Amber at Home


By popular demand, here is the second chapter of Amber’s story. The third chapter is in the works.

Please enjoy, and tell me of your enjoyment by voting and leaving comments.

Everyone in the story is at least eighteen.



Sometimes it pays off to be human and a slave to our habits. Well, maybe it’s better to explain.

After I rubbed Amber off to her howling orgasm in the suburban, I sat and watched her dress. Not normally an erotic event in of itself, but there was something about watching her that mesmerized me. Slack jawed I sat and watched as her panties slid up her calves and thighs. As she lifted her ass cheeks off the seat to pull the wet panties over her delicate curves, my momentary sense of guilt and shame evaporated, as my right hand found my cock and I started rubbing it.

My eyes were focused on her smooth side, slightly rounded belly and the stark contrast of the white panties against her pale skin.

My eyes were brought up by a rhythmic movement. Amber was cupping her breasts from the bottom, her grape like nipples poking out from between her fingers which mashed each side gently, hardening them, and me. Her thumb, ring finger, and pinky all were squeezing the sides of her melon sized globes.

“Do you like watching me, Uncle Steve?” Amber asked her voice husky.

I could feel my cock convulse slightly in my hand as I stared at those two most delectable fruits. I leaned over and licked the top of the nipple closest to me and whispered, “Tasting is better.”

Amber moaned and arched her back, forcing her tit and hand against my face. “Oh yes, Uncle Steve!” she moaned.

It would have been so easy to give in to the lusty hunger that was tearing my insides apart, feeding the monster between my legs. Nothing in the world was more immediate than the young nipple between my lips, under my tongue.

Unfortunately the practical side of me calculated the time we spent and reacted in a cock deflating terror as I sat up. “We really have to go Amber. Your Aunt Maureen will get mad if we are much later.”

I saw Amber nod and pull a black lace bra from the bag and begin putting it on. I groaned in a heated frustration, watching her wasn’t helping my state of being one bit. I leaned back against the head rest of the suburban and closed my eyes. I tried to purge my mind of what was surely going on next to me as I listened to her dress. The easiest way to do that was to think of what Maureen and her sister, Meredith, would do to me for this.

It certainly worked, long before Amber was done, not only was my cock flaccid, but I was struggling with shame and guilt again.

I heard a very child like voice said, “Okay Uncle Steve, I am ready.”

Opening my eyes I saw that she had indeed dressed and looked all of a young woman again. The jeans I had expected earlier were on her, along with a rock band tee shirt and a pair of tennis shoes.

We drove in an uncomfortable silence the rest of the way to my house, neither of us facing each other or the 800 pound gorilla sitting between us. We pulled into the driveway and as I put the suburban into park, Amber reached across and pat me on the thigh, closer to crotch than knee, and said, “I really had a great time Uncle Steve, and hope that date nights continue.”

With out waiting for a response she bounded out of the vehicle and pranced her way to the door, for the entire world looking quite normal, as if nothing had happened.

Taking her lead I followed her into the house, trying not to watch her ass sway.

Without thinking about it, I walked passed Maureen, giving her a peck on the cheek, my daughter, Yvonne, and straight to my bedroom, giving no one a chance to look at me or the state of my clothes.

Every night for as long as I have been married, I have followed the same routine and tonight of all damned nights, my slavery to habits was paying off. I shucked off my clothes and tossed them into the hamper and pulled on a pair of running shorts and tee shirt and headed back out to where the three girls were yammering away about something or another.

Walking to the cabinet, I pulled out the bottle of whiskey, poured one and headed to the basement to log onto my computer and turned on the TV. Normally at this point of the night I would log onto my favorite sites, porn or otherwise, until I got tired and went to bed.

Tonight I could barely see either the computer screen or the TV beyond it. My mind filled with hands rubbing my cock and balls, nipples and tits of unbelievable size in my mouth and hands. It wasn’t long until I had pulled the shorts up far enough to start rubbing my cock head in much the same pattern as Amber had done earlier.

The entire time I was pulling my pud, I could here the voices of the girls up stairs rising and falling like a tide. I could not make out what they were saying, their voices slightly hushed, but it all seemed pretty normal. But then again, I was pretty focused on Amber’s tits and pussy and hand rubbing my cock as I was imitating her earlier actions.

I şişli bayan escort was closing in on an orgasm when I heard movement up stairs as the girls broke company and apparently headed to bed. I heard Maureen come downstairs and she walked around the desk and looked at the screen. A smile crossed her face, “No porn? And a hard on?”

Maureen had always been cool about porn and reading erotic literature and on some level didn’t mind IM’s. To her it was all make believe and she legitimately knew that I would eventually come up stairs and take it out on her. Once in a while she would read a story or a role play, but she was more into movies and audio stories, it was sound that could turn her on in a heart beat.

I ran my hand up her thigh and asked, “Want to help me out? Kids are up stairs.”

Maureen laughed and said, “No way. I have to get up in a few hours to head to Mom’s.” She leaned over and stroked my cock once and whispered, “Tell you what. You take care of it tonight, and when I get back, we’ll try something we never have before.”

I laughed and asked, “Oh? What’s that?”

Maureen leaned over and gave me one of the hottest damned kisses ever. Very, un-Maureen like, and I moaned into her mouth. “Surely one of your porn sites has given you some ideas.”

I looked at her, somewhere between shocked and sheepishly, and said, “Well, yeah, of course they have.”

“Well give it some thought and pick one, and we’ll do it. Promise.”

For the second time that night I damn near came in a woman’s hand through my clothing.

Maureen almost never promises, and if she did, you could bank on it. “Anything?” I asked, pressing my luck.

Maureen reached under my shorts and stroked my cock lightly and whispered, “As long as it doesn’t land us in jail, then yes.”

My wife isn’t one you would describe as hot. Attractive maybe, but never hot, she was Maureen and Maureen didn’t do hot. Luke warm yes. Cold, no. Hot, no. Yet, here she was making the hottest damn promise I had ever heard, which had followed the hottest kiss of our marriage.

I ran one hand inside her thick soft thighs and inside her shorts, until I reached her moist panties which caught me by surprise. She moaned slightly as I worked my finger under the fabric and played along her outer lips.

Maureen’s hand pumped up and down the shaft of my cock, her grip strong and warm. I was beginning to enjoy it when I heard her say, “Good night Steve, and enjoy.”

I groaned in frustration as I watched her leave the basement.

The basement was set up how I wanted it, and it was an interior decorator’s nightmare. Along the wall closest to the door to the laundry room was an old back projection big screen TV which stuck out from the wall some three feet and the home theater system. As you stood and looked at the TV the couch was a handful of feet behind you, the ottoman in front of it and the door to the kitchen was to your right. Behind the couch sat my cherry wood desk. It was an expensive beast, but one I loved nonetheless. Along the left hand side was a beer fridge, a mini bar that held whiskey, vodka and gin.

The basement was painted in a flat near black blue to absorb light from the TV and nothing hung from the walls. Above you head in several key locations were speakers and movie night always seemed to rock the upstairs loose from the basement.

I clicked on the TV and turned it to one of the movie channels that specialized in late night titillation and plopped on the couch. I didn’t need the visual stimulation really, my memory of Amber and Terry, the woman at the theater, provided plenty of impetus and I spread my legs and started pulling on my own cock through my shorts.

Soon that wasn’t enough and I lift my ass off the couch and pulled shorts and underwear off and began stroking my turgid member. I leaned back against the couch and spread my legs to where an ankle rested on each end of the ottoman.

I imagined my niece kneeling on the floor between my legs playing with my cock and balls, kissing them, licking them. My eyes opened in a moment of ecstatic pleasure and I saw someone standing, trying to hide, in the doorway to the stairs up to the kitchen. They were slightly backlit by the nightlight in the kitchen, only bright enough at this distance to see a vague form.

I didn’t know if it was Maureen, Kim, or Yvonne, but I hoped to hell it wasn’t Yvonne as I turned my hips toward the door and sat up straighter. Judging from the apparent thickness of the shoulder it wasn’t Maureen, so that left Kim or Yvonne.

Whatever guilt I might have felt was killed as I heard a low moan coming from the stairwell. I ran my thumb across my piss slit and spread the building pre-cum across the purple head of my cock and down the shaft. I squeezed with each up stroke milking myself of pre-cum. I knew that my cock head was beginning to glisten in the light provided by the TV. The thought of who ever was at the door peeking around could not help but see it turned me on to no end, and my cock quivered in sheer joy.

I spit into şişli escort my palm and started to stroke myself more deliberately with my left hand as I pulled the tee shirt off with my right hand.

Putting the tee shirt aside, I began pulling on my balls with my right hand as my left began rising and falling at a faster and faster tempo. The blood was rushing through my cock and balls and I felt the beginnings of an orgasm coming. My breathing was fast and shallow, entering that near hyper ventilation stage. I desperately wanted who ever was at the door to come over and suck my cock. Even the thought that it might be Yvonne over there didn’t slow me down much. It certainly did not help to hear another moan come from the stairwell, as the figure there started shaking.

Truth be told, my balls tightened shamelessly at that point and I could feel the cum start to rush through my cock.

My eyes clamped shut as I barely got my right hand above the head of my prick before the cum started pulsed out in long spurts, hitting my right palm to drip down on my pecker, balls and stomach. As I kept pumping my fist up and down, my head lolled back against the cushion, spreading my seed all over my cock, balls and lower stomach.

When I opened my eyes, my voyeur was gone; and I was a sticky mess. Using the tee shirt and underwear I cleaned up some what and took the soiled clothes into the laundry room. I placed the shirt and underwear inside the washer and leaned against it a moment reliving the feeling of being watched, both at home by one of ‘my girls’ or at the theater by the young man and Terry. Incredibly, I felt my prick start to twitch like I could get it up again.

I was incredibly turned on, my skin was electric and I didn’t know what had the bigger impact, Amber’s soft touch, a stranger playing with my balls with her, or being an exhibitionist. It was impossible to isolate them and wondered if more testing were needed. Shrugging it off, I went back into the movie room and slid my shorts on before heading up stairs.

I checked the locks, needlessly, and headed up to the top floor where all of the bedrooms were. I noticed that Amber’s door as well as Yvonne’s door was open. Amber’s was the surprise; she always closed the door when she went to bed. I started down the hallway and heard Amber say, “Goodnight Uncle Steve, I had a great time.”

I then knew that it was Amber that had been watching me and smiled a Mona Lisa like smile as I stage whispered, “Good night Amber, I did too.” I must have adjusted to the thought of her watching me as any shame I should have felt was repressed by the burgeoning hard on between my legs. I felt light and happy and two steps later stopped cold in my tracks.

“Night Daddy, I love you,” I heard Yvonne say. My cock deflated instantly as my scrotum tightened and ass puckered tight. A fearful chill raced up my spine as I considered the possibility of my baby Yvonne had watched me.

It was far too sobering and dreadful to think about in the dead of the night and I tried like hell to put it out of my mind as I slid into bed next to comforting mass that was Maureen. Maureen moaned a little as I crawled in. She rolled over to me and said sleepily, “Amber told Yvonne and me about the woman in the theater tonight and how she stroked you off to an orgasm.”

I about shit my shorts then and there, instead I sat straight up and said, barely keeping myself from screaming, “She what?”

Maureen looked up at me with a smile on her face I couldn’t fathom and said, “It’s okay Steve. I figured you were going to tell me when Yvonne wasn’t around.”

“You aren’t mad about it?” The shock had to carry in my voice because I was making no effort to hide it at all. I was certainly too shocked to even consider lying about it, which ultimately saved the day.

Maureen looked and said, “I am not sure what to think about it. I mean on one hand having some strange chick stroke your husband is nice in that means he must be attractive to other women. On the other hand it borders on infidelity.”

There it was. Infidelity, the one thing that Maureen always said would be the cause of an immediate divorce. If she knew that I had frigged our niece, I have no doubt she would have thrown me out, then and there with out ever looking back.

The guilt and shame must have been written all over my face as Maureen pulled me back down next to her. “Steve, I have to admit it turned me on to hear Amber describe it. I was so hot when I came downstairs that if the kids had been asleep already I would have fucked you at the desk.”

“That’s why you said anything I wanted?” I asked, I am sure my voice was guarded.

Maureen looked at me and cupped my face and said, “Yes, and I still mean it. Before you get to far in the planning of it, let me think about my limits while at Mom’s place. Once I figure out what I am comfortable with, you can plan away.”

We spooned for a while, and then Maureen asked, “How long ago would you have bent the other woman over the seat in front of you and fucked her for all you are worth.”

I mecidiyeköy escort cupped my wife’s tit and ground my flaccid cock between her voluminous ass cheeks and said softly, “Right up until the moment I dressed for our wedding.”

She nodded and slowly Maureen fell asleep and I laid there wondering what the hell Amber was up to telling Maureen and Yvonne about the theater, and happy as hell she didn’t mention that I frigged her clit and that her cunt juices had soaked into the Suburban’s seat.

I am not sure how long I lay there tossing and turning but in the morning I woke to the softest lips in the world sucking my flaccid prick. I lay back and moaned as Maureen’s tongue began jabbing at my slit, like she was trying to tongue fuck my cock. It was an interesting feeling and as an early morning event, wonderful in every way. It was also her trademark move. No one else had ever done it to me before.

I reached down to guide her head up and down. Once she felt that I was awake she let go of my hardening member and said, “Time for Yvonne and I to go, want to walk us out?”

“Sure.” It was the last thing I wanted, the first was for her to continue sucking on me. I glanced at the clock as I sat up and saw that it was nearly 8:00. “Late start?”

“Yeah, we were up late last night if you remember.” Maureen said almost playfully.

I laughed and asked, “How much time before you go?”

“Long enough for you to shower first if you want;” She said.

Standing up I dropped my shorts and kicked them toward the hamper as I walked into the en suite bathroom. Stepping into the shower I turned it on and then adjusted to hot water. The first splash of cold always woke me up and then the hot would kick in and I could clean from there. This time the shock of cold helped me get myself under control a little. My mind was still reeling over last night and I was barely coming to grips with it.

As much as I wanted to clean my cock enough to paint the walls white, I decided that would not be prudent. A quick shower and I was putting loose boxers, shorts and a tee shirt on and headed down to the kitchen. As I walked by Amber’s room, the door was in its customary condition when she was here: Closed.

My waif thin daughter was the first to greet me, her red hair glistening in the sunlight that filtered through the windows. “Morning Daddy.”

I stepped over and gave her a peck on the cheek and muttered, “Morning princess.” I noticed a deep blush on Yvonne’s face and chalked it up to her being embarrassed after hearing about her father getting rubbed off in the movie theater.

Pouring a cup of black heartbeat, I leaned against the counter and asked Yvonne, “Ready for the trip?”

She looked at me and beamed, “Yep!”

Maureen walked in from outside and said, “Time to get in the car Yvonne.”

Yvonne bounced up and gave me a peck on the cheek and shot herself out the door. Maureen and I watched her go, and then Maureen came over giving me a hug. The press of her tits against my chest almost distracted me as she whispered, “You know, I am really very okay with what happened last night at the theater.”

I leaned back and asked, “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” Maureen said. “The way Amber described it last night, God, Steve. I thought I was going to cum in the kitchen in front of the two of them.”

I laughed and swatted her ass affectionately and said, “I would have been upset to miss seeing you cum in front of a crowd.”

Maureen laughed and suddenly turned serious and said, “Just so you know, your daughter and niece both were humping their seats during the story; I think all three of us were turned on.”

The shock and disgust must have carried in my voice as I said, “Yvonne!?!? Amber?!?!”

Maureen nodded and patted my chest and said, “Yeah be careful with Amber, okay?”

I swallowed around the lump in my throat and nodded.

“Well, time for me to go,” Maureen said. I nodded and followed her to the door slipping on a pair of sandals and grabbing my keys. “You won’t need those Steve.”

I gave her a curious look and she followed up with, “I bought you a carton of cigarettes for bachelor week last night. They are in the fridge.”

I was still laughing as they pulled away and drove off.

I opened up the suburban to air out and went inside to the fridge and pulled out a pack of Pall Mall stepped onto the patio in back and lit my first cigarette of bachelor week. It was the only week of the year I smoked, and it was a large reason why I looked forward to this week each year.

I drank two cups of coffee while smoking enough cigarettes my chest began to feel tight. The whole time I pondered everything Maureen had said. Eventually my mind wandered to the little vixen upstairs asleep and wondered what her play was. I resolved myself to worry about it later as I headed inside.

I headed upstairs to brush my teeth again and saw the door to Amber’s room was open. I glanced in as I was walking by and stopped dead in my tracks. Amber was lying on top of the sheets, her hair spread out around her like a halo. She was utterly naked, her big tits sagging off to each side slightly. Her legs were splayed out with her dripping pussy pointed toward the door. There was absolutely no doubt she intended to put on a show.

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