Amazing Vacation Ch. 04

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Kate and I were exhausted after our afternoon at the spa, but we were also very eager to meet up with Anthony and Rachael and see where our second night together would lead us. We grabbed some dinner at one of the little cafes in the resort and went back to our room to freshen up and get ready for another night of dancing.

We showered and got dressed, managing to keep our hands off each other so we could get out the door on time. It became very difficult to keep my hands to myself when I realized that Kate borrowed another outfit from Rachael for the night of dancing. My cock sprang to life when she stepped out of the bedroom wearing a skimpy purple dress that accentuated all the right parts of her body perfectly. It was made of a light airy material that draped and clung to each curve of her body. The top of the dress only covered her from the front, cupping her braless tits and connecting up around her neck. Her back was exposed and the front was just skimpy enough to show off some great cleavage and also provide a slight glimpse of the side of her tits if her arms weren’t in the way and you looked at the right angle.

The dress fit tight around her thin waist because of a shiny black belt, giving her body a sexy hour glass shape. The skirt was wispy and short so I knew people at the club would have no problem catching a glimpse of her sexy ass once she started dancing. The outfit was completed with some thin strappy high heels that accentuated her tan and toned legs and made her walk in a way that bounced her tight ass cheeks underneath her thin, clingy skirt.

Kate simply smiled at me as she walked past and noticed my semi-erect cock pitching a tent in my boxers. I watched her walk back into the bathroom, watching her delicious ass move underneath her skirt, and started to get even more turned on wondering what Rachael would be wearing tonight.

I shook those thoughts out of my mind long enough to allow my erection to subside so I wouldn’t have to hide a huge bulge in my pants while walking towards the dance club. We both finished getting ready for the night and we left the room on our way to meeting up with Anthony and Rachael at the bar.

As Kate and I walked arm in arm down the hallway I slipped my hand down her lower back and squeezed her ass. Kate let out a playful squeal and squeezed my ass in return. Her ass felt amazing underneath the thin fabric of her skirt, but what I didn’t feel when I grabbed her ass is what got my attention. Her skirt was thin enough that I would have been able to feel the top of her thong had she been wearing one. Instead, I felt nothing but smooth flesh beneath her dress as my hand slid down her back and onto her ass.

“No underwear tonight?” I asked.

“Nope, I figured it would be fun.”

Fun was an understatement. With how short and light her skirt was there would be no doubt that she would flash glimpses of her bare ass and pussy to anyone that might be watching. And given the way she and Anthony were dancing the night before, there would be a lot of people watching.

We approached the dance club and could feel the music bumping and see the crowd inside dancing and mingling. The place was more crowded than the night before and the energy coming from the place was a little intoxicating. Once inside we could see that the dance floor was packed and there were several people already dancing pretty close and sexy. We scoped the place out for a minute or two looking for Anthony and Rachael and I realized the crowd inside was a little younger than the night before and was pretty sure I noticed the group of guys from the beach earlier in the day. I also noticed the girls that were with them because there were a few really sexy young ladies that were definitely dressed to impress.

I was pretty focused on two of the college girls dancing together when Kate redirected my attention to Anthony and Rachael flagging us down from a small booth in the back corner of the club. We made our way around the dance floor to join them and as we approached, Rachael jumped up to hug Kate and I was very pleased to see that her dress was very similar to Kate’s in all the right ways.

It was almost the exact same style of dress, with the main differences being that it was white and had a silver chain around the waist in place of the black belt. The top was just as revealing, even more so since Rachael’s tits were at least one cup size bigger than Kate’s. The skirt was also just as short, coming even closer to showing off her bare ass because Rachael has a little more junk in her trunk. The sexiest part was the contrast between the white dress, slightly glowing because of the lights in the club, and her dark tanned skin that was already shimmering from a little perspiration I assumed she built up from dancing with Anthony before we arrived.

“Soooo, how was the spa?” Rachael said with a big smile as Kate and I sat down at the booth.

“Very surprising in a very good way” I responded, taking a big sip of the drink that they had waiting for us.

“Best message I’ve illegal bahis ever had” Kate added with a giggle.

“Ha! I knew you guys would like it!” Rachael said, punching Anthony in the arm. “Anthony didn’t think it was a good idea.”

We kept talking about our experience at the spa, and filled them in on all the details. Talking about it got me pretty turned on, and it didn’t help that Kate slipped her hand into my lap and started stroking my cock through my pants as we gave them a detailed recounting of the afternoon from both of our perspectives. I could tell they enjoyed hearing the story because they were both hanging on every word and it looked like Rachael was stroking Anthony’s cock as well. We ordered a few more drinks and continued our conversation until the girls had both of us on the verge of cumming in our pants, and then decided it was time to hit the dance floor.

Both girls jumped up from the booth and practically dragged us to the dance floor by our throbbing erections. The four of us started dancing in a little circle and kind of just eased into things dancing as a group, rather than couples. Both Kate and Rachael looked amazing on the dance floor in their skimpy dresses. Neither girl was wearing a bra so their tits moved freely underneath the thin fabric that was barely covering their chest, and when they shook their asses just right you got a quick peek at the underside of their firm cheeks. I could already tell they were getting a lot of attention from other guys in the club, and we hadn’t even started getting very risqué.

We danced like this for a little longer until the girls started dancing together for a few minutes. They were dancing really close, grinding their hips together, and running their hands lightly across the other girl’s body; tracing each other’s curves like they were showcasing them for the men that were no doubt watching. They did this for a little more until Rachael grabbed Kate’s ass with both hands and pulled her in for a long passionate kiss. They held each other tight, grinding their bare pussies on each other’s thighs as they kissed and moved to the music. By now the girls were garnering a lot of attention and it was pretty obvious that many guys in the club were working their way across the dance floor to get a closer look. I recognized two of the college guys from the beach earlier in the day moving in really close to keep an eye on the sexy girl-on-girl action.

The girls continued their sexy dancing for a few more minutes until Rachael whispered something into Kate’s ear and they broke their embrace. They both turned and looked at Anthony and me, trying to look as sexy as possible, and directed their sexy moves towards us. Kate started grinding on Anthony and Rachael grabbed me by the hip, grinding her body against mine. I was already very hard from watching the girls dance and Rachael reached between us and gave my cock a quick squeeze before lifting her head and pulling me down for a kiss.

We danced like this for several minutes and it was obvious that Anthony and I were the envy of several guys that continued to hang around our area of the dance floor to watch our sexy wives put on a show. Rachael now had her back to me and was grinding her ass against my throbbing cock while I explored her body by running my hands along her bare thighs, lower stomach and up her rib cage, brushing the sides of her tits that were barely covered by her dress. The grinding movement of Rachael’s ass caused her skirt to inch it’s was up and over her ass, causing my cock to actually press between her ass cheeks through the fabric of my pants. I glanced over at Anthony and Kate, and saw that they were dancing very similar to Rachael and me. Kate was facing away from Anthony with her back pressed against his chest and her ass grinding into his crotch. Just like Rachael, Kate’s short skirt was riding up due to all the friction, so her bare ass was rubbing against Anthony’s bulging cock. I noticed that Anthony was taking even more liberties with my wife than I was with his, as he had one hand inside the front of her dress playing with her tits, and the other between her legs openly fingering her pussy.

I realized that with her skirt riding up so high, all the guys crowding around the four of us were getting a good look at my wife’s pussy being finger fucked on the dance floor. Kate’s eyes were closed and her arms were up over Anthony’s neck as she let him have his way with her in the middle of the dance floor. I could tell she was sweating and breathing really heavy and it looked like she was getting really close to cumming.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off the pair as Kate looked closer and closer to having an orgasm in front of dozens of strangers openly watching the sexy show. I pulled Rachael in tighter, and she reached back to stroke my cock as we watched her husband make my wife cum violently right in the middle of the dance floor. It was quite a sight, and I could tell several guys were enjoying the show as they discretely tried to rub their cocks through their pants.

Kate illegal bahis siteleri was spent and Anthony almost had to carry her off the floor back to our booth. Rachael and I followed right behind, and we all took a much needed break.

“That was hot!” Rachael exclaimed after we all caught our breath.

“I can’t believe I had an orgasm on the dance floor!” Kate said, “Do you think anyone else noticed?”

“Oh they noticed” said Rachael with a big smile on her face. “You were the center of attention for most of the guys in the area!”

Kate was seemed pretty embarrassed about the fact that she lost control and allowed so many people to see her pussy get fingered, but she admitted that she loved it and was one of the best orgasms she’d ever had.

We ordered more drinks and continued talking for a while until two guys approached the table and asked the girls if they wanted to dance. It was a pretty bold move with Anthony and I sitting right there, but I guess they figured the benefit far outweighed the risk. The girls laughed a little and looked at each other and at Anthony and I while they tried to determine their response. Both guys looked like strapping young lads and I quickly recognized them as two of the college aged guys from the beach. They must have figured that Rachael and Kate teased them enough, and that they’d take a shot at getting a little bit more than a tease from the sexy older women.

Their gamble paid off because once the girls realized that Anthony and I weren’t going to object, they decided to hit the dance floor with the younger guys. They both looked extremely happy, but also looked at Anthony and I to make sure it was okay. When we nodded our approval, the two guys looked like kids in a candy store as they took our wives by the hands and led them to the dance floor.

The girls didn’t waste any time dancing real close to their younger dance partners. The guys were a little shy at first, and kept looking back at Anthony and me, wondering if we were going to have any problems with them grinding on our wives. Kate and Rachael were clearly enjoying themselves and they danced with each other and with the guys, acting really sexy and playing off of each other.

The guys started loosening up a little once they realized that the girls weren’t holding back and that their husbands didn’t seem to mind. They were getting a little braver with their hands, brushing them across the girl’s asses, pulling them in closer as they started grinding their thighs between the girl’s legs.

At one point I noticed Rachael’s hand reach down to the guy’s crotch to rub his cock. As she did this, she looked over at Kate with a surprised look on her face and mouthed, “Oh my god, he’s huge.” Taking the queue from Rachael, Kate took inventory of her partner’s size and seemed equally pleased with his package. Once the girls crossed the line and rubbed their cocks, the flood gates opened and the guys really started to enjoy dancing with the sexy older women.

Anthony and I watched as our wives danced seductively with their eager college aged dance partners. They both alternated between grinding their bare pussies against the guy’s thighs and pressing their bare asses back against the young throbbing cocks that were no doubt aching to be released. The guys also did their part, pressing their cocks into the woman’s hot bodies at every chance, and openly fondling their tits and asses underneath their thin, revealing dresses. They were putting on quit a show and it was attacking an audience just like we did a little earlier in the night.

My eyes were glued on Kate as I watched her dance partner pull and pinch her nipples, completely exposing her tits to anyone that was paying attention. Kate was definitely enjoying the stimulation and was returning the favor by reaching back behind her ass to rub his cock through his pants.

I shifted my gaze to Kate’s partner to see if he was getting close to cumming when I noticed a very sexy young girl standing close to the couple, looking very annoyed by what she was watching. I turned my attention to her and realized that she was probably one of the girls that were on vacation with these guys, maybe one of their girlfriends, and she definitely wasn’t too happy about the way the guys in the group were drooling over these older women.

She was very sexy, in an almost innocent girl next door sort of way, but her cloths showed off her perfect tight young body that suggested something much less innocent. She had dark brown hair and a golden tan. She was wearing a white tube top shirt that was tight enough to show off her cute, perky b-cup tits, and tight black shorts (I believe they are called hot pants). She was probably about 5’6” and was thin, but had very sexy toned legs and a tight muffin ass that was the perfect size for a petite body like hers. She was cute and sexy at the same time. The kind of girl that makes you wish you were in college again.

My attention was now completely diverted away from my wife’s dancing, and focused on this cute canlı bahis siteleri little hottie slowly moving to the music as she watched who I assumed to be her boyfriend dance with my wife. She soon noticed me staring at her and I awkwardly tried to look away so she wouldn’t think I was creepy. It didn’t work, and realized she was now walking over to our table with a sly grin on her face.

“Are those your wives?” she asked in a slightly annoyed voice.

“Yes, is that your boyfriend?” I responded quickly.

“No, not really” she said looking back at the couple on the dance floor, “but I sure as hell wasn’t expecting him to be dancing with someone else while we were down here.”

“I can ask them to stop if you want” I said as I started getting up out of my seat.

“No, that’s fine. He can do whatever he wants. I just figured I would find someone else to dance with….do you want to dance?” she said looking back at the dance floor.

I didn’t respond, but gave her a look that said “sure, what the hell” and I followed her sweet little ass out onto the dance floor.

As soon as we got on the dance floor, my sexy little dance partner started grinding her tight young body against mine. She was a really good dancer and knew how to use her whole body to get my full attention. I soon found a rhythm with her and our bodies were moving to the music, pressed against each other with our hands exploring the curves of the other’s body. The soft, but tight feel of her body was intoxicating. With her firm little ass rubbing against my throbbing cock, my hands roamed over her flat stomach and across her perky and very firm tits. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra because her nipples were very erect and could easily be felt under the thin fabric of her tube top.

By now I was rock hard and my bulging cock was pressing against her ass and lower back as we continued dancing. I figured she was dancing with me because she was trying to make one of the guys jealous, and my suspicions were confirmed when I noticed she was keeping an eye on Rachael and her guy while going to work on me. Rachael was opening stroking his cock through his pants while his hands were lifting up her skirt, groping her ass.

Not to be out done, my little dance partner reached behind her ass to stroke my cock and tilted her head back, inviting me to kiss her. I was caught up in the moment and didn’t really care that I was being used so I responded by planting a passionate kiss on her soft lips. We kissed deeply for several minutes while she continued to stroke my throbbing dick and I began to pinch her nipples through the fabric of her top and run my hand down across her stomach, brushing down across her pussy.

After my hand lingered on her pubic mound a little longer, I could feel her moan in my mouth and squeeze my cock harder. Despite the fact that she was trying to make her boyfriend jealous, it was clear she was starting to enjoy herself and was getting lost in the moment. Knowing that my young dance partner was probably putty in my hands and this point, I decided to push the envelope a little. I continued groping her tits and pinching her nipples with one hand, and slipped my other under the waist of her tight shorts until I felt the wetness of her pussy. She didn’t protest at all, but instead, responded with anther deep moan and placed her hand over mine, pressing it against her pussy even harder.

Taking her cue, I slipped two fingers deep into her dripping wet pussy to gather some of her juices then began rubbing her swollen clit between my two fingers. As I did this she gasped, breaking our kiss, and began to shudder as she started to cum. I fingered her clit even harder, pressing two fingers into her pussy every few stokes, until her climax subsided and her body collapsed against mine.

Once she recovered and we were slowly moving to the music again, I whispered in here ear, “maybe we should head back to our booth.” She just nodded and followed me off the dance floor.

As we walked back towards the booth I noticed that Rachael, Kate and the two college guys were already sitting there with drinks, talking to Anthony. As we approached they all looked up at us with huge smiles on their faces.

“Have fun you two?” Kate asked in and mocking voice.

“Yea Tiff, it looked like YOU had fun!” said the guy that was dancing with Rachael.

“Tiff” was all flush and looked a little embarrassed, but finally responded, “well I figured it shouldn’t be just you guys having all the fun” in a bit of a bitchy voice.

After a bit of an awkward silence, we settled into the booth and started talking with our new friends. Jake and Dustin were Rachael and Kate’s dance partners, and Tiffany was mine. They and a small group of their friends were here for one last week of summer before heading back for their senior year at Florida State. They were all really good friends, only one true couple, and were sharing two, two bedroom suites right next to each other. They pointed out the rest of their group sitting over by the bar and it looked like there were two more guys and three more girls. From what I could tell during the conversation, Jake and Tiffany were “friends with benefits” which explained her jealousy, but not outright anger at his dancing with Rachael.

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