Amanda’s New Friend


The scene is upstate New York, circa 1977. John Hanson was as straight-laced a 47 year old man that you could find. happily married for 25 years to his high school sweetheart Joy, and the father of two great children; John Jr. who was in his final year of college, and Amanda, who was just about to enter the local university herself.

Amanda had made a new friend, Chloe, who was going to be in one of her classes come September. Joy and John Hanson were happy that Amanda had made a new friend, since she had seemed to be a loner for much of her high school years.

“Just like her father,” Joy had mentioned more than once, and it was true, John realized, not that Amanda’s mother was all that wild herself.

Amanda’s quiet and aloof personality was in sharp contrast to her new friend. Chloe was an outgoing and rather bodacious young lady, and it seemed that she was having an effect on Amanda. While Amanda was still tame by 1977 standards, she had been loosening up a little lately.

Surprisingly, it was John’s wife that was the one concerned about Amanda’s relationship with Chloe, and after Chloe had spent some time at the Hanson home, Joy told her husband about her concerns.

“Before you were complaining that Amanda was a nerd like me,” John said. “She’s just getting to be more like other girls her age. Chloe is like most 1977 girls, like it or not.”

“She’s just a bit wild, if you know what I mean,” Joy Hanson said.

“She’s just a kid,” John said. “They’re both 18, for crying out loud. You were 18 once, as I recall.”

“I wasn’t like Chloe though,” Joy concluded.

“You can say that again,” John answered, but in a soft voice and only after his wife had left the room.


John glanced up at his reflection in the medicine cabinet mirror, hardly recognizing the strained face that looked back at him. John had no idea what had come over him lately, and it was all because of Amanda’s new friend.

The thumb and index finger of his right hand were working rapidly, stroking his cock while his left hand held the picture of his daughter and her new friend. John was able to keep from looking at Amanda and focused on Chloe as he jacked himself off furiously.

It was a very tame picture of Chloe taken in the backyard, and Chloe was wearing a loose t-shirt that did not compliment the large, full breasts that were under the cotton, but it was enough.

“Arr!” John growled as he ejaculated into the sink, and he was only ashamed after his orgasm was over and he was forced to clean the long, stringy ropes of his cum from the bowl of the sink.

“Whacking off like a schoolboy,. What’s next?” John muttered to himself after zipping up and leaving the bathroom, putting the photo back on the refrigerator where it had come from.


It was a nice day, and after staring out the office window for the better part of the morning, John Hanson told the office manager he had an upset stomach and was going to take the rest of the day off.

Ordinarily, somebody asking for the afternoon off would raise an eyebrow or two, but since John had a nearly flawless attendance record there were no questions asked. John made his best sick face last until he had driven out of the parking lot and was on the road.

Playing hooky at his age, John thought to himself as he wondered what he would do for the rest of the day. Just for the heck of it, John drove out of town and headed towards Duanesburg, which was a rural area about 20 miles outside of the city.

He had driven Amanda out there one day when Amanda was spending the night with her new friend, and John had thought it was a nice scenic drive. A nice way to clear one’s head, John thought.

He happened to remember where Chloe lived, and just for the heck of it he decided to drive down that road. Not expecting to actually see the girl, John was startled to see Chloe on the front lawn, reclining in a lounge chair.

Chloe didn’t see him, and that was a good thing, because John almost went off the road when he saw her. John went down to the end of the road and made a U-turn, driving back past Chloe, who was still in the chair and blissfully unaware of his passing.

It looked as if Chloe was dressed for getting some sun, but from the road and the angle John couldn’t see much, so he found himself making another U-turn and heading past her house again.

“Stand up,” John said, craning his neck to get a look, but could see little besides Chloe’s long bare legs. “Okay, one more time.”

On his fourth pass, John slowed down, and when he did, Chloe’s head came up and she waved. John’s foot slipped of the brake, making the car jerk clumsily until he was able to apply the brake properly.

Then, as if it was a dream, Chloe climbed out of the lounge chair and walked across the lawn and over to John’s car, which was pulled over onto the shoulder of the road.

“Omigod,” John moaned under his breath as Chloe sashayed over to him.


“Hi Mr. Hanson,” Chloe said, leaning into ataköy escort the opened passenger window. “Mandy’s not here, if that’s who you’re looking for.”

“No – uh – No,” John stuttered. “Actually, I was just out for a drive and happened to see you.”

“Really?” Chloe said, smiling and revealing a brilliant smile.

That wasn’t all that was revealed, John noted as he tried to recover from seeing Chloe walk over to the car. Chloe was wearing the shortest shorts imaginable, the denim covering only the minimum required while revealing a lot of shapely thigh.

It was Chloe’s blouse that had gotten John’s attention though. It was a red and white sleeveless blouse that was tied under her bosom, exposing a flat stomach and pert belly button. Chloe wasn’t wearing a bra, and that blouse showcased the exquisite fullness of her breasts and the cavernous cleavage between them.

Chloe looked like something out of The Dukes of Hazzard, and while John was not a fan of the show, there was something about the sexiness and sleaziness of her outfit that had his erection in full bloom.

“Yeah, it was such a nice day so I thought I would take a ride,” John explained, adding sheepishly, “Playing hooky from work.”

“Bad boy,” Chloe said, wagging a playful finger at him, making her breasts jiggle as she did. “Funny you ending up way out here.”

“Yeah,” John said, the sweat pouring off of his body only partially caused by the warmth of the day.

“After you went by the first three times I was starting to think that you were afraid of me or something,” Chloe said cloyingly. “Thought you might run out of gas soon.”

“Uh, wasn’t really sure it was you,” John said, taking his glasses off and wiping his forehead.

“It’s me though,” Chloe said, putting her hands on top of the roof of John’s car, her breasts swaying in front of her as she blatantly teased her friend’s father. “Right?”

John nodded, keeping perfectly still, because if he so much as shifted his hips, he knew he would cum right in his underwear.

“Your – uh – folks home?” John asked, trying desperately not to look at Chloe’s armpits and the thick tufts of jet black hair that filled the hollows under the teen’s slender arms, and failing miserably.

He had gotten a peek at Chloe’s unshaven armpits one time when the girl had visited Amanda, peeking up her loose sleeve and seeing the hair under her arm, and the unexpected sight had gotten John very aroused. Now seeing the girl brazenly flaunting herself like this, it seemed to John that she knew that this excited him and she was trying to tease him.

“No, they won’t be home for hours,” Chloe said. “Want to come in for a while? You look hot.”

Not as hot as you do, John thought as he agreed and climbed out of the car and followed Chloe into the house.

“Take off that jacket,” Chloe said as she led John into the kitchen, and after he peeled it off Chloe made a face. “You’re really sweaty.”

Indeed, John’s blue business shirt was so drenched with sweat that you could practically see through it, and as John looked down at himself in embarrassment, Chloe reached over and undid his tie.

“There!” Chloe said as she took of John’s tie and unbuttoned the collar of his shirt. “You can take that shirt off if you want. Lots of times I walk around the house topless.”

John’s eyes paused at those magnificent breasts, cradled in that shirt, and wondered what it would be like to feel them. John was rather embarrassed that he was a man nearing a half century old and had touched exactly two breasts in all of those years, his wife’s.

What would they feel like, John wondered? Were they as firm as they seemed to be as they jiggled freely under Chloe’s top? Joy’s breasts were nothing like Chloe’s, that much was for certain.

Joy’s breasts used to be perky cones back when they were young, but the effect of having two kids, as well as her being 46 years old, had combined to make Joy’s breasts sag, so much so that they look like fried eggs now. More than once John had caught Joy looking enviously at other women who had large breasts, and John had even seen his wife checking out Chloe in an unguarded moment.

That had turned John on, even though he empathised with the way Joy felt about her body. It had only taken a few showers back in school after gym class to figure out that he wasn’t very well endowed himself.

“Are you trying to use your telepathic powers?” Chloe asked, snapping John out of his daydream.

“Uh – sorry?”

“I said,” Chloe purred moving a step closer to her friend’s father. “I was wondering whether you were trying to use your telepathic powers to undo the knot that’s holding my top together. You know, like The Amazing Kreskin?”

“No, I wasn’t – I can’t,” John mumbled, taking a step back from Chloe.

“Don’t be scared, Mr. Hanson,” Chloe said. “I don’t bite.”

“Oh, I know,” John said, feeling like the roles had been somehow reversed, because ataşehir escort he was the one acting like a petrified teenager and Chloe was – well, whatever she was doing was making him very uncomfortable.

“Want to see my room?” Chloe asked, and when John started to stammer, she took him by the hand and led him down the hall.


“Ta-da!” Chloe said, as she took John into her room, which to John looked a lot like his daughter’s room, filled with stuffed animals and posters on the wall. “My boudoir. I have to really like somebody for them to get inside this room.”

“It’s nice,” John said, and jumped with he heard the door slam behind him.

“Just in case you try to escape on me,” Chloe said, and when John made a move toward the door Chloe made a side-step and blocked the way.

“Uh – this isn’t a real good idea,” John said.

“Isn’t this why you came all the way out here?” Chloe asked, putting her hand on the older man’s shoulder and turning him around. “See? That’s my stereo over there and that’s my bed.”

“That’s where me and Amanda sleep when she stays over,” Chloe said as she pointed to the single bed against the wall, while standing so close that John could feel her breath against his ear. “It’s kinda cramped but we make it work. Mandy’s so cute. I just love her to death.”

John’s mind was filled with so much already, and now as the image of his daughter in bed with Chloe – of course Amanda would never get involved in that way – but Chloe was so persuasive and so seductive…

“I want you, Mr. Hanson,” Chloe purred, her hands sliding down John’s shoulder and moving down his chest. “I think you want me too.”

“I’m married,” John said, trying to make this crazy ride stop.

“I know,” Chloe said. “That’s what makes it extra naughty. I love married men and they seem to love me too. Maybe that’s because I kiss, but never tell.”

John shook his head no, and kept shaking his head no even when Chloe’s hand slid down the front of his trousers and grabbed what was making the front of them bulge.

“No,” John said, squirming as his cock was held through the fabric.

“If you really want to go, you can,” Chloe said, letting go of John, and after he stayed rooted to the spot, Chloe added, “Didn’t think so.”

Chloe kept her eyes on John’s, even though his was looking over her shoulder at a picture of Jimi Hendrix, and never looking down she calmly undid John’s belt and unclasped his trousers.

The slacks, weighted down with his wallet and knees, fell to the floor with a thud, and Chloe knelt down to take them from around his ankles.

“Did you have an accident, Mr. Hanson?” Chloe said with a giggle as she saw the massive wet spot on the front of John’s boxer shorts. “Or did I cause that?”

“Ooh!” John groaned when he felt Chloe’s fingers graze the tip of his cock through the shorts, and then he felt the snap on the top of the elastic open up.

“Oh, you’re so cute,” Chloe exclaimed after taking down the boxers.


John was thrusting his hips outward and straining with all of his might to make himself look bigger, and these efforts were noticed by Chloe, whose face was scant inches away from the older man’s erection.

Chloe was a bit shocked at how small Mr. Hanson’s dick was, probably only 5″ long at best, and very skinny as well, but she could tell how nervous he was and wanted to put him at ease.

“I like your dick, Mr. Hanson,” Chloe said, looking up at her friend’s father until his eyes came down. “I want to put it in my mouth so bad, and your dick looks like it’s about to explode any second. Am I right? Do you want to cum?”

John nodded, biting his lip as he wanted Chloe’s full red lips move forward, embracing the head of his arching stem and letting her mouth engulf him. Her lips had just reached the base of his member when his knees buckled and John let out an agonizing cry.

Chloe’s body quivered when she felt the first blast of his cum hit the back of her throat, and her hands grabbed the older man’s butt cheeks, keeping him pinned against her as the dick in her mouth kept spurting away like a machine gun, while his hairless nut sac rested against her chin.

John was clutching at Chloe’s hair, his legs barely keeping him upright as his orgasm kept going and going, and Chloe kept letting the waves of his seed coat her throat until he was drained.

Her mouth finally let go of the limp stem and she got to her feet, face to face with her friend’s father who looked like he had just come in out of the rain.

John looked at Chloe, who was licking her lips, and the inside of the teen’s mouth was still full of his seed. Chloe kept rolling his semen around, seeming to savor the flavor of it for as long as she could before rolling her head around and swallowing it.

“Hope you’ve got more of that,” Chloe said. “You cum hard and you cum a lot, Mr. Hanson. No wonder Amanda’s so cute, because the batter you made her fındıkzade escort with is delicious. Now let’s get these nasty clothes off of you so we can get serious here.”

“That was amazing,” John mumbled, still dazed.

“Gee Mr. Hanson,” Chloe cooed as she unbuttoned his soggy shirt and pulled it off his shoulders. “You act like you never got head before.”

“Not like that,” John said as he lifted a foot to let Chloe take off his sock.

“You mean Mrs. Hanson doesn’t swallow?” Chloe asked, and when John shook his head, she added, “Poor baby. She doesn’t know what she missing. Now that we’ve got you comfortable, why don’t you untie this shirt for me? I know you’ve been dying to.”

Chloe smiled as she watched the older man’s trembling fingers try and untie the knot her blouse was held together by.

“Stuck,” John said shyly, his hands fumbling while he stared at Chloe’s cleavage, which seemed like the Grand Canyon.

“Take your time,” Chloe said, running her hands through her short black hair and enjoying the child-like expressions on the face of her friend’s father. “I know you’ve seen tits before.”

“Not like these,” John thought aloud, just as the knot came free, and as it did the blouse fell away, exposing Chloe’s breasts, which were even more spectacular that John had imagined.

“Omigod,” John groaned as he lurched forward, burying his face between the lush globes while he pawed at them with his greedy hands.

Firm, yet not too firm, and with nipples that were so thick and long that they practically begged to be sucked on, and John was so aroused that he was slobbering over the teen’s breasts like he was deranged.

“You want to fuck me, don’t you Mr. Hanson?” Chloe said, reaching down and finding the little spout almost hard already.

John Hanson’s answer was to stagger forward with his arms around Chloe until the back of her legs hit the bed, at which point they both tumbled onto the mattress.

“Don’t have to rush,” Chloe said as the older man mounted her and poked around her bush until the head of his dick found her opening. “Ooh!”

John cried out when his dick slid into Chloe’s wetness, and he immediately began thrusting in and out of her as fast as he could. Chloe laughed as she grabbed onto the older man’s ass and pulled him closer to her.

“That’s it, Mr. Hanson,” Chloe yelped as she watched the red-faced man’s eyes bulge. “Fuck that pussy.”

John Hanson didn’t know what he had become, only that he felt like he was on fire. He reached up and held Chloe’s wrists down on the mattress before burying his face in the damp thicket of hair under Chloe’s arm, licking and chewing at the steamy jungle while the girl squealed with delight.

John felt Chloe’s pussy clamp round his dick, and when Chloe moaned John lost all control, his dick squirting seed into his daughter’s friend while she cackled wildly.


“You’re just like Amanda,” Chloe said as John rested his head under Chloe’s arm. “She’s crazy about my pit hair too.”

“What?” John said, breaking out of his trance upon hearing his daughter’s name. “Amanda? She would never…”

“Not much Amanda won’t do,” Chloe said with a giggle. “Once you get that girl going she’s a real wildcat.”

“You aren’t going to say anything,” John asked.

“About your little pecker?” Chloe cackled. “Hell no. You made me cum, and that’s all I care about.”

“I mean about us,” John answered, his face turning red.

“Course not,” Chloe said. “Now all that’s left is Mrs. Hanson and I’ll have had the whole family.”

“You don’t expect me to believe that you and Amanda have actually – you know,” John stammered. “Amanda’s not that kind of girl. She helps teach Sunday School.”

“And your wife isn’t that kind of woman either, I assume?”

“Joy? With another woman?” John said derisively. “Impossible.”

“She’ll be even easier than you were,” Chloe stated bluntly. “You don’t think I’ve seen the way she checks me out? She drools over my tits more than you do.”

John smiled and shook his head, certain that Chloe was putting him on, but Chloe simply raised her eyebrows and stared back at him.

“Mrs. Hanson’s got real little tits, I’ll bet,” Chloe guessed. “Probably even smaller than Amanda’s are, right? That’s okay. I like girls with little ones – as much as I like the boys with tiny dicks, and speaking of tiny dicks…”

“Argh!” John groaned as Chloe’s hand clamped down around his dick, making it surge to life.

“Bet you’re getting hard thinking about me and your wife rolling around in the hay. maybe even thinking about the three of us together. I can make it happen, you know. I always get what I want.”


“Hop on me, Mr. Hanson,” Chloe said. “Unless you want to stick it in my ass. That’s alright too.”

“No,” John said, letting Chloe climb on top of him and guide his dick inside of her.

“Your wife probably wouldn’t go for the armpit hair though,” Chloe mused as she slowly ground herself on John. “What do you think? Of course, shaving my pits will make Amanda upset, because she loves it. She’s even letting hers grow now, a sort of a tribute to me.”

John turned his head away as Chloe first toyed with the hair under her arm and then moved her face over and attempted to lick her armpit, laughing at John trying not to look.

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