Amber and Walt Ch. 03


After making out for a while, Walt suggested they go back in the house. Naked, they climbed out of the hot tub and made their way back to his bedroom which overlooked the backyard and hot tub. Standing at the window, Amber asked, “Do you think anyone saw us in the hot tub?”

“Possibly. We weren’t very quiet. But, only the rent house on the other side of the block has a window that can see the hot tub. That’s why I built the lanai over it, to obscure their view. One of the neighbor ladies has made some comments about my hot tub parties, but no real complaints. I told her she was welcome to use it anytime she wants as long as she goes topless.”

“Does she?”

“Go topless? Yeah.”

“Oh, and are her tits better than mine?”

He stroked her tit, “That would be hard to do. But, no. You have great tits. Although, she does tan topless, so she looks pretty good.”

“Does that mean I can come over and tan topless in your backyard?”

“Of course. Any woman who wants to go topless is welcome in my backyard and hot tub.” He smiled. “Unless my kids are here, which my youngest is here every other weekend for most of the year.”

“So you’re on the divorce schedule?”

“Yep, it does have its benefits. I can have fun every other weekend without the kids.”

He lead her into his big bedroom. A king bed dominated the room. He switched on some low lights recessed into the ceiling. He turned on some low, sexy music and showed her to his bed. The sheets were dark blue and cool. They tumbled into the big bed and continued kissing. She marveled at his rapidly hardening cock. “Even younger guys don’t get hard this often this quickly,” she said.

“Better living through chemistry, Amber.” Walt smiled. “Better living through chemistry.”

“You going to hit my shit? Ankara escort Cause I didn’t give myself an enema today.”

“Don’t worry about it baby, but yeah, I’m going to butt fuck you. Just lie back and enjoy it.” As they kissed and made out, he played with her tits. He leaned over and sucked her left nipple deep into his mouth.

“Suck it hard.” She said. “I like it when you stretch my titties.” He did so, stretching her tit long and taunt before letting it drop from his mouth with a plop. “Ohhh yeah!” she said.

He did the same thing to the other tit. He realized it was a little longer than the left side. Plop again. “Ohhhh yeah. More, abuse those titties!” He didn’t need much encouragement. He bit, sucked stretched and generally had fun abusing her tits. Even twisting them. Once again, he was rock hard. He rolled her over and grabbed some anal lube from the drawer in his night stand. “Damn, dude, you are like totally sex freak prepared.” she said.

“Damn right, Amber.” He squirted a lot of the slimy lube on two fingers and eased one into her ass. With the second, he put some lube on the crack of her ass. “I had a gay Doctor buddy of mine tell me all about how to do this. He said the key was lube, and lots of it.”

“Did you let him do you in the ass? Like I think that’s totally cool, by the way.”

“I’m not attracted to guys, but yeah, he showed me on his boyfriend how to do it. Then, he let me finger fuck his boyfriend while he watched and finally gave the guy a hand job.”

“Oh my gawd! That is so fuckin’ hot!” she said as he probed her ass. “Ohhhhh damn, you’re in baby and that feels soooo good.”

“It’s just one finger, I’ll finger fuck you with two before I put my dick up your ass.”

“Fuck my ass, fuck my dirty ass, fuck it hard you bastard!” Ankara escort bayan She said as he inserted a second finger. “Oh my gawd, yessss! More, I want dick up my butt!!” She was almost in a frenzy and he wasn’t even touching her pussy. He grabbed a condom off the nightstand and tore it open with his teeth. One handed, Walt rolled the condom down over his now engorged cock. He rubbed the condom covered dick up and down the crack of her well lubed ass. He squirted some more lube on his dick. Then, he spread both fingers in her ass apart. “Ohhhhh… I love it when you stretch me out!” She said.

He guided his now hard and slippery cock in her butt hole. He enjoyed the feeling of his fingers on his cock, but soon he withdrew them to allow her asshole to close around his raging cock. Slowly he pushed deeper into her ass. With his unlubricated hand, he reached around and felt her hand furiously frigging her. “Masturbate much?” He asked as he pushed in a little deeper.

“Um – um – yeah.” she groaned just above a whisper. His clean hand moved up to her left tit and he started to gently massage it. “Oh – oh – oh – yeah. More.” He pushed deeper. Rhythmically he proceeded to fuck her in the ass. He loved the tight feeling around his cock After cuming twice, he definitely needed the tightness to keep his dick hard. But, she was nice and tight in her ass. And grabbing her tit was fun too. He kissed the back of her neck as they fucked. She was meeting his every thrust now and groaning in pleasure. Before long he started to cum in her tight butt. She followed with her own orgasm which caused her to coil up off the bed and moan loudly. Then, in exhaustion, she collapsed flat on the bed, his cock still firmly in her ass as she fell asleep. So did he, lying on top of her listening to her contented Escort Ankara deep breathing.

Sometime during the night, he must have rolled off her and snuggled up next to Amber. When morning came, he woke early. Rested and deeply satisfied. Walt, quietly got out of the bed and made his way to the master bathroom. He had an over large shower that he greatly enjoyed. It had two shower heads on one side, and one on the other. All three were controlled from a single handle. The lower shower head of the paired side was removeable and had a long hose on it. Ideal for cleaning those difficult to reach places. The top head was a “rainfall” shower that provided a gentle rain like downpour. On the opposite wall, was a more conventional showerhead. Once in the shower stall, Walt began by shaving his face and his pubes. Once clean there, he soaped up. As he was using the lower shower head with the hose, to clean off his back, Amber opened the shower stall glass door.

“You look too handsome to ignore, I thought I’d join you for something special.” She showed him the pump bottle with the lube from the night before. “I’m gonna rock your world, like it’s never been rocked.” She hugged him from behind and pressed her big soft boobs into his back. Then she reached for the lube and put a large dolop on her right index finger. He smiled. Carefully and gently, she lubed his asshole while she kissed him and played with his not so flaccid cock. Now he understood why his gay friend liked anal so much. Amber’s reach around was damn near perfection!

Then, she found his prostate gland and gave it a gentle massage. That sent him into instant super erection! He had rarely been so turned on in all his life. She could tell as he and she began humping in the shower. In no time she was jerking him off watching his cum jet out of his hard cock. As he finished, she slipped around in front of him and tip toed up to kiss him. The kissed for a few minutes in the warm shower. “Now we’re not just fuck buddies, but butt buddies,” she whispered in his ear.

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