Almost Anal

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‘Hey, stop that,’ said Diana. ‘What in hell are you doing?’

I was rubbing her asshole with my finger. ‘What do you think?’ I asked her.

‘Yuck, that’s gross!’ She exclaimed, but made no move to halt me or move away from my probing finger.

I wet my finger on my tongue and continued the massage. She was on all fours after a prolonged doggy-style-fuck we’d just had. She had come thrice, and I had managed hold my cum right through. Today, I was determined; I was going to cum inside her cute little ass. Of course I hadn’t told her. Yet.

She was quiet now, eyes closed and gently pushing back. I slapped her bum. ‘You like it baby?’

She turned back to look at me. ‘Well, it’s sort of nice, but it seems really gross… and dirty!’

I removed my finger. Then looking her right in the eye, I bent down and licked her anus. She almost jumped off the bed.

‘What of this, then?’ I asked her, laughing.

‘Jim! You dirty assh-‘ She stopped right on cue.

‘Yes?’ I prompted. ‘Go on, dirty what?’

She flopped on to her back, laughing. ‘Jim, you’re really incorrigible!’

I got alongside her on the bed. I didn’t say anything for a while. Got to give her time to relax her conservative asshole a bit, I thought, smiling.

‘What are you grinning at?’

I turned to her. ‘Di, after what I just did-‘


‘- Could you bring canlı bahis yourself to kiss my dirty lips?’

She looked startled for a moment, then grabbed me and kissed me hard. ‘Ah,’ she laughed, ‘The famous Arlington sense of humour!’

‘In that case,’ I said, disengaging and jumping up, ‘I’m going to lick your anus again!’

I grabbed her bum, she squealed and squirmed, but under ten minutes she was pressing her face on the pillow, ass sticking out and wagging, and moaning like she was fatally wounded. My tongue was pushing at her tiny puckered hole, and my fingers were playing with her clit down below.

She should’ve come fifteen times in as many minutes.

‘No more, Jim, I’ve had it!’ She cried finally, and pulled away from my face. She was panting hard for a while, lying on her back with her palm across her eyes. I watched her until she calmed down. Then she looked up at me and held her arms out.

‘Come to mama, Jimmy,’ She called, and in a moment our lips were glued together. Her tongue slithered around in my mouth, and it was all I could do to keep from spraying my cum all over her stomach.

She came up for air after a while. ‘Thanks, Jim, that was wonderful!’ she said. She reached down and fondled my stiff penis. ‘Gosh, you’re still hard.’

I smiled at her, and she kissed me again. ‘I’ll suck you off now, and then we can go down to the beach. bahis siteleri What do you say?’

‘Well, Di,’ I said, ‘Actually I wanted to fuck you again…’

‘Baby, I’m sore!’ she said. ‘It’s your fault. How many times did you make me come?’

‘Your’e sore? Where?’

She took my hand and led it between her legs. She was so wet that my fingers were slipping around.

‘See?’ She said. ‘It’s almost raw down there…’

‘Well, Di, I wasn’t thinking of fucking your pussy,’ I told her.

‘What then?’ she seemed puzzled. Then realization dawned. ‘WHAT?’

I smiled at her. ‘No way,’ she said. ‘Forget it.’


She was silent for a while. I could see that she was thinking about it. Why not? She was asking herself. Finally she made up her mind.

‘No, Jim. I’m too small down there.’

‘I didn’t get that,’ I told her. ‘You’re too small where?’

‘Lay off, boy,’ She laughed. ‘You know where.’

‘I don’t,’ I said. She actually blushed!

‘Okay,’ she said, finally. ‘Jim, my anus is too small, and you penis is too big, so they won’t sort of like each other. Is that explicit enough for you?’

‘Speak for your anus, leave my penis out of it,’ I said. ‘I know very well what my penis thinks, and if I gave him his way he’d be buried deep inside you little anus by now.’

She regarded me thoughtfully. ‘You’re serious, bahis şirketleri aren’t you?’

‘Bet your anus,’ I grinned.

She smiled at that. ‘But, Jimmy, it really is too small! You won’t be able to put it in!’

‘Well, we’d sure have to work at it,’ I told her. ‘First I’ll use my tongue, and when you’re relaxed enough, I’ll try with my index finger. When you’re okay with it, I’ll use two fingers, and finally… the big moment!’

She regarded my stiff penis again. She thought for a while. Finally, she made up her mind. ‘No way, Jim. I won’t let you ram that monster into my ass. That’s final.’

But I was watching her eyes, and her eyes sort-of said a half ‘yes’. I’m nothing if not persistent, so I wasn’t worried. ‘Okay, then, Di. Suck me off and we can go down to the beach.’

She was extra nice to me. She sucked hard, licking the head exactly the way I liked it. I let myself go, for I knew I’d gone as far as I could for the day. I came in under a minute. She drank most of my cum, and when the spasms subsided, came up to share the last few drops with me. I love to taste my cum in her mouth, and this was our usual winding-up ritual. We kissed long and hard.

‘Sorry, Jim,’ she said as we walked down to the beach, hand in hand. I looked at her.

‘I mean, you’re not disappointed, are you?’

‘No,’ I said. ‘Let’s leave that now. It’s okay.’

‘Fine,’ She said. I saw her eyes smile.

I knew, right then, that she’ll give in to me. She was planning a surprise. Maybe tonight, or next week…

I was content. What was time, anyway, in a matter like this?

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