AMinor Indiscretion?


Bath, shave, and haircut–grade-two back and sides, bit longer on top. Crisp white Boss shirt, tan Tommy H cargo shorts, tan deck shoes, and a splash of Creed Aventus on my neck. I feel good, the clothes compliment the suntan I have from working outside all summer.Finally, the lads have dragged me out. The four of us have worked together on the buildings for nearly four years. We get on well, they’re loud, brash, and generally don’t take shit from anyone, but we work hard and earn good money. I don’t go out often, I’m the mature one, the guv’nor, the one that sorts them out; keeping this rabble in order. I love my family time, and unlike my workmates, I’m not a big drinker.One of them, Big John, is having a house party, and has been persuading me to go  for weeks, even getting one of my old DJ mates to do a set. So I finally I had to accept. I figure, I’ll drive and get there just in time to watch my mate do his set, then sneak off home, no one will notice. The few people I know, will be oblivious by then.I watched my old buddy play his set of dance anthems, it went down well, with everyone dancing and cheering. When he’d finished, we had a good chat, talked about the old days, and I was about to follow him out the door. But something  has changed.For the last couple of hours, little sparks have been flying. A sexy siren, drawing my gaze. It is warm and humid on this summer evening in Big John’s kitchen. Over the sea of sweaty bodies, we share lust-filled looks, each one longer than the last. Every time I steal a glance, she’s looking right into me. Smiling and licking her pale pink lipstick. Winding her straight hair around her finger, to form little ringlets that fall to her collar bone. I’m picking up the signals, reading the signs.This sexy, tall tanned blonde, about five foot nine, late twenties at a guess. A curious air of innocence is drawing me in. It reminds me of Olivia Newton John’s character “Sandra D” from the film Grease. Sweet, virginal, angelic, but those salacious blue eyes are telling me a different story. Stirring something Neanderthal in me.What the fuck am I thinking?I’m an expert at resisting temptation. I love my wife wholeheartedly. We’re best mates, and have been through a lot of shit together over the years. Unfortunately, since the birth of our second child, our sex life has been extremely low down on her list of priorities.The balance of trying to raise a family, working, and some complications during childbirth, have taken their toll kaçak iddaa on her. We’ve had deep conversations about it, and unfortunately her urges are few a far between. Love requires sacrifice somewhere along the line, and this is ours. For someone with a high sex drive, and deviant mind, I’ve learnt to suppress my feelings and urges–but long for us to get that connection back.I need to stop looking.I HAVE to stop looking.I’m getting hypnotised, and this heading down a rabbit hole!The more I look, the more I like. Her body language telling me she’s more than interested. I prise my eyes from hers to view her in her entirety, to complete my vision. What a fuckin’ hot body. Her toned arms and shapely legs, wrapped in a stunning mid-thigh lilac summer dress that clings to her body. A rough guess, I’d say c cup tits, no bra, and lovely nipples, that look slightly aroused to me. I can see them poking out under that thin fabric, I bet they’re sensitive.I start  daydreaming  about her tits, my imagination is running riot, filthy thoughts fill my head, I want to suck them, bite them, pinch them.Now my  cock is getting interested. It’s hardwired to the view!Why is she looking at me, a forty-five-year old married man. Dad of two, with a life to lose? Twenty-five years loyal, not a blip. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve flirted, and I get some admiring glances now and again; smiles from the milfs on the school run etc. So why the fuck is she interested in me? I know I’m in decent shape, working hard keeps me fit. Or maybe she just fancies a bit of rough!I don’t  know, and to be honest, I don’t fuckin’ care. I’m just glad the wife didn’t fancy a party, and she doesn’t really get on with my workmates. They’re animals when they’re pissed.I think I’ll settle here for the moment and just watch. I lean back against the worktop, just next to where her bottle of choice for the night is placed, patiently awaiting her return.I see her drain her glass, so I start to pour. I know what she’s drinking. I’m observant, paying attention, sober and on top of my game. From those initial, connected glances, I’ve been making mental notes.As she starts to walk towards her bottle for a refill, clutching her empty glass, my hand holding a fresh drink is offered, displaying my wedding ring. Just before she accepts, her index finger runs slowly over the gold band.That warm, sexy smile, lights up her face, as we look deep into each other’s eyes. She takes her drink and whispers, “Thank you, I’m Annie.””Dan,” kaçak bahis I reply.She takes a sip, and turns to put the other empty glass down. In the crowded kitchen, people start moving. She is pushed backwards onto me, that glorious arse, pushes up into my cock.The crowding subsides, but she stays where she is, gently grinding her arse into my crotch. Her hands reach behind her, and she puts them on my thighs, as the weight of her body leans back onto me.Fuck, this harmless flirting has just crossed a line! Now I’m shitting myself. This physical connection has just changed everything. Rational thoughts are being consumed by visceral feelings of wanton desire. A deep sexual craving is overwhelming my mind. I can’t suppress these feelings, they’re to strong.Do I make a move? If I do, I’m fucked! There will be no turning back!My prick is now doing all the thinking, and feeling that arse against it… it has won!I put my hands on her hips, slowly moving them forward towards the warmth of her inner thighs. The grinding of her arse slows; now her hips push forward towards my inquisitive fingers. They are resting on the flimsy dress material, on either side of her groin, just where the thighs meet her pussy. One big slow circular motion of her hips and her covered sex connects with my fingers. I feel around with more pressure, seeking out the shape of her mound, as a small groan escapes her lips.That’s all I need to know. I’m in. One hundred percent!The spark is lit, the fire is burning. And we both know it.The chemical reaction in my brain is starting, the sexual trigger has been pulled. Every sense in my body has come alive, sparking and tingling, as my brain starts to fire on all sexual cylinders. My body is starting to warm up, heart is beating faster, mouth going dry, and that first real big pump of blood straight to my cock.As Annie moves her head slowly backwards, her ear draws level with my cheek. I pull her hair back over her shoulder, to take in the heady scent of  her neck, and the back of her ear where it meets the slightly damp hairline. It smells like coconut shampoo, with an undertone of her sweet, musky perfume. Fuck it’s sexy.I start to kiss the moisture behind her ear, working my way down to her neck. Breathing is no longer normal, the tempo is changing, getting deeper and faster. The heat from Annie’s slowly grinding arse on my cock has now taken full effect. I’m rock-hard. I take a slow deep breath in through my nose, to take in more of illegal bahis her scent. It’s intoxicating, then a satisfying exhale with a slight ‘mmm’, purring from my throat.The crowded kitchen starts to empty, as fireworks are being let off in the garden. Only a few people are left inside, and they’re all looking out of the window, intrigued by the spectacle.The touch of her fingers on mine, she starts to guide my hand under her dress. Aware of everyone’s ignorance, she opens her legs a little, allowing me better access to her prize, then steering me between her legs, my hand cups her hot sex. Small gasps come from her mouth, as I start to plough a furrow in the slit between those swollen lips. Her knees are bending an rocking as she tries to fuck my fingers, only the thin material of her knickers stopping my intrusion.Holy shit, she’s so fuckin’ hot!We both know we need to escape this room, to satisfy our desires. I gently ease her off me, take her hand and rub it against my throbbing cock, as I nod towards the stairs.I know John’s got a large en-suite upstairs; I helped him tile it.I close and lock the door. Annie  stands against the side wall, arms raised and crossed on her head, whilst putting her left foot on the toilet. I notice the cream gladiator sandal, contrasting beautifully against the bronze colour of her skin, with straps that crisscross her ankle, up to her shapely, toned calve. Moving my eyes up, I see matching lilac-coloured sheer panties, with a damp patch, just visible below her dress.I move myself to stand between her legs, drinking in that naughty look of desire in her eyes. My hands go to her cheeks and brush the stray blonde hairs off her face to reveal those big blue eyes, and faultless suntanned features. Her hands cup the back of my head, as she pulls me to her. We brush our lips together, starting to taste each other, the gentle sensations reigniting our arousal. I can taste the slightly sweet, oily lipstick, and the alcohol on her breath. Our tongues start to explore each other, as I move my right hand down to her bent leg, that’s resting on the toilet. Starting from the back of her knee, I run my hand under her thigh, ending up cupping that soft, supple, arse. I can feel a thong, disappearing into her arse as I knead, and squeeze the soft flesh.The kissing escalates. Tongues lashing, lips sucking and slurping, tasting each other’s saliva.I pull away from her mouth and start kissing down her neck, the taste of sweat and perfume on my lips. I want to hear Annie’s breathing, moaning, gasping, all indicating if I’m going in the right direction. Squeezing and mauling her arse, that hot pussy starting to really grind up and down my granite cock.

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