American gets Brazilian Special


After my first month at college, I was desperate for a girlfriend. Why not me? Wasn’t I a good looking 19 year old Italian kid with a bright white smile? But thanks to my DNA, I had hairy legs and a huge bush but I was lazy af as far as grooming was concerned. The girls noticed and laughed at my hairy lower bod on those rare occasions a date went that far. I asked my appearance-obsessed older sister, Taylor, about grooming tips and she suggested I go get waxed. She was not in college yet. She was taking a year off to retake a failed course.

Waxing? Fuck that. That sounded painful. And I’d seen youtube videos of guys screaming as someone tore strips of – what was that crap – honey? Glue? from around their crotch.

“Don’t be a baby, Oliver,” Taylor laughed, flipping her blonde hair. “Once you start grooming, you get used to it.”

Back at school, my roommate, Bryan, gave me a name – “Check out this place called The Jade Flower Grooming Parlor and ask for the Pearl Special. Tell them Bryan from UT sent you.”

“Cool, dude, thanks!” I decided to man up and go that weekend.

North end of Austin, I found the place in a strip mall. Jade Flower looked like the kind of place for nails. I walked in and two young pretty Asian women welcomed me at the front desk.

“I’m hear for the Pearl Special? Bryan sent me.”

“OK, Pearl Special? $80.” She spoke with a musical accent.

Shit, i thought that was expensive, but I guess it was a good price since it was a special.

The woman took me back into a room that had a massage table covered with white towels.

“Please undress, lay down on your back and put your legs up in the stirrups.” She swung stirrups from beneath the table like you see in the doctor’s office.

My face was red with embarrassment as I undressed and got up on the table. I put my feet into the stirrups and laid back. The woman returned to cover my crotch with a hot wet towel. Then she covered my face with another hot wet towel. It was soothing, relaxing.

“You are so tense! Relax!” She massaged my shoulders a bit.

Soon, I felt the hot towel lifted off my crotch. The woman was explaining with her accented voice that şişli bayan escort she was going to start pasting me with the hot sugaring paste. I felt her gloved hands pat my stomach and then around my groin.

I flinched when i first felt her apply the hot sugar paste. And then I barely caught my breath the first time she ripped.

“Whoa!” I yelped.

“You, brave boy. You okay?” she teased.


“Please relax!” RIP!

She moved quickly and I imagined her approach, first my lower stomach, then around the base of my dick, and then she was sugaring and ripping my balls. She kept her fingers encircled around my shaft as she applied the paste. Soon, she adjusted the stirrups so that my legs were high and spread as she stood between them to sugar my taint. I just wanted this torture to be over.

Suddenly, I felt her hot breath there, and omg, I started getting swelling in her hand.

“Sorry,” I muttered. I reached down, but she pushed my hands away.

“Handsome boy, big American boy.” she said. She patted my stomach, admiring my abs. Her fingers tightened on the base of my shaft.

It was hard to predict when she was going to rip, and it did no good for me to hold my breath in anticipation. But she was thorough, pasting and ripping some areas repeatedly. I was glad I couldn’t see, still covered my the hot towel on my face. I had remembered the bleeding I had seen on some videos, and I knew I’d faint if I saw my precious manhood oozing bloody pores.

I was panting now as I hoped she was near finished. She adjusted the stirrups down but kept my legs spread wide. I could feel her form between my legs as she breathed on my boner and plucked and trimmed. Her breath was staying steady on my dick and suddenly, I felt her gloved hand move up from the base to grasp my shaft. I gulped and tried to ignore this latest invasion of privacy.

“Handsome boy,” she said again. Then I felt it. She was sniffing my erection. She was holding me, breathing me in. And at that, she put my dick in her mouth.

“Mmmmmm,” her mouth was full but she hummed appreciatively as if she had never sucked dick in her life. Fucking Bryan, I thought. şişli escort This was the pearl special? She slurped and suckled on me, and all the pain from the sugaring disappeared as I laid there helpless, stretching my legs, spread-eagled while she licked and sucked on me like I was her last meal.

My toes were curling and I shifted excitedly on the table. It had been a while since I had head. And it had been never since I had such expert head, with her probing tongue that ran the tip along the ridge of my cockhead, up and down veins like she was trying to trace a map with her mouth. My dick was in a fucking car wash being licked clean.

“Like a big strawberry!” she said as she gave my cockhead a sloppy wet kiss like the top of an ice cream cone.

“I’m gonna cum,” I finally whispered. I was hoping she’d finish me with a handjob, but her mouth bobbed on me steadily. It was as if she knew my body so well. Just as I was about to cum, she released me from her lips as my dick twitched….. oh so close to cumming. I laid there panting, “omg, omg, omg.”

“$20 more for super happy pearl?”

“Fuck!” I squirmed. Damn bitch edged me like that, I would give her a million dollars to finish me off, but all I could say was, “Sure, sure, please.”

I felt her clamber over me. She was getting onto the table. The hotness of her body hovered over me as she deftly and wordlessly directed my throbbing erection and impaled herself on me. Damn…. I shifted my hips and enjoyed the sucking depth and tightness of her pussy. She made little scoots back and forth, pressing on my chest as I gasped.

“Nice, handsome American boy!” she moaned.

“Oh, very nice.” I tried to shake the towel off my face which had grown cold and damp.

“Jade! Bring a fresh hot towel!” she commanded as she rode me like a coin-ride pony in front of a supermarket.

A hot fresh towel was swapped over my face, and it was pure luxury. I kept my hands behind my head and enjoyed the ride.

“Yeah, oh yeah, yeah, oh year” she cried as she twisted back and forth. By the sounds of her moans, I had a thought I should be charging her! I wanted to see my newly hairless crotch in fucking action, mecidiyeköy escort so I reach for the towel on my face for a peek. I saw her own hairless pussy swallow my length. I was pink and hairless. I looked up at her.

I looked up at her but it wasn’t an Asian girl riding me.

It was my sister, Taylor!

Her eyes were closed as she enjoyed the length of my body. Perhaps detected my sudden softening, she adjusted her stride to work me back to full hardness.

“What the fuck! Taylor!”

“OMG!” her eyes opened and she looked down on me. But she did not stop the rocking motions of her body. “Oliver! OMG, that’s you? OMG!”

“Get off me! You’re my sister!” I tried to push her off, but she kept grinding, holding my six inches securely and deeply in her pink lips.

“No, no, Oliver, I’m too close!” She bounced hard on me until she closed her eyes again, squeezed her tits together and came.

I was repulsed at her shuddering. My older sister cumming on my dick! I stared at her, my mouth open. She wordlessly cranked the stirrups back into the down position, like a kickstand. Then she slid off me and wiped her juices off me with a towel. I sat up, the face towel dropped off my forehead. “What are you doing here, Taylor?”

“Geez, I need to make more money for school next year. I learned how to do Brazilians, and then found out guys tip big if you give them handjobs or head.”

“But you rode my dick!”

Taylor blushed. “You asked for the Pearl special. The Pearl is what I call my clit!”

“OMG, my sister’s a whore!”

“Shut up, Oliver!” She was grabbing her clothes and dressing. I suddenly felt very naked, sitting on the table like that. “And now you’re such a big man, getting a Brazilian? You’re a fuckboy!”

“I can’t believe this shit! And why were you talking in an accent?”

“Guys like Asian accents. Geez, for fucks sake, listen, Oliver, save your money. Next time you want a Brazilian, I’ll do you for free at home.”

“Do me?”

“No, perve, just the waxing.” Then, she reached over and weighed my swollen red cock in her hand. “I did a good job! Looks good waxed, doesn’t it?”

“I’m gonna tell mom and dad you work as a whore in an Asian parlor.”

“Well, I’ll tell them you fucked your sister.”


Outside at the front desk, one of the Asian women ran my card – $100 for a Brazilian and a ride from my sister.

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