Amber’s Awakening Ch. 02


The first person I saw when I walked into Quick Silver Records, Cody’s workplace, was a girl tricked out in black leather and chartreuse, with her green hair done up in crazy pigtails.

I did not belong at Quick Silver. The only black leather I owned was a Coach purse. My bubble gum pink baby doll t-shirt and Calvin Klein jeans did not cut it for her; I could tell by the curl of her lip. Ignoring her, I searched for Cody. He was two aisles over and at the back of the store. He didn’t see me until I was a few steps away.

I had been nervous about this since I woke up and my stomach was in knots. I had heard about heavy metal guys who used women like tissues, another notch in their belt. But those guys hung out at bars and did drugs and were scummy. Not like Cody and the guys. They just liked metal. That’s all. Right?

When he looked up and saw me, he dropped his price gun and exuberantly hugged me, lifting me off my feet and spinning me around. I was floating.


“What did your parents say?” Cody wanted to know. I had been out a half hour past my curfew the night before.

“I should have called them. That’s all,” I answered. “Oh, and my mom is buying me a cell phone.”

“A cell phone?” He sounded confused.

“When in doubt, throw money at a problem is my mother’s motto. I didn’t call, so buy me a phone.”

He still looked perplexed.

“Nevermind, it’s just the way my mom is. Something bad happens, she must spend money.”

“You rich people are weird,” was Cody’s reply. Then he brightened. “I can’t call your house, but now I can call your cell. Excellent.” His white smile lifted my heart.


The next day, Saturday, started the usual round of social engagements my parents required me to attend. We dined at the Club three times over the weekend and I was forced to play tennis with an eligible bachelor.

I was burning to get back to Cody and was hampered by all these formalities and wearisome parties. I used my new cell phone to call him from the Club bathroom several times.


Finally Monday rolled around. First thing in the morning I dressed carefully in a white halter top and plaid shorts and went to Cody’s. I knew he had the day off.

When I knocked and let myself in, I found him just out of the shower, hair still damp, drinking coffee with his bare feet up on the coffee table. He looked rather gloomy, to my surprise. I had expected an affectionate welcome, or at least a hug. He had been happy to see me on Friday.

I sat down on the couch, next to him, but felt snuggling up to him would be unwelcome, when he was in this dismal state.

I said, “I missed you.”

“Did you?” he asked. That seemed like a funny question.

“Yes, I did. I couldn’t wait for the weekend to be over.”

“So you had fun at the Club? Playing tennis?”

“No, I hate going to the Club and never liked tennis. Why are you asking me this? I’ve told you that a million times.”

“I thought you might have been busy with Skip.” He deliberately got the name wrong. Trip was the unwanted tennis partner foisted off upon me Saturday afternoon. If this was a fit of jealousy…

“His name was Trip and he was boring. Why would I be busy with him?”

“I never heard back from you, I figured you must be busy.”

I was getting angry. “Cody, how long have we known each other?”

“I don’t know,” he lied. I knew he knew. I had jokingly invented a new holiday to celebrate my release from Terry’s clutches, and marked the date on the calendar on the fridge. May 9th. Today was June 26th. It had been about 7 weeks. seyranbağları escort 48 days, to be exact.

“I know you know, but since you’re feigning ignorance, you’ve known me ALL SUMMER.”

“Feigning? Pretty fancy word. You think a deadbeat like me can understand these big words?”

“Cody Harlan! You stop this right this second and tell me why you’re mad at me!” I had jumped up, furious.

“Because you’d rather be with those country club people than call me!” He was on his feet now too. “You couldn’t be bothered to call me back!”

Call him back?

“Cody, when did you call me? Did you leave a message?”

“You know I did!”

I dove for my purse and frantically rummaged through it. I came up with my new phone and looked at it. I punched my way through the unfamiliar menu, finally coming up with the voicemail status. 3 messages. I punched through some more menus and saw the ringer was turned off.

“Jesus, Cody, I barely know how to use this thing. I didn’t think you’d be calling me last night. Wait.”

I accessed the voice mail and listened carefully as Cody proclaimed his affection in 3 messages, each message more uncertain. He had called at 11 last night.

Watching my face, he looked more and more embarrassed. I looked at him in wonder. We stood there like that for I don’t know how long. Then I launched myself at him and wrapped my arms around him. Staggering, he fell onto the couch and I followed him, kissing every part of him I could reach.

“I like you too! I missed you too! I wanted to see you too! I was thinking of you too, last night!”

He looked dumbfounded.”You do?”

“Yes I do!” I gave him a kiss full on the mouth. After a startled moment, he returned my kiss with mounting enthusiasm. I squirmed into his lap to get closer.

“Damn, can’t you guys argue after 10 o’clock? It’s too early for all this strife.” Neil was in boxers and a t-shirt, stumbling out of his bedroom. “Is there coffee? There better be. Waking me at this ungodly hour…” He grumbled his way into the kitchen.


“So you thought of me last night?” Cody asked. Neil had left for work by now and we were cuddled up on the couch.


“Were you having x-rated thoughts, young lady?” He leered at me.

I blushed. I had had x-rated thoughts, constantly, all weekend long. I satisfied my itch Saturday and Sunday night in my sweet little girl’s twin bed. I’d tried to finger myself but I was a little sore. It didn’t stop me from relieving my need though.

“I think you were!” he crowed.

I looked up at him, burning with embarrassment. He hugged me closer.

“You have been the leading lady in all of my most exciting dreams since May the 9th.” He did remember. “What kind of thoughts were you having?”

“Umm… ” I was too embarrassed to say I had been thinking about his head in my mouth. His hand between my legs. My bare breasts with hardened nipples.

“Well, it looks like I’ll have to go first,” he said with a laugh. “I was thinking…”

Cody caressed my thigh from knee to hip, then kept traveling around to my ass. He leaned in to kiss me, his wandering hand finding its way to my inner thigh now, parting my legs. He massaged me there, moving in circles further up. It felt wonderful.

My kisses became more passionate. I slipped a hand under his shirt to feel his lean muscled back. I pulled him closer, his hand moved further up my leg. I was falling into dark desire. I was no longer completely ignorant of things and my desires were specific. I wanted to put my hand on sincan escort his leg, I wanted to feel the bulge in his pants, I wanted to put my mouth on him.

But I was shy and embarrassed and only increased the ardency of my kiss, urging him closer with my hand on his back. Then I tried putting my other hand on his knee. Becoming more bold, I broke our kiss to lick and suck at his neck, nibble his ear lobe. He said my name in a way that thrilled me.

Suddenly I straddled him on the couch, settling into his lap, surprising myself. Cody laughed and hugged me to him. I had to bend down to kiss him. The kiss quickly overheated and I needed to get his shirt off, get my shirt off, to feel skin against skin. His arms locked at the small of my back were thrilling.

Without warning, Cody surged up and threw me over his shoulder in a fireman’s carry and brought me, kicking and giggling, to his bedroom. He gently deposited me on the edge of the bed.

Standing in front of me, I hugged his legs and burrowed my face into his belly. He smelled so good, like fresh laundry and leather and some kind of delicious masculine musk. His belt buckle dug into my chin. I turned my head up to kiss his bare stomach, excited by the narrow trail of dark hairs leading into his jeans.

Feeling as though someone else was driving me, I fumbled with the unfamiliar belt buckle. He helped me. The big buckle out of the way, I kissed and licked the place where the trail of hair dove under his waistband. I undid his jeans button, hesitantly pulled the zipper, suddenly running out of courage. I hugged him tight, my ear flat against his belly. When I loosened my hold, he came to sit beside me.

“Amber, you are an exciting woman.”

Cody wiggled out of his jeans and lay back on the bed, pulling me with him. We lay that way, softly kissing. And then our kisses were no longer soft but urgent. My hand trailed down that fascinating line of hair to his black briefs. His erection came under my hand. I dipped down and pulled it free, once again delighted by the way it seemed to fit my hand perfectly. As he had shown me, I grasped it firmly and moved my hand up and down.

“Amber, baby…”

The way he groaned my name encouraged me. I curled around to lick the hair on his belly as I held it. I kissed and licked my way down to the base of his shaft, curled my tongue around the girth of it, licked my way up the shaft to his head. I licked my lips and gradually engulfed his head with my mouth. I sucked more in, encompassing the shaft, right down to where my fist held him. I tried to take more but I gagged. I started slowly, developing a rhythm with stroking hand and sucking mouth.

“Yes,” he whispered.

I knew little about male anatomy, but I did know it was easy to hurt a man in the balls, so when I felt compelled to touch them, I was very gentle. The sac encasing them slid about in a surprising way. I carefully cupped them in my hand. I stopped my rhythmic attentions to lick them, discover their taste. Cody’s smell was incredibly arousing. My finger nail brushed against a flat spot just behind his balls and Cody sucked in his breath sharply. I stopped, afraid I had hurt him.

“There, Amber, touch me there,” he murmured.

I gently stroked the flat spot as I licked his scrotum and held the base of his shaft. Then I returned to my sucking, fist pumping with one hand, the other cupping his balls and touching that special place. His moaning thrilled me and I couldn’t get enough of him into my mouth.

He began calling my name, then short sharp moans. I was so excited sıhhiye escort I could barely contain myself, then he was pulling out of my mouth and squirting sperm on my face, some of which went in my mouth. The strange taste rolled across my tongue and I swallowed it. Cody sat up on one elbow, still holding his member and looked at my cum covered face.

“Oh Amber, honey, I’m sorry. Look at you, a mess.”

He took a tissue from the box by his bed and wiped my face, while I laughed. He started laughing too. The tissue wasn’t doing it so I went to the bathroom to sluice my face. One kiss to his belly button and then I snuggled into his arms.

“Amber, you’re wonderful.”

Slowly I relaxed, began drifting off. I was not aware of when his gentle strokes of my arm became erotic caresses, but soon I felt heat rising from the base of my being. His kisses began soft, and I lost myself in the slow sensation that built and built. I could still smell his scent, arousing and delicious. I moaned as he began licking his way down my neck to my cleavage. He broke away and unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down. My panties followed.

He moved back up to my breasts. Gently, he swept his hands up the sides of my breasts as he nuzzled in my cleavage again, then began kissing the undersides of my breasts. As he nibbled and tongued me in the sensitive crevice beneath my breasts, his fingers came up to tease my nipples. He nibbled and flicked and pinched as the heat grew in my belly. Soon I was moaning, body arched up, asking for more.

He began inching down my torso and the warm progress of his mouth had my attention. Open-mouthed kisses and the caress of his tongue seared me. I was taut as a bow string, breathing heavily, pulsing in my middle.

He moved down until he was between my legs and his tongue could touch my center of heat. He was so incredibly soft and wet and gentle. He coaxed me with his tongue, drew more and more excitement from me. The buildup was slower this time, but the pleasure was harder and more intense. I had been in a mindless frenzy previously, when he had touched me with his fingers. Now I was alert to every nuance of his tongue’s passage.

My outer lips were more sensitive to touch than they had ever been before, and he sent ripples of deep pleasure to my center as he licked them open. Then his tongue was in my wet folds, exploring. I was crying out now, shuddering every time he hit a sensitive spot. My toes were curled under and every muscle pulled tight as a drum.

Now he turned his attention entirely to my clitoris. He alternated between softly lapping at it with the flat of his tongue and wiggling it with the tip of his tongue. The column of pleasure in my center was driving bolts outward under his attentions. He slipped two fingers inside me. Now his tongue was firmly wiggling my clitoris. He rotated his fingers, caressing me from the inside, until he found a spot I never knew I had.

After an unmeasured time, it became too much for me to hold and I came, my entire self bursting apart in a burning fountain, pulling a strangled cry from me. I was still shuddering with aftershocks when I felt the heat rising again. Cody increased the pressure against my clit and that sensitive spot inside me. It was impossible, yet it was happening, and I plunged into another orgasm, tearing from me a wail of pleasure. Stimulating me from the inside and the outside drew yet another orgasm from me. I could not contain Yes! Oh god! Cody! Yes! Then another broke over me. Finally he relented and I collapsed, panting, exhausted.

Cody nestled in next to me, stroking my belly.

“Wow, Amber…”

Cody sounded almost reverent.

“Hmm?” I asked sleepily.

“Amber, I’ve never… I mean, I had heard about multiple… do you know how unusual that was?”

“What?” I was on the verge of sleep.

He gathered me up in his arms and said, “You’re amazing.”

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