AMULYA Fantasy in Swapping Club–2

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AMULYA Fantasy in Swapping Club–2deletedShilpa raised her hand and Pooja immediately nodded to her. “What kind of tasks will be given to us?” Pooja listened to her and then addressed to all of them in reply.”The tasks are chosen by me. They are designed basically to increase your intimacy with your partner. Many of those involve sexual activities. Some may not include any sex, but they are basically given to you to make you comfortable with your partner. You will come know about the tasks themselves as we go along. I can’t give you details just now. Though we will start with the tasks today itself. Today we are at 9:30 now. We will continue till 12:00 PM. Then all the females will go along with your partner and you will spend all the nights in your partner’s room.””What abut my luggage? It is still in the room we checked in today morning”Pooja pointed to her and replied back. “You will need to go to your room with your partner and carry the luggage in your partner’s room. I am afraid there is no room service here. Is that clear now?”Can we start with our games” .She looked at every one. Almost everyone nodded and then went back to her chair in the center. Beside it there were 4 boxes in which there were lot of chits arranged properly in a stack. She turned to all of them and called out. You can see these boxes here. Each belongs to one couple. Each of these boxes contains lot of chits that contain tasks and questions for each couple. I will be asking each one of you normal questions to start with. But as we go along all my questions as well as tasks will get more and more sexual in nature. Please note that there is nothing to be shy about here. So please don’t think that what i ask you is immoral or anything. We all are here to explore wild side of our normal being. I want all of you to explore it fully and enjoy yourself in next 7 days. Now I want to invite Shilpa and Salim here to draw first chit.As per Pooja’s instruction, Shilpa and Salim moved towards the center. Shilpa glanced once at Aniket and smiled at him before wrapping her hand around Salim’s waist. Salim had put his hand on her buttocks as they moved. She felt a hint of jealousy in Aniket’s eye as he watched Salim patting her ass. But she didn’t mind it Pooja smiled at both of them before talking to Shilpa.”So Shilpa, how are you doing? I hope you are enjoying with him.” Shilpa looked at Salim and replied.”I am enjoying very much.””I hope to do well with him over next few days.” Pooja took her hand in her hand and replied.”Don’t worry. Even if you don’t, I will make sure you do well. So, are you ready for the game?” Shilpa felt a bit nervous as to what will come her way. But she also felt excited. She nodded without saying anything. Pooja didn’t need to be very strict with the chits either. She had right to ask her own questions and assign tasks of her own if she wanted to. So she didn’t even bother to draw any chit, but started directly talking to Shilpa and Salim.”My first question is for Salim. What do you like about karşıyaka escort Shilpa sexually? What in her body makes you feel hot? Name any 5 parts in ascending order of their hotness for you”Shilpa smiled and Salim pulled her closer to him. “Well, first of all, I love her lips. I think the way she pouts them makes them the sexiest lips in the world. I would just love to kiss them”Pooja moved closer to them and spoke. “So why don’t you kiss her? Go ahead.”Salim and Shilpa looked at each other for a moment. Salim pulled her closer to him and Shilpa wrapped her hands around his neck. She opened her mouth for Salim as their lips met in a passionate embrace. They both remained locked in a hot kiss for some time before disengaging. Pooja looked at them for some time as they kissed. When they disengaged, she continued.”What next? Then I love her breasts. They are perfect “Shilpa immediately feared that Pooja might ask Salim to do something with her boobs. But to her relief Pooja nodded and asked him to continue. Salim next mentioned her ass, thighs and belly next. Shilpa blushed as Salim praised her assets one by one in front of everybody. She was particularly feeling odd looking at her husband. But Aniket looked comfortable. So she also slowly lost her bashfulness and started enjoying Salim’s talk about her ass and belly. As Salim was talking she moved closer to him and felt his touch on her thighs. Salim slowly stroked her thighs as he spoke. Her own hand was wrapped around Salim’s waist as she listened to him. After he finished, Pooja asked her.”So what do you like in him?” Shilpa looked at Salim and smiled.”Well i like that he is 6 feet 3 and very strong. If he wanted, he can easily carry me”Pooja looked at her and watched as Shilpa talked about Salim. She was feeling good that Shilpa had lost her bashfulness and was enjoying. She decided to ask her even more sexual question. She thought her answer was too general.”Ok. One more question for you. Shilpa, if you are having sex with Salim, which would be your top three positions?”Shilpa was surprised but she didn’t show it. She simply looked at Salim.”Well anything where he is on top of me. I guess first would be traditional missionary position.”Just the thought of Feeling Salim’s weight on her body and her thighs around his waist aroused her.Pooja smiled.”Well that’s too traditional. What is next?””Well next is doggie style. He is taking me from behind. I guess that would be too hot.””Ok. And what is the last position?” Shilpa thought about it for a moment. “I am standing against the wall. My thighs are around his waist and he supporting my weight and loving me.”She wanted to say fucking me but felt that it may be too bold .Pooja felt that she had now really had adjusted. She then turned to Salim”OK. What do u like her wearing?””She looks good in sari but I think she would look great in top and jeans. Only I would love it when she wears anything sleeveless .She definitely has the arms for it wearing sleeveless.”Pooja escort karşıyaka turned towards Shilpa now. “Ok Shilpa. Now next question is for you. If Salim wanted you to perform oral sex on him would you do it?”Image of herself kneeling down and Salim’s cock hovering over her mouth flashed in her mind. She had never had oral sex with Aniket. But here with she was feeling quite wild. She thought for a moment before replying to Pooja.”Yes. I will do it. But I will do it only for him. Not for anybody else “. She looked at Aniket as she replied. Aniket had often asked her to have oral sex with him. But she had always refused. Aniket smiled at her as she said this. Pooja next turned towards Salim and asked him if he was ready for her next question. Salim nodded.”This is a bit practical. You may need to do something for this. What is the color of bra that Shilpa is wearing right now? Asking her is not allowed. You need to check and tell me.”Shilpa blushed as she understood what she meant. She had to show Salim what bra she was wearing. She separated a bit from Salim. Salim turned towards her. She whispered in his ear.”Open first two buttons of my blouse and see the color of the cup.”Salim touched her blouse buttons and slowly unhooked them one by one. He needed to unhook only two, but his touch on her skin inflamed Shilpa. Salim’s hand slowly peeled off her blouse cup to side as Salim checked out her bra. She was wearing white colored bra. After checking, Salim again hooked her blouse. But he couldn’t help but slowly caress her cleavage as he did so. She wanted to ask him to keep his hand there for some time. But she was aware of everybody’s eyes boring into them. Salim quietly hooked her blouse and turned towards Pooja and announced.”She is wearing a white colored bra.”Everybody clapped and whistled at this as Shilpa blushed red. But she snuggled close Salim. She was feeling so hot by now that she could go in the room and fuck right now if it was possible. Pooja also clapped as she spoke with Salim.”I hope Shilpa enjoyed that.””I did. Thank you” her cheeks turned flush red as she said this.Pooja replied to her. “Good. That’s what we want. She looks even more beautiful when she blushes like this. Let’s make her blush even more. Now I want you to do something Shilpa. I am going to give you a new shirt. All you have to do is to remove Salim’s shirt, remove his vest and put this shirt on him.”OK” Shilpa nodded.This was not as bad as she had expected. She went back to a cupboard in one corner of the hall and came back with a shirt. It was a black half sleeved shirt. She came in and handed the shirt to Shilpa. Shilpa turned towards Salim and started unbuttoning Salim’s shirt. She finished all the buttons and then moved closer to him. Her breasts were hovering just over Salim’s mouth as she removed his shirt from Salim’s shoulders. Then she started removing his vest. As she was doing it, she felt Salim’s face touching her breasts. She was feeling so hot karşıyaka escort bayan that she felt like pulling Salim’s mouth on her boobs and pressing it there. But she resisted the urge to do it and removed the vest. She couldn’t help but notice Salim’s hairy chest. She had often fantasized about hairy men. On that count Salim was absolutely hot. She couldn’t resist touching and caressing his chest lightly before she put the shirt on him. Then she buttoned the entire buttons one by one. She then again sat beside Salim and gave the old shirt and vest back to Pooja. Pooja looked at everybody and then said”I hoped everybody is enjoying the show, Especially Aniket and Jyoti.” She smiled at them. Everybody cheered at her as she turned towards Salim.”Now I want to give one task to Salim. You said that you like Shilpa’s hair. But right now it’s tied with a bow. I want you to open them up. She would look great with her hair open. Don’t you agree?”The moment Salim had seen her for the first time he had wished that her hair was open. He loved any woman with hair open.With Shilpa, she would look even sexier He simply nodded. He turned towards Shilpa and asked her how he could do it. She turned her back towards Salim. Her back was quite naked as her blouse was low. Salim slowly touched her back for a moment. Shilpa felt a flash of heat on her back as Salim’s hand caressed her back. Salim’s hand moved upwards on her back as her touched her hair. He slowly removed her bow which was tying her hair in a ball and spread her hair on her back. As he was doing it Shilpa closed her eyes savoring Salim’s caress on her back. When he finished and removed his hand from her back, she felt a pang of disappointment .Shilpa gathered her hair on her shoulders and then took them to the front on her chest. She turned towards Pooja. Shilpa whispered in Salim’s ears.”I have never felt so hot in my life when you were removing my hair. Why doesn’t she finish this quickly so we could go to the room?””It may be over soon. It’s almost 11 now. Look at my crotch and you know my state.”She looked as he indicated and blushed to see that his cock had risen and was making a sort of small tent on his crotch.”Doesn’t it pain you while wearing jeans? She asked”It does. So why don’t you loosen it?”Shilpa looked incredulously at him.”Here? No thanks. Let’s go to the room and do whatever you want. Can’t you ask Pooja?””No. It’s her call when she wants to stop. But it should be over quickly now” Salim replied.Shilpa was feeling quite hot now and wanted to finish this. All she wanted was to go with Salim in the bedroom and get him on top of her. She could also feel Salim’s warm hand around her waist touch. His hand was slowly caressing her stomach around her navel. She was feeling so hot now that she wanted Salim to take her.Meanwhile Pooja had gone off and was talking to other couples. She watched as Shilpa and Salim spoke in undertones. Perhaps she got the message that it was time to let everyone go. So she turned to all of them and spoke loudly”I guess everyone here is quite bored of these games and want to turn to the real thing. I can see it in your eyes.”At this point she glanced towards Shilpa and smiled.”So I wouldn’t take any more of your time and say good night to all of you can go to your bedrooms and have fun”

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