell he was full of passion and desire by the way his hips were gently rocking in tune with the movement of my mouth along his rock-hard dick. His head swayed back slightly and I knew he was close. I engulfed his cock all the way in until it hit the back of my throat. I grab his balls and feel his cock pulsate. I then feel him explode inside my mouth and could taste the sweet and salty cum as it slides down my eager throat.

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