Alpine Hideaway Magic Ch. 03


Grandmother sucked in her breath looked one more time at me helpless but invisible up on the ceiling and opened the door. Standing in the doorway were two soldiers and the female auxiliary. The two soldiers were my age, probably about nineteen or twenty. The woman, who was hard to see, stood behind the two young men. They forced through the doorway and stood in front of my grandmother in the kitchen frowning slightly. The woman then stepped into the kitchen and stood directly between Grandmother and the soldiers and looked at Oma with a cool air of authority.

“Good morning Fraulein, is everything alright here?”

“Yes my dear, what is happening?” my grandmother asked.

“We are searching house to house for deserters. Several soldiers have deserted the Wehrmacht recently and we have the unpleasant task of searching for them. One of them was seen heading south through the hill country by a farmer heading this way. We believe the young soldier to be your grandson, Stephan Baumer. He may be hiding here in this valley, possibly in this village, or maybe even in your house yes? You are Hilde Baumer yes?” The woman was as I guessed about twenty one and beautiful but also she seemed tall, blonde, and possibly a bit cruel. Her uniform was a brown shirt, black tie, swastika armband, black skirt that went below her knees and sensible shoes and stockings. Topping it off was a red party badge with a swastika plainly showing for all to see on her left breast. She had all the signs of an aged Hitler Youth girl who came up through the ranks in the community and with the expediency of the war she had been placed in a position of responsibility of some sort or another when she came of age. She held a short straight black whip about fifty centimeters long in her hand with round leather covered knob at its handle end roughly about the size of a plum. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a severe bun. She stood there tapping the intimidating little whip in her hand as she spoke.

“Well?” said with impatience, the whip making its TAP TAP TAP in her palm.

“Yes my name is Hilde Baumer but ….Stephan a deserter?! This is quite a shock! His father is a hero of the Fatherland who sacrificed himself on the Eastern Front, oh how can this be true, oh how!” My grandmother was apparently good at amateur theater and was able to give her best approximation of genuine surprise and anguish because the woman bought her shock pantomime and momentarily raised her eyebrows for a half a second. She then resumed the cool professional demeanor but with a less authoritative tone.

“I am certain that the rest of his family does not share his subversive sentiments Fraulein. You appear sensible. By your response I believe you are upset at his desertion and you would not dream of harboring him here, but would it be possible to look around your house and barn?”

“Of course!” Grandmother answered. “I’ll get the key to the storehouse and show you the barn and the loft!” She stepped to the shelf to retrieve the storage room key.

“That won’t be completely necessary. Just the key please!” she said as she placed the whip in front of Grandmother’s body to stop her movements to the shelf and to convey that she was in control of the house. This girl was used to intimidating people- she had trained to do it. One more person whom had been transformed into a sort of monster by the State I surmised.

Grandmother retrieved the key from the cupboard shelf and handed it to one of the soldiers. He lowered his rifle and took it from her. For a moment the thought flashed through my brain that if I were to come off the ceiling with that rifle lowered and hanging carelessly in his hands, I could snatch it away from him. This would have been impossible. I was stuck to the ceiling like burnt eggs to a frying pan. I was also afraid that I might become visible if I broke concentration and that if I could be seen, I could not cover the distance.

The soldiers left and headed into the barn with the key. I heard footsteps going up and down the loft ladders the sound of the animals came through the open doorway as men strange to them poked around in their pens. I then heard the door unlock to the store room and there was the sound of a light being switched on. Above me, a set of boots walked around the floor above me as the floorboards on the second level creaked. I could hear items being moved around and turned over.

The young woman moved to the center of the room pushing my grandmother with the butt of her whip as though she did not wish for Oma to be able to reach for anything more in the room. She had obviously been taught some sort of rudimentary security procedures training because she looked like she had executed this task before and she did not wish for my Grandmother to suddenly find a weapon to use. Ridiculous as that might sound, her suspicions were well founded as my grandmother had slipped her wand into the back pocket of her skirt — the crafty old girl! bursa escort The pocket was on the other side of Oma away from the woman and the wand was only barely in sight for me from my vantage point above.

Now at this time I must admit to being a male of the species as I could see that down the figure of the woman below me as she contemptuously eyed my grandmother. I looked straight down her uniform and looked at the twin hilltops of her nicely rounded but not overly proportioned Teutonic ass! It had the wonderful shape of an upside down heart showing through her skirt — no doubt the two soldiers had noticed and let her lead the way through the streets — couldn’t blame them really! I could also see that she had two firm, ample and nicely rounded breasts straining against her blouse and tie like two plump savage hounds straining against their leashes. My cock became hard and rampant in my lederhosen. I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw my left hand. I saw my left hand! Good heavens I was visible!

I quickly thought of the most unstimulating subjects possible, doing household chores for my mother and aunt in our town, going to church, cleaning the equipment of my aircraft gun when the other boys were smoking cigarettes, my bald headed school master eating his lunch — a revolting sight to anyone. Nothing doing. I was still hard looking at the wonderfully proportioned and cruelly beautiful Aryan goddess below me and visible. All she would have to do is look up!

I paused my mind, forced myself to concentrate and imagined my hands being transparent and subsequently my left hand…disappeared as I looked at it. I glanced to the right to see the same was true for my writing hand! Joy! I told my mind that my cock could become as hard as trigonometry class after a large meal but I would not break my focus.

The two soldiers returned empty handed. They shrugged their shoulders and looked at the woman as if the trip through the village had been for nothing.

The woman looked at my grandmother with continued suspicion but also seemed satisfied to a point.

“Well Madame, I think things are quite satisfactory. You will tell us if your grandson shows up here? Ja?”

“Oh JA! Naturlich Fraulein! I would never dream of anything so shameful as to allow a deserter in my house who has dishonored the Fatherland! “Grandmother was laying it on thick but the woman and the two young men bought it.

“Good! So, is there anything else you can tell us before we depart to file our report?”

“Nein Fraulein only this!” Grandmother said as she swooshed forward her wand with a sweep of her left hand from her back skirt pocket and with a dexterity that surprised even myself, she gave it a flick so that now standing before her were three people in the depths of a trance now staring off into space. They were completely speechless and I wondered at first if she had killed them and they simply had yet to fall over!

“Now then my lovelies,” said Oma taking the guns from the two mesmerized soldiers and placing them on the table after pulling the weapons charging handles back to clear them of their cartridges and dropping the magazines, ” I think it is time we got better acquainted yes?” They nodded dumbly.

“Wonderful, wonderful!” My grandmother said with a mischievous and vindictive smirk. Grandmother began to disrobe and drop her clothes to the floor as she spoke.

“I think it is very hot in here, don’t you? I think it shall be a very hot sticky summer indeed the way this spring air feels!”

Presently they looked rather uncomfortable with the suggestion and they began to loosen their clothing.

“Yes it is sooooo hot! Why don’t you step out of your clothing and get more comfortable. The fresh air feels so good on Granny’s skin!”

With that the soldiers dropped their helmets which made audible clunks on the floor and began to disrobe. The woman dropped her whip and began fumbling with her blouse and skirt to remove her garments as she kicked off her shoes. Grandmother walked behind her and removed her hair clasp and the cruel bun unfurled into a luxurious and lustrous head of blonde hair! It was just as I had imagined it to be and I wanted nothing more than to run my raging erection through her blonde locks before plunging it into her cruel mouth but in my condition — spread eagled on the ceiling that was not in the realm of possibility.

Grandmother picked up the whip, tossed the hair clasp on the table next to the rifles and walked in front of them. They were now naked cadets lined up for inspection or more appropriately — punishment!

“Now I think you all feel a little twinge of sexual agitation. To be more correct, you are becoming bothered by lust. You are distracted beyond description by the thought of your own wanton desires and wish so much that you could fuck like wild beasts.” What followed was about the most ribald, rollicking depraved hour and a half of copulation escort bayan I could have ever imagined! You should remember what my grandmother had just recently done to and with me so that is saying something I think!

She looked at the two men sternly and said to them, “STIFF AS STATUES EXCEPT FOR HEADS!” The men, one blonde, one red headed, immediately could not move except for that they could turn their heads an look up and down and side to side. The woman on the other hand was still mobile and with Grandmother’s suggestion of agitation was writhing and shuffling her feet in her standing spot and breathing heavily as though she had just run several kilometers. Her hands scrubbed and rubbed up and down her own body lasciviously and her fingers tweaked her breasts and vigorously strummed her clitty as she began to groan and whisper curse words under her breath!

The men were now breathing heavily two but could not move and to make matters even worse Grandmother went between them and grabbed their cocks, one in each of her hands and began to stroke them with a wicked grin across her face! She was truly a bad girl when the mood took her! Helplessly they move their heads from side to side but they could do nothing. The hunter had now truly become the hunted.

“Yes my pretties you are all so agitated and raging with lust now, but Grandmother will not let you spritz or cum!” Grandmother chuckled at them as her hands were a flurry of motion on the two cocks. The blonde woman now had become so filled with her own ardor that she threw herself upon the ground kicking and rubbing her breasts and cunt-hole and clitty with a screaming moaning fury. To a passerby of my Grandmother’s house it must have seemed as though a heated interrogation was being administered and I can imagine they would have probably taken quick steps to move away from the domicile and down the street about their business.

The woman continued to be a heaving cursing kicking pinching tweaking mass of distressed masturbatory activity. Nothing she could do could put the fire out of her distressed lustful condition and she flipped over on her belly and wriggled her wonderfully rounded Aryan bottom in the air, her face turned to one side on the hard floor in my direction, her mouth open, tongue barely out and a puddle of saliva presenting itself on the smooth wooden floorboards. Her fingers darted in and out of her cunny and her upturned pink starfish of a rectum, her eyes opened wide as if for a moment the two hands working together had found just the right spots to work in tandem and at just the right speed and vigor.

She may have had two cocks in her hands being worked but she could still attend to things with the blonde and she blocked the woman’s crescendo like a shepherd blocking a sheep from exiting a pen! The woman shrieked in desperation and continued to frig her holes trying to recapture the right spots to rub and the right rhythm to achieve! Grandmother’s face now became a mean smirk as she now focused her attentions on the woman, she was so happy to have turned the tables on the three intruders but the woman most of all. It was as if she had just gotten the upper hand on the schoolyard bully and she was now taking lascivious vengeance!

“So my blonde pretty with the nice bottom dancing in the air, you like your little whip do you? You like to use it do you? Well why don’t you administer it on yourself, it feels so good for you to do it to others!”

With that the woman seized the whip off the floor with a lusty snarl of passion eager to quench the fire of pure sexual energy consuming her. She ground the plum sized handle of the whip into her cunthole at first — moaning and cursing loudly as she sought to achieve release. Then after half a minute of futility she rubbed the knob against the pink pucker of her dunghole a in a frantic circle like she was either grinding grain in a mortar stone or attempting to replace a cork in a bottle that was being uncooperative!

Grandmother continued rubbing the two cocks as the soldiers gazed transfixed at the masturbatory floor-dance of the blonde Valkyrie screaming, wriggling and groaning on the floor. She smirked again, at her and thought for a moment and then with naughty vengeance issued forth a new command.

“Whip yourself my dear, whip that filthy little ass and cunny!”

With that the blonde woman took the whip and passed a stroke over her shoulder with a loud SWOOSH — VIP that landed smack on her own right buttock. She let out a yelp of pain and lust as the stroke left a red mark where it had impacted on the target. She gave herself three more SWOOSH-VIPs in rapid succession, each leaving a telltale reddish mark on her magnificent wriggling heart-shaped bottom. Each event was punctuated by an excited yelp of agony mixed with sexual energy.

She then adjusted the whip in her hand making a series of strokes from high above her head down around to her side and depositing bursa escort the delicious impact across her back side like a jokey hits a racehorse. They landed with a VIP! VIP! VIP! across her labia, left buttock, and puckered rectum! The last one made her scream in agony sufficient that Grandmother took pity on the woman and gave new instructions as she continued stroking the young cocks.

“Oh poor dear! That little bee stung you on your poor pink little asshole? Tsk! Tsk! Well why don’t you sooth your little pink stink-hole with the ball of that whip? — Go on! Shove it in there! Cork that jug my pretty blonde little slut!”

The blonde woman obeyed and holding the whip firmly in her hand by the wrong end pushed the ball through the puckered pink sphincter of her rectum while the fingers on her other hand danced and goose-stepped and invaded her cunny and vigorously roughed up her clitoris in a brutal interrogation. She pushed and pushed and pushed the whip in and then drew it out of her bottom hole with a loud howl before shoving it back in deep up into her ass-root then she began to pump and jerk it back and forth like the drive-wheel shaft of a steam locomotive, the whole while her other hand savaged her cunny and clitty!

“Aaaaaaargggghhhhh! The woman screamed as my Grandmother’s revenge turned into a sort of lewd pity and she allowed the woman to reach crescendo! A wet splatter of pearly dew shot from the woman’s cunny and landed in a fishy puddle on the floor behind her as she sobbed and gasped and stroked her way through the orgasm. But Grandmother was not through with her, and the two young men were not nearly as lucky — she would not allow them release just yet! They bucked their heads in blissful agony as she stroked their cocked with vigor.

“Did you enjoy that my dear?”

“Yes Granny!” the young blonde woman panted gratefully but still under Oma’s control.

“Good, now pull that whip from your ass and suck it clean!” Oma commanded!

The hapless girl did as she was told but in desperation she had not the sufficient capacity to remove the whip from its snug pink stinky sheath!

“Well, well! What is wrong with you girl? I sense your sexual fever returning with vengeance and yet you have not retrieved you r instrument of correction!” Grandmother chided!

The girl tried again to retrieve the whip as the new wave of lust swept over her but to no avail.

“It is stuck Granny! It is stuck! I cannot remove it! Aaaaaghhh!” she called out as her hand rubbed and frigged her cunny and clitoris in maddened agony while the other hand tried desperately to retrieve the whip whose knob was firmly implanted in the core of her bowels.

“Oh well alright! I guess Granny can come to the rescue! “Grandmother said as she dropped the two cocks and strode over behind the cruel blonde girl. The two hapless soldiers could only look on as the scene between the two women unfolded and their cocks continued to buck and dance helplessly in a series of HEIL HITLER salutes with no relief in sight.

“Let’s see what all the fuss is about!” Oma said as she batted the blonde woman’s hand away from the whip and then seized the instrument in her fist and with a forceful single tug, pulled it from its wedged tightness. An loud fart escaped from the Valkyrie’s upturned pink anus and she bawled from the force of the extraction.

“Aaarrrghhhh Hooooooohhhhh! “sobbed the woman in pain mixed with pleasure! She rubbed her cunny like it was now a piece of firewood that she was intent on starting alight and only through frantic friction could she achieve combustion! She cursed and swore and moaned and whimpered and blubbered as her lust rose and rose but would not abate.

“I am tired of your mewing, moaning, and crying! Let this cork your mouth! Suck!” Oma commanded. Then she strode around to the front of the feverishly masturbating blonde warrior princess and placed the smelly ball of the whip under the woman’s nose. The Teutonic wench opened her lips and ran out her tongue which presently snaked the foul orb into her gaping maw and greedily sucked the object like a young hungry calf who had just found an udder. She moaned and whined through her sinuses and Grandmother continued her cruel smirking and taunting.

“So the young lady and these two strapping boys thought they would intimidate an old lady into turning over her grandson, most likely to be shot tonight while ‘trying to escape sometime later this week’ — Ja? Well maybe old Granny should bestow some more correction of sorts on that beautiful arse of yours!” The woman continued to suck and moan as Grandmother reached around and diddled the woman’s cunny, clitty, and rectum with her long bony fingers that had brought countless maidens and mavens alike to shrieking ecstatic howling crescendo’s. The woman was truly in the hands of an expert as both the soldiers and myself could see from our helpless vantage points.

“Yes, you like that bit of frotting Oma is providing your cunny and arse do you my dear?” The woman nodded emphatically.

“Oh but it is so improper for me to be doing this to an appointed authority of the Third Reich! So inappropriate and highly irregular! Perhaps I should stop?”

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