AmeliaRight from the start when I started to date my future wife, Mary often brought along her best friend, Amelia. They did everything together and they acted like sisters. I did not mind, since both of them were attractive and I thought outright hot.Mary and I got married after dating for a couple of years. During the wedding reception, Amelia was pretty drunk and acted a bit funny towards me. We had always got along and often hung out without Mary. It was Amelia at times lived in our apartment. So I was surprise when she made some mean comments and walked away. I asked Mary what was going on and she told me that Amelia thought their relationship would change now.Later I got a chance to talk with Amelia when my wife was sitting next to me. I begin by telling Amelia how important she was in our life and that our door would always be open for her. Any time she wanted to come over she was welcome, I even told her that since she had a key she should know it was true.Amelia said ok, but still being a little pissed and very drunk, she looked at Mary and asked if they still could fuck guys together like they had done in college. I was surprised because it was the first time I had heard anything about that. I asked what she meant and Mary told her that she was too drunk. Amelia told me that once in college they had ended up at a frat house and fucked two guys together in the same room. She said that they had each fuck both guys and it had been a lot of fun. She had always hoped they could do it again, but since Mary now was married and she was single, it would never happen.I hugged Amelia and told her that she would soon find someone to love and care for. I held her tight and told her that she was too hot to be single for long. I felt her big chest against my chest and thought to myself that it was strange she did not already had a man in her life.Through the years, she had been dating guys but it never worked out for her. She would always come over after a few weeks and spend a lot of time with Mary and me, only to tell us it was over with the guy.Amelia often commented on how great our relationship was and that she wanted the same.After the wedding thing got back to normal. Mary and I lived a happy life and Amelia spent a lot of time in our house. Mary got pregnant about a year after we got married. We did not plan to have a k** yet, but somehow she türbanlı bayburt escort got pregnant. Not very surprise since I hated condoms and Mary did not want to be on the pill. It was actually surprising that it took that long for Mary to get knocked up.We had tons of sex and often sneaked into our bedroom to have sex when Amelia was over and she was watching TV or doing the dishes.At the same time as Mary announced that she was pregnant, Amelia lost her job in the economic down turn. Mary asked me if it would be OK if Amelia moved in with us until she found another job?I told my wife that since she was pretty much living her anyway why not? Amelia spent at least three nights of the week on our couch or in our guest room. Amelia was so happy when she moved in. For me it was great to have two women living in the house. We shared all duties between three people instead of two and Amelia did not interfere in our life at all.After 5 months of pregnancy, Mary started to have problems. After one doctor’s visit she got ordered bed rest for a month, then they would evaluate her again. Bad part is that we were not allowed to have intercourse any more either. We survived by oral sex and hand jobs. Mary have big tits, so I got some titty fucking in too.Amelia stepped up big time and did more house work and cook dinner almost every night.After a month we visited the doctor, who said it all looked fine, but it would still be bed rest and most likely for the rest of the pregnancy. I asked the doctor about sex and she advised that Mary’s sexual activities come down even more. Think about the baby, after it is born then you can return to normal activities…What a fucking blow! I would have to masturbate for the next 4 – 6 months….After a couple of days, I sat with Mary after dinner was finished. Amelia and I ate our meals with Mary in her room so she had company. Mary called me over and had me sit on the bed. She told me that she knew how frustrated I was at this time and she wanted to give me a blow job for some release. I was so horny by then that I stood up and pulled out my cock. I was already half erected and grew fast when Mary started to touch me. Soon she was sucking my cock like never before. With her mouth full of cock she said this was fantastic.It felt so good. I heard a noise next to me and türbanlı bayburt escort bayan looked over to the end of the bed, Amelia had returned to get the last dishes and we had not heard her. Mary did not seem to be aware that she was standing there and Amelia motioned to me to not say anything. It was kind of exciting to have Amelia watching Mary sucking my hard cock. Mary stopped for a second and told me she had to calm down otherwise she would simply cum just from sucking me. She looked over and saw Amelia standing there looking at us.I did not know how Mary would react, but she smiled and asked Amelia if this wasn’t a beautiful cock?Amelia moved closer and said it was fucking huge and looked so hot.Mary laughed and told Amelia to touch my cock. Nobody asked me if it was OK, it was like I wasn’t even there. They only saw my cock!Amelia did not hesitate, she reach over and wrapped her hand around my shaft. She looked at Mary and said it felt so hard. Mary told her that I had not cum yet and then asked when I had cum last. I told her it had been maybe a week since I ejaculate last time.Mary told Amelia to make me cum since she could not get too excited. Amelia did not hesitate this time either. She grabbed my cock harder and started to suck it. Oh my god, it felt so good and was so exciting to have her suck me while my wife was laying next to us watching her best friend giving pleasure to her husband.After a minute or two, Amelia stopped sucking me and asked Mary if it would be OK for me to titty fuck her? She pulled off her top and un-snapped her bra. Then she grabbed my cock and put it between her big breasts. Mary laughed and told Amelia, you go girl!It felt so good to feel skin against my hard cock. Amelia’s big tits where soft, yet very firm. They were most likely bigger than Mary’s but it was hard to tell since Mary had very big tits as well.I started to thrust my cock between the breasts and I was very hard. It would not take long for me to cum now.Amelia told Mary, that she wanted to get titty fucked so that Mary could watch me erupt between the breasts.I called out that I could not hold it any longer… My cock erupted and I sprayed Amelia’s neck with my hot cum. Amelia pressed her tits harder around my cock and milked my cock. She giggle and laughed as I kept spurting.Mary looked türbanlı escort bayburt with big eyes and said that she had never seen my cock spray before. Most of the time I would cum in her pussy, mouth, or over her ass, so she could never really see clearly how much I sprayed out. Plus I had not cum in a long time and was extremely excited to titty fuck her best friend.It was so much cum that it started to pour back down between her tits. I started to get soft and my knees were weak from cuming so strong. I pulled back and sat down on the bed.Mary asked Amelia how that felt. Amelia said it was amazing, but she needed to wash up now.She left to go to her bathroom.Mary grabbed my hand and told me that she was proud of my performance. I thanked her for being so open minded that she left me titty fuck her best friend!Mary said – Oh, you should go and help Amelia to get some release too. Hurry, she said, go and give her an orgasm.I looked at her with a surprised look. Mary told me in a stern voice to hurry before Amelia lost her excitement.I walked out of the room with only my socks and shirt on. I opened Amelia’s bathroom door and found her cleaning off her chest. She looked at me and smiled. – That was amazing, she said. You have the best cock ever.I looked at her and told her what Mary had said, as I moved up behind her. I made her lean over the bathroom counter and hiked up her skirt. I ran my hand over her ass and she spread her legs. I continued to move my hand between her legs and found her panties soaked. I started to grow hard again. I pulled down her panties and started to play with her pussy. She moaned and said it felt so good to be touched. My cock was fully erected again, so I moved right behind her and let me cock find the way to her pussy. She felt my cock and moved to that I could enter her. She leaned forward and I let me cock slide in. She was soaking wet.I slowly fucked her a couple of times, then I pulled out. I told her that I need to taste her wetness and got down between her legs. I licked her from behind and my face got totally wet. I found her clit, it was pretty big and very erected. I let my tongue explore her folds and she tasted so good. Amelia was very turned on, so she started to cum too quickly for me. I wanted to enjoy this moment much longer. Her pussy made my face even more wet. MY cock was vibrating from excitement and I wanted nothing but to fuck her, so I stood up and took her from behind again.Amelia reached another orgasm when my cock went all the way into her, I hit her cervix and she exploded.It felt really good when she came around my cock, so I let go and started to cum again. I did not think about pulling out and with this I made my second baby in a few months….

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