Beautiful Face



Chapter 223 � A Meeting of Great Minds



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Aaron Munro � Ward of Shawn Walsh and Roberrt Berrill

Aiden Walsh-Johnston � Adopted son of Shawn Walsh and Stephen Johnston

Akecheta “Ake” Bidzel – Six Star General of the Armies of the United States (Commanding General � Administration)

Akihiko Ito � Lover and future partner of Tokugawa Kinugasa

Alexander Bradley � 1st Lieutenant � U.S. Army � Aide to General Erling

Allen Robert Harriman – Adopted son of Robert Adrian Harriman and Adam John Clark

Arkyn Erling – Brigadier (1 Star) General, U.S. Army � Partner of Enapay Perez

Bhanubhakta Gurung � AKA “BG” Gurkha on assignment to Fort Connor by the British Ministry of Defense

Caleb King � Partner and lover of Thomas Worthington

Daiki � Crown Prince and Heir to the Chrysanthemum Throne

Douglas VanDyke � Son of the Vice-President of the United States

Enapay Perez – Six Star General of the Armies of the United States (Commanding General � Administration)

Gloria Angelus Worthington � Biological daughter of John Worthington III

Hikaru Jansson-Winter Masamune Yasumori – Son of Hito Janson-Winter Masamune and Jimmy Yasumori

Jamie Williams � Partner of Douglas VanDyke

John Phineas Roberts � Colonel, U.S. Army � Protector of Aiden that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office beşevler escort on which I am about to enter. So help me God.


I Rod Landry, General of the Armies of the United States do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God.


As Rod and Ricardo shook the hand of the Chief Justice, POTUS took the opportunity to place his Presidential Breast Badge on the uniforms of each of our new Generals.


As the Worthington Brain Trust met initially with our new Generals and Aaron, they needed to know what budget they were working with. Our little nerds almost fainted when Aaron told them $7,000,000,000.00 to $10,000,000,000.00 USD.


Great, then we”ll start the Sea Bees on a 10,000-foot runway. It will take three teams months working around the clock to complete that phase of development. We will also install hardened hangers and a new elevated Air Traffic Control center.


Once we get the evaluation of the existing structures, we can finish our design concept for improvements and enlargement of Fort Connor. Omoikane was all smiles when the recommendation of turning the “Mini Mansion” into the residence of our six-star Generals was approved… after all it was his suggestion. When Mama Bear approved it became a DONE DEAL!


The design favored both by the Army, the Generals, the Worthingtons, and POTUS was adapting the multi-sided design of Fort Jefferson. That would allow a missile battery and Mini-Gun on each of the points providing overlapping coverage which would make it difficult for an incursion to ever make it into Fort Connor proper. Two heavily defended entrances would exist to the inner realm of Fort Connor. One at the Airfield and One at the boat landing for supply barges.


Additional square footage needed would be reclaimed from the sea and would hold the additional housing for the Alpha Zulu soldiers. A proper enclosed exercise area and shooting range were also added. The aides for the new Generals would inherit their current billet and the office area was redesigned so the aides were directly available to each Generals. The Command Master Sergeant now had a designated beylikdüzü escort office within the headquarters building far too close to the generals quipped the Command Master Sergeant when he saw the plans.


It took over 1,000 barges of fill to reclaim enough footage to construct the new Fort Connor. Within the year (and a no bid budget) Fort Connor rose from the ashes of disaster to a new state of the art facility defended by top special ops soldiers volunteering (requesting) to be assigned. In actuality, when the news became readily available there were opening to be posted to Fort Connor our HR Dream team overnight had a data base of over 50,000 soldiers. It made picking the right person for the right job so much easier. Our HR Dream Team loved their job and had no intention of retiring.


The day arrived to dedicate the new Fort Connor. OPS announced to us Generals Air Force one was requesting permission to do a fly over. GRANTED! Expecting a small Executive Jet, the entire base was in shock as the new Air Force Boeing 747-8 Presidential Air Force One flew over at tree top level. Requesting permission to land I now realized the necessity for enlarging our air strip.


As POTUS, SecDef, the Joint Chiefs and powerful members of Congress deplaned, had their security clearance verified and entered Fort Connor. Aaron, BG, Gloria, Luke and John had arrived on Worthington Actual earlier that day and definitely enjoyed the meal served in our new state of the art Mess.


POTUS quietly cornered me and ask to be discretely taken to Medical. A simple request that was easily provided. As Doc met us as we entered Medical, he snapped to attention out of Respect of his friend and former commanding General of Alpha Zulu.


POTUS spoke freely and loud enough for the complete medical staff to hear every word:


“Doc you can be a real pain in my ass at times and unfortunately the majority of times you are correct. No one could have done what you did in this emergency. On behalf of the Congress of the United States and the families of the men you serve…”


The pause was deafening as POTUS handed Doc a small box. Even Doc smiled when he saw the five stars of a General of the Army. His staff praised their leader and thanked POTUS for acknowledging all Doc had done. No man deserved greater recognition.


POTUS was just getting started and was smiling as he commented time to get this belated bilecik escort Change of Command over. As the men gathered in their new and improved Mess which also contained an elevated stage and speaker area. OPS was able to video tape any presentation and broadcast it live to multiple huge projection screens in the Mess area and to the smart phones of the men required to be on duty.


I introduced POTUS and then turned the stage over to him. POTUS was enjoying the suspense far too much. He informed the men of Alpha Zulu there was recognition long overdue. Asking our Command Master Sergeant to join him on stage… POTUS commented this recognition has been long overdue. It is my pleasure to introduce to the men of Alpha Zulu the newest Command Sergeant Major (E-9) in the United States Army. The men erupted in praise and I had no intention of issuing the command AS YOU WERE!


As our new Command Sergeant Major left the stage POTUS returned to the microphone for some additional recognition.


“Additionally, every member of Alpha Zulu (both living and dead) may now wear the “V” device on both their Alpha Zulu service ribbon and on the Bronze Star each of you will receive for defending our precious imps and the future of the United States Military.” Many of the soldiers of Alpha Zulu are in process to be presented with a Silver Star for Gallantry and Valor in performance of defending our imps against hostile forces.


The men rose in respect for the honor given to them by the President and our new Command Sergeant Major was in no hurry to issue the command AS YOU WERE either.


And for one last surprise, excluding our new Command Sergeant Major and our Six Star Generals… every member of Alpha Zulu who participated in the defense of our imps will advance one grade in rank. The men of Alpha Zulu sat in shock at the gift given to them by POTUS. POTUS closed his remarks with the candid comment of this being all the money Congress would allow him to spend today. Every man in the room rose to his feet and gave a spontaneous salute thanking POTUS for his acknowledgement of the value of Alpha Zulu and Fort Connor.


Escorting our guests back to Air Force One I thanked POTUS on behalf of the men of Alpha Zulu. I assured our Commander in Chief that his being here today and doing this in person means even more than the awards you presented.


As the day finally drew to a close, Rod and I sat in our luxurious billet and only wondered what challenges would come with these new jobs. Rod only smiled, took my hand and as we walked to our new bedroom, he commented… “You have a mighty big challenge to face tonight”!







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